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Andrea Corr And the Corrs s****rs orgy

Sharon Corr and her fiancee Gavin opened the door to the hotel room
to see Caroline, wearing only a body stocking, cradling her boyfriend
Frank's lap on the bed. His hands were planted firmly on her arse as
he sucked on her tits through the fabric. Frank turned his head to
the newcomers and let out a big smile. "Beers in the fridge if you
guys want them" he told them. Sharon and Caroline were s****rs,
famous s****rs in a band called The Corrs, s****rs who had no problem
with sharing their men with each other and who had on many occasions
enjoyed threesomes or foursomes together with one or both of their
lucky boyfriends. Sharon and Gavin both smiled and took a seat on the
couch, saying nothing. They watched as Frank slowly worked over his
girl, laying her on her stomach before working his hands down her
back and ripping the fabric of the body suit at her arse. Next he
lowered his tongue between Caroline's butt cheeks and slid it deep in
her anal valley, bringing forth low gasps from her lips. Sharon
smiled as she watched and let her hand slip between Gavin's legs; she
wasn't surprised to find that he was already quite excited. Frank
cocked his head and with a grin motioned for Sharon to come over to
him. Sharon kissed Gavin then walked to the bed. Frank grabbed
Caroline by the hair and pushed her into the pillow. Sharon sat on
the side of the bed, letting her legs fall open and revealing her
pink panties to Gavin. Frank got on his knees and slid his pants
down, freeing his 10 inch cock. He slid it along Caroline's arse as
Sharon whispered into her ear what it looked like. "Oh s*s, its so
fucking long, so hard. I think he's gonna stick that thing in your
arse, do you think you can take it?" As she spoke, Sharon let her
hand slide between her legs and lightly massaged her clit through her
panties. Gavin whipped his cock out and stroked it as he watched and
listened to the threesome on the bed. Caroline only made low grunting
sounds as she humped the bed and offering her arse up for a good hard
fucking. "I think that's a yes Frank" Sharon remarked coyly as she
lifted one leg and slid her thumb inside her panties. Frank removed
his hand from Caroline's hair and turned her head towards Sharon and
Gavin. "Well bitch, was that a yes?" he asked. "Oh God, yes!"
Caroline demanded, "Fuck me in the arse. Treat me like the whore I
am." Frank laughed before he spat onto her arsehole and rammed a
finger straight into Caroline's tight brownie. Sharon cooed as she
laid back and raised her legs in the he air. "Do you like my arse
Gavin? Would you finger my arse?" Gavin stood up, cock in hand, and
slowly walked over to her. "Hold on baby, watch this" Sharon purred
as she gestured towards her s****r and Frank. Sharon lowered her legs
and wrapped her arms around Gavin's waist as they watched Frank
thrust his cock full f***e into Caroline's arsehole. Sharon licked
her lips as her eyes met Frank's, and she bit her lower lip as she
listened to Caroline's low wails of pleasure each time Frank's cock
penetrated her. Gavin caressed Sharon's hair and leaned over to lick
her ear, she turned her head and met his tongue with hers. Letting
her hands roam to his balls and gently rubbing them Sharon could feel
the load acquiring in them and was desperate to have it. Standing up,
she took Gavin's hand in hers and led him back to the couch and sat
down. Sharon smiled up at him as she lifted off her top, her
perfectly pert breasts were cupped beautifully in a pink lace bra.
She rubbed her tits as Gavin smacked his fat cock on her face, she
could already see the pre-cum forming on his head and knew that it
wouldn't take long for him to cum, but she didn't care, she had been
too long without him. Tonight they had all night to do anything and
everything they wanted to do. Caroline's cries were getting louder as
Frank's thrusts were getting harder and harder. Meanwhile Sharon was
working her hand up and down Gavin's shaft as she looked back at
Frank pounding her s****r's arse. "If I swallow your cum, will you
fuck my arse later, baby?" Sharon asked in a baby doll voice. "I'll
fuck your arse, I'll lick your clit, I'll do anything you want baby,
just suck my cock. God, I wanna see you swallow my cum" Gavin replied
and Sharon began to suck his dick. Then all of a sudden Sharon slid
her lips off Gavin's cock and looked up at him with a smile on her
face. "Will you fuck Andrea? Fuck her while Caroline and I watch? You
and Frank both nail her while we watch?" she said. Gavin was shocked,
he looked down at her in disbelief at her request but was quickly
taken back to ecstasy as Sharon slid her lips back over the head of
his cock.
"I'm gonna shoot it Caroline, get your face up here and swallow this
load!" Frank barked as he removed his cock from Caroline's arse.
Caroline leapt up to her knees and spun around, lowering her head
over his cock as Frank jerked off. With Caroline holding her mouth
wide open Frank shot a straight, thick load of jizz up into her
mouth. The cum bounced off of the roof of her mouth, a slight tickle
that Caroline loved, before sliding down and coating her throat.
Caroline reached her hands down and squeezed Frank's balls as he
jerked himself off more; for nearly 20 seconds he shot stream after
stream of jizz into her waiting mouth. Caroline then lowered her head
and took his cock into her mouth, moving up and down the shaft with
her lips as she sucked the last bit of cum out of him like a vacuum.
When he was through Frank turned his head to watch Sharon and Gavin.
Gavin was naked and standing with his legs apart, his arse clenched
as Sharon deep throated his thick cock. Frank cupped Caroline's head
in his hands and whispered to her, "Go help your sisteer, lick
Gavin's arse. I want a load of cum down Sharon's throat just like the
one that went down yours." Caroline smiled and gave him a kiss before
getting off of the bed. Before she could walk over though, Frank
grabbed the ripped fabric around her arse and roughly ripped the body
stocking from Caroline's body. Frank smacked her on the arse to send
her on her way, enjoying the sway of Caroline's nude arse as she
strutted over to Gavin. Sharon's hands clenching Gavin's butt cheeks
when she felt Caroline tap on her hands. Sharon then spread Gavin's
arse as far as she could as Caroline got on her knees behind him.
Gavin looked back and grinned as he realized what was about to
happen. He ran his hands through Sharon's brown hair as Caroline's
tongue slid into his crack, her long tongue massaging his anus as
Sharon sucked harder and harder, her lips forming a tight grip on his
fat cock. As the women worked over Gavin, Frank sat on the edge of
the bed thinking about what Sharon had said to Gavin about fucking
Andrea. Andrea was the younger s****r of Sharon and Caroline, the
lead singer of their band and quite breathtakingly beautiful. As of
yet she had never participated in any of her s****rs' horny sex
games, in fact she was completely unaware of them, but maybe that
could change.
