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Fringe Benefits Ch 02

Shawn yawned as he pulled his shoulder-length dreadlocks behind his neck with a thick rubber band. He studied the running toilet carefully and then went to work with his tools to put the throne back in working order. It took him only a few minutes to remove and replace the defective part. He emerged from the stall, took down the “OUT OF ORDER” sign, and hefted the strap of the tool bag over his shoulder. The restroom was practically empty as the final flights were arriving and Shawn’s second shift workday neared its end.

As the toned five-foot-nine-inch dark-skinned b*****r washed his hands, a short flight attendant entered. Shawn smiled at the attractive Latino man with flawless olive skin, big brown doe eyes, and spiked black hair. He wore the standard issue Atlantica Airlines uniform of a light blue oxford shirt, navy blue sweater vest, and khaki slacks. He also sported a very thin, neatly trimmed beard. And, he sashayed as he pulled his suitcase behind him.

Shawn locked eyes with him. “What’s up,” he asked then licked his lips.
The flight attendant smiled, “It’s been a long day.”
“Yeah, me too. You got a layover here tonight?”
“Yes I do. You coming over,” he chuckled with his high-pitched voice.
“What we gon’ do if I do?”
“I bet we can figure out something, handsome,” he winked and smiled coyly.
“Bet. Lock in my number,” Shawn ordered.

Shawn headed back to the office to clock out so he could make his way to the car. Riding on the shuttle to the employee parking lot, he checked the text message he had just received. He expected it to be the cute little flight attendant, but it was from his oldest first cousin’s son, Kenton.

‘You hungry?’
‘Yeah. What u got?’
‘Citrus chicken. Dirty rice. Corn on the cob.’
‘That’s wassup. When can I come thru?’
‘Now. I’m home alone.’
‘Gimme 30.’

Shawn left the shuttle and found his 1983 metallic yellow Buick Regal. He disarmed the alarm, started the engine, and peeled out of the parking lot. He drove just over the speed limit down the highway to the nice cozy neighborhood where his cousin, Zandra, lived with her two sons. Apparently Zandra and her younger son were not at home leaving the 20 year-old Kenton all alone. Since Zandra’s divorce five years prior, Shawn semi stepped up as a father figure for the two youngsters.

He brought the car to a stop at the curb in front of the two-story Dutch colonial house. Shawn fired off a text letting Kenton know he had just arrived.

Kenton came to the door dressed simply in baggy camouflage Akoo cargo shorts and a wife beater. Standing five-feet-eleven-inches and weighing 220 pounds, Kenton’s hefty caramel body was soft and jiggly. His naturally occurring tits were squeezed close together in the tight tank top producing a definite amount of cleavage. Shawn could see the massive dark brown areolas through the shirt.

“Hey, grab a seat and I’ll get your plate. What you want to drink,” inquired the young host.
“Just water,” Shawn called out then sat on the couch.

Kenton returned with the food then excused himself. Shawn noshed on the tasty culinary creation before him as he flipped between the five channels of ESPN.

“Want some dessert,” Kenton smiled standing in the hallway just off the living room. Shawn cocked his head and nearly choked on the rice he was stuffing in his mouth. Kenton had shed his previous outfit for neon green fishnets, a black lace thong, a black lace bra, and red shoes with silver spike heels. His lips were glossy, a perfect amount of blush rested on his cheeks, and fake eyelashes were attached.

Shawn coughed, “Hell yeah!” He gulped down the bottle of water then walked to Kenton. “Looking good, Kyra,” he observed addressing Kenton by his drag persona.
“Let’s go to my room.”
“Bet girl,” Shawn agreed as he slapped one of Kyra’s enormously fleshy butt cheeks.

Kyra flung open the door of her bedroom and rushed to queen size four-poster bed. She hopped up on all fours and poked out her gigantic ass. Shawn smacked it repeatedly as he pulled down his pants. “Lick that pussy, baby,” Kyra cooed. Shawn slid the fabric covering her hole to the left and planted his tongue gently on her rectum. He licked, kissed, and blew on it. “Ooh that feels good,” she moaned.

“Come on and suck this dick, boo.”

Kyra maneuvered around on her back with her head hanging off the bed. She grabbed Shawn’s eight inch dick with her painted hands. She jerked it slowly licking the shaft and balls. Shawn angled up and slid his throbbing member into her mouth. He gave it to her methodically at first then moved to a much more rapid pace. Kyra was moaning and gagging. Slobber ran down her cheeks while Shawn face-fucked her. She massaged her full boobs with one hand and fingered her butt pussy with the other.

“You ready to get that ass fucked,” Shawn inquired removing his dick from her mouth so she could reply.
“Shit yeah. Gimme that dick,” she pleaded.
“Get on yo stomach.”

Kyra flipped around to lie on her stomach with her feet hanging slightly off the bed. Shawn mounted her mammoth booty and wiggled the head of his dick on Kyra’s hole. He pressed in. She resisted slightly wincing as his snake pierced her anus. Shawn squeezed her butt cheeks and used them to lift himself up. He plunged deeper into her tranny pussy. Kyra screamed as she jiggled her rotund ass. Shawn’s assault on her spine felt deliciously painful to her. She let out moan after moan encouraging him fuck her even harder.

Shawn leaned down to lick her ear as he continued thrusting. “You like this dick?”
“Ooh I love it. Fuck me harder,” she yelled.
“You like it deep, bitch. Damn that ass is good.”
“Fuck it. Fuck this big ass,” cried out Kyra.
“Goddamn! That muthafucka is juicy as hell too.”
“You gonna breed this pussy?”
“Flip the fuck over,” Shawn commanded.

Kyra got her back. Shawn gripped each of her ankles with his hands pushing her legs away from him. He slid his bone hard member into her again. He stroked with furor and then pulled out. “I wanna titty fuck yo ass,” he announced. Shawn straddled her chest as Kyra pressed her jugs around his dick. While Shawn was grinding hard, Kyra began sticking out her tongue to lick his dick every time it neared her mouth. “You got me ready to bust, boo.”

“Nut, baby,” she begged him.

Shawn jumped up and threw his dick back into her booty.

“I love butt fucking yo bitch ass,” he declared.
“I love the way you fuck me,” she concurred.
“Here it comes, bitch. I’m finna nut!”

Shawn let out several huge grunts and collapsed when his dick erupted his seed into Kyra. The hot stickiness filled her inner cavity. Shawn’s hard sweaty body felt warm and gratifying against her soft smooth flesh.

“Damn, I needed that,” Shawn huffed.
“Me too,” giggled Kyra. “You gotta run?”
“Yeah boo. Early day tomorrow.”
“You can go wash up down the hall. I’ll fix you a to-go plate.”
“Thanks boo!”

Shawn threw the bag containing his food onto the floorboard of the front passenger side. He headed out of the neighborhood back to his side of town. His phone, sitting on his leg, began to vibrate. He did not recognize the number, but answered anyway.

“Yeah,” he opened.
“Hey you. It’s the flight attendant from earlier.”
“What’s up li’l sexy?”
“The other girls and I grabbed a bite to eat and drinks so I just got back to my room. Still wanna come over?”
“Yeah. Text me the room number. You gonna be up for a while?”
“I’ll stay up as late as I need to for that dick.”

“What you drinkin’ on?”
“I had some margaritas.”
“You tipsy,” Shawn laughed. “I’ll be there in ‘bout two hours. That straight?”
“Yes, I’ll be waiting,” smirked the twink.

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