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All in the name of reasearch.

After my first encounter with gay sex I could not get it out of my mind. The thoughts and the ecstasy experienced were to much to pass up, but like with all things was it beginners luck? Pent up sexual desire that made the experience so wonderful?
Regardless of the reason I had to find out.

I started hanging around the traditional ( if that’s possible) areas during my lunch breaks, coffee shops etc. Talking to guys but nothing really panned out.

One day last week while playing hooky from work I was sitting at an outdoor coffee shop around 5PM and noticed a guy looking at me. After a few minutes of glances he walked over and introduced himself. He asked if I was waiting for someone and I said no one in particular and invited him to have a seat we talked about this and that what I did where I lived , just small talk and I kept noticing that people were glancing at us, I finally ask him if he was someone famous or something like that, and he said “no. I think it may have something to do with the view. I asked what he meant and he said “if your going to wear loose shorts like that you might want to wear underwear. I had to smile at that . It was hot and muggy out and even in just shorts and a tee shirt it was hot and I told him that it was hot enough without another layer of clothes.
We talked some more and he said “ look I know this sounds crazy but the best thing on a day like this is a sauna” You are crazy I said. No, really, you get in a real hot sauna with a couple of beers for about 20 min and when you come out you don’t even notice the heat”. I told him that I would probably be d***k after the second beer being a very light drinker and I would probably die of heat stoke before I could get out. He said that I would probably sweat the beer out as fast as it went in, so I said I would give it a try sometime.

