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My wife, the poolhall slut and me, the bitch...

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My wife Sara and I have been married for 5 years now, and it's been a good five years at that. I'm no looker, but I'm not ugly by any stretch of the imagination. I'm a pretty average 150lb, 5'11 kinda guy. We met playing pool at one of the local pool halls. The minute she walked in I was done. At 5'7, 108lbs, and a nice C rack shoved in a shirt a few sizes too small and I was sold. Her brown hair flowed about halfway down her back, leaving a beautifully unobscured look at a perfect ass. I still don't know how she wound up with me, but I'm not going to argue... We still go and play pool to this day, competitively and in our spare time, which led us to a little trouble...

Once every couple of weeks we go shoot pool in some of the seedier places around the city. You know the kind, where they still allow gambling in the back rooms of the pool halls. We go every couple of weeks to make a little money on the side. We play slow a few games, start making some bets, then win a few games making it look like luck and then head out... pays for our drinks and we have a good time! One evening we showed up at this biker bar downtown, and went about our usual business. Sat down at the bar, ordered a few drinks and had a look around the crowd. It was a normal pool hall crowd, mixed with college k**s and a few older people, a few bikers back in the back as well. It was funny to look around and see all the gazes drop from my wife as looked around... Every eye was riveted to her, and for good reason. She was wearing a tight black skirt that hugged her ass, a red v-neck cut WAAAY to low showing off great amounts of cleavage, and some nice 5" heels that did more than enough to accentuate her long legs. This was her part of our scam, dress a little slutty but act a little innocent to keep the attention on her as I played. We got on a table and played a few games just shooting around, nothing fancy, when one of the bikers walked up from the back of the hall.

"Hey, I'm Bill... you guys wanna play a game? We have some cash games goin in the back if you want to join..." He was talking to me but eyeing my wife very closely. She was playing off her flirty innocent look perfectly... we should be able to get a couple hundred bucks off these guys no problem I thought...

"Hey I'm John, we have a little cash, so sure we'll play a few games... we don't play that much, but we like to have some fun, and I just got paid, so why the hell not! This is my wife Sara." She shook his hand and giggled a little bit, ready to start her show...

We walked back to their table and started ordering a few drinks and playing some games. Bill introduced us to the rest of his "gang" and we got the ball rolling. There was Bill,
a bit bigger than me, about 6" maybe 230lbs, not cut or anything, actually a little on the rough chubby side. There was Cindy, his woman, a tough (albeit hot) biker chick wearing leather pants and a nice tight tshirt. She looked like she knew her way around a fight, despite the feminine frame and massive D tits. Then there were George and Rock, two black guys about 6'2, 6'4 respectively, and cut like they never left the gym. I always enjoyed this little game with Sara, watching her flirt innocently with these people we would never wind up associating with outside of our pool halls, seeing them stare at her sexy ass as she was bent over the pool table. She even had Cindy looking! The games began...

It went back and forth for a little while (obviously me playing down my abilities to get a good game or two in at the end), and we wound up down about $200. We started with $300, so we weren't really broke or anything. It was getting kinda late though, and most of the bar had cleared out or was in the process of leaving, so I decided it was about time to get this done so we could go too. I looked at Bill and said "Five hundred dollars. Last game. You have to give us a chance to win our money back before we leave!" My wife was a little bit more tipsy than she usually is, apparently George and Rock had been feeding her a few drinks while my attention was turned to the table. She gave a little skip up to where I was standing and issued the bikers a challenge... "Come on guys... you can't be scared of us!"

"Ok, sounds good. Last game, five hundred dollars. You're on." I knew we were in trouble as soon as Cindy broke the rack. We didn't even get a chance to shoot before the game was over. "Five hundred. Pay up." Bill said with a grin on his face. I was crestfallen, and so was my wife.

"We actually don't have five hundred... I can go to the atm really quick and get some for you," I tried, realizing that we weren't in a good situation at the moment.

