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Andrea Corr And the Corrs s****rs orgy 3

On a cool, summer day in Australia, tons of fans gathered around a
tour bus which carried one of the world's most popular bands, The
Corrs. More importantly it held one of the most talented and sexy
stars in music today, their lead singer Andrea Corr. The band stepped
out of the tour bus before a crowd of crazed fans, just waiting to
catch a glimpse of the beautiful and talented f****y band. The arena
they were performing at was one of the last stops on their tour, and
they were ready for some time off. After making her way past the
crowd and photographers, Andrea made her way down the long hallways
and found her own personal dressing room. The room was packed with
everything a star like Andrea would need, from food to makeup,
everything she asked for. Being short on time, she proceeded to
change into her outfit for the show. She opted for a long dark
swishing skirt and pale blue camisole top. The show lasted 2 hours.
The Corrs performed all their hit songs, Andrea did her best not to
disappoint and the fans seemed to enjoy it. When the show was over,
the band did a few interviews with local radio and T.V. stations.
Tired and worn out, all Andrea could think about was getting back on
the road again and finishing off the tour.
Leaving Canberra for Adelaide, Andrea and the band stopped at a
restaurant where they grabbed a bite to eat and signed a few
autographs for fans around the area. While they were leaving the
restaurant, a bulletin came across the radio warning of dangerous
storms, and the chance of tornadoes. They drove on for a couple of
hours, hoping the storms would miss them. Unfortunately, the sky was
already darkening in their vicinity. They had driven too far to turn
back, and they found themselves almost in middle of nowhere. They
passed a few buildings but most looked haggard or empty, none of them
were suitable shelter from a heavy storm. It was decided that the
best course would be to stop and stay at the next place they could
find. Up the road, they saw a sign that said "Sunny's Motel - Open 24
Hours". It wasn't the Savoy, but it was shelter from the storm for
the night. For Andrea, the word "Motel" was hardly reassuring. In her
experience most motels where creepy, worn out buildings that just
were horrific! They pulled in and the bus driver got out to book some
rooms. After a few minutes, the driver came back with the room keys
and handed them out to the band and the rest of the crew aboard the
tour bus.
By the time they got off the bus, the rain had begun to pour down so
they all ran straight to their rooms and unlocked the doors as
quickly as they could. Andrea, sharing with her s****rs, opened her
door expecting the worst but was pleasantly surprised as it wasn't as
bad as she thought. The beds looked nice, the room had running water,
and there was a T.V., enough to keep them company through the night.
Back in the motel office, there were 3 male employees working the
graveyard shift, playing cards, and watching the rain come down. "You
know," said Bill, a middle aged guy who drank too much and cheated on
his wife, "I think that was The Corrs' bus that pulled into here a
few minutes ago." "Bullshit, Bill!" said Neal, a crook, who stole
from everyone around him, "Your drinking is making you fucking dumber
and dumber every day!" "You know, he may be right, Neal," said Tom, a
younger guy who was woman crazy and was always in trouble with the
law. "I just read that they performed a couple of nights back over in
Sydney!" The three men got up from their chairs and looked out
through the window of the cramped office to get a good look at the
bus parked in the lot outside. "Well, well, well," said Neal. "I
guess we should listen to Bill more often!" It was dark outside, but
the band's name written on the back of the tour bus was clearly
visible. "Damn, a famous band staying at our motel! I think this is a
first," said Bill. "Hey! That's three very sexy famous women staying
in our motel!" said Tom. "Maybe I'll get to meet Andrea
tomorrow!" "You're dreaming, pal," said Bill, "She's probably
unapproachable with all her body guards and shit!"
It was nearing 11:30 at night and the storms were beginning to pick
up. Andrea was in her room watching the local news and dreading the
worst as her s****rs slept. There was a tornado warning for the area,
and they were expected to hit very late at night. "That's just
great!" thought Andrea, "I'm going to get swept away, and in a place
like this!" She shut off the television and started off to sl**p.
