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My step daughter Jenna

Ever since I married her mom, Jenna was showing her hot little body to me. She never wore much around the house and I would get a peek and a flash of her beautiful firm body.A lot of skin when her mom was not home. I never did anything that would get me in trouble,Any normal man would have looked just like I did, you just couldn't resist. The older she became the more she would show, always an accidental flash. I had so many fantasies about her. One night I heard her and one of her girlfriends obviously orally pleasing each other. I almost died in the hallway that night.

Her mom was a knockout too and we had a fantastic sex life. I found out later that Jenna had a peep hole into our bedroom and would watch me pounding her moms pussy and fucking her mouth.

So nothing happened between Jenna and I until we went to Mexico when she was of legal age. We got a lovely suite on the ocean at an adults only resort. No,it was not a swingers resort,just no c***dren. There was a lot of women going topless at the beach and a few took there bottoms off too. Just to sunbathe, no wild sex on the beach. Jenna thought it was cool and tried to talk her mom into the two of them going topless. My beautiful wife almost gave in, but they left there tops on.Jenna's bikinis covered very little of her hard body and she had removed the lining in a few of them. My cock was rock hard all the time looking at her.

Jenna's beauty was breathtaking and her body a physical delight. Long blonde hair outlined the flawless high cheek boned beautiful face. At 5'7" she was tall and slender and hips flaring out perfectly. His tight,firm, high set ass was to die for. Her firm young breasts jutted out and curved slightly upward,defying gravity. Her dark brown nipples were shaped like small half lemons protruding out more than an inch from her snow white flesh. Her tummy flat,smooth and so sexy. Her long well shaped legs were a delight. Her blond silky cunt hair was always neatly trimmed to a landing strip.

Our 2nd day there my wife got a call from work and they needed her back. I thought our vacation was over but my wife insisted Jenna and I stay and she would be back as soon as possible. I took her to the airport early the next morning. Telling her how much I would miss her with my cock rock hard thinking of Jenna.

Back at the resort Jenna was on the balcony looking out at the ocean. She had on a little thin night gown and I could see the outline of her naked body beneath with the sun shining through from the front. gust of wind lifted the hem of the nightie revealing her perfect little round ass. The snow white cheeks contrasting sharply against the rest of her dark tanned flesh.

I commented on the view and she turned and flashed a big smile. She wanted to go to the beach early and get a new bikini at one of the stores. She wore a little summer dress,sandals and nothing more to breakfast. I knew the couple sitting across from us was getting a nice view of her sweet little pussy.Our waiter and I were getting a nice view down her top at her big hard nipples. The young Mexicans hard cock was obvious making a large bulge in the front of his white pants. I seen Jenna looking at his crotch.

After breakfast we went shopping at the store next door. Jenna picked out one bikini and went back to try it on. My mouth fell open when she came back out. The tiny white bikini was just three tiny little pieces of material that barely covered her lovely body. The top was just two narrow strips that barely covered her big nipples.The center and sides of her firm perky breasts showed. The outline of her erect nipples poked out against the thin almost sheer material. The tiny bottom covered very little of her pussy, the smooth shaved sides showed and a few thin wisps of her blonde cunt hair peeked out on each side. The thin material was gathered up between the lips of her pussy. She turned very slowly to show me the back of the suit was just a string leaving her cute little white ass completely uncovered.

"Your mom would not like it Jenna, she would kill us both!" I said unable to take my eyes from her scanty clad body.

"I won't tell her if you won't!" Jenna smiled. " And I can tell you really like it!" she said obviously looking at my bulging crotch. "You should get something to show off your big package!!" she giggled.

"Jenna,I can't believe how you talk and how would you know about my package anyway?" I asked surprised at her words.

"I've seen you doing mom before and I've never seen one so big!" she said blushing." How big is it anyhow?"

"Okay,Jenna its time to get to the beach." I said my mind racing and my cock throbbing. When I told her she could get the bikini if she kept quiet about it she gave me a hug, pressing her hot,tight body against mine. Her firm hard breasts pressed against my chest and my hard cock pressed against her crotch.

Jenna was a hit at the and women were checking out the sexy teenager. Placing an order for drinks and putting our thing down by an empty chair,we went for a dip in the ocean. Jenna's bikini covered even less wet and was transparent also. I could have pounded nails with my cock when the waves took her top down revealing her big hard nipples for all to see. She looked right at me as she took her time pulling her top up and adjusting the material to barely cover her thick rubbery nipples.

Toweling off back at our chaise lounges Jenna looked around saying that just about all the women around us were topless. I looked at a verity of topless women young and old and didn't see anything to compare with what I had just seen when Jenna lost her top. When I looked back at her she said
quietly that she wouldn't tell if I didn't. Then she untied her top and stood topless in front of me and all the others staring at her.

"I love being topless!" she said flashing a big smile.

" So do I Jenna,,,,,,so do I !" replied staring at my step daughters perfect 34 C perky tits. My hard cock twitching around in my we swim trunks as she looked at my crotch again.

I didn't take my eyes from her beautiful naked breasts as we laid down and she rubbed suntan lotion on her flawless skin. Teasing her hard nipples with her long fingers as she did. People were taking pics with their phones and I could do nothing about that. I had taken many myself and took my phone out now to take some of Jenna, She smiled and posed for many pics.

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