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Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 5

Julie, wearing a low-cut, tight dress, without panties or bra underneath, pressed the
buzzer under the card reading: Abigail Murgatroyd. She nervously shifted her weight
from foot to foot while she waited for the answering buzzer to sound so that she
could open the entrance door of the swank apartment house and go up to see the
woman who only this afternoon had been so hot for her girlish body. That had been
this afternoon. At seven o'clock, when Abigail Murgatroyd's chauffeur had come for
Julie, she had not bothered to answer the door. Sex with the old bulldyke had not
been as appealing then as the idea of making Aunt Dee pay for spanking her on the
bare bottom like a little girl, and in front of that Herbie to boot! But Julie had not been
able to get Aunt Dee off, and that jerk Herbie had come bursting in and had spoiled
all that.
Abigail Murgatroyd had sounded cold and distant when Julie had phoned her at nine
o'clock. But she had said that it would be all right for Julie to come up. Julie was
nervous, because she did not know whether Abigail Murgatroyd remembered that
she had promised her a car in exchange for her ass, cunt, and tits. The pretty,
blonde teenager breathed a sigh of relief as the buzzer sounded, and she went in.
The Murgatroyd woman lived on the sixth floor, and Julie took the elevator, feeling
uneasy and unhappy with herself. At the age of sixteen, she already had had sex
with over a hundred persons-men and woman. But with all the sex she had had,
Julie felt compelled to have even more, and with new people, and although she had
no trouble getting off, she had never felt completely fulfilled after a fucking or cuntsucking
Now, as she rang the doorbell of Abigail Murgatroyd's luxury apartment, Julie felt
confident that she knew all there possibly was about pleasing another woman. She
would get the old biddy to pop her ovaries a couple of times, and end up with a car to
take her away from this place and Aunt Dee who was too prissy to let herself go. She
wondered how Herbie had made out with Aunt Dee. Probably had had his little ass
tanned by her again. Anyway, with a car, Julie knew that she could make out. There
was a whole world out there of people dying to fuck and suck or to be fucked and
sucked, and a girl who was good at both could always get herself a meal and a bed
to park her ass.
Abigail Murgatroyd opened the door, and gave Julie a cool, appraising look. The
brittle, black eyes were hard, and the left eyebrow arched up in the angular face. The
mouth curled in a sneer beneath the slight mustache. "Well, so you decided to honor
me with your presence, girl?" The harsh-faced woman glanced at her large
wristwatch. "About three hours late, but I guess you'll make it up to me, eh?" The
woman held the door open, and Julie went inside.
The apartment was super-deluxe, with art objects, plush decor and indirect lighting.
Julie glanced over at the woman's dumpy body and felt scared. Something was not
altogether right here. There were two glasses on a low coffee table. Julie decided to
play innocent. She looked around the lush living room with wide eyes and gave the
Murgatroyd woman a winsome smile.
The biddy seemed to mellow at that and, putting a hand on the girl's upper arm,
steered her over toward a wide, low couch. "What a super-neat place you've got-uh-
Abigail," Julie said.
"Don't can me Abigail," the woman said, her face hard again.
"What do you want me to call you?" the girl asked and slowly licked her full upper lip.
"Mrs. Murgatroyd," the woman said.
Julie shrugged. "Okay then, Mrs. Murgatroyd," she said and sat primly on the couch.
"Well, well, well," Mrs. Murgatroyd said and put her hand on Julie's thigh.
"Oooh, Mrs. Murgatroyd," Julie cooed and kept her legs pressed together tightly.
The woman leaned over and kissed the teenage girl on the mouth. Julie struggled in
her strong arms.
"Oooh, Mrs. Murgatroyd," she said, "you shouldn't. It makes me feel all tingly insidein
my tummy."
The woman kissed the girl again and put a hand on her left tit. Julie made a pretense
of trying to push her hand away, but then gave up and let the biddy feel her up until
the woman was breathing hard. When she saw that the woman's face was flushed
with lust, Julie freed herself from the stifling embrace.
"When can I have my car?" she asked and smiled sweetly.
Mrs. Murgatroyd, her eyes gleaming with desire for the girl, stiffened. "Why you little
bitch!" she spat out between clenched teeth. "So you want a car do you?"
"You promised," Julie said in a little-girl manner.
"And you promised to be here shortly after seven," Mrs. Murgatroyd said. "I don't like
to be kept waiting. I don't like to be disappointed."
"I'm sorry," Julie said and pouted. "I'll try and make it up to you, Mrs. Murgatroyd."
"You're damned right you will," the woman said, "if you really want that car, that is."
"Ooh, I do, Mrs. Murgatroyd, I really do," Julie said.
Mrs. Murgatroyd reached for a wall switch and flicked on a bright spotlight on the
ceiling across the room from the couch. "Get over there and stand under that light,"
she told the girl. She herself put a light, straight-backed chair just outside of the
periphery of the spotlight and sat down. Julie obediently stood in the bright light and
gave Mrs. Murgatroyd an engaging smile.
"All right, let's see your cunt," the woman said.
