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Red passion

My girl comes home- (a gorgious, milk skinned, redhead with straight, silky soft hair running down to her back. Her completely shaved pussy was nice and puffy and slightly pink. And her firm B cup breasts were crowned with the cutest, lightest pink nipples I've ever seen. She had perfect curves in all the right places, and a nice round ass just begging to be squeezed by all who saw it. And her emerald green eyes were pleading me to quench her aching need for some hot sex!) I wanna tear all our clothes off with my teeth, spread you legs wide and dive between your thighs, lapping at you sweet little pussy til she starts dribbling her sweet nectar all over my tounge til it covers my face, and your thighs are glistening with your juices till the the bed under your lucious body is soaked in your girlcum. Once you're all warmed up and ready for more, I'll seductivly slide just the tip of my ,already, throbbing meat into your tight hole. I then gently ease it in untill I feel all 8" fully inside you. I slide out again, nice and slow, and then....flip you around on to your stomache, grab your hips and plow you doggy style while hanging on for life. The moaning and thrusting rhythmically become harder! and faster! and LOWDER! The cock pushes deeper and firmer, and I feel the muscles inside you pussy start to tighten and relax to their own carnal pulse. And we are both rhythmically panting, and thrusting, and moaning, and sliding, and aching, and tightening. All time slows down, and I feel your pussy tightening and relaxing in a stronger and stronger rhythm. Feel your legs tense, and the I flex my cock muscles as I drive into you with a fury of lust. We both loose total control at the same time, SCREAMING IN EXSTACY! You flower starts gushing her sacred love juice, as my rod pumping and squirting and squirting, and total bliss as my pulseing penis shoots and squirts my warm milk deep into you body. With each pulse you feel some more squirt inside, more and more, until it was so much it just leaks out of your thoroughly used cunt, and the pulsing subsides. We carresss and squeeze our spent naked bodies together while passionatly toungue fucking eachothers mouths. Rubbing and mixing our juices of passion til we utterly collapse from pure euphoria. And so we had a quite fun night! ;-D

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