I have a sauna, he said. You can come back to my place and give it a shot now if you like and I promise that I wont let you drink more than a 6 pack. I’ll be loopy by the time I finish a 6 pack, I said and he says well then I’ll make sure you get at least 8 ! I had to laugh at that. I followed him to his place, he pulled in the driveway and jumped out and signaled me where to park and then motioned me to wait just a minute. He ran inside and by the time I had parked I noticed that all the shades had been drawn. Steve ( that’s his name) was standing in the door smiling and motioned me to come in. He said he wanted to get the sauna going and that it should be ready in about 15 minutes and pressed a beer in my hand “ drink up! You’ll be sweating it out in a little bit. I hope so I said but I had hoped it wouldn’t be in the sauna ! After 2 ½ beers and 15 minutes I had a good buzz going and steve said that it should be ready now. We went down stairs to his basement and he said I could go in the bathroom and change, there were towels in there so I went in stripped down and threw a towel around me, Steve was standing by the door to the sauna in a towel with a bucket of ice with a few more beers in it . You ready? He asked me, More than ready I replied and we went in. Damn it was hot! We sat there sweating and drinking , he was telling me where he learned this sauna thing and he had a washcloth he kept dipping in the now ice water and putting it on his face. In the middle of his explanation of where he learned his sauna trick he stood up and dropped his towel folded it up and said “ it’s much more comfortable to just sit on the towel. You don’t mind do you? Normally I walk around the house nude. No, I said I don’t mind at all, all the time trying not to look at his very large and very clean shaven cock! Thank god he kept putting that washcloth on his face so I had a chance to stare at that beautiful cock and try to imagine what it will feel like in my mouth and in my ass! We drank another 2 beers sitting there and all I could think about was that cock ! I kept my towel on and leaned forward as nonchalantly as possible to hide my increasing erection. He stood up to go out saying he was going to take a quick 2 minute cold shower and that I should do the same as soon as he was done with his, he was standing facing me, I’m leaning forward hiding my raging hard on and that cock was no more than 4 inches from my mouth all I could think about was please do an oops! I slipped so I can wrap my lips around it! Steve returned shortly , and right off the bat started saying how sorry he was, he had gotten my clothes all wet while taking his shower but he would throw them in the dryer and it shouldn’t take more than a half hour for them to dry. As he went upstairs I went and took a quick shower and wrapped the towel back around me. I went upstairs to find steve in the living room messing with his TV. He was telling me hes been doing some research and reviewing them and asked If I would mind checking it out and give him my opinion an the subject. He handed me another beer and I sat on the floor with my back against the couch, steve ask why I was sitting on the floor and I told him I didn’t mind sitting on the floor because my towel was all wet ( and you won’t see my raging hard-on as well as if I move I might just taste that cock of yours). I started drinking what was now my 5th beer and was feeling very good when he said “ just give me your opinion on these clips and hit play on the dvd. Next thing I see is a guy slamming his ass on a very large dildo taking it all the way in and then almost all the way out, his pace quickens and I drink half a beer in one gulp, my cock is so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it ! Then he explodes , jetting gallons of cum all over the floor! The screen then breaks to a shemale getting pounded in the ass and cumming all over himself without touching his cock! I gulp down the other half of my beer as steve is explaining how he feels that multiple orgasms in men are possible with the right stimulation . He is sitting on the couch next to me his leg against my shoulder and I start leaning against it, the TV cut to a new clip of two guys one getting pounded by a guy with a giant cock and steve asked me if I want another beer, I said “ no, but I am thirsty” Steve asked what I would like and as I streached out a little I removed the towel exposing my hard cock and turned to him and looking into his eyes I said “ what I’m thirsty for now I can only get right from the faucet” and then focused on his cock and said “ I really want to assist you in your research” There was a long pause and I started to think that there was no way I could have misread the situation when steve lifted his leg over my head and placed it back down so I was now between his legs and slid forward placing his cock inches from my face, I gently stroked his ball and ever so slowly sucked at the head of his cock, running my tongue over the head and enjoying the feel of his cock in my mouth. I moved around to kneel in front of him and started sucking his cock like I meant it, taking as much of him in my mouth as possible and rubbing his balls, I would lick down the shaft and suck his balls then back up his shaft and suck some more. The sound of some guy getting pounded in the ass and the beer and the beautiful cock in my mouth really had me dripping! Steve said you want me to fuck you, more of a statement then a question but I answered it with a muffled mmmm hmmm! He gently pushed my head away and said to come with him, he had something special for me! I told him I know, I just had it in my mouth! As we entered his bedroom he pointed to a rather large collection of “toys” and said “I’ll be using some of those an you” I could only smile as my cock twitched at the thought! Steve laid down on the bed and I was going to position myself between his legs ( I was desperate to make up for lost time with his cock) but he said no, and told me to lay with my head by his cock and my cock was in his face, almost a 69 but he was on his back and I was on my side . I asked him “like this”? as soon as he said yes I had his cock sliding in my mouth! He chuckled a little at my eagerness and said “ somebody is a little horny! As he flicked his tongue across the tip of my cock, licking away a large amount of pre cum. As I was sucking his cock he started to rub my balls and started to slowly rub further and further down to my taint, then further towards my ass. I propped my leg up so he could reach my ass hole. Slowly he slid his finger tip across it, sending a shiver thru my body. He rubbed my asshole slowly and I moaned a small moan as I sucked his cock. As he continued to rub my asshole I started to press back, trying to encourage him to insert his finger, but he was going to work at his pace not mine. There was no mistaking how turned on , he had to keep licking away the pre cum that was almost free flowing by now which turned me on even more. Finally he grabbed so lube and started lubing my ass hole and started to insert his finger, I pushed back trying to get more of his finger in me but he pulled back then started to insert 2 fingers again I pushed back my ass opening up easily accepting his fingers. He removed his fingers and fumbled around his toys, Just the thought made my cock jump and I sucked a little harder. Finally I felt something not to large start to press in my ass, I wiggled my hips and pushed a little to help get it inside of me, is slipped easily into my asshole and he slowly pushed it in, I felt every inch of its smoothness slide into my ass and instinctively I pushed back, muffling a moan with his cock deep in my mouth. Steve continued to push the object into me and then it popped inside of me. I could feel its fullness gently sliding further into me, steve then took another toy, slimmer this time and started slowly pushing the first object deeper into me. By the time he removed the slim dildo it had pushed the other thing deep inside me. As I sucked his cock he said “ you want me to fuck you now don’t you. Mmmhmmm! Was all I could answer sucking his cock deep in my mouth, let me hear you say fuck me till I can’t stop cumming he said, Islid his cock in my mouth deep and then pulled away and said “fuck me till I” and then the object in my ass burst to life sending deep powerful vibrations thru me, I gasped and shot forward locking my mouth on his cock. The vibrations slowly subsided to a low cascading and after a while I was gyrating my hips in sync with the cascades. Steve said “now I’ll show you the secret to male multiple orgasms”. I moaned into his cock and he told me to get on my knees on the edge of the bed. I moved like an Olympic athlete to comply , face down on the mattress, ass In the air and both hands spreading my cheeks wide for his magnificent cock. He came up behind me and started rubbing the head of his cock around my asshole, I would push back and he would pull away, this went on for what seemed like forever, finally I had to beg him “ please, Steve, please shove you cock in my ass”! and with that I felt the head of his cock start to push its way in to my ass. I pulled at my ass cheeks as his cock started to slide in to me an was moaning as we both tried to find our rhythm together, he moved forward and I would move back and again and again until his massive cock was buried up to his balls in my ass! The tip of his cock was touching the egg vibrator that was inside of me and I could feel the vibrations transfer all the way down his cock! The sheets under my cock were wet from the amount of pre-cum I was dripping. Steve started slow, with long full strokes, fucking me slowly, and every time his cock touched the egg I would moan with pleasure. He fucked me slow and steady for a good 20 minutes and by the time he told me to turn over I was panting like a dog. I rolled over on my back and put a pillow under my ass and steve didn’t hesitate or tease this time, he slammed his cock in my ass and started deep fast strokes , I wanted to cum and reached for my cock but he grabbed my hand and said “ whos going to fuck you till you cum? He demanded You I said then I looked in his eyes and said fuck me steve fuck me hard, I’ll cum for you! And he started really pounding me deep and hard. I was almost there and steve said “ are you ready to cum for me ? Yes I said as he pounded away then he changed the speed on the egg so it was a constant powerful vibration and my cock started to twitch and I could feel the orgasm was right there. Steve shoved his cock all the way in and held it there for just a moment letting the vibes travel his shaft then 3 full hard strokes and my eyes rolled back in my head as I started cumming, yes oh god yes! I said then he did it again and I came again 2 more times he did this and 2 more times I was wracked with orgasmic spasms ! He asked me “do you want me to cum in your ass or your mouth? I said simply YES! He pulled his cock out and stuck it in my face and I started sucking it like my life depended on it I could feel it harden even more as it exploded in my mouth and I made every effort to swallow every drop! Steve lay down next to me and I placed my head on his flat stomach with his cock inches away from my mouth just staring at that wonderful instrument of joy and steve asked me if it was OK? All I could answer was “again” do it again! He chuckled and said he would need a little time. We laid there for a time, I gently stroked his cock and balls and every so often I would lift his cock to my lips and give the a very gentle suck. As I ws about to give a nother gentle suck the vibrations I had been feeling inside of me stopped, I let out a disappointed moan but steve said” your like an energizer bunny, your already grinding and getting hard ! I had to turn it off.” I told him it was due to years of pent up sexual denial. We lay there a while longer , me stroking and rubbing his cock and balls and just as I was about to give his cock another gentle kiss the egg burst back into life with a medium cascade of vibration. Well that was my queue that steve was ready so I took the head of his cock in my mouth and started sucking and licking the head and stroking the shaft. I would pause every now and then and say something like I want this in my ass or Please fuck me in the ass and I want you to cum in my ass. Steve was getting harder and I was ready, like he said I was grinding at air in sync with the cascade of vibrations and my cock was hard. Steve took the lead and had me lay on my side and we spooned long enough for the head of his cock to find my asshole and then I felt it start to push its way in. He pushed it in slow but steady until he was deep inside of me then he started to slowly fuck me. Full deep strokes and I would moan and tell him how good his cock felt, he asked me if I liked it and I would say yes and faster and he would start fucking me faster, we ended up with me on my back again, and he was pounding away with his full long strokes going faster and faster and I was feeling an orgasm building in me I look at him and told him “your going to make me cum again” ! with that he shut off the egg and said “this time it will be me, not me and the vibrator” and he started to really pound me, faster than I thought he could go and then my cock started twitching as cum poured out and I felt my asshole tighten around his cock with every twitch. He continued that fast pace, he was no longer fucking for me to cum but for him, I told him how fantastic his cock felt, that I want to feel it all, that I want him to shoot his load in my ass and I reached back and spread my cheeks and pushed back as best I could and told him to burry his cock in me, slam! Slam! Slam! And then he was cumming, I felt his cock swell and strech my asshole, and twitch as he shot his load deep inside of me. He shoved his cock deep a few more times than rested with it deep inside me, and ever so slowly he pulled it out and fell on the bed next to me on his back, breathing heavly and smiling. I look at him and said “ I think I deserve whatever is left in there ( speaking of his cock) I think I earned it, don’t you”? He shook his head yes and I shot down to suck out every last drop of cum I could. He finally pushed my head gently away and we both lay there on our backs staring at the ceiling . Steve and I lay there for a while he started to stir and said “ damn! Its 1 AM and I have to work in the morning he jumped up and brought me my shorts and tee shirt that I had been wearing and said he was sorry to rush me out. I got dressed and he asked if I was OK, I said I was fine and started to leave, I grabbed a piece of paper off his kitchen table and wrote down my cell number for him and told him if he ever wanted to get together again to give me a call, As I was about to open the door to go steve as standing there and I just had to drop to my knees and give that cock 1 final suck, and then I left. Just as I reached the back of my car the egg sprung to life with the medium cascading vibes I had to place my hand on the trunk to catch my balance! Steve was looking out the window and with a sadistic smile he waved “bye bye” and closed the blinds. By the time I got half way home I was sliding back and forth in the seat in time to the vibrations. By the time I finally got home I was ready to cum again! It took me all of 60 seconds to get from the car to naked on my bathroom floor with my favorite dildo suctioned to the floor and buried deep in my ass! I came in a matter of moments, my first solo hands free , I owed steve for that too.

I am telling you all this because it happened 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I received a text that said

“I have tomorrow off, do you feel like a sauna”?

Before I could answer it I got another that said

“ I have need of a research assistant , would you like to cum”?

I texted back,

“happy to help with research, when”?

“any time after 10 am”

So, I cant sl**p, and thought I would tell my story .

I have already called of work, and I have a new remote egg which is working on me as I type this.

I’ll let you know how things cum out!!

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