Julie had not expected her to be this crass, and a slight frown appeared between her
"Don't you frown at me, you little bitch," the woman said. "Pull up your dress, turn
your back to me, bend over, and spread your ass. And be quick about it!"
The blonde sixteen-year-old girl raised her dress, showing that she wasn't wearing
any pants. Her dark-blonde bush pouted out at the woman.
Mrs. Murgatroyd snapped her fingers and made a turning motion with the index
finger of her right hand. The teenage girl turned her back, showing the woman a
softly rounded, pale ass above suntanned thighs. Then she bent forward. The
woman studied the girl's naked bottom, noting the golden down that grew up high on
her thighs, becoming slightly denser near the asshole.
"Stick it out," Mrs. Murgatroyd ordered, "way out."
The sixteen-year-old girl arched her back so that her naked ass cracked open,
revealing the shadowy crevice and the cunt, pouched like a ripe and hairy fruit, split
open and exposing some of the reddish meat.
"Spread your legs wide," the woman ordered the teenage girl, "and pull your cheeks
Julie spread herself wide open until her inner cunt lips opened like dark-pink, fleshy
The woman's brittle, black eyes glittered, and sweat beaded under the fine hairs of
her mustache. She leaned forward and sniffed the girl's cunt.
"Humph, at least you're clean," she said, raised her nose a few inches and smelled
the teenaged girl's ass hole. "All rinsed out, perfumed and powdered, I see," the
woman said. "I bet you're not the coy little neophyte you pretend to be. Well, we'll
soon see. Stay just like that," she admonished the girl who had let her ass-cheeks
snap back together. "Keep showing your wares. Oh Alice!" the woman yodeled,
"come see what we have here!!
Julie, bending over, her ass-cheeks spread wide, wondered who Alice could be. She
peeked back over her shoulder as a door opened and a gaunt red-headed woman
with violent makeup sailed into the room.
"Ahh, dee-licious!" the newcomer exclaimed, her eyes on the pretty, blonde teenage
girl's exposed cunt and asshole. "Nice, fresh, young meat, I see, Murgatroyd." The
red-head, whose hair stood out around her narrow, peaked face in a wild halo, took a
large, round magnifying glass off a shelf and went up to the stooping, spread-open
high-school girl. She leaned forward, and with the magnifying glass examined the
pretty, young blonde's pouting cunt "Beautiful," she raved. "Such delicate texture, but
not wet enough yet, Murgatroyd." She stuck a bony finger into the girl's open quim,
reamed the delicate young flesh with it, then pulled it out and smelled it. "She's not
lubricating properly, Murgatroyd," the red-head sang out. "Think you can do anything
about that?"
"You stay as you are, girl," Mrs. Murgatroyd admonished Julie, whose fingers were
getting tired from holding her ass-cheeks apart for so long. The bulldyke unbuttoned
the neck of the teenager's dress and pulled the two sides apart so that Julie's
breasts dropped out and hung pendulously, "Lovely tits," Murgatroyd said, pursed
her lips and whistled. She started rolling the sixteen-year-old girl's nipples between
the fingers of both her hands.
"She's beginning to juice!" red-headed Alice shouted from Julie's backside. She
again felt inside of the teenager's cunt and this time pulled out a finger that glistened
with quim juice. "Here, Murgatroyd, let me relieve you," red-headed Alice said and
took over from the dumpy dyke. Her bony fingers did wonders with the teenager's
nipples, the quick, rolling strokes were milking the soft, swollen nubs, until Julie felt
herself getting hotter by the second, despite the awkward and uncomfortable position
she had been f***ed to assume.
"All right, baby, time for your next exercise," Alice said and raised her diaphanous
robes, revealing a bright-red, dyed pussy patch, surprisingly well-shaped ivory
thighs, and an almost flat belly.
"Not bad for an old crow, eh?" the red-headed woman asked Julie. "I used to be a
dancer, sweetie." she pirouetted and exposed her well-defined, tight buttocks for the
young girl's inspection. "See, not an ounce of surplus fat," she said. "Just enough to
cover the muscle and make it soft and feminine."
"Alice, you do have a superb ass," Mrs. Murgatroyd agreed.
The red-head pulled the ivory cheeks apart, exposing a dusky-tan bum-hole. "Well
here it is, sweetie," she said to the stooping girl. "That's what I want tongue-fucked."
She knelt down in front of Julie, her superb ass toward the girl.
"Kneel!" Mrs. Murgatroyd commanded the teenager and slapped her across the
naked butt.
Julie dropped to her knees. "You don't have to hit me," she complained. Her ass
stung from the blow.
"On all fours, bitch," Mrs. Murgatroyd said to her. "You can let go of your cheeks."
Alice raised her beautifully shaped rear and thrust it back until the cheeks opened
wide enough to expose her asshole.
"Keep your tongue stiff, sweetie," Alice warned the teenage girl, "or mama spank."
"Start on her!" Mrs. Murgatroyd said and gave Julie another stinging slap across her
bare ass to emphasize the command.
"Hey! That hurt!" the pretty, blonde teenager protested and rubbed her ass-cheeks
that bore the red imprint of the woman's palm.
