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Veni, Vidi, Vici

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My new name was Veni. Cute in a comical sense since I loved to come! The accompanying card explained the choice as being my love for Vivaldi and all things baroque and mysterious. Naming me Vivaldi didn't fit and Vivian or Viv weren't appropriate sex slaves either. So, he had selected Veni and hoped I approved. (Not that it would matter if I didn't like it) Master went on to explain that he truly treasured my company not only as a sex slave but as a beautiful and gifted scholar who he felt confident in presenting at the dignified galas and openings which he was obligated to attend. I felt a rush of honor and respect as tears welled up in my eyes I could barely read the last line. “I love you dear Veni”.
I wanted to wrap it around my neck right then and cursed myself silently that I had not wore a higher necked blouse to camouflage it from public. I had worn sleek pin striped slacks that day in my rush to dress and decided to double wrap it around my ankle. It fit well and I felt like Master was with me to guide me through the long day ahead. I tore into my daily assignments, not giving a moment to break or take lunch. I wanted to leave early, so skipping lunch was perfect.
I arrived home to the empty house and felt a bit disappointed with Master’s absence. On the kitchen table was a note from him. “Get dressed in what I laid out for you and meet me at the pub.” Did he forget I was blindfolded and had no idea where the pub was located? I dressed into the pretty silky slinky mini dress and heels. My collar looked excellent with the dress! I proudly examined myself in the mirror and drove off in search of the mystifying pub. My sixth sense knew we had turned off the bumpy dirt road onto a cobblestone paved street. Possibly the pub was down near the wharf, however, I hadn't smelled the dankness of the bay, so dismissed that area. Then it hit me! It was over on the edge of town by the apple grove as I remembered smelling the fragrance of sweetness on our ride to the pub. My instincts served me well and I arrived at my destination, pleased to see Master’s car parked in front. I walked in without exhibiting nervousness or apprehension. Master was at the bar laughing with a fellow Master, as I humbly approached his side. His smile was all the approval I needed to realize I looked exactly like he preferred. He snapped a leash onto my pretty new collar and gave me the command to sit. I knelt down and kept an alert ear for my next command. The men bantered about nothing in particular for a while, then Master tugged on my leash and I rose to all fours following at his side to our table. He accepted the menu from the waiter and patted the padded bench for me to join him. I knew this part of my training well and unzipped his trousers, voraciously slurping and sucking his cock as he chatted with the waiter about tonight’s specials. When the waiter left, Master relaxed into the seat giving me the opportunity to have access to his balls. I lapped at them taking in his manly scent and feeling his balls become harder and harder. Just as he was about to blow his load into my mouth, he extracted his huge cock from my mouth and spewed the cum all over my face, cheeks, forehead, chin and neck. He gave the leash the tug for me to sit and I rose covered in a thick gooey mass of sperm. Our meal arrived. I was given permission to eat with my hands. The noodles and fish tasted so good that I was unaware of anyone staring at my cum stained facial. We ate quietly in bliss and then Master waved his hand to another Master. The other Master must have known the silent sign language and joined us immediately with his own sex slave, This slave wore a leather bralette and thong. She had heavy, firm, huge tits that protruded from all sides of the tiny bra. Her ass was plump and displayed red traces of hand prints on it. Her collar boldly displayed her name, “Oro”. Oro knew instantly what her role was and began licking the matted cum from my face and neck. It felt strangely arousing to have a woman sucking on my face, but, I was getting excited and both of the Masters just chuckled at the scene they controlled. Soon Oro’s Master was slamming into her ass from behind, while my Master grabbed my hand and had me stroke his cock back into a full mast erection. Oro began to suck my chin and above my collar violently. She was ready to cum, but, waited for her Master’s command. I kept stroking and arousing my Master until Oro and her Master pulled away from me and came in torrents. My Master grabbed me and sat me on his lap penetrating my ass with his hard on. I couldn’t stop shaking and began to writhe in sexual ecstasy. Master whisper for me to come on the count of three. Thankfully he said the countdown fast! We came immediately and I fell back upon his chest, exhausted but so content. When I opened my eyes the other couple was gone. Master paid the tab and we left for home and more training. Master explained that he needed to travel for the next few days and that he had a specially made chastity belt for me. I was to always wear this from now on when not accompanied by him. I nodded accepting my status as his sex slave. He undressed me and slid the leather contraption around my pussy locking it tightly. There were special holes for bodily functions but not enough clearance for inserting toys or other objects. He kissed the top of my head and grabbed his suitcase and was out the door in a flash! I didn't know how many days he would be gone and decided to resign myself to no playing, masturbating or touching in his absence. I slept feeling happy to be controlled by such a caring and thoughtful Master. The next few days at work drifted into one another and finally it was my last day. Master still had not returned and I had not heard from him. The staff gave me a nice going away party and I said my goodbyes and drove off to my new career and passion as my Master’s ultimate sex slave.
To be continued…

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