Frank put his pants back on and walked down the hallway to get some
champagne. When he got back to the room Sharon was laying back on the
couch, Gavin was leaning over her with his dick in her mouth, whilst
Caroline had one finger in Gavin's arse and another rubbing Sharon's
clit through her pretty pink panties. Gavin's moans announced to the
room his oncoming explosion and Frank took up a good position to see
the cum leaking out of Sharon's mouth. Gavin's eyes were closed, his
mouth clenched shut and his cock began churning out a gallon of cum;
so much so that, as quickly as she swallowed, Sharon couldn't take it
all. Caroline helped take up the slack by licking up any semen that
escaped Sharon's lips off her face. Frank laughed as Gavin slumped to
the floor and Sharon and Caroline kissed, swapping cum back and forth
until they had both swallowed the entire load that was in Sharon's
mouth. It was then that Frank chose to bring up Sharon's request that
he and Gavin fuck Andrea as she and Caroline watched. This proved to
be a very popular idea with everyone so as they drank the champagne
they came up with a plan to make it real. As they finished off the
bottle Sharon called down to the bar and asked to be alerted to when
Andrea left for her room. Then two couples kissed, fondled, fingered
and did everything short of fucking as they awaited for the call.
About ten minutes later the phone rang, it was now time to put their
plan into action.
Sharon, Frank and Gavin headed for the elevator and went up to the
floor that Andrea was staying on. Reaching her door they knocked
until a rather d***k Andrea opened the door. Sharon began to make
small talk with her youngest s****r, feigning interest in every
sentence while all the time measuring just how d***k Andrea really
was. As the minutes passed, the two men pretended to grow
disinterested in the womens' conversation, finally Sharon lined up
her exit. "Well, I'd love to stay and talk some more but Caroline's
downstairs waiting for us and we told her we'd only be a few minutes,
can't keep her waiting. God knows we'll be lonely enough tonight
while the guys play poker. Hey, why don't you come down and join us,
maybe we'll even head down to the jacuzzi. Just us s****rs, what do
you say?" Andrea was extremely close to her s****rs but felt a little
like a third wheel around either of the couples when her s****rs had
so little time to spend with their respective partners. The band were
a month into a three month long tour and had flown into London for
three days; Frank and Gavin had flown over from Ireland to take the
opportunity of spending a little time with their girlfriends. It was
the first time since the tour had begun that Sharon and Caroline had
seen Gavin and Frank, and Andrea was reluctant to intrude on the
precious time that they had together. So despite the fact that she
would have enjoyed an evening with her s****rs, Andrea told Sharon
that she wasn't sure, there was something she wanted to watch on the
TV and she had to make a phone call, but she might join them later.
Frank, Gavin and Sharon trooped out of the room and made their way
back to the room Frank and Caroline shared. They told Caroline how
things had gone with Andrea and wondered aloud over how long they
should wait to see if she came down before getting down to business
amongst themselves. They didn't have to wait long.
Andrea had gotten changed into a more appropriate pair of jeans and a
t-shirt as soon as the trio left. After flicking through the channels
on the TV and finding nothing to watch she decided that there was no
reason to spend the rest of the evening alone and she would join her
s****rs. Andrea headed down to Caroline's room where a fake poker
game had been set up on the floor as part of the plan to get Andrea
to join in her s****rs sex games if she took up their invitation and
came down to join them. Chips had been stacked to give the impression
that they had been playing for a while. When Andrea knocked on the
door Frank, Gavin and Caroline got into position around the poker
game, praying that it was indeed Andrea at the door, as Sharon went
to answer it. "Andrea, come on in" Sharon said with a huge smile
after opening the door to her s****r. Andrea walked in and was led
over to the game by Sharon. "We're about to deal, do you want to
play?" Gavin asked Andrea. "Sure, I'm in" Andrea replied. They made
small talk as they played a few hands before, as had been planned
earlier, Sharon suggested that they play guys against girls. After
about 6 hands, all of which the guys deliberately allowed the the
girls to win, the guys pretended to realize that they were almost out
of money. Andrea counted up the girls money, they had won over £400
in the past 15 minutes. Frank asked the girls if they would be
willing to put all their winnings on one hand as it was getting late
and they needed a chance to win their money back. As Andrea looked
towards her s****rs they pretended to think about it for a moment
before Caroline replied "we'll put up the money, if you put up your
pants." Caroline smiled and snickered as she said this, trying to
make it seem as though she were only joking. "Sounds good to me"
Frank said. Caroline and Sharon pretended to be shocked, Andrea
didn't have to pretend. Gavin began to deal and once he was done, he
threw the offer out once more: "Pick up your cards and you've got
yourselves a deal". For a moment none of the s****rs moved. Suddenly,
to Andrea's surprise, Sharon reached out and picked up the
cards. "It's a deal" Sharon said with a smile. "Don't worry girls,
I'll cover you if we lose." said Frank as he laid his cards on the
table; a full house. He and Gavin laughed and smiled, pretending to
believe that they had won when in fact Gavin had deliberately dealt
the girls the better hand. Caroline, with a mile wide grin on her
face as she held her cards to her chest, slowly and seductively laid
her winning hand down on the table. "A deals a deal fellows" she
As the guys did their best to fake being shocked Andrea also put on a
fake smile, but she really wasn't interested in seeing her s****rs'
boyfriends without their pants on. Frank stood up first, proclaiming
he wasn't shy, and began to take his pants off. Caroline piped up and
told him not to do it, but Frank wasn't having any of it. and his
pants were down in seconds. To Andrea's surprise, Frank wasn't
wearing any underwear, giving her a huge shock. Sharon and Caroline
broke out in laughter, not at his penis which was very large, but
rather in a pre-planned method to lighten the mood. "Hey, look at Mr
Big Dick over here" Sharon chortled. Slowly but surely a grin came to
Andrea's face and soon even she began to laugh with everyone else.
They were all so busy laughing that they didn't notice Gavin begin to
unzip his trousers. Sharon turned to him and asked: "Honey, aren't
you bigger than this?" Gavin took a look at Frank's dick as though he
hadn't seen it before and then told them that he was bigger than
Frank. Neither Caroline or Andrea believed him, and Caroline goaded
him to whip his out and show them. "I'll whip it out, if you give me
a reason to whip it out, babe" Gavin said to Caroline. "Prove yours
is bigger than my Frank's for me, and I'll do something with it"
Caroline replied nonchalantly. "That sounds like another bet
Caroline" Frank said without a hint of sarcasm. "Well, honey, I'll
make you a deal. If Gavin's cock is bigger than yours, I'll blow him,
but if its not, I'll blow you" Caroline replied. "Oh, yuck" Andrea
giggled; to her this was all levity. "It's a deal" Frank and Gavin
proclaimed. With that Gavin dropped his trousers and underwear. "Oh
my dear lord!" Caroline said softly as she pretended she hadn't seen
it before. "That's the thickest cock I have ever seen" she continued.
Andrea was shocked; it wasn't the longest dick she had ever seen
having just seen Framk's 10 incher, but it was by far the thickest.
Gavin took hold of it in his fist to give the girls a better view of
the spectacle and indeed, although an inch shorter, with it's extra
girth it was bigger than Frank's, albeit not by much. Gavin had a
smirk on his face as he walked over to the couch and sat down, still
with his pants down. "Well Caroline, a deal's a deal. Now come on
down and go on down", Gavin said. To Andrea's amazement Caroline
stood up and walked towards Gavin, passing Frank on the way. "Don't
worry, baby. Your dick is still the dick for me" Caroline cooed to
Frank as she passed. Reaching Gavin, Caroline wiggled a bit before
dropping to her knees before the cock of her s****r's fiancee.