After about a half an hour in bed, she was feeling somewhat cold. The
room wasn't exactly air tight, and the cool air was creeping through.
Andrea figured a guy at the motel office might have a couple extra
blankets so, hoping to get the star treatment, she slipped back into
her bra and panties and then pulled on a sweater and a tight pair of
jeans over the top. She then proceeded to put on her high heels (all
she had at the time), and her jacket before heading out of the door.
It was around midnight and it was thundering and lightning, with some
mist of rain. The men were still up in their motel office, reading
magazines, listening to the radio, and of course, drinking. Suddenly,
they heard a knock on the door.
"Come in!" yelled Bill. Andrea stepped into the room. It was almost
like a messy dorm of some kind. It was dimly lit and there were
posters on the wall of women, along with a couch that looked totally
out of place. The only clean thing in room looked like the
refrigerator. The men were shocked to see it was Andrea Corr. They
quickly jumped up from what they were doing and waited to tend to
whatever she wanted. Andrea was surprised to see three men in the
room, but figured they had to have an extra couple blankets
somewhere. "Hi guys! I'm Andrea, I was wondering if you had any extra
blankets? I'm getting kind of cold in my room." The men didn't waste
any time as they ran around looking for extra blankets everywhere
they could, eventually stumbling across some for the singer in a
closet. "Uhh, he-here you go!" said Tom a little nervous around the
sexy star. "My my, you boys sure know how to make a girl happy!" said
Andrea taking the blanket in her hand. "Well, thanks," said all three
of the men. As Andrea was about to leave, rain began to pound heavily
on the roof. Andrea's room was pretty far from the office, and she
didn't really feel like running through the storm. "Ummm, do you mind
if I stick around here for a second until the rain dies down?" she
asked. "Sure!" said the men. As the rain didn't let up for sometime
Andrea took off her jacket. The men were shocked to see such a big
star standing there in her tightly fitting jeans and figure-hugging
sweater. They were also surprised to see that she looked so beautiful
this late at night, being that she was half asl**p. Her hair and face
looked immaculate. They started some small talk; about her music
career, the tour, and her life at home. They found a cowboy hat on a
shelf that Andrea gladly autographed for the guys as well. "Do you
guys have any more beer?" asked Andrea seeing a few beer cans
s**ttered about the room. Neal made his way over to the fridge and
got her one. "Thanks a lot!" she said. The men eventually loosened up
from being star struck and they began to have decent conversations
(although most of the time the men weren't staring at Andrea's face).
Every person in the room was drinking a lot, including Andrea. She
drank 4 cans in the next hour and it was beginning to show! Figuring
nobody would ever find out, the guys began to take advantage of the
situation and started to have a bit of fun with Andrea, asking her
embarrassing questions and persuading her to do crazy things like
singing on the table with the cowboy hat on. With Andrea laughing and
singing on the table in the middle of the room, the men couldn't
believe their eyes!
With such a hot, sexy and d***k star before them Bill figured he
should pop the once in a lifetime question: "Andrea, why don't you
take off those jeans?" Andrea looked shocked and embarrassed for a
moment before she replied: "What the hell?" She threw the hat away
and slipped her jeans down slowly, giving the men a great view of her
red panties, before removing the jeans completely and discarding
them. "How about sweater too?" asked Bill full of hope. Without
hesitation, Andrea pulled it over her head. There she was, Andrea
Corr, wearing nothing but red panties, a red bra, and black high
heels, standing in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips.
