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the sun is setting we have had a great holiday really relaxing we fly
home 2moro we walk alng the shaw line holidng hands (aww) ur white
summer dress getting wet at the bottom as the warm water laps at our
feet, we head up the beach to the lil bar its quite busy we stop n
have a drink im slip my flip flop up as we sit on the bar stall n let
me foot wander up ur tanned legs my toes creeping up tickling u as it
goes up. I know that under that dress ur r naked as a studied u hard
as u got ready to come out tonight. the thought of ur hot naked body
always has a good effect on me.A song you like comes on you drag me up
for a dance you know i hate it but as we on holiday i come along u
dance real close to me drapping ur arms all over working ur body up n
down mine u turn round n bend over pressing ur ass into my cock u turn
round n whipser "am i tease" hehe, the song finishes n u drag me to
the lil booths we sit and embrace my tongue proping ur mouth ur lips
so smooth so hot soft n delicate the passion is rising as quickly as
my dick, "lets go" you say u grab my hand n run towards the sea we get
close to the shaw u lift the dress over you head n head into the sea i
cant get my clothes off quick enuff, i follow u in and dive under grab
ur ankles to pull u down big splash the water warm i hold u n kiss you
again u put ur head back n i nibble ur neck n bite ur sholuders ur
holding onto me n put ur legs round me, my hard cock slips into ur
pussy we starting Love making in the sea im holiding u my cock deep in
ur pussy as we kiss n bite ur legs wrapped tight n fim round my body
holding my hard dick tight in ur pussy i play with ur nipples as u
start to moan, the water lapping at our bodies "i want u to fuck me
hard baby " us say u put ur legs back down n we head to the palm
shacks at the edge of the beach its getting dark n the lights are on
dim i lite the lanterns n lay out towels i sit on a sun bed n us start
to suck my salty cock wanking it into ur motuh looking up at me with
ur cute eyes as u lick me lick a lollipop ur cupping my balls u take
my cock into ur mouth let go n grab me back u fuck my cock with ur
mouth looking at me the whole time it feels amazing x i lie down n u
stradlle over the top of me u lower ur pussy down onto my mouth i
start licking n flicking playing with ur lips n probing deep with my
tongue i get my finger under ur clit hood n play with ur lil bud ur
pussy is wet n tastes amazing u start sucking my dick again as i lick
away at ur juice the sensation is to much i wanna cum i smack ur ass
to get u to stop u switch round n lower down onto my dick n start
boucning down on it ur tits are in my afce im playing with ur nipples
u writhering around on my my hard dicks ur hair in my face u start to
grind down on me so i thrust hard our bodies slapping as my cock start
beating in n out ur tite pussy u lean back rub ur clit as ur start to
cum my cocks erupts in ur my balls tighten n unleash my hot stick
spunk in ur wet satified pussy we carry on fucking as the juice eases
out ur tite hole u roll off me n we grab a towel u lie in my arms n
watch the stars xx

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