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Carole''s hairy cunt and a slut is born

Carole’s hairy cunt and a slut is born!

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Although my sexual adventures with Keith started with the Makeover Photoset (see the photos/story: Carole’s hairy cunt photographed for the first time) I was pretty wild even before Keith and I met!

I guess my sexual awakening was down to a thirty-two year old, fit, black guy I met whilst clubbing just after my eighteenth birthday.

During the day I’d had an almighty row with my then boyfriend (Anthony) who’s idea of sexual excitement was to finger me in the back seat of his car and let me wank him off from time to time. And although we did fuck now and again it was hardly torrid and usually ended with him pulling out at the last moment – just in case!

Following the argument with Anthony, my girl friend (Marie) suggested that we go to a club and let our hair down. We did and after quite a few rum & cokes we got chatted up by Duane and his friend Charles, both fit black guys who were eyeing us up the moment we arrived in the club.

I needed cheering up and the dirty dancing soon turned to flirting and before long both couples were snogging on the dance floor and the guys hands were all over us.

Duane invited us all back to his flat, where both couples split up: Charles and Marie escaped to Duane’s bedroom leaving me and Duane to enjoy the pleasure of doing it on his sofa.

But a pleasure it was. After kissing me on the lips he moved down to my neck and soon my top was off and he was licking and sucking my tits. I was putty in his hands and as I was still very naïve, I let him do all the work.

Being a bit tipsy but fully aware of what I was doing, I let him pull my white jeans off and then my knickers which were brief enough to cover my hairy pussy but little else.

He went down on me and I climaxed like never before as he probed my clit with his tongue. This climax was soon overshadowed as he pulled down his pants to release the biggest black cock I’d ever seen (to be honest at the time it was the first black cock I’d seen in the flesh – but boy it was big). Duane fucked me hard and long bringing me to climax after climax until he shot all his cum deep inside my cunt.

Unbeknown to me and Duane, Marie and Charles had finished their fuck session before us and had come into the sitting room to see what all the noise was about. So not only was this my first black fuck (and by far my best fuck at that time) it was also my first audience. So I guess an early rehearsal of what was to come many years later.

I met up with Duane constantly over that weekend and on the Saturday he introduced me to the delights of oral sex. It only seemed fair that if he was sucking me I should return the favour and another new experience was notched up when he came in my mouth and all over my face. So that's what cum tasted like - mmm!

By the Sunday we were fucking three times a day and to “complete my education” Duane suggested that I should try anal. With a little help from a tube of lubrication he gently, at first, slid his black cock inside my arse and getting faster and harder “completed my education” by ejaculating inside me.

That was truly a weekend of firsts!

It wasn’t the last time that Charles or Marie were to encounter my hairy pussy either!

But that’s another story…

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