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In my mind

Her thick lips
My thick dick...
Both of us touching you...
& she's the freak we both need
With that ridiculously tiny waist of hers
& her gorgeous thighs...
Dripping sex
Oozing that goodness you know we'd both like to get at
That yum yum
As we try pay attention to what her mouth says...
But can only focus on what it can do...
For both of us
Her moist tongue against those lovely nipples of yours
Her lips kissing your neck...
The way you like.
Her hand brushing back her dreads as she looks you in the eye
& just kisses you
Like she's exploring you...
Testing for weaknesses
Holding back that flood of passion
That you both know exists
And then...
She devours you with her mouth
Inhales the very essence of you
It’s like...
You are the only thing that can keep her alive
The only thing she wants
& she starts...
Moving her soft hands with even softer touches down your top
Reaching for your breasts.
& you buck up towards her
Trying to f***e them on her
Offer them to her

& she stops....
Stops kissing
Stops touching...
Stops moving with you
& just looks at you
With a hunger that nothing can satisfy
A thirst oceans can't touch
& you let out a single
But earnest
A moan you've held back your whole life
A moan from unspoken desires
Unexplored depths of feelings
Unanswered hopes
About curves and hips
Soft lips
& Beautiful kisses
& she knows she has you
In that moment...
She is yours
In that moan
You let your guard down & she see's that beating
Desire in you
& you know she'll give you everything you need
& it makes you gush inside
Your feel the wetness between your legs instantly
But right
But what you need
& what you'll enjoy
When she starts moving again
You reach up towards her
& touch her face
Stroking her cheek
& she kisses you fingers
& without breaking eye contact
She touches those beautiful breasts of yours
Not hard
& not soft
Just right
Sort of the way you've always wished
But can never say
& you bite your lips to stop from moaning again
Till her fingers find your nipples
& just as you let our this deep earthy moan
She covers your mouth with hers
Drowning your moan with her own
Melting the two of you together
& you need her
All of her
You get impatient & want control
You slip down on the floor and she’s underneath you
Head cradled in your arm
Eyes gazing up at yours
Hands on your face
You kiss her
With such lust
Such Passion
It shakes her
Her hips raise up involuntarily towards you
Begging you to touch her there
To drown your fingers in the wetness of her
The place we all desire
And tight
& soft
But you haven't even touched her breasts yet
She takes off her top for you
The way we used to be as k**s
Catching rubs
And you see them
These two amazing
Breath taking
Her nipples are so hard they're turning pink
& her eyes are so full of lust she has to close them
She reaches up to you
Grasping the back of your head
Guiding you towards her nipples
Begging you know
That you can please her the way she needs
& you love it
The sight of her
The overpowering smell
The Abandon of her
This lust
A perfect offering to your every wish
& as your lips warp around her nipples
& your tongue slowly starts to lick
You know what heaven is
A warm bosom
A pliant body
A willing partner
Now she moans
& now you know what it is to create pleasure in another
To fulfil someone
The way you always dreamed
In your heart
It feels like an eternity before you realise that she has another breast
Another mark of her sacred sexual
& when you do
You reach out for it
& wrap you fingers around her nipple
& rub
To Death
She loves it
You think of the names you'd call her in your head
But you wouldn't move your mouth from where it is
You wouldn’t waste your breath
When you can show her
And you take your hand off her breast and slide it down her smooth
Past her belly button
To the top of her jeans
She moans now
It’s not one moan
But a series of them
you feel like a conductor
Making music
From the most beautiful instrument God ever made
And as she slips out of her jeans
You smile
Your gonna make this girl sing
She’s loving it
The attention
The lack of control
The loss of inhibitions
& now
She’s ready
For that moment you have always been waiting for
Knowing what it's like
To feel a woman
On the inside
To slip your fingers into her & tease her
Please her
Make her your

& darling...
It’s all a****l instinct
It’s all
Sweat and heat and passion
And pussy tastes like...
Like sin...
You know?

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