Although not even close to being sober, Andrea could still tell where
this was heading. "Ok, do like what you see?" she asked teasingly as
the guys stared open mouthed at her. "Uhh, yeah, hell yeah!!" shouted
the guys. Andrea sat back down on the couch, flipped off her black
high heels and crossed her luscious legs. "So, I bet you guys would
love to do me, wouldn't you?" said Andrea. The men were
speechless. "You don't have to be coy, I know you want me!" said
Andrea, staring directly into each of the men's eyes. There was an
awkward moment of silence, before she spoke again: "Tom, get over
here!" Tom walked over to Andrea, not knowing exactly what was going
to happen, but somehow knowing it would be good. Andrea sat there for
a moment and winked at the other men. Suddenly, she leaned forward
towards Tom and started to undo his jeans. Once she had unzipped his
pants Andrea slipped her hand under his underwear, feeling his cock
up and down. Tom let out a loud moan, hardly believing his luck at
having such a sexy star handling his cock. "Ooohh, that feels big!"
whispered Andrea. She pulled his cock free of his underwear and
started to stroke it with her hand, tugging at it with f***e at
times. Tom's cock was now hard as steel! Andrea started to tease the
tip of his cock with her tongue, driving Tom crazy! She skilfully
licked along and around the long shaft, periodically swiping the tip
of her tongue across the head of his cock to collect the pre-cum. It
seemed like an eternity to Tom, but Andrea eventually began to bob up
and down on his shaft, engulfing his cock with every suck! "Mmmmmm"
squealed Andrea, "This tastes really good!" She then looked over at
Bill and Neal; their jaws had dropped almost to the floor. Andrea
started to laugh. "What? You've never seen a girl suck cock before?
she asked before resuming the blowjob. She sucked and sucked, while
frequently glancing over at the other two guys. A few minutes later
she pulled Tom's cock out of her mouth and turned towards the other
two guys. "Would you guys like to join in?" Andrea asked, giggling as
she wanked Tom's cock with her hands. "I probably won't be leaving
for awhile," she added. Suddenly, a loud crack of thunder echoed
throughout the sky. Bill and Neal wasted no time taking off their
clothes. They stood alongside Andrea, their cocks waving in her face.
She took turns sucking each mans cock, deep-throating them whist
wanking the other two guys' cocks by hand. With their cocks covered
in their pre-cum and Andrea's saliva, Andrea would blow cool air on
their cocks before giving them all a suck! She was like a vacuum as
she slurped away at their cocks! With saliva dribbling out of her
mouth and down her chin as she went along, Andrea took each man to
the point of cumming before backing off just in time to keep them
horny and hard.
After she was done sucking, Andrea stood up and slipped off her bra.
Her tits were nice and firm, they weren't huge, but just big enough
for the men to have a great time with! She then slowly slipped off
her panties. Her pussy was surrounded by a nice thick dark bush that
was getting wetter by the moment. Tom was first once again as Andrea
lay down on the couch completely nude. He threw her shapely legs over
his shoulders and slowly began to thrust his cock into her soaking
pussy. He started to get a slow rhythm going, in and out, in and out,
then faster and faster, deeper and deeper! Andrea began to groan and
closed her eyes in ecstasy. Her pussy felt like it was on fire! She
had never had such a big cock in her cunt, and she loved it! "Oh God!
Fuck me, I need it baaadd!! Harder! Fuck me harder!!! screamed
Andrea. Tom didn't stop! He continued pounding away at her cunt
furiously! The louder she moaned the harder he fucked! Andrea started
to gasp at the f***e of the fucking she was receiving. She absolutely
loved the feeling of his gigantic cock ramming her insides! All this
time, Bill was looking down on Andrea getting hammered, then he
noticed Andrea's pretty face looking up at him as he stroked his
cock. "Give me (Ugh) that (Ughhh) dick, honeeeeyy!!" said Andrea to
Bill as her pussy workout continued. Bill didn't need to be asked
twice and slid his cock between Andrea's lips. She wasted no time
engulfing him deep in her mouth and she began to suck his cock
furiously! Andrea's moans were muffled by the huge shaft she was
sucking, but as she began to buck her hips to meet his thrusts Tom
knew she was begging for more! Neal figured he should get in on the
action so he got on his knees by the couch and began pinching
Andrea's erect nipples, while sucking and licking all over her tits!
