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Another Strip for a friends Mum.

Well as I told you about how I stripped for my friends Mum at her 50th birthday party and how another friend asked me if I would do it for his mum’s birthday, well it was nearly a year later and he asked me would I do a strip O’ gram for his Mum and her friends on her 50th birthday! They were having a Ladies night out for her birthday and he wanted me to strip for her, he was going to be there to video it and see what his mum would do. She was a very prim and proper Lady that would not watch porn or even talk about sex, she always dressed very conservative and looked like she would tell you off if you said anything rude so I was a bit unsure but eventually agreed to do it when he offered to pay me to do it.
So on the night of her birthday I was waiting outside the private room that they had at this posh hotel my mate had given me a lift out and I was waiting for him to give me the signal to walk in and strip. So after nearly an hour I was at the point where I was getting cold feet and thinking about leaving, I was sober this time and felt very nervous, then he appeared and said, “ OK! Your on she is very d***k and her friends have her sat on a chair waiting for you.”
When I danced into the room and was greeted with a huge cheer I saw my friends mum sitting right in the middle of the dance floor and as I danced around her I realised just how sex this lady was, she was dressed up like I had never seen her before and she looked a million pounds as she sat there and just watched me. She looked at me and winked and as I took off my clothes she got more excited, at this point I realised she was tied to the chair and she could only move her right hand. This was such a big turn on for me and I felt my cock swelling as I danced for her as the other Ladies watched and cheered as I went around the dance floor a couple of the ladies where calling me over to them, as I got near three of them pulled me over the table and one pulled my cock out and sucked it while another sat on my face, she had no panties on and my nose rubbed along her slit and nudged her clit, the sound in the room was muffled as I licked at this ladies pussy and then I felt another mouth licking my cock. I had two ladies licking my hard shaft at the same time and I felt my juices start to rise as they took turns sucking my knob into there mouths .
When I was released by these three women one kissed me on the lips as another pushed my erection back into my boxers, then I was pushed back on to the dance floor and I continued with my strip for the birthday girl, as I stood in front of her and I crouched down I saw something under her skirt and took a closer look, someone had put a vibrator up her cunt and she was soaking wet with her own juices as it slowly was buzzing away. As I stood up and removed my pants my erection sprang out at her and she just gasped this was her first sight of my cock and she smiled with anticipation as she saw a younger mans cock just inches from her. I was totally naked and I just danced in front of her as she grabbed hold of my cock with her free hand, she pulled me towards her and to every ones shock she sucked my cock right down the back of her throat as she tickled my balls. My friend was in shock as he watched his mum giving me a blowjob he had stopped videoing the whole thing and I watched him walk out of the room leaving his mum to suck on my hard cock.
I had to pull away from Mrs M as I had not expected her to do anything like that and as I grabbed my clothes several of the women had a feel of my cock and where rubbing my naked body, most of them where in there late 40’s or early 50’s with just a couple of younger women. I ran out of the room and back into the small room I had been waiting in, as I looked out the window I saw my mate drive off in his car and as I got dressed I was wondering how I was going to get home.
When the door opened and in walked Mrs M she was wobbling on her stilettos as she walked up to me and kissed me on the lips she thanked me for stripping for her and then asked if I had enjoyed my blowjob, to which I said, “ Yes thank you, Very much!” I could feel myself going bright red as she continued to say to me, “so would you like me to do it properly for you and make you cum?” I then explained that her son had bought me and that he had left and I didn’t know how I was going to get home. She smiled at me and then said, “That’s no problem, I have a room upstairs and you can stay the night with me and then I will give you a lift home tomorrow, She had a wicked look on her face as she took my hand and lead me to the lift to go up to her room.
When we got to room 107 she dragged me inside and pushed me up against the wall as she kissed me hard on my mouth and her hand was rubbing my bulge, then she dropped to her knees and took out my cock and sucked me off again, this time her blowjob was a lot more passionate as she sucked me until I shot my cum into her open mouth. She swallowed the whole of my load and as she looked up at me she licked my balls and then said, “So are you going to eat my pussy for me or just fuck me with that impressive cock of yours?” I helped her up and we walked over to the bed and she turned around and let me undress her, as I removed her dress and looked at her stood in just her bra, suspender belt and stockings, she just looked gorgeous and as she laid down on the bed and spread her legs I saw her wet lips glisten with the moistness that she had between her gash.
As I went down and I could smell the musky aroma from her willing cunt and started to lick and suck at her, she grabbed my hair and pushed my face hard into her slit as she squeeled with her pleasure and my nose pressed against her clit she came on my tongue and had a thundering orgasam as her body thrashed around and her leg’s clamped me down so I could not move. As she calmed down and I raised up she wrapped her leg’s around my back and pulled off my shirt as I positioned my knob at her entrance and slowly pushed the whole of my bare shaft inside her, I felt her shudder as she had another orgasam from the first penetration as she looked me in the face and said, “Your the biggest cock I have ever had inside me, please fuck me with it and don’t stop!” with her inner walls clamping onto me and squeezing my shaft I began to plough in and out of her, as my pace got faster and I slammed in harder with each thrust as my young balls slapped against her and started to swell again I continued to fuck her long and hard and after 20 minuets in the missionary position I fired my thick fertile cum deep into her, filling her with my white seamen. I held myself in place for several minuets and when I did pull out a thick stream of my cum flowed out of her and made a pool on the sheet. She rolled over and positioned her ass high in the air as I pushed my cock back inside her wet pussy and then I was fucking her in the doggy position and as I pumped her hard she told me it felt bigger in this position. We fucked hard for ages and as we changed from one position to another we both explored each others naked bodies, as I sucked on her tit’s as my cock drilled deep into her willing pussy I was rolling her nipple across my teeth and gently biting them to make her jump, this sent little electric shocks running throu both our bodies as she came on my shaft again, as her juices ran down my balls and dripped onto the sheet. This lady just wanted a whole night of pleasure and after 8 hours of hard fucking in so many different positions we just cuddled up and went to sleet with my erection still inside her wet and willing pussy.
We awoke about 11am the next morning and my cock was raw from the fucking that this horny lady had given me, we had missed breakfast, but the only thing she wanted was more of my cock as she mounted my early morning glory and fucked herself on it, I sucked each of her nipples and pushed my middle finger up her arse making her ram hard down onto my cock, she wanted me to give her another hard fucking and as I rolled her over onto her back again and fucked again in the missionary slamming my balls hard against her, I fucked for nearly an hour as my balls where totally drained from all the fucking she had wanted the night before, but eventually the sap was rising and I managed to pump one more load inside her before we had to leave. It was nearly 1pm by the time we where both dressed and ready to leave, I could not belive that the prim and proper lady had now come back as I sat next to her in her car and she drove me home, she was back to the scary lady that I had always known and I thought about her son and husband waiting for her at home. If they only knew I had fucked her most of the night they would probbably give me a good kicking, but it was worth it as I had enjoyed her so much, as she dropped me off I got out very sheepish as she called me around to the drivers window and I lent in she kissed me and I saw her lift her skirt, pulling her panties to one side and she said, “ If you ever fancy another night like last night just let me know!” Then I watched her drive away.

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