The grin on Bill's face widened. "And have you leave and not come back and pay us? I don't think so..." Looking around at his friends he sneered and said "You can leave her here with us while you go get the money."

"No way in hell am I leaving my wife with you." I stammered. Sara was beginning to get a little frightened.

"Well you can either give me five hundred dollars right now, or you can go get five hundred dollars and leave that beautiful thing here to keep us company while you're gone, or you can stay here and make sure we get our money another way" I hadn't noticed that Rock and George had walked around behind us and suddenly George's hands were holding my arms at my sides. "Your choice. Decide now." Obviously I didn't have the money, but there was no way I was going to leave my Sara behind while I left... I looked over at her, her eyes were worried, teared up slightly, but had a slight sparkle to them I hadn't seen before. She put her hand on my arm, "Please don't leave me with them..." she begged.

"Then it's decided!" With that Rock grabbed Sara and started dragging her to the bathroom. I wasn't far behind her with George behind me and Bill and Cindy following in the rear... "Hey Mikey! Why don't you lock the door a little early tonight and come join us?" Bill yelled to the bartender... he was more than happy to oblige. Rock shoved Sara through the men's room door, followed closely by myself and the rest of the gang. The bathroom was disgustingly dirty and grimey, like it hadn't been cleaned in months, to put it nicely. Next to the sinks here were 2 stalls with no doors, writing all over the walls and god knows what on the floor near a wall with 3 urinals.

"Put him on the toilet, and make sure he stays there," Bill told Cindy. Out of nowhere she roughly pushed me down on to the toilet and cuffed my hands behind the pipes with a pair of handcuffs that mysteriously appeared from behind her back. Sitting in the stall I could see my wife on the floor, looking nervously at the 3 men standing around her grinning lecherously.

"You're little bitch is gonna have some fun tonight! She should know better than to tease like she does..." Cindy whispered in my ear as she moved away from me, locking my hands tightly under the plumbing. Bill looked at George. "Well, he owes us $500. Go ahead and get your portion, man." With that my wife tried to scoot closer to me along the floor, but George was ready for her.

"I don't think so baby, it's time to get mine!" She looked at me, slightly pleading, eyes begging me to do something, anything, but restrained to the toilet there was nothing I could do. George grabbed her silky hair and shoved her face right in his crotch. Sara put his hands on his legs and tried to push away, but there was no fighting George's grip. "Don't you try to get away from me," he growled, yanking her head back away by her hair, making her yelp a little bit. "Slut, you're gonna work off your little bitch's lost money to us, and you're not going to argue. Understand?"

My beautiful wife looked at me again, and I just nodded, knowing we were both at the mercy of these people. "Yes, I understand," she responded when she looked back at him.

"Good. Now come here." He opened his pants and out flopped an 8" dick that wasn't even hard. Sara's eyes widened in surprise. I could see fear there, also a little bit of sparkle. Cindy was at my side, in the stall, rubbing herself through her pants while she watched my wife stare in awe at the big black cock now swaying in front of her face.

"You're going to see your wife get fucked tonight," she sneered at me. My wife's eyes were following the giant cock in front of her face almost hypnotized, and to my surprise she opened her mouth and moved in to suck it! "See that? She wants it!" Cindy laughed at my predicament. Here I was, handcuffed to a toilet, in a filthy mens room, watching my beautiful wife suck a big black cock in front of 3 other people who were planning on violating her as well! And she seemed to be enjoying it! And what was worse, seeing my wife taking that black snake into her mouth had my 6" cock rock hard! It was rock who first noticed my bulge.

"That little bitch likes watching his wife suck another man's cock! Look at how you're turning him on baby!" He had his cock out at this point and it was even larger than George's. 10" at least, rock hard, and as wide around as my wrist. Sara was sucking with abandon at George with abandon now, both hands wrapped around his dick as he humped her face. They were all laughing at me now. I always thought my 6" cock was enough. Watching my wife get face fucked by a huge black cock made me realize I could never be enough for her now...

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