He buried his face between her cleavage while wrapping his mouth
around her tits, praying for lockjaw! Andrea was still getting
pounded by Tom's cock in her cunt, but she never let up on Bill's
blowjob except to briefly pull his cock out of her mouth for some air
when she was on the verge of gagging. She was an expert cocksucker
who sucked fast and deep. Bill could feel his shaft ramming into the
back of Andrea's throat many times. "Pleeeeaase give me (Uggghh)
more, more! Fuck my pussy!! Fuck it hardddddd!! Andrea screamed as
she bucked her hips wildly. Tom continued burying his cock into her
pussy as fast as he could, but with her constant cries, groaning,
bucking hips and the heat and tightness of her cunt, it was too much
for him. He pulled out and started to shoot a load of cum all over
Andrea's fabulous body. Bill was also ready to explode. As he gasped
out: "Oh God, I'm cumming!" Bill pulled out of Andrea's mouth and
aimed his cock at her face. "Oh, please in my mouth!" Andrea cried
out and with that she grabbed hold of his cock, pulled it back into
her mouth and started sucking once again. Bill, shocked, couldn't
hold back any more and shot a load of cum down Andrea's throat. Loads
of jizz poured into her gorgeous mouth, which she slurped down as
quickly as she could, the rest seeping out of her mouth. "Oooh, that
was good" giggled Andrea, still licking cum off her lips. "I hope you
have some more saved up for me later!"
Andrea sat up on the couch, her pretty hair all tangled and messy,
with drips of cum still lingering on her mouth. Neal sat on the couch
beside her, his cock sticking up like a flagpole. Andrea didn't say a
word; she just sat there and grinned before she got on all fours, her
hands gripping the armrest on the couch. Neal didn't need much of an
invitation. With Andrea's perfect round arse wiggling close to his
face, it was all he could do not to cum right there. He turned,
grabbed hold of her hips and started to lick her arse, kissing it
along the way. For Neal having his tongue sliding across Andrea
Corr's arse was a dream come true! "Kiss it, baby!" said Andrea. "God
that makes me hot!" Neal continued licking every inch of her
succulent arse, sometimes even slapping her rounded cheeks with his
huge hand. "Oooh! Oh! Yeahhhh!" yelped Andrea at the sensation of the
spanking. Neal laid down a few more slaps on her firm arse before it
started to turn red. Andrea could feel Neal's cock rubbing against
her butt, ready to slide into her pussy. "Come on, baby!" shouted
Andrea, "I want it doggy style! Stick it in and fuck me
hard!" "Anything you say!" replied Neal. Neal then started to s-l-o-w-
l-y inch his shaft into her tight pussy, with Andrea groaning at the
sensation. Neal then took hold of her hips once again and started to
ram his dick into the sexy star from the back end, plunging deeper
and deeper into her cunt with every thrust and even slapping her arse
every so often as he went! "Arrgghh! Aarrgghh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!"
screamed Andrea sounding like a dog barking. "Don't fucking stop,
baby!" Andrea was breathing heavily, the feeling of Neal's cock
piercing her cunt driving her to the extreme! Their bodies were both
getting very sweaty, and it was becoming hard for Neal get a grip on
Andrea's hips. His cock would slip out sporadically and Andrea would
plead for him to jam it back in! The sound of Neal's groin area
pounding against Andrea's arse cheeks echoed throughout the room.
Like the cock lover she was, Andrea once again found herself another
treat. She called Tom over and had him present his cock to her mouth.
With her hair hanging directly in her face, she threw it back over
her shoulders and gave his cock a quick tongue-lashing. Her face was
almost thrust into Tom's cock by the fuck she was receiving from
behind! "Ummph! Ummph! Mmmmm! Ahhhhh! Ohhhhh!" Andrea moaned and
groaned as she met Neal's thrusts with her own; giving and receiving.