Andrea couldn't believe what she was seeing. She couldn't actually
see them, but she knew Caroline was blowing Gavin and was disgusted
by their behaviour. Looking over towards Sharon, Andrea could see
that her eldest s****r didn't look too happy about the situation.
Frank in the meanwhile, had his eyes fixed on the show going over on
the couch. Sharon, who was only pretending to be displeased of
course, turned to Andrea. "I'm really sorry about this", Sharon said
to Andrea, unable to make eye contact with her s****r. "Its okay"
Andrea said quietly, "I can't believe they're doing this to you, and
right in front of you. I think I'm going to go up to my room". Frank
pulled up his trousers and underwear, stood up and then asked Sharon
if he could see her in the bathroom. Sharon got up to follow him, but
first patted Andrea on the back and told her to wait a minute and
they would go down to the bar together. Andrea smiled in agreement.
Just moments after Sharon and Frank had entered the bathroom Andrea
could hear their upraised voices through the closed door. She tried
to listen closely but the sounds of Gavin's moaning and Caroline's
slurping made it nearly impossible to hear. Just then she heard
Sharon call for her.
Andrea got up and slowly opened the bathroom door. What she saw took
her breath away. There was Sharon, bent over the sink, her head
turned towards the door with her skirt up over her back and her
panties down around her thighs. "If, if, ughhhhh, if he wants a, a,
oooh, a blowjob from her, then I might as......ughhh," Sharon's voice
trailed off as she lowered her head into the sink and began making
low grunting sounds as Frank slowly and f***efully pumped his cock in
and out of her. "Look at this body" Frank grunted, looking at Andrea
as he continued to fuck Sharon. "These long beautiful legs, this
amazing arse" he continued, as he spanked Sharon's arse, "and those
breasts, hah! I haven't gotten to them yet, but I will". Andrea was
shocked, she was flat in the middle of an orgy that consisted of her
s****rs with each others partners. Frank continued: "Speaking of
breasts, yours look fabulous. Let me see `em, let me see those
gorgeous tits, Andrea". Andrea's mouth opened wide, she wanted to
yell at him, tell him off and storm out of there. Before she could
act, Frank interrupted her: "Come on Andrea, were all adults here. I
know you have needs and you've got nobody to fulfil them at the
moment. Why deny yourself? Shut the door, honey. Shut the door and
step into the world of extreme". Before Andrea knew exactly what she
was doing, the door was shut. Frank smiled at her and then went back
to ploughing into Sharon's cunt. Meanwhile, out in the living room,
Gavin was running his hands through Caroline's dark hair, his head
leaned back. Caroline knew that he was about to pop and slid her
tongue along the underside of his cock, her upper lip rubbing the tip
of his cock. This sent Gavin over the edge, he grabbed a hand full of
Caroline's hair and shot a massive load up into her mouth. Caroline
just let it all spray in and slide down, her eyes locked on his. Glob
after glob of thick cum ran down the back of her throat. When she was
sure that Gavin had given her every last drop of his hot cum she
climbed up on the couch and curled up with him; he massaged her
breasts as they talked about what they thought might be going on in
the bathroom.
Andrea stood with her back to the shut door, unsure of what her next
move should be, unsure even of what she had just done. Sharon
continued making a****l noises as Frank ploughed away inside of her.
Andrea couldn't help but notice Frank's beautifully sculpted body in
the throws of this purely sexual encounter. Frank laid his body over
Sharon's back and rammed his cock into her a few more times before
standing back up and pulling out of her. Sharon groaned and shook her
arse, obviously wanting more of his cock, but Frank took a step back
and began to pump his cock with his own fist. Sharon brought her head
out of the sink and stood up, she had an open mouthed pout and
dropped to her knees. "Don't make me beg for it baby, I need it so
fucking bad! I know you love my hot little pussy. Come on, Frank.
Fuck me, baby! Fuck me until I can't take it anymore" Sharon begged
as she sporadically took his cock into her mouth, as much as he would
let her. It was like he was teasing her. "Oh, Jesus Christ" Sharon
pouted in a low sultry voice as she crawled on her hands and knees
across the floor and stopped at Andrea's feet. She then rested the
back of her head right between her s****r's legs and spread her own
legs. Looking right at Frank as he stroked his cock, Sharon raised
one arm up and stroked Andrea's arm. Andrea still didn't make a move.
Sharon's other hand was between her legs, her middle finger obviously
rubbing her clit. Andrea could hear the squelching sound emanating
from between her eldest s****r's legs. "Yeah, that's right, you sexy
little slut you. Finger that pussy. Let me see those pretty pink
lips" Frank said, still pumping his dick in his fist. "You wanna
taste my cum you whore?" Frank asked as he moved closer to the two
women. "Uh huh" Sharon groaned as she nodded her head; a needful,
lusty look coming over her face as Frank got closer. "Don't touch me,
open your mouth and catch it whore. Catch it, baby. Gimme a target
Sharon, open your fuckin' mouth wide!" Frank told Sharon. Sharon
reached up and grabbed Andrea's hands, Andrea didn't protest. Sharon
opened her mouth wide and put Andrea's hands at the sides of her
mouth as she began kicking her legs in a frenzied anticipation.
Sharon then lowered both her hands between her legs and began to work
on herself again. Andrea was losing control and gripped the corners
of Sharon's mouth, pulling her lips open. Frank smiled and let out a
grunt as he shot a massive, thick stream of cum, some of it hit
Sharon on her forehead, some of it landed in her hair, some of it
landed on Andrea's hands, and some sprayed over Andrea's clothes.
Sharon tried to catch every shot, the little bit that did get into
her mouth she greedily swallowed and tasted as though it was a fine
wine. When Frank was done cumming, Sharon spun around and began
licking Andrea's hands like a lap dog. She wrapped her arm around
Andrea's body and planted her hand right on her s****r's arse. Sharon
slowly licked up Andrea's body, searching for every drop of cum that
may have landed on her. As Sharon hungrily licked at her t-shirt,
Andrea ran her hands through her s****r's hair. Slowly but surely
Andrea was coming closer and closer to crossing the line that the
others so desperately wanted her to cross.
Sharon finally stood up and came eye to eye with Andrea, her hand now
rested right on Andrea's left tit. "Oh God, I'm such a whore" Sharon
moaned as she massaged Andrea's luscious globe with her palm. "I
can't help it, I just love sex, ever since I was a teenager. Guys
have told me what a sexy little fuck toy I am and I can't help it. I
love women too, you know. Women are so fuckin hot." Sharon said as
she continued to massage Andrea's tit through the t-shirt. Andrea
lowered her head, she and Sharon were now chin to chin. "Do you like
this?" Sharon asked her s****r. "Yes" Andrea replied softly. "Can I
take your t-shirt off?" Sharon once again questioned in a low angelic
voice. "Yes" Andrea said again, not even thinking about the fact that
this was not just a woman who was fondling her but her own s****r.
