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A few years ago I took my lovely wife on vacation to Mexico for a week. She enjoyed the shopping, but it was hot and sweaty. As a result I bought her several sundresses to wear and persuaded her to go commando. This she readily agreed to. We had a guide called Juan and he and his wife took us to a club which boasted “live entertainment”.

The evening started out as expected with dinner, drinks and Spanish singers going from table to table. The entertainment shifted to the stage, with a romantic play going on. During the play I started to rub my wife’s leg under the table. Having had several tropical cocktails she didn’t seem to care. Our guide and his wife would kiss and hug occasionally with the kissing getting more passionate as the evening wore on.

The live entertainment also got more passionate with live sex acts now being performed up on the stage during the plays. During this time I had worked my hand up to her pussy and was fingering her cunt while the show was going on. She smiled at me and told me how much she was enjoying the show. Juan cut in and told us that we should wait for the finale as the guy in his words was “hung like a Donkey”.

On the stage the couple were in the 69 position – one of my wife’s favourites and she squeezed my fingers with her cunt muscles to show her appreciation. She then opened her legs a little more to give me more access and slipping more fingers inside her I could feel how wet she had become.

I looked over to Juan and could see he was also finger fucking his wife under the table and could see by her face that she was having an orgasm. Looking around the room I could see women were under tables performing oral sex on their men while on stage the couple were now fucking.

My wife was suddenly feeling unwell and judging by how many cocktails she had consumed I was not surprised. She said she needed some air and I got up to help her out when Juan’s wife offered to take her to the ladies room.

What happened next was related to me by my wife …… Sitting in the powder room with her head spinning and pussy dripping she said she thought about what she had been watching on stage earlier and wished she had been up there getting the treatment those girls were. Juan’s wife took her out and sat her on the bench seats outside the restroom, saying she would be back.

She tried to lie down but her head was floating she said she didn’t feel d***k just relaxed. She wondered what had been in those cocktails. Then a strange woman came and started to speak harshly to her but of course she couldn’t understand a word of what she was trying to tell her. She started to lift my wife up and when my wife resisted she slapped her across the face. So my wife thought she had better cooperate and she was taken to a mirrored room that was brightly lit with a small narrow bench in the centre much like a Doctors office. It looked like a weight bench or some sort of special bed. My wife tried to tell the woman that there seemed to be some mistake but she drew back her hand and ordered her to shut up.

The woman said something to my wife and pointed to the special bench so she went and sat down.
In a few minutes a young girl came in and gave my wife a gown. She said to put it on. She spoke English so my wife repeated that there must be some mistake. The girl shrugged her shoulders and left. So she just sat there and waited until someone with some sense came along. As she waited, she noticed the room had mirrors on every wall, and even the ceiling. With the floor white, the two small fluorescent lights made the room look clean, but not too bright even though the light reflected from every direction. Then the bitch that slapped her came back in. She made it clear in no uncertain terms that she was to put the gown on.

Sitting with the gown on, a doctor entered and began to try and examine her. She tried to tell him there was a mistake and resisted. He called for some help. Several male nurses came and laid her down, which didn't take much f***e with her head floating like it was. Then the doctor began to examine her. Listening to her heart, pushing on her breast then her stomach, then spreading the lips of her pussy. It was useless to struggle with the two men holding her. He began to lick her still wet pussy like on the stage show.

My wife told me she new she must be dreaming, but it still felt good. He would lick right in the middle where it felt really good, then on the sides. He licked beside her pussy several times, so she moved over so his licks were right in the middle of her pussy where it felt the best. When she did, he really began to lick and suck it hard. She was sure that she was dreaming because she was looking down on the doctor eating her pussy as if she was floating over her body. Then she realized she was looking in a mirror on the ceiling. Then he stopped and said something to the other two men who began to rub her breasts. One used his cock to rub her nipples. The other sucked a nipple, her neck and ears. Then one tried to stick his cock in her mouth.

Since, as she said, knew she was dreaming, she opened her mouth and sucked on it like she was starving. He grabbed her hair and f***ed her head toward him so his cock went deep in her throat causing her to choke. She tried to stop him, but he kept on. She resisted the urge to puke, and after a minute or two, she was taking his cock deep in her throat. During this, the doctor was fucking her pussy with his fingers, then his cock. When he came, he pulled out and the other guy took over, he fucked her pussy for a while, they then turned her over with her legs under her so her ass was in the air. As she turned over, she saw herself being ravished by three men in the mirrored walls. Then he put something slippery in her ass. When he had it greased up, then he started to put his cock in her ass. This really hurt at first, but then when he was in all the way, it was feeling good. He came shooting his fluid deep in her ass, and she started coming too. It hurt to come, but in a good way. It felt so good, that she came even more. During this, the guy in her mouth came in her throat. She swallowed his musky tasting spunk and sucked to get some more. She rolled over on her back and the doctor was jacking off over her and was coming again on her breast. She had experienced several orgasms including one when the guy came in her throat and her body was quivering. They laid her down and then left.

A few minutes later, the young girl returned and began to clean her up with warm wet rags. She washed her skin very tenderly, and kissed it. She was stunned, but didn't move. She began to gently lick the cum from her stomach and breast, working her licks down to her pussy which felt good after the thorough fucking it had just received. She climbed up on her and moved her pussy over her face.