Tom shoved his cock deep into Andrea's waiting mouth "Oh yeah, suck
it!" he moaned. He grabbed hold of the back of her head and started
to move her further down on his cock. Bill was sitting down watching
all the action, stroking his dick at the thought of having Andrea's
cunt wrapped around his cock. Andrea couldn't get enough of Tom's
huge dick! It would almost disappear with every deep suck she took,
sucking it deeper each time. Andrea eventually stopped and started to
give Tom a very rough handjob while talking dirty to Neal who
continued fucking her hard from behind. Tom's dick was already lubed
from Andrea's tongue-lashing and saliva, and the feeling of her hand
sliding up and down his shaft and across its head drove him wild!
Andrea stuck her lips on the head of his cock like a suction cup for
a couple of minutes, then began smacking the side of his cock on her
red lips. This continued for several more minutes, until, without
warning, Tom shot a gush of cum into Andrea's hair and over her
face. "Ohhhhh, You should have told me you were going to cum, I would
have sucked it down!" gasped Andrea in a lustful tone. Andrea wiped
the cum off her face and sucked it off her fingers like icing from a
cake. "Oh fuck yeessss!!" Andrea screamed as Neal continued to pound
her pussy doggy-style, "Keep it up!! I'm absolutely loviinnngggg
it!!" Sadly for Andrea, Neal was tiring and almost ready to unload.
He withdrew his cock from her pussy and shot streams of goo over her
arse and pussy lips. Andrea happily reached behind her back and
started to rub it in, then licked the leftovers off her fingers
The men were worn out to say the least. The storm outside was still
going quite strong, and it didn't look like much letup was in
store. "You guys aren't tired are you?" asked Andrea. "You mean, you
want even more?" asked Bill amazed. "Well, not yet. I wouldn't mind
having another beer to cool me down before we go back at it," said
Andrea sitting up on the couch. She could tell the men were tired and
would need some help getting back up for it again so when she got her
beer, she called the men back over. "You know what two things I love
most?" said Andrea teasingly "Nothing in this world is better than
beer and cock!!!" And with that, Andrea shook up the beer can and
snapped the tab back, spraying beer all over each of their dicks. The
men jumped back at first before they caught on to Andrea's marvellous
idea. The men stood there and let Andrea drench their dicks with Bud
Light as she concentrated on getting enough beer on each dick. Once
this was done to her satisfaction Andrea sucked the first man in line
and let out a loud groan of tasteful pleasure. She gave each man
great head, but didn't want them to cum again just yet. She went from
man to man sucking away like a cheap whore. The men knew she was
ready for some more action! "I think we should do our next act on the
floor," said Bill. "The floor, eh?" said Andrea curiously. "Then I
suppose I'll get my brains fucked out even harder this time?" "We'll
soon see, why don't you have a seat on my cock for now" said Bill as
he lay on the floor stroking his hard dick. Andrea complied and
started to straddle his meat slowly. Thanks to the banging she had
received earlier, it slid up her cunt very easily. "Care to show me
how you Irish girls ride a cock?" asked Bill already knowing the
answer. "With pleasure!" said Andrea, already starting to bounce on
his rod. She shifted position and grabbed hold of his shoulders for
support as she jumped up and down on his cock furiously! Bill was
breathing heavily, telling her: "That's right! Give me all you've
got!!" "You like that baby?" shouted Andrea. "Does my pussy feel
(Uuggh) good around your big cock?" Bill responded by letting out a
load moan! He then reached around Andrea and grabbed her firm arse,
thrusting it down onto his cock with even greater f***e. The feeling
was extremely pleasurable for both! Andrea's arse was slamming onto
his groin at lightning speed with incoherent words spewing from her
mouth the whole time!! Andrea was pouting and biting her lip; never
before had she experiencing a fuck this great! "Gggggrrrrrrrrr! God!