Sharon slowly took the bottom of Andrea's top in her hands and
slinked it up to reveal a tight flat stomach. Sharon planted tiny
baby kisses on her s****r's belly button, then let her tongue glide
up the newly exposed skin as she brought the t-shirt right up to the
base of Andrea's chest. Frank sat on the toilet and stroked his cock
slowly as he stared at Andrea with a lustful look in his eyes. Sharon
now had Andrea's t-shirt lifted halfway over her braless tits,
resting on the stiffening nipples. Sharon licked and kissed the
bottom half of Andrea's glorious globes. "Mmmmmmm, these are so damn
beautiful. Does it feel good when I do this?" Sharon asked
Andrea, "or when I do this?" she continued as she slid the t-shirt up
past the nipple and took it between her teeth. Andrea whimpered,
losing herself in the moment completely. She had never had anyone
touch her breasts like this before, maybe women really did know how
to please other women better. "Lets go out on the bed, nothing kinky,
just you and me. I wanna make love to you so badly. Let me make love
to you" Sharon said to Andrea as seductively as she could. She was
really turning on the charm now. Andrea took her s****r's face in her
hands and kissed her, "yes, make love to me" she replied. Sharon
returned the kiss, removed Andrea's t-shirt altogether and then
opened the door. She took Andrea's hand in hers and led her out into
the room.
Gavin smiled as he saw Andrea walk topless to the bed, he had always
imagined her tits were fantastic, and he was right. She looked
fantastic wearing only jeans, her tits standing firm and proud as she
was led to the bed by Sharon. As they walked across the room Andrea
took note of what was going on, Caroline was laying completely naked
on the couch with her head in Gavin's lap as he fondled her breasts
and ran his fingers through her hair. Sharon laid Andrea down on the
bed and then stood at the foot of it and massaged her s****r's feet.
She then turned and walked slowly to the door and flicked the light
switch. The lights were out and Andrea was getting a bit nervous,
sensing a set up. She listened closely to Sharon's footsteps as she
made her way back to the bed. She came into view as she sat on the
side of the bed and began to run her fingers through Andrea's hair.
Sharon hiked her skirt and straddled Andrea's stomach. Andrea could
barely make the outline of Sharon's smooth, sexy legs resting on each
side of her. Sharon then reached over and picked up three objects;
setting one of them on the bed she rested the other two on Andrea's
stomach before she kissed each of her s****r's nipples. Sharon then
picked up the two objects again. Andrea had no idea what they were
until she heard a flick and then saw a light. It was a lighter and a
couple of candles. Sharon lit the first candle, set it on the table
to the right of them and then picked up the second candle, lit it,
and set it on the table to their left. It gave the room, and
specifically the bed, a romantic feeling to it.
Sharon slid her body down so that she was laying directly on top of
her s****r, their breasts were mashing into each other as Sharon
grinded her body and kissed Andrea's neck. Andrea had never felt
anything like this before, her mind was racing as she allowed herself
to be seduced by her gorgeous s****r. Sharon rose to her knees
again. "Help me take off my shirt" she said as she led Andrea's hands
to her blouse. Andrea didn't waste any time and lifted as far as she
could from her position, Sharon took care of the rest by pulling it
over her head and throwing it to the floor. Sharon unsnapped her bra
next and Andrea could only smile as her s****r's sexy, pert tits
bounced free in front of her. "Do you want to taste them?" Sharon
asked. "Yes" Andrea replied as she lifted her head from the pillow
and opened her mouth wide. Andrea had never done this before, but she
was pretty sure what to do. She hadn't had a lot of experience with
men but she had still been on the receiving end enough to learn all
she needed to pleasure Sharon. Men had always paid special attention
to her breasts, and she knew what she liked, so she figured it
couldn't be too hard to duplicate the acts on Sharon. Andrea opened
her mouth wide and took the taut flesh into her mouth. Sharon's tits
weren't very big, but they were firm and more than big enough to
enjoy playing with. "Oh, yes. That's it. Suck on it the way you liked
to have yours sucked on" Sharon whispered as Andrea took her tit deep
into her mouth. It felt as if Andrea had fully engulfed it. The
hotness of her lovers mouth started to send Sharon over the edge.
Sharon straddled her s****r's leg and began to run her clit along it
as Andrea continued to suck her tit. Sharon started bucking and
moaning. Andrea let the tit slip out of her mouth and began to bite,
tug, and play with Sharon's nipple with her tongue, she could feel
the wetness from Sharon's crotch on her leg. "Ughhhhh! Oh God, yes!
Oh, right there! That's it! Play with my nipple. God damnit, I'm so
hot! Can you feel my clit on your leg? Oooooohhhh, it feels so good!"
Sharon moaned. Andrea was going mad, she wanted so badly to give her
s****r an orgasm, it was as if she was on a mission. "Turn around"
Andrea shouted. It was the first f***eful thing she had said all
evening. Sharon lifted her leg and spun around, positioning her arse
over Andrea's tits. Andrea lifted the skirt, just as Frank had done
earlier, and raisedt her hand up towards Sharon's uncovered butt. She
put her palm on Sharon's arse and let her thumb slide along the outer
folds of her moist pussy lips. Sharon yelped as contact was made and
she anticipated the incoming invasion. Andrea's dry finger popped
into Sharon's wet pink pussy. Sharon shouted her approval as the
finger began fucking her like a tiny cock, moments later she
collapsed at the intensity of the finger fucking her body; falling
flat on top of Andrea. Andrea could feel and see the warm juice
flooding out of her loving s****r's cunt as it dripped onto her
breasts. Only now did Frank walk out of the bathroom, he sat down on
a chair near the door and watched the scene on the bed as it neared
its ecstatic completion. Sharon firmly grabbed Andrea's leg and began
to suck on her toes as Andrea inserted a second finger into her twat
and let her thumb rub gently over her clit. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!
Yes, that's it! Oooh, right there! That's it, baby! Make me
cuuummmmmmmm!" Sharon screamed around Andrea's toes. Andrea pumped
her fingers faster and faster as Sharon convulsed. Sharon experienced
an orgasm of such incredible intensity that she let loose a wild
scream that lasted nearly 30 seconds, causing everybody's eyes to
widened in amazement. Finally Sharon went silent and let her head
fall to the bed. Andrea grabbed her around the hips and pulled her
s****r further up the bed until Sharon's snatch rested just inches
from her face. Andrea now held on tightly to her lover's heaving body
and rested her head on the inside of Sharon's thigh.
Moments passed, all was serenely silent. Andrea nestled her head
against Sharon's leg, her eyes closed, thinking about what she had
just done. Everything had happened so fast, she wasn't sure what to
do next. She figured she'd just lay there until Sharon did something.
Sharon caught her breath and tried to gauge Andrea's reaction to what
they had just done. Sensing that Andrea was not unhappy with their
i****tuous antics, Sharon slowly pulled herself to her knees and
arched her back, rolled her legs underneath herself so that she was
now laying right next to Andrea. "That was so good. You did that so
well" she said in a husky voice to her s****r. "What next?" Andrea
asked softly. "Now? Now I try to do you as good as you did me" Sharon
replied. They both turned their heads to face each other and pressed
their lips together gently in a kiss. Sharon then broke the kiss and
climbed off of the bed, her tits dangled at Andrea's lips and the
younger s****r couldn't resist giving the nipple a quick lick. Sharon
smiled at the attention being given to her nipple. She then stood up
and went to the dresser, opened it and pulled out a bottle of oil.
