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Whore Wife Fucked Infront Of Hubby – Part II

My heart beat started to run very fast. I can imagine what condition these men dicks must be. I did not have to wait for long, dharampal touched her plump pussy and found her dripping wet, he said ” haramzadi ki chut kitni geeli hai dekho bhaio ‘ he showed his glistening finger to everyone he said ” aab teri chut phateygi bol kutia gand aur chut sath mein phatwayegi ya bari bari” . Jyoti to everyone’s suprise said” sath mein behan key lodey , aur bari bari sab sey continued.

Listen to this dharampal ordered everyone to make way for his monster, he had approx 9 inches long and 6 inches thick cock ( looked like a black python ), in an instance he got underneath jyoti between her fat sweaty legs and gestured Ram ( who was in no mood to stop raming his rod in my wife's virgin ass hole ) to push jyoti down, Ram got the clue and while puping hard he held jyoti's both shoulders and pushed her down,

She screamed ahhhh!my assss! ohno please no! margayii! Mommy! However soon she and everyone realised that she has taken dharampal's massive monster in one go. Then began double penetration of my lovely cute plump wife. She was screaming and shouting like a whore " aanahh aanahh fuck me! ohhhh! yessss! fuck me harder! zor sey! aur zor sey please! phaad do mera bum bhosda! which gave

Ram and dharampal lot of excitement and they fucked her for complete 1 hr.After an hr others took chances of fucking my wife, she was all slutty and was ready for another bang however within couple of minutes it ended and the last group of 2 men mounted her and started ramming her one of them who was ramming her pussy said " salii itna chudney key baad bhi bahut tight hai"

The one who was screwing her ass hole said oh! yeh toh jannat hai bhai , aisa lag raha hai ki kutia kabhi chudi hi nahi hai gaand mein" and everyone started to laugh , they fucked her for another hr and then again Ram and Dharmpal screwed her changing their position where Ram fucked her in her plump pussy and dharampal rode her like a cowboy in her ass he was ramming her ass with full might and said " babhi ji

Kya mast gaand hai aapki jitna chodo dil hi nahi bharta " after humping for a good half an hr he arched his back and gave long jerks I knew that the bastard has infested my wife's pussy already and now her ass as well. Then rest of the 4 men also took turns and made Jyoti a well satisfied whore. They all were tired however I saw the men were still squeezing her boobs and fingering her pussy and ass at regular intervals.

Then Ram took his still rock solid dick and shoved it in my cute chubby wife's mouth between her plump rosy lips which had lipstick speared all over and litterally began mouth fucking jyoti he held her hair tightly from the back of her head and was jabbing his monster in her sexy mouth, jyoti tried resisting however was of no avail they all caught jyoti's hands legs and started enjoying her mouth fuck

Ram said " kutia key sare ched mein apna lace chodunga tab jakey santusht hogi randi " listening this everyone laughed and i saw everyone's dick becoming erect again anticipating a mouth fuck for everyone, Jyoti though now was fucked like a real kutia between these hungry dogs however she did'nt like the idea of a dick in her mouth I could make that out from her whimpering.

Ram's speedy jerks changed to long blows including me everyone knew that is the sign of his load going to be released in jyoti's mouth ,Jyoti realised it and her eyes widened , she tried to shake her head towards side and tried freeing herself from everyone's grip however no avail ram tighten his grip on her hair and pushed his dick deep in her throat , though jyoti's mouth was open however

She had no option to take out all the cum his cock leaked in her mouth and i saw her gulping it down her throat , then everyone including Dharampal mouth fucked jyoti till their dicks became limp. Finally they kissed jyoti good bye and left our house. Jyoti got up from the floor with lot of effort because her pussy and asshole was rammed without mercy, i ran back to our bed room and acted as if i have got up just now,

Jyoti straight went for the bathroom and was having a bath, that day we did not go to work however the next day in the morning I asked her whether she will go to work today and she said Yes ". I saw her coming out from the bathroom wearing a black petticoat and a black blouse, damn she was looking heavenly with her white spotless flesshy body dying to tear the petticoat and blouse and come out.

Jyoti wore a black sari with white flowers and did a heavy make up she walked in the same manner like a slut matak matak kar, with every step her meaty waist twisted and her huge ass jiggled she had her sari tied at least 2 inches below her fleshy waist and with every step she took her ass jiggled as if saying come on fuck me. My slut wife Jyoti was ready to go to work, my dick though paining jumped with joy again looking at this bbw whore wife of mine.

I went to the balcony with my cup of tea and was was looking around when I saw jyoti's office pickup bus stop in front of our house and the driver honked I waved at the driver that she is coming and came in the room to call Jyoti she quickly picked her purse from the bed and when she bent to pick it up her pallu fell exposing her heavenly delight plump body. i thought who knows who will fuck her next and I went back to our balcony to wave her bye however I saw couple of jyoti's collegues standing outside the bus looking at our building seemed like they are waiting for jyoti I was looking around waiting for jyoti to come out of our building when I saw the bus driver coming out from the nearby general store and within seconds the owner of that store dharampal came and stood with the driver with one hand over the driver's shoulder.

I got scared I thought has dharampal told the driver how they litterally made jyoti their private whore yesterday, within seconds the driver came running towards couple of her colleagues whispered something in their ears, they all seemed stunned and were listening to the driver carefully then everyone started laughing as if he has given them a very good news possibly of a bonus.

The driver ran back to dharampal and they clapped looking at our building, I was trying to figure out what they must be discussing when I suddenly saw all eyes widened, I looked down and saw jyoti coming out of the building I saw dharampal and the driver , they were difinitely enjoying this plump whore wife of mine and when i saw her colleagues they also were litterally lusting her with their hungry eyes as she walked towards the bus.

I could see what's happening and was sure my wife is going to get gang bang in her office bus today, she climbed the office bus stairs and while doing so she lifted her sari till her fat juicy calves with her ankles decorated by the same thick silver payal , looking at this milky white glimpse of my wife's lovely plump legs her colleagues who were standing outside the bus had an immediate rock solid hard on. I waved Jyoti goodbye and the bus disappeared from my site. Please leave your comments and suggestions if any. Has reading this story made you horny? Want to sex chat with real life hot women?

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