"That's for missing our rendezvous," Mrs. Murgatroyd said. "Now start tonguefucking."
The suntanned, blonde teenage girl knelt on all fours, her dress up above her waist,
exposing her bare bottom, and stuck her rigid tongue into the red-headed woman's
asshole. The high-school girl found that in order to get her tongue to penetrate the
ex-dancer's bung, she had to actually press her lips against the tender, elastic ring of
muscle, the sphincter that surrounded the woman's butt-hole. Only by kissing the
little quivering hole was Julie able to stick her tongue a few inches into the redhead's
rectum. The girl found that the exquisitely shaped woman tasted surprisingly sweet
there, and the girl began thrusting her stiff tongue into the little hole with gusto.
Somewhere beneath her face, the red-head was rapidly frigging her own clit.
Suddenly, Julie felt Mrs. Murgatroyd's hands on her pendulous tits, milking them with
expert fingers until the teenager's cunt began oozing with sex-juice. Then, as the girl
kept her stiff tongue going in and out of the ex-dancer's asshole, the bulldyke started
to eat teenage pussy.
Under the bright spotlight, an attractive, blonde girl a sinuous redhead in her forties,
and dumpy, hardfaced bulldyke knelt on all fours, two of them with their noses buried
in another female's rear end, while the third frigged herself vigorously, her face
grimacing with the intensity of her lust. In the center of the group, crouched the
teenage girl, healthy, tanned, her naked ass tight, pale-cheeked, while between her
thighs, her cunt-mound swelled out backwards, darker than the smooth ass-skin and
furry with dark-golden hairs. This tender pouch was being expertly sucked by an
experienced, middle-aged dyke, whose skilful tongue licked every nook and cranny,
thoroughly sucked out every wrinkle and fold of the lust-flushed, wet, young cuntmeat.
The dancer was frigging herself with two bony, sinuous fingers, whipping the pink,
pearly nub at the top of her sex-slit until it glowed red and inflamed. To complete the
sensation, the sexy dancer was feeling in her vaginal area, a teenage girl's tongue
stiffly moving in and out of her spread-open asshole. But with all the self-frigging and
asshole tonguing, the red-head was unable to get herself off.
Furious at her failure, flushed with desire, she impatiently rose to her feet, leaving
the blonde's tongue flicking in mid-air, and threw off her long and diaphanous gown.
Stark naked, the red-head flaunted her exquisite body, the tits surprisingly firm, full,
and high-set.
"Murgatroyd!" the dancer shrieked, "for god-sakes get me off!"
The bulldyke stopped eating the teenager's pussy, and her chin glistening with the
young blonde's love juice, puffed as she got to her feet and began to undress.
"You!" she screamed at the teenager, "get naked, quick!"
Julie hastily shed her dress and kicked off her shoes, while the dumpy, hard-faced
dyke stripped down to a black corset that left her hairy crotch and large, limp boobs
The dyke waddled over to the. livid dancer, and, roughly grabbing her by the cheeks
of her lovely, ivory ass, thrust two fingers into the redhead's cunt, while her thumb
massaged the sinuous woman's clit. "You! Girl!" she yelled at Julie, "Jam three
fingers up her asshole, and be quick about it."
The teenage girl jumped at the old dyke's command, came to stand behind the
writhing redhead and slid three fingers up her bung, feeling the little hole stretch and
hearing the dancer's shriek of pain.
But at that moment, the red-head started to come. Her asshole contracted against
Julie's three fingers, and Mrs. Murgatroyd vigorously finger-fucked her cunt and
shouted at Julie to use her free hand for squeezing the dancer's boobs. Julie
reached around the wilting woman and pinched her nipples alternately, now and then
squeezing the surprisingly firm breast-flesh. With one last gasp of pleasure, the
dancer collapsed.
"Lie down flat on your back, girl," Mrs. Murgatroyd ordered Julie. Then leaving the
red-headed dancer quivering on the carpet, the dumpy woman approached the
young girl, her massive thighs and enormous buttocks quaking, their skin like crepe.
The woman squatted directly over the attractive teenage blonde's face, Julie nearly
gagged as the smell from the woman's cunt hit her. It was a vile odor, sharp and
rancid. Just before she set her rubbery cunt lips over Julie's mouth and her asshole
directly on the pretty teenager's nose, Mrs. Murgatroyd, still puffing from the exertion
of going down into a full squat, said, "Now you can start earning that car you want,
my sweet."
Julie's protest was muffled in the folds of aging cunt lips.
"Start licking me clean," the bulldyke ordered and rubbed her enormous ass back
and forth on the struggling, smothering girl's face. When Julie's tongue still did not
give her the cunt-reaming she demanded, Mrs. Murgatroyd leaned heavily forward,
and with rapid fingers searched the girl's pubic hair and cunt furrow until she held the
teenager's naked, pink clit between the powerful thumb and forefinger of her right
hand. "Lick!" she commanded a second time and moved her ass back and forth.
Then she viciously -pinched the pretty, blonde high-school girl's bare clit.
Julie's scream was silent, drowned out by oozing cunt-juice and rubbery folds of
intimate female flesh which she sucked into her mouth and frantically began to

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