Sharon went back to the foot of the bed and shimmied out of her
skirt. Andrea's head was propped up on pillows and she basked in the
glorious sight of her s****r's naked body. Sharon then climbed onto
the bed and straddled Andrea's waist. Her hands reached for the
button fly on Andrea's jeans, she bent over and slid her tongue along
Andrea's belly as her fingers unsnapped the jeans. Andrea closed her
eyes as she let the waves of excitement crash over her; her first
lesbian encounter, and it was with one of her s****rs as the other
watched. So many taboo's broken all at once. Sharon undid the jeans
and then slowly tugged them down, kissing each area of Andrea's newly
exposed skin as she went. Andrea sighed in delight at the attention
being given to her, it had been over four years since she had last
had sex. Sharon slid further and further down the bed as she pulled
the jeans down. Andrea raised her legs and Sharon finally slipped the
jeans off altogether. Now Andrea laid on the bed wearing only her
black thong panties. Sharon slinked back up the bed and climbed on
top of her s****r. Their mouths pressed together as they kissed
again, deep sighs of joy were shared between them as their breasts
pressed together. Their hands roamed through each others hair and
over their bodies as their tongue danced delightfully in each others
mouths. Sharon broke the embrace by sitting up and then moving
between the legs of her lover.
By now, Gavin and Caroline were back into heavy petting; stroking and
massaging each others bodies as they watched the i****tuous lesbian
encounter taking place on the bed. Frank continued masturbating
himself. The room was lit so that everyone in the room could see
Sharon and Andrea, but the two women couldn't see anyone else. Sharon
took hold of Andrea's slight panties and eased them down to her
thighs. Andrea began to lift her legs up as Sharon continued to slide
the thong off her legs. Finally Andrea's legs were stretched straight
up and Sharon was standing up on the bed, slipping Andrea's thong
panties over her feet and finally off altogether. Sharon placed the
panties to her nose and took a deep whiff of her s****r's sensuous
odor. It smelled like a dozen roses, sweet like candy. She couldn't
wait to get down there and taste the real thing, but first things
first, she wanted this to be special for Andrea. The better it was,
the longer the night would last, and the greater the chance that this
would not be a one time thing. Sharon returned to a kneeling position
on the bed, holding Andrea's legs up in their raised position, and
kissed Andrea from her feet to buttocks, letting her tongue slide
down the length of her s****r's legs. As ready as she was to jump
between Andrea's legs, Sharon had other ideas as well. She slid off
the bed, let Andrea lower her legs, and grabbed the oil. "Roll over,
s*s" she said matter of factly. Andrea obliged without hesitation. "I
think you'll like this. You have such a pretty arse, you definitely
deserve to have some attention paid to it" Sharon told Andrea. She
kneaded the back of Andrea's thighs slowly and sensuously with one
hand, all the while letting drops of warm oil fall onto them. Sharon
then massaged the oil into Andrea's smooth pale flesh. Andrea was in
ecstasy, but not in a sexual way. The treatment being given to her
just felt so good, regardless of whether it was foreplay or not.
After a few minutes of rubbing her thighs, Sharon moved to Andrea's
perky arse; she had never seen such a perfect arse in all her life.
Sharon had always loved the look of her s****r's butt and now, face
to face to it for the first time since Andrea was an infant, she was
set on getting her tongue between those cheeks. Thinking that Andrea
might be a little adverse to this Sharon made sure to soften her
s****r up a bit as she massage her arse. Andrea groaned as Sharon's
hands worked their magic on her arse meat. "Oh Sharon, that feels so
good" Andrea whimpered as Sharon's fingers dug in deep and really
pressed her flesh. After about 5 minutes of this arse massage, Sharon
was ready to go to work. Saying nothing, she gently spread Andrea's
arse cheeks. Andrea's eyes widened as she felt this, but she said
nothing. Sharon stared in awe at her s****r's puckered pink butt hole
that lay before her. She smiled a hungry smile and lowered her face
into Andrea's arse. Andrea again said nothing as she felt Sharon's
face resting on her arse cheeks. Without hesitation Sharon extended
her tongue and led it straight into the pink passageway she so
desired. Andrea's eyes widened again as she felt herself being
entered in the arse for the first time. She opened her mouth to
protest, but at that exact moment Sharon let her tongue swirl around.
A groan of pleasure was all that could escape Andrea's lips. It felt
so good. Sharon continued the arse licking for a moment, letting her
tongue dart and swirl around inside of Andrea's arse, before she
lifted her head. "Is that okay?" she asked her s****r as she rubbed
her hand up Andrea's back. "Yes" Andrea gasped in reply. Her mind was
flooded with too much ecstasy to stop it. "Tell me if you want me to
stop" Sharon said, not really meaning it as she returned her face
between Andrea's bum cheeks. This time she was going to use more than
her tongue. Sharon licked the inside of each arse cheek as her hand
wandered closer and closer to Andrea's anus, a fact that was not lost
on Andrea. Sharon spread Andrea's arse some more and held it open
with her palm as she poised her fingers to probe into Andrea's anus.
Andrea mashed her head into he pillow, not wanting to stop Sharon,
but not fully prepared for a finger in her arse either. As she was an
anal virgin Andrea wasn't sure what to expect, she wasn't sure that
it wasn't gonna hurt, but everything else until now had been so
exciting and she didn't think her s****r would hurt her. Sharon
licked all of her fingers, letting globs of spit run down the tips,
into her hand. With her head laying on Andrea's right butt cheek, her
left hand wet and ready, she poked one finger at Andrea's arse,
stopping right as it entered her. Andrea let out a low growl, like a
hurt cat. Sharon kissed her bum cheek warmly and sunk the finger a
bit deeper. Andrea gave another bellow. Sharon let a big glob of spit
fall right into the crack of Andrea's arse. It ran down into Andrea's
anus, coating the finger already perched in there. Hopefully this
would ease the entry. It did, Sharon felt the tenseness dissipate in
Andrea's anus and she slid her finger further into her s****r's
bowels. Andrea's back arched and her head popped up towards the
ceiling as she let out a howl. Her hands gathered the sheets as she
clenched her body, trying to come to grips with the pain. "No, no,
no, Sharon, no! It hurts" Andrea eventually cried, not able to stand
the invasion. Sharon pulled her finger out and drew her tongue back
to the empty hole. Again she gently rubbed Andrea's back, coaxing her
back down flat on the bed. "It'll hurt at first honey, but I promise
it'll feel good in a minute. Just relax." Sharon said to Andrea. "I
don't know, I..." Andrea replied, unsure. Sharon merely let a drop of
spit sink into Andrea's arsehole and plunged her finger back in.
Andrea arched and howled again. "No!!!!!!!" she screamed at the top
of her lungs. Sharon kept her finger planted deep in her s****r's
arse, but this she let her other hand rub lightly over Andrea's clit
and pussy lips. Andrea's mouth was buried in the pillows as she wept
and screamed, but slowly, the pain was replaced by ecstasy. The
feelings from her twat masked and even made the finger in her arse
feel better. As Sharon continued the arse finger fucking, Andrea
began to calm down a bit and enjoy the sensation. Her head was still
buried in the pillow, so she couldn't see who it was, but Andrea
could hear footsteps moving across the floor.