Don't fuckin' stop!!!!" she screamed. "We're not even (Ohhhh) close
to being done!" said Bill. "I think my buddies over there can give
you some (Oooh! Jesus!) cock as well, no use in letting those other
two holes of yours go to waste!" "Oh my, I've never (Uhhh) had a dick
in my arse before, will it hurt?" Andrea replied. Neal jumped
in: "Sorry we don't have any lubricant here in the office, think you
can handle it?" "What, and miss a chance of having that monster up my
arse?" replied Andrea, giggling, and reaching for Neal's cock to give
it a quick stroke. "Stick it in! Now!"
The men took their positions. Bill was still on the floor with his
cock up Andrea's cunt, while Neal got down and spread her luscious
arse cheeks for the double penetration. He lubed his cock with some
saliva, and rammed it in without mercy! Needless to say, Andrea let
out a horrific scream! She let out a rush of breath and started to
breathe very heavily. The two men started to work in unison; their
cocks were like pistons pounding into her arse and pussy! "Ohhh!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me you bastards!!!! Aaaah!" screamed Andrea.
Her hands were no longer bracing Bill's shoulders for support, they
were griping and pounding on the carpet! All this time, she had Tom
eagerly waiting to fill her third hole, her mouth. Andrea leaned down
and started to stroke his dick, then spat on the head. It wasn't long
before her tongue was twirling around on his cock inside her mouth.
Andrea's screams of pleasure could be heard vaguely through the
enormous shaft in her mouth. "Oh, you like this do you slut? said
Neal spanking her arse along with giving her an anal pounding with
his enormous shaft. Andrea slipped the cock out of her mouth and
started to shout, "Eaaahhh!! Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!! Ram it in deeper!!!
Oh fuck me hard!! Real fucking hard!!" Her body was thrown up and
down, in all different directions, but she still managed to latch
back onto Tom's cock. Andrea sucked on Tom as though she wanted to
swallow his huge meat all the way down her throat; it had to be the
hardest she had sucked all night long and consequently it was not
long before Tom yelled that he was about to cum. Andrea immediately
placed both her hands around his cock and started to drain the cum
through his dick! Tom shot a huge load into her mouth which she
gulped down enthusiastically, only letting a few tiny droplets escape
her mouth. Still getting hammered in both her pussy and arse, Andrea
threw her head back in ecstasy and reaching up began to run her
fingers through her hair. She kept whimpering for more, and the men
gave her what she wanted. Both men eventually let out streams of cum,
Bill shot his load deep into Andrea's womb and Neal shot a special
load right up her sexy butt; a first for Andrea that she would never
For the next couple of hours, the men had their way with the sexy
star. There was a chair in the corner of the room which the guys
brought out for this special occasion. Andrea bent over the chair
while the guys took turns pounding her cunt and arse. When one man
got tired, they simply switched places with another who was ready,
willing, and able. For Tom, the most enjoyable part of the night was
when Andrea got on her knees and orally pleasured his cock. She
simply sucked until he filled her mouth up with warm, sweet cum.
Andrea never got worn out, she just kept asking "Ok, what's next?" At
one point in the night they had another foursome with Bill grabbing
hold of Andrea's thighs, throwing them over his shoulders, and eating
away at her pussy, while Neal straddled her waist and started sliding
his cock in and out of her cleavage for a great titty fuck and Tom
fucked away at her mouth. Of course, throughout the night there was
always a man by her face, with his cock on hand ready to be sucked
whenever she pleased. When they were finally done, cum was dripping
from Andrea's face, stuck in her hair and seeping out of her cunt and
It was 5:00 in the morning when they decided to call it quits. The
weather was clearing up and Andrea made her way back to her room.
After cleaning herself up she got around 3 hours of sl**p before she
was woken in the morning by her s****rs when it was time to hit the
road. She packed up her clothes and headed outside. About to get on
the bus to leave, she looked toward the window of the office and saw
the men looking outside. Andrea blew them a kiss and boarded the bus,
leaving the men with only memories.

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