It was very small, with only a little hair on it and smelled sweet. It had small cute lips on each side that had droplets of moisture on them. As she began to lick and suck her pussy, she pressed hers down on my wife’s face. She licked her cute lips with her tongue. It tasted fantastic! She began to suck her little cunt with a passion and stuck her tongue deep inside her to devour her delicious fluids. She wrapped her legs around her head and her arms around her ass pulling her cunt to her face as they swallowed each others passion juice and their bodies jolted with orgasm. As my wife lay there gasping for air, the girl got up and left.

She let some men in when she left. They came to her and put a blindfold on her eyes, laying her on her back with her feet spread and hanging off each side touching the floor. She just lay there and tried to recover. She heard the door open and heavy steps plodding & shuffling toward her. She tried to reach up and remove her blindfold, but one of the men held my hands down. She felt a presence moving over her and around her on both sides, like a crowd of men or something standing all around her. She felt someone rub something up and down her slit, trying to stick it in her. It was very warm and felt smooth. She felt a warmth over her and raised her head hitting something warm. She rubbed her face on it, sliding the blindfold off her eyes slightly. There was an enormous black guy standing over her and a girl was trying push his huge cock into her pussy. Now she thought she knew she was dreaming.

As the head of the massive cock popped through the lips of her cunt, she heard a moaning sound and thought to herself, I wish I could see the mirror on the ceiling to see what this looked like. She heard stamping feet and the huge cock was being pushed into her deeper. She raised her hips to give him a better angle and turned to look in the mirrors on the wall so I could watch. Outside the room, she heard applause and remembered there was a show going on out there that I was watching. She thought I would be shocked beyond belief if I saw her now, my wife being fucked by a huge black cock and loving it. She forgot about me and focused my attention back on this large cock that was invading her body...

She scooted her hips toward his cock and lifted them up and it went in further. She squirmed to work it in and out of her and get it lubricated with her body juice. She reached down to guide more in.... OH it felt good... It was big and hot inside her.... much hotter than any she had had before... She tried to work more of it in..... She wanted it all... She was so full...Can you imagine what it felt like... SUPER...Until he jerked a little and pushed it in really far.... It hurt, but she couldn’t stop him.... he had pushed toward her and had her against the bench. She was afraid, but it still felt good....

Her heart was beating so loud; she thought everyone would hear it. He was fucking her.... It was huge, and seemed like it was swelling up bigger as he was moaning and humping... he kind of bumped her around, but she wrapped her legs around him and hung on with her legs like riding him upside down.... AS he was humping his big cock deep inside her, she was thinking that this was too good, she must surely be dreaming. She never though sex could be this good. Just think about having a huge hot cock ramming deeper than ever before in you...

It was so hot and so big. She tried to take it all, but it was too large...she thought about sucking it, but didn't. He was pushing deeper and deeper in her pussy each time...She tried to edge away a little and he just pounded harder... She began to wonder when he would stop.... it was hurting, but in a good way. Her whole body was feeling really good...but she was afraid to come on something so big. She was afraid she would tear or something...

He pumped the breath out of her...His cock seemed to swell up and then ... this burning fire shot through me in her cunt.... he moaned and rammed it was hitting something inside her and he was coming a lot, and it was hot like boiling water splashing inside her sending warmth through her body......She came to...she tried to keep her legs around him, but they were too weak. She came hard.... Her cunt squeezed on his cock so hard she thought she would cry.......He was still moaning, but was calming down some.... She thought his cock was about to bust her open. She laid still.... she tried to move and take it out..... She got about a few inches out and it was still way in her..... So she pulled some more out..... She was shocked to see how big it imagine it was in her.... She lay there a while, stroking him to calm him down.

She tried to hug him with her arms and legs, and was too weak. She lay on the bench and fell asl**p.... .She was dreaming about pulling it out and seeing how big it was when she awoke from his movement.... They were taking him away.... she tried to call out no but nothing came out.... she wanted to hold him.... she drifted off to sl**p again...

She woke to the young girl cleaning her again.... When she finished, she tried to help her up. She could not walk.... she was too weak..... She lay on the bench for a while with her stroking my face and hair. After a while, she got up and walked tenderly out. She led her to my table and said she was feeling better, but was tired and needed to go to bed. I said I was beginning to get worried and that I missed a good show, but I would take her home. As Julio, our guide dropped us off at our motel, he said the owner sent us this video of the evenings activities, and invited us back tomorrow as his guest. The next day while my wife went to the pool, I plugged the videotape in and started to watch it. There she was on the tape.... The whole evenings activities were taped from outside the mirrored walls......... My wife returned, but I stopped it before she got the door unlocked. After she came in, I asked if she wanted to go back tonight and she answered yes quickly without thinking. I said OK, if she wanted to...

That night, we went back. When we arrived, the manager discreetly asked my wife to come and see him later when the show got started if she wanted a special treat. At dinner I told her about the video and she told me all about what happened, I told her it was fine and if she wanted to pop up and see the Manager then make sure the video is running. She disappeared ten minutes later saying she would be back……… I smiled.

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