Caroline tip-toed over to Frank and she bent over to gave him a kiss,
her head cocking so they could watch the show on the bed together.
Caroline let her hands glide down Frank's stomach and thigh before
she then dropped to her knees. Turning her back to the action she
smiled up at her lover and cupped his balls in her hands. "How does
this feel, hon"? Sharon asked her s****r as she wiggled her finger
inside Andrea's tight anus. Andrea turned her upper body, the pain
gone, and looked up at Sharon. "I wanna cum, play with my pussy. Lick
it. I want to have my clit licked. Lick my clit." Andrea said. Sharon
just smiled before she licked Andrea's thigh and, with a pop pulled
her finger out of her s****r's arse. "Come here" Sharon gasped as she
rolled Andrea over onto her back. "Nothing would give me any more
pleasure than to eat your pussy" Sharon told her s****r. She planted
her face between Andrea's gorgeous thighs, taking a quick moment to
breath in the musky aroma of Andrea's twat, before she plunged her
open mouth towards the pink lips that awaited her kiss. Andrea
squirmed as she felt Sharon's lips touch her cunt. Sharon's nose
brushed lightly over the whisp of pubic hair on Andrea's crotch, her
upper lip kissed her clit, her tongue traced the route of the folds
of Andrea's pussy lips before finally plunging it into her hot hole.
Meanwhile Caroline's head bobbed up down on Frank's dick. It was hard
for Frank to tell what would make him cum quicker, the vacuum like
blowjob being delivered by Caroline, or the i****tuous lesbian
fuckfest on the bed; but both of them together was sending him over
the edge. He pulled Caroline off his prick, she let out a yelp as he
then yanked her to her feet. It was clear to her what her boyfriend
wanted and she proceeded to straddle his lap and violently drop down,
impaling her fanny with his cock. She let out a scream as he entered
Andrea opened her eyes, awoken from her pleasure by the sound of
Caroline's yell. She watched intently as Frank held tight to
Caroline's arse, her body riding up and down on his long cock. It was
like a beautiful picture, that big, shiny fuckstick being rammed in
and out of her beloved s****r's tight little hole. "Ughhhh, oh God
yes, ughhhhh" Caroline moaned as she turned her head to look at the
two women on the bed. Seeing Andrea, legs spread with Sharon's head
buried between them, watching her and Frank Caroline called out to
her: "God Andrea, doesn't it feel so good to get fucked? By a dick,
tongue, a man, a woman, it just feels so damn good to be fucked".
Andrea smiled back at Caroline, it was true, she was to the point now
where she would do just about anything. Sharon's tongue fucking was
driving Andrea wild; she stuck her legs straight up in the air, out
at a 90 degree angle, and wrapped them around Sharon's back. Andrea
was bucking and thrusting her body wildly as Sharon ate her out with
wild abandon. "I'm gonna cum" Frank murmured between slurps on
Caroline's tit as she rode him. "Cum on Andrea" Caroline gasped. "You
like cum don't you Andrea?" Caroline asked, turning towards her
s****r whilst still riding Frank's throbbing cock. "Yes" Andrea
moaned, not even hearing the question. "Come on" Caroline urged Frank
as she climbed off of his prick and took his hand. She led him to the
side of the bed and Andrea turned her head to looked at them as they
stood over the bed. "Finish him off, just like this" Caroline told
Andrea as she stood behind Frank and stroked his cock. "Gimme your
hand s*s" Caroline said to Andrea. Andrea was unsure and hesitated
for a moment before finally, her hand reached up and wrapped around
Frank's dick. Frank looked down at Andrea's pert tits which bounced
as she bucked and he smiled at her. Andrea looked at Frank and smiled
as she began to jerk him off. Sharon looked up and saw that Frank was
about to cum, she raised her head, shoved two fingers into Andrea's
twat and moved her head up to Andrea's tits ready to lick up the cum
that Frank was going to shoot over her s****r. "Here it comes, yeah!
Oooohhhh" Frank grunted as a thick stream of jizz shot out of his
cock and over Andrea's tits. Caroline slithered down to her knees and
reached around Frank's body to squeeze his balls as he shot his load.
Andrea sat up and pressed her tits together as Sharon greedily licked
the cum off of them. Glob after glob was eaten up by Sharon as she
squirmed, crushing her breasts against Andrea's toned belly. Cum
glistened off of Sharon's lips as Frank collapsed and laid down on
the bed. Andrea didn't think anything of it, in fact she liked the
warmth of his body laying next to her. She rested her head Frank's
chest as Sharon climbed up her body and lay down on top of her. The
three of them rested together for a few moments.
As the three of them lay there in an exhausted heap, Caroline slipped
on a flimsy, black, see-through robe, and walked out of the room. A
few seconds later the door opened again. The three on the bed looked
up to see Caroline returning from Sharon's room carrying a bucket
with champagne in it. Sharon, Frank and Andrea slid up the bed into a
sitting position, the three of them lined up side by side, naked and
sweaty. Caroline removed her robe and sat Indian style at the bottom
of the bed. "How do you feel?" Sharon asked Andrea as she tenderly
sucked on her nipple. "I feel great, you were so good," Andrea
replied as her hand reached down and caressed Frank's soft cock. They
passed the bottle of champagne around, each of them taking turns
taking swigs on it. "Do you feel up for a little more fun," Sharon
asked as she let her hand rub over Andrea's belly. "What'd you have
in mind?" Andrea asked. "Well, why don't you come here" Sharon said
as she put her left leg under Andrea's right leg and gently eased her
s****r's body back onto hers. The sight of these two gorgeous women,
stacked one on top of the other was making Frank's cock hard again.
By this time Gavin had walked over to the bed and had taken a seat on
the edge, right next to Caroline. Sharon's hands reached around and
squeezed Andrea's tits, her pussy rubbing against Andrea's arse.
Andrea could feel the moisture on her butt cheeks. Kissing Andrea's
neck lightly, Sharon motioned for Caroline to come forward. Caroline
got on her hands and knees and crawled up the bed. Gavin caressed
Caroline's arse as she slithered away from him and up the bed.
Caroline took the empty champagne bottle and stuck the head of it
right under Andrea's pink pussy lips, then with her other hand she
started to warmly massage her s****r's clit. Andrea began to flow and
Caroline's positioning of the bottle allowed her to catch all the
juice running out of Andrea's fanny. The more her clit was being
played with, the more Andrea could feel another orgasm coming on. She
involuntarily bucked her hips and at that moment, Caroline plunged
the bottle deep into Andrea's twat. "Ooooohhhhhhhhh!" Andrea screamed
in surprise and pleasure. Sharon held onto Andrea for dear life as
she bucked and spasmed. Caroline had gotten nearly 5 inches of the
thick bottle into Andrea's cunt. Andrea's eyes widened as she looked
down to see Caroline plunging the bottle back into her. Behind her
s****r she could see Gavin preparing to mount Caroline from behind.
