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Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 4

"Thank you, Aunt Dee for being so nice to me," Julie said and kissed her aunt on the
cheek. The girl had come into the woman's bedroom under the pretext of wanting to
talk to her. "I mean about giving me the job at the shop and all," Julie went on and
hugged the woman. Aunt Dee had been getting ready for bed and was wearing a
sheer, powder-blue nightgown that set off her pale skin and dark hair to advantage.
Through the transparent material, her large, dark pussy patch was clearly visible.
The teenage girl was wearing a white T-shirt that came down to the tops of her
thighs, which was what she wore to bed. Aunt Dee looked uneasy, whether because
of the thick, white candle lying on the top of her dresser or because she still did not
trust her teenage niece, Julie, was not sure. She put her arms around the darkhaired
woman's waist and pressed her slender, T-shirt-clad body against her aunt.
"You're right Aunt Dee, you know," Julie purred, "about saving oneself for the right
young man, I mean." This time, the pretty blonde teenager kissed her lovely aunt
right on the lips. The older woman's hands at first pushed against the girl's waist, but
as the girl's lips softly caressed her own, the f***e of her pushing slackened. When
Julie thrust the tip of her tongue into her young aunt's mouth, the woman's breathing
quickened and her hands fluttered about the teenager's waist and hips.
"You're a lovely woman, Auntie," the blonde girl whispered into the woman's ear, her
tongue flicking out and into her aunt's ear-hole.
"Julie, Julie, you crazy little girl," Aunt Dee's voice was hoarse. "What are you
Julie lifted Aunt Dee's left breast out of her nightgown and put her girlish lips over the
dusky-red nipple. The woman shivered with desire. "Don't, Julie! Don't!" she
whispered. But her hands went around the girl's waist and then down over her
niece's hips.
"You have beautiful breasts, Auntie," Julie said, holding the woman's globular,
creamy teat with both hands and sucking away at the nipple until she could feel it
swelling in her mouth.
"Julie! Stop it this instant!" Aunt Dee said, pulled up the girl's white T-shirt in the rear,
and gave her niece a playful slap on her naked ass.
The girl's left hand strayed over to her aunt's right breast and cupped it, while her
mouth continued to make love to the woman's left nipple. The woman slapped the
girl's naked ass again, but this time, after her palm had landed, it lingered on the
quivering girl-flesh, feeling its satin-soft smoothness. The woman stroked her niece's
bare buttocks with both hands, pressing against the springy half-globes and finally
running searching fingertips into the dusky groove between the girl's ass-cheeks.
When the woman's fingertips found the girl's fleshy cunt lips, the hands stopped their
searching and withdrew, hesitatingly. Both, woman and girl, knew that fingering each
other's slits could lead to only one thing. The blonde teenager spread her thighs
apart and arched her back so that her pretty, rounded backside stuck out, and her
hairy quