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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 16)

Chapter 16

When he had "Jason" free of the straps holding her to the gurney, Mr.
Dodds led her into the adjoining room. This room was adjacent to the
one where Mandy had first entertained Flora and her guest. Its two
prominent features were a low, round structure like a well, in the
middle of the room, which appeared to be filled with rubber sheets, and
an X-shaped bondage frame attached to one wall. It was attached at the
center to a large metal hub bolted to the wall.

There was also a large hoist hung from a traversable track on the
ceiling, and a diver's air compressor on a wheeled dolly. All of which
equipment, "Jason" was only too familiar with.

Mr. Dodds made her stand on a stool while he strapped her body harness
to the frame. In minutes, she was attached by a myriad of little
leather straps, every few inches, with her waist tightly clamped by a
single four inch wide belt. Even her head was fastened down tightly to
the padded head rest. She couldn't move an inch. As Mr. Dodds checked
the bondage of each limb in turn, she could feel the frame swaying
slightly. Finally, Dodds walked out.

In the next room, he reached behind "Floras" head and undid the zip of
Jason's female-faced helmet, removing it.

"Look, mate," Jason announced, as soon as his mouth was unplugged,
"I've had just about enough of your little games... when are you going
to leave us alone?" Mr. Dodds looked startled, as Jason ranted on.

"What gives you the right to come barging in here, take over Mandy's
household, and treat us all like your personal sex slaves?"

Mr. Dodds looked amused for a moment. "First of all, Mandy IS my
`personal sex slave', and since Flora belongs to Mandy, she is too is
mine to do with as I please. She has told Mandy many times that she
would give herself to another if Mandy ordered it, and especially if
Mandy watched. Although, I doubt this is exactly what she had in
mind. If you don't believe me, you are free to ask Flora yourself,
as-if-and -when I decide to let her out of her present predicament.

"Secondly, I'd assumed when I found you in YOUR predicament, that you
were also a new acquisition of Mandys, since you certainly seemed to be
enjoying yourself."

Jason blushed to his hairline.

"Third," Dodds ticked off on his fingers, "I AM a reasonable man.
Since I didn't ask you, and you didn't ask me, you certainly should be
given the option to choose whether this is the sort of life you want to
lead. But I'll warn you! If you decide to leave now, in the heat of
anger, I can predict that not only will you never be bothered by me,
you will never see Mandy or Flora again, either. Believe it or not,
some of the things we do here are unlawful in this state. It's worse
back in England!

"Our kind are a secretive lot, and given the rather medicomplete with two
bisexual, rubber-loving women, a statiscal impossibility). He also
realized that Mr. Dodds had been responsible for many interesting hours
spent in the same bondage and stimulation that he had begun to enjoy at
the hands of Mandy since he arrived.

He knew, sooner or later, that this mysterious stranger (well okay, a
friend of Mandys) would depart, and hopefully, things would return to

He thought of his life before Mandy; the long, lonely years spent
alone, the abortive attempts at dating and the sick feeling he had had
when one lover had called him perverted for wanting her to wear a
rubber dress.

He realized that despite Mr. Dodd's intrusion and bizarre bondage
performances, he was happier here than he had ever been alone. He
looked up sheepishly. "All right," he said, "I'll stay."

Dodds looked doubtful. "Will you acknowledge myself and Mandy to be
thy lord and mistress?" It sounded ominous, like a biblical speech,
but Jason nodded.

Dodds persisted. "And you'll do as we say; suffer any tortures we may
put to you?"

This scared Jason a little more, but he realized, too, that Dodds had
never shown any signs of being truly cruel, and although his methods
bordered on the baroque, and his bedside manner was maniacal, he had
always seemed to make sexual pleasure, (or at least stimulation to the
point of madness), his goal.

Jason dropped his head in submission.

"Yes." he said.

Mr. Dodds smiled a broad smile. "Fine. Fine, then it's all settled.
Now we understand each other." His voice rose to a shout. "AND FOR
WOMAN FOR SEVERAL MORE HOURS!" When he finished his tirade, he was
still grinning.

He pulled out another rubber mask from the bag on the floor.

"I've a better face for you to wear, my dear," he said, his voice
softening suddenly, "this suits my tastes much better." After
fastening it on, Dodds replaced the fancy wig on Jason's head,
completing the illusion.

Like the other, this one had a zip up the back, and when it was on, he
pulled out a hand mirror from the bag and showed "Flora" her new face.
It was as realistic as the other; that is, it really looked like a
woman's face, although this face might have been more at home walking
the streets.

I look like a hooker, thought Jason to himself. His eyes were
surrounded by bright eye shadow and liner, the lashes were thick with
mascara, and his lips were painted a hot passionate red. Also, his
mouth was no longer obstructed. He stuck out his tongue, through the
ruby lips, just to see if he could do it.

"Oh, don't worry," chuckled Dodds, "we'll give that tongue something to
work on soon, never fear." He continued chuckling to himself,
apparently thinking this very amusing, as he strapped onto "Floras"
head a simple trainer harness which had no gag or blindfold. It
circled the head three ways, and had many d-rings attached, but he
couldn't really see the point.

Eventually, Mr. Dodds got around to lowering the dildo rod pinning
"Flora" in place, and loosened the fixtures attaching his boots to the
floor. He neglected to remove the arm binder, however, which still
clamped "Floras" now numb arms behind him.

When "Flora" was more or less free, Dodds led him back to the other
room. Once again, "Flora" marveled at the perfect replica of a man
that was securely fastened to the frame in front of him. Although some
small part of him had finally admitted that this wasn't real, he still
thought of himself as a woman, at least temporarily.


Some time later, "Jason" watched Mr. Dodds return with "Flora". Dodds
stood him in front of her, and began removing the steel thigh boots.
Until now, "Jason" had thought that she had been mistaken earlier, and
that they were actually something more prosaic, such as silver colored
leather. So perfect was their shape and fit, it seemed unreasonable to
expect someone to go to the trouble and expense of making them from
metal, but she soon saw her error. The craftsman who made them had
been talented indeed. No wonder Flora had been walking so

When he had them off, Dodds ordered "Flora" to remove his dress.
Embarrassed, Jason nonetheless did as he was told. Off came the pretty
maid's uniform. Mr. Dodds loosened the corset laces until it could be
unhooked, and removed it. "Flora" heaved a sigh of relief. He could
breathe again!

"Jason" looked on in wonder. There was no doubting the person in front
of her was a woman, and a damned attractive one at that! The loss of
the dress revealed a very shapely body, dressed in gleaming black latex
stockings, held up by the garters of a very pretty shimmering pink
girdle. Above it, she had on a long-line pink rubber brassiere showing
off a generous bust. She also wore opera length silver latex gloves.

Although her makeup was definitely too heavy for "Jason's" tastes, the
overall effect was very attractive, in a sleazy sort of way. Flora
LIKED sleazy.

All of which made her even more confused. She was certain now who she
was, and that Mr. Dodds had merely confused her- although she couldn't
as yet explain the amazing transformation her body seemed to have
undergone. So if she was Flora, who was this woman? Unless Mr. Dodds
had admitted another person to Mandy's home, or had lied to them about
who was inside the amazing rubber sculpture in the other room, it had
to be Jason. But how could one explain the beautiful female body in
front of her, or for that matter, her own well-built male frame?

Suddenly she remembered the female face mask that had been on the
other's face. Dodds had apparently changed it, for the other woman now
appeared much younger, with more makeup, although her body remained the
same. "Jason" felt a moment of jealousy, then a flush of desire.

The other woman was certainly attractive enough.

Mr. Dodds allowed them to stare at one another for a moment, then
showed "Flora" an elaborate suspension harness. He put it on him and
in a minute had it tightly fastened. He reached up to the winch and
pulled down a cable, snapping its hook to the harness, just above the

"Flora" felt more than a little vertigo as the winch hauled him off the
ground, head down, but he was even more dismayed at what happened

Dodds pulled him along the traveling track until he was up against
"Jason" belly to belly. A little adjusting brought "Flora's" tightly
rubbered pink bottom into contact with the dildo poking out and down
from "Jason's" harnessed mouth.

"Jason" could only look on in awestruck fascination as she realized
what was about to happen.

"Flora", too, was a bit horrified and more than a little turned on as
he dangled upside down, his face just inches from "Jason's" prominent
erection. Seconds later, he felt Mr.Dodds attaching things to his
harness, and shortly he was pulled in sharply to "Jason's" body and the
two were pressed tightly against each other.

There was nothing "Flora" could do except grimace in embarrassment as
Dodds inexorably f***ed his bottom down over the dildo attached to
"Jasons" face. When it was deeply seated, Dodds attached several
straps to d-rings on "Floras" torso harness and pulling them tight
around "Jasons" head, fastened them to the frame. He attached still
more straps to "Floras" head harness, using them to pull the reluctant
slave's head down, finally forcing his mouth over "Jasons" erection.
Quickly, he strapped the harness around "Jasons" hips to the frame,
holding him in that position.

With several more wide leather straps, Dodds fastened "Floras" arms and
legs along side "Jasons", so the two were immovably joined. Only then
did he remove the winch cable from "Floras" harness.

He smiled at the two bodies joined on the frame, then grabbing one of
the x-extensions, he gave it a shove. Aha! The hub at the center was
on a ball bearing, and the two joined slaves rotated around and around,
until they were dizzy, and their shifting weight pushed and pulled
things they would have preferred were left alone.

Soon, their out of balance condition told, and they settled down,
rocking slightly. Dodds frowned and moved to one end of the

After clamping a lead weight to two of the arms, he gave it another
lighter, shove, and watched for a moment. When it showed no signs of
being out of balance, slowing only a little, he gave it a bigger shove,
then another, and another, making it pick up speed. It gave no sign of
slowing down any time soon. He smiled again.

As far as "Flora" (Jason) was concerned, this was just a strange (if
mildly erotic) joy ride, with no real purpose. His shifting weight
f***ed him up and down on the dildo, but that was about all he got out
of it. He grunted and groaned with each revolution, and was thankful
he wasn't prone to motion sickness. After a while, he began to sort of
absentmindedly suck and tongue the fat organ gagging his mouth, and
groans of pleasure came from behind and underneath him. With a start,
he realized what it was he was doing and stopped it, his mind a
confusion of sexual thoughts. He was fairly confident now in his
identity as Jason, but was still confused as to how he had come to have
a woman's body.

Conversely, he was fairly certain that the "man" strapped beneath him
had to be Flora (assuming Dodds had not lied about who was in the
rubber abomination next door), but there too, he couldn't be sure,
since his mouth was definitely full of a man. That fact in itself
repelled him, but there was damn all he could do about it, and in fact,
he was secretly enjoying having a gag in his mouth, even if it was
someone's... he couldn't bring himself to think it.

Again, after some time, his head dizzy with the confusion of who was
what, and from the intermittant pressure on his prostate, he absently
began to pull a little on the prick filling his mouth. Again, moans
sounded from behind him, and the dildo stuffed in his ass throbbed with
the vibrations of... Floras? mouth. The muffled voice could be hers,

For "Jason" (Flora) on the other hand, it was quite a pleasurable

With each revolution, the mercury-filled dildo within her quivered and
jerked, a unique throbbing sensation that was rapidly making her
crazy. Still fuzzy from the strange brew of d**gs Dodds had given
them, Flora didn't really understand the source of her sexual
excitement, and was a amazed at how similar sex as a man felt to her
own experiences.

Moreover, the butt plug in her rear rubbed and bumped inside against
the dildo, and worse, "Floras" belly was rubbing against her breasts
inside the suit, although she couldn't recognize these things at the
time. Then, too, "Flora" had began to pull at her erection, and
immediately, she felt an internal vibration exciting her in a familiar
way. "Flora" stopped for a while, then started again, and "Jason"
realized she was close to coming.

She eagerly awaited to see what it would be like. When it arrived, she
was vaguely disappointed. To her surprise, it felt a lot like what she
called a vaginal orgasm, and she shuddered with little internal

She was still wondering why her skin felt so numb...

While the two slaves rotated in sexual union, Mr. Dodds had trotted off
to check on his other patient, and then gone up to the kitchen for a
cup of tea.

When he returned, they had slowed down slightly, so he gave them
another push, just to keep their interest up. Meanwhile, he made
another trip upstairs, returning with a gallon jug in each hand. He
set them down by the "well" in the middle of the room, and began
searching the cabinets around the room for something. He soon found
it, or them rather, and sat down to watch his artwork spin on the
wall. By this time, Flora was groaning and panting with passion, and
although Jason was less noisy, he seemed to be enjoying himself

Dodds thought back to the first time he had seen what Mandy
unimaginatively called "The Well". She'd had it constructed shortly
after she met Flora.

She had wanted something restrictive that she and Flora could enjoy
together, when she wasn't feeling particularly topish. Something a
little like bondage, and preferably of rubber.

In the end, she had constructed this... a vertical bath, like a wishing
well, eight feet deep and lined with a very large and thick rubber
bag. The bag was sealed to the rim of the well. The well itself was
in fact, a simple jacuzzi, with water jets in the walls, and the rubber
lining was anchored at the bottom so that it would not be f***ed out by
the water. The water f***ed the bag closed, so that the thing could
only be entered with a considerable amount of pressure, and a lot of
lubrication. It was necessary too, to wear some kind of air mask so
that one could breathe.

As fate would have it, Mr. Dodds had chosen to show up just after they
had completed it. He had shown them an excellent substitute for the KY
jelly they had planned to use in it, too. Flora and Mandy had enjoyed
their first session in it under the watchful eyes of Mr. Dodds, and he
had chosen to let them stay in it for several hours. Mandy had
originally planned for them to wear body harnesses attached to the
winch, allowing them to get out. The winch would have been activated
by a timer. However, Dodds had talked them out of it saying that it
might not be reliable, and that as long as he was here, he may as well
help out. Never mind the fact that Mandy's electrical power was backed
up by an automatic generator, or that she had already proven to herself
that she could climb the chain to get out. She knew he had ulterior

Since their own weight f***ed them down into the bag, and the generous
helping of silicone oil made their bodies and the rubber ridiculously
slippery, they were quite helpless to get out until he reached in with
the winch line to haul them out.

Meanwhile, they had spent several hot and sweaty hours enjoying each
other, their bodies pressed firmly together within the folds of soft
yet unrelenting rubber.

Mr. Dodds knew too, that Mandy had used the Well as a punishment (of
sorts) for Flora, putting her rigid chastity belt on her, and letting
her squirm in arousal for hours, unable to satisfy herself.

After watching the rotating pair with satisfaction for several minutes,
Mr. Dodds got up and poured the entire contents of one of the jugs into
the well. The liquid that came out was thick and clear. He wanted to
be sure they had plenty of lubrication during their stay.

After watching them turn amid grunts, groans, and mews of pleasure for
some time, Mr. Dodds finally relented. "Alright k**s, that's enough.
Let's cut to the chase." He stopped the rotation of the x-frame, and
again snapped the winch cable to "Floras" harness. When he had him
unstrapped and free of assorted phalluses, he let him hang for a moment
while he removed the head harness, the female face mask and wig, and
finally the suspension harness he had put on him earlier.

Then he surprised them both by announcing, in a phony melodramatic
voice, "Now you must return to reality, as you will see just who is
who... and what."

He fumbled at Jason's neck, and pulled a long strip of pink tape down
off his back. When he had it off, he pulled the uncovered zipper down
as well. The foam latex peeled open, revealing Jason's real body.
Eventually, he stood nude, dripping sweat and blinking, as the breasts
and sleek lines of a woman fell away. He realized that deep inside, he
was sorry to become a man again.

He was glad, however, to be able to feel his own skin again, and he
noticed that his head was more or less clear. He felt wonderfully
alive, despite the locker room smell he had developed inside the foam
rubber suit.

Before he had time to appreciate his newly found joi-de-vie however,
Dodds covered his head with one of the two helmets that he'd dug out of
the cabinets. It felt very odd on his face, and Dodds made no move to
stop him as Jason explored the surface of the new helmet with his

It was made of thin black latex with a zipper up the back. Moreover,
it was fitted inside with a surgical style oxygen mask, the hose
running out the front of the mask. When it was zipped up the back, it
fit quite tightly, and the skirt of the oxygen mask sealed tightly
around his mouth and nose. For a moment, it became difficult to
breathe, and he panicked, thinking that Dodds had forgotten something,
but then he heard the soft rattle of the compressor, and cool air
flooded into his lungs.

Flora looked on in amazement at the removal of Jason's female face and
suit, as she was still fuzzy-headed from the d**gs, and wasn't quite
sure what was going on. It was becoming apparent, however, that this
had not been a dream at all, but a particularly clever dupe on the part
of Mr. Dodds.

Right then and there, she decided she loved the nutty old coot, and she
could see how Mandy too, as dominant as she was, could submit herself
to him.

In no time at all, Jason was standing naked on the tiles, and Mr. Dodds
was already putting one of the breathing hoods on Jason's head. Flora
waited impatiently to be let down. Her arms had begun to ache a little
at being held tightly in position so long. She watched as Jason's
masked head was tethered by a hose to the compressor, and having spent
many hours in the well by herself, she hoped Dodds would put them both
in at the same time.

Dodds affixed the other end of the long hose to the compressor sitting
against the wall, thought a moment, and wheeled it over to the well.
He let Jason stand there while he took Flora down in the same manner,
removed her helmet, body harness and suit, and as a result, various
long, thick objects from her body, much to her dismay.

He put the other breathing helmet on her. All was quiet for a few
moments, Flora hearing only the quiet hiss of air into her mask. Then
she felt a leather harness being strapped onto her body, one
considerably less complicated than the previous one. And, as she had
feared, Mandy must have told Dodds about her punishment, for she felt a
pair of "pancake" mitts being strapped onto her hands. These mitts
were made of stiff leather, and held the fingers and hands flat,
preventing them from grasping or feeling anything.

Then a pair of strong hands began oiling her body with something warm,
thick, and very slippery. The hands lingered at her breasts and
crotch, and she leaned into the groping fingers, hoping for a treat, a
little something extra, but they passed on.

After waiting several more minutes, she found herself being hoisted
into the air, bumping gently against Jason's body. She rejoiced,
knowing what was to come.

Jason too, got the harness put back on him after his woman-suit was
removed, but he also got something else. He jerked and tried to refuse
the groping hands, but there was nothing he could do after an annoyed
Dodds manacled his wrists behind his back. The strong hands fastened
something tight, that felt like leather, around his cock and balls.

Something else, that felt like cuffs, were strapped just below his
knees. He felt a gentle pull on his scrotum, and when the fumbling
stopped, the "something", some kind of little harness apparently, was
still there, constricting his cock and stretching his sack out almost

He felt himself getting very hard, and the sense of constriction and
stretching became even tighter.

Then he too, received the hot oil treatment, and squirmed helplessly as
the unseen hands stroked his now rock-hard member. Soon he felt his
feet leaving the floor, and his greasy body bumping and sliding against

Mr. Dodds wiped his hands on a rag, and with a few shoves and tugs, he
traversed the winch until Flora and Jason were directly over the well.

Pressing the controls again, he lowered them until their feet began
forcing their way into the tight rubber lining of the well...

To Be Continued...

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