She saw Caroline's smile as Gavin plunged his cock into her from
behind. Sharon sucked, kissed, and licked Andrea's ear as Caroline
thrust the bottle deeper and deeper. Each time Gavin slammed his cock
into Caroline, she was f***ed to plunge the bottle a little further
into Andrea.
Frank crawled across the bed and presented his hard-on in hand to
Andrea. She opened her mouth wide allowing Frank to slip past her
lips and down her throat. Andrea nearly gagged as ten inches of fuck-
meat slid it's way deep into her throat but she soon grew accustomed
to it and began to swirl her tongue around Frank's cock as she deep-
throated him. Sharon slid out from underneath Andrea and stradled
Caroline, facing towards Andrea who was now convulsing under a
barrage of mouths and cocks and objects lashing at and into her.
Frank was pumping his cock into Andrea's eager mouth as hard and deep
as he could. Sharon leaned forward inviting Gavin to lick her twat as
he fucked Caroline. As Gavin looked up and began to slurp at her
juicy pussy with abandon Sharon leaned forward and stuck her finger
into Frank's arse. That was all he needed. His back stiffened as he
shot a load into Andrea's mouth. Andrea clamped her lips tightly
around Frank's spasming cock as she swallowed his hot goo and let it
slide down her throat. "Oh God, Gavin! Frank just came in Andrea's
pretty little mouth, ughhh! Oh yeah, baby! That's it! Eat my pussy!
Doesn't it taste fantastic? Oh God! I can feel the cream running down
my thigh! That's it, lover! Eat my pussy out, stick your tongue up in
there baby" Sharon yelled like a wild woman as Gavin's tongue fucked
her snatch. Sharon's filthy mouth sent Gavin over the edge and as he
ate his girlfriend out, he let loose a giant load in Caroline's
pussy. "Oh God!" Caroline moaned as she felt the hot squirts slam off
of her vaginal walls; she let go of the bottle that was now eight
inches up Andrea's pussy. Sharon leapt off of the bed as Gavin
finished shooting his load into Caroline's pussy. Gavin's limp cock
slipped out of Caroline's slimy cunt as she began to clamber up
Andrea's body. As Andrea pulled Framk'spent cock from her mouth she
looked up to see Caroline's used, cum filled cunt being lowered right
into her face. Andrea reached up and grabbed Caroline's arse, pulling
her dripping snatch straight onto her mouth and slipping her tongue
inside. A mixture of Gavin's goo and Caroline's cum seeped out and
dribbled into Andrea's mouth and down her throat. "Lick it, s*s! Lick
my filthy twat," Caroline yelled as she ground her hips on her
s****r's pretty face. Andrea drank down as much of her s****r's juice
as she could, but there was too much and it seeped out of her mouth
and down her chin. As the others watched Caroline smiled and rode
Andrea's talented tongue for all she was worth until she was
overtaken by an earth-shattering orgasm. As her orgasm subsided,
Caroline slowly climbed off of Andrea who licked the juices that had
escaped her lips from her face.
"Andrea, how long is it since you last had a cock in that tight
little cunt of yours?" Sharon asked her s****r. "About four years"
Andrea replied. "What a waste!" Caroline exclaimed. "What do you say
we put that right here and now you poor girl? Sharon asked. Andrea
was up for it and pulled the champagne bottle from her pussy. "Whose
first?" she asked with a huge grin on her face as she lewdly spread
her legs. In the space of a heartbeat Frank had leapt onto the bed
and was laying himself down on top of Andrea. He thrust his tongue
into Andrea's mouth and they briefly shared a lustful kiss as their
tongues playfully duelled with each other. Frank slid down and took
one of Andrea's nipples into his mouth; as his tongue worked on her
right nipple, his fingers played with her left. After about a minute
of this Andrea had had enough foreplay, she wanted to move on to the
main event, she wanted Frank's ten inches inside her. "Oh God! You've
got to fuck me! Fuck me now!" she breathed, wrapping her hands around
Frank's head and pulling his mouth from her nipple, "I need you
inside me". Frank looked down between Andrea's widely splayed at her
hairy and beautiful pink pussy, gazing lustfully at it for a few
seconds. Frank brought his cock up hard between her legs, shoving
half of his length into her with one stroke. "Oh fuck" Andrea
screamed, wrapping her arms around Frank as he brought an end to her
hot little cunt's four year long wait for a cock. Frank shoved the
rest of his cock into Andrea's hot, wet pussy and began pumping as
hard as he could. "Yes, fuck me! Fuck me as hard as you can!" Andrea
screamed at the top of her lungs. Frank was really pounding her pussy
now. "Oh, I needed this! Fuck me hard! Fuck me harder!" Andrea cried.
Frank could feel Andrea getting even wetter around his cock, her
pussy sucking and releasing as she began to orgasm; this just made
him drive into her tight twat even harder. "Jesus! Oh God Frank! Keep
doing it! Oh! Right there! Right there! Oh my God! Do it right there!
Oh shit!!" Andrea screamed as she came explosively again and again,
over and over. Frank began pumping harder, feeling his orgasm
building as Andrea's pussy spasmed around him. Her body, her face,
her great cunt; it was all too much and his cock exploded in her,
filling her with his white hot cum as Andrea's wetness soaked their
thighs. "Oh, yes! Cum in me!" Andrea screamed. Frank was cumming
furiously, he could hardly believe how much goo he was pumping into
Andrea as he filled her pussy to the brim with his jism. "Oh Jesus,
that was incredible" Frank gasped as he slowed down and laid himself
down exhausted on top of Andrea. "Oh my God" Andrea breathed, with a
huge smile of satisfaction on her face as she held Frank tightly to
her, squeezing her breasts tightly against his chest. After a couple
of minutes Frank pulled out of Andrea and rolled off her, falling off
the bed and laying there, too exhausted to pick himself up. Andrea on
the other hand was far from finished, "I could use another orgasm"
she giggled before rolling over onto all fours and calling for Gavin.
Gavin eagerly jumped onto the bed to give the lady what she wanted as
Andrea's delicious arse swayed before him. Gavin reached Andrea and
looked down in delight at her cute pink puckered butt hole which was
exposed to him. Gavin ran his hand along Andrea's arse and pussy, she
was soaked. What looked to be a virginal arsehole stared him right in
the eye. "I'm gonna put it in your arse, okay sweetie?" Gavin said to
Andrea who nervously agreed to give it a go. Gavin held his dick out
to Sharon for a moment, she gave it a quick swallow to wet it up
before Gavin turned back to Andrea. "Here we go" he told Andrea as he
lined himself up with her virgin arse. Andrea felt his hands cup her
hips as Gavin tried to work the head of his fat cock through her back
door. Gavin tried to push into Andrea's tight, hot, dirty hole but as
hard as he pressed he found it unyielding. "Relax your arse" he told
Andrea, "I'll never get in unless you relax." Gavin tried to
lubricate Andrea's arse with some of her pussy juices before he
pressed his cock against her hole again and grabbing her waist began
to shove with all his might. The fat dick slowly but surely sank past
Andrea's sphincter and into the pretty pink arsehole, a good portion
of Gavin's cock slid into her arse as he began a gentle fucking
motion. "Oh shit! Oh fuck! Oh God! No! Oh shit! Oh God! Stop! Stop!
Oh Jesus fucking Christ stop!!" Andrea screamed, feeling as if her
arse was about to explode and burying her face in the pillows. But
Gavin was proud to be one to deflower Andrea's arse, it felt too good
to stop and he was determined to be the first to cum in her shit
chute. Gavin had to thrust into Andrea at least ten times before the
pain was replaced by pleasure as her arse loosened up. "God, baby. I
love the way you make me hurt" Andrea cried out sluttily, beginning
to enjoy herself as Gavin settled into a rhythmic fucking of her
arse. "God, fuck me! Put it all in and fuck me! I want your whole
cock in me before you cum" Andrea continued. "Are you sure" Gavin
asked. "Yes I'm sure. Jesus, just fuck me" Andrea screamed, Gavin
responded by upping his pace and thrusting even harder. Once he had
managed to get seven of his nine inches buried in Andrea's no-longer
virgin arse, Gavin grabbed her calves and really went to work,
pulling out and then slamming himself back into her to the hilt as
hard as he could. Andrea's arse was the best fuck Gavin had ever
known, it squeezed tighter on his cock than anything he'd ever
experienced before. Andrea began to howl in pleasure, her body
bouncing up and down on the bed as Gavin arse fucked her like a
madman. "Give it to her, honey" Sharon called out to Gavin from the
couch where she, Frank and Caroline were watching the action and
lightly petting each another. Gavin continued to fuck Andrea's arse,
his cock slamming straight into her anal passage and his pubic hair
brushing the spread cheeks of her arse, until Andrea began to orgasm
noisily, forcing her arse to constrict and hold his cock like a vice.
Gavin was barely able to move inside her but with just a few short
fucks into Andrea's back passage, which was squeezing him harder and
harder, his cock exploded like Mount Vesuvias, sending jet after jet
of cum into Andrea's bowels. "Oh my fucking God" he gasped as he felt
his cum flood into Andrea's butt. Once his dick had softened enough
that it was able to escape the grip Andrea's arse was putting on it,
Gavin slid out of her, and a torrent of cum began to flow out of her
hole that Caroline and Sharon swiftly moved in to clean up.
"Okay, anyone want something to eat, I'm calling room service" Frank
said as he picked up the phone. No one wanted anything so he ordered
some eggs and coffee. A knock came on the door about 10 minutes later
and Frank opened the door to the bellboy. The three girls were
sitting together on the couch, naked, and an exhausted Gavin was
sl**ping on the bed. The bellboys eyes nearly popped out of his head
as he saw all the naked bodies, he was a big fan of The Corrs and he
recognised the s****rs. He nearly shot a load in his pants when he
saw their naked, sweaty bodies. The three women smiled at him as he
waited for Frank to return with a tip. "Hold on, honey. I'm sure
money isn't the only kind of tip..." Caroline waited for the bellboy
to give his name. "Roger" the bellboy said, he was 19 and had a nice
body, not bad looking either. "Well Roger," Caroline continued, "I'm
sure you accept other kinds of payment for your services besides
money, isn't that right?" "Yes Caroline, we do" he said sternly, not
wanting to sound like a geek at the apparent offer being made to
him. "Ooooh, you know who I am?" Caroline asked as she sauntered over
to him. "Hell, yes! I'm a big Corrs fan" he replied. "A fan, did you
hear that girls? One of our fans right here in our room. I think I
should show my appreciation to one of our fans, don't ya think?"
Caroline said as she pressed her naked body against him. "Hah! Yeah,
Caroline, show him how much you appreciate your fans" Frank laughed
as he sat down on the couch and started to eat. "You know Roger,
we've all done a lot of fucking tonight. I've had my arse, pussy and
mouth all played with, but no ones fucked my titties. Do you think
you could fuck my titties for me?" Caroline said. Roger looked over
at Frank. "Go ahead boy, I'm spent, fuck those tits good." Roger put
his hands on Caroline's hips and kissed her chin, he let his tongue
slip down to her neck and lifted her up in the air. She wrapped her
legs around his back. "Over there", she pointed to the bed that Gavin
was laying on. "Roger, would you like to fuck my s****rs too?"
Caroline asked. "I, uh, I don't know..." Roger answered thinking he
may be missing something. "Oh, Roger, if you want to fuck them after
you fuck my tits then you're more than welcome" Caroline said softly
as she kissed him. "Okay." Roger said as he set Caroline down on the
edge of the bed. Caroline expertly undid his pants and let them fall.
She then reached in to his underwear and gripped his cock. "Hmmm, its
pretty big isn't it Roger?" Caroline said reassuringly. "About six
inches" Roger replied. "That'll do fine, baby, now climb up here"
Caroline told him as she lay back on the bed and began to pinch and
pull at her own nipples.
Roger took off his shirt and underwear and climbed up on top of
Caroline. Caroline pushed her tits together as he traced his cock on
her stomach and finally shoved it between her two heaving tits. Each
time his cock peaked out, Caroline would give the head a quick lick
for lubrication. Roger was fucking Francine's tits he couldn't
believe his lick, he didn't understand what the hell was going on,
but here he was fucking Caroline Corr's tits and with a bit of luck
he might get his hands on Andrea Corr as well. Feel my tits Roger.
They're real nice" Caroline urged him. Roger did exactly that,
reaching forward and playing with them as he fucked them. "Can I fuck
you?" he asked Caroline. "Sure, baby, you can fuck my pussy, come on"
Caroline replied to Roger's delight. Roger climbed off of Caroline
and the bed, he pulled her by her legs to the edge of the table and
quickly penetrated her cunt. His hands played with her bouncing boobs
as he fucked her. His balls smacking against her arse each time he
thrust fully into her hot cunt. He was so intent on fucking Caroline
that he didn't notice Sharon standing behind him. He felt her tits
mash into his back and tilted his head back. Sharon gave him a deep
kiss and sunk to her knees behind him. "What the hell is she doing?"
he thought to himself as he felt her spread his arse cheeks, then her
tongue darted into his arse. "Ooooh, man, that feels good, Sharon" he
told her as he increased his pumping action. "How about this" Sharon
asked as she shoved a finger in his arse. It startled him and he
turned around quickly, but the stimulation on his prostate sent him
over the edge. As he spun around, a large gob of cum shot out and hit
Sharon square in the forehead. Sharon greedily grabbed his cock and
milked the rest of his goo into her mouth. Roger tilted his head back
as Sharon sucked the cum out of his balls. Caroline sat up on the
edge of the bed and put her hands over his shoulders and massaged his
chest as his balls were drained. When she was finished, Sharon got
up, kissed Roger and walked back to the couch, strutting her arse for
his eyes as she walked. Caroline climbed off of the table and picked
up Roger's clothes, after shoving them to his chest she pushed him
towards the door. "Hey, what about Andr..." Roger was quickly
interrupted by Frank's voice. "You're not complaining, are you?" "No,
no!" Roger replied, a bit confused. Caroline then opened the door and
pushed him out. Roger tried to figure out what was going on for a
moment, but then realized that he had better just get dressed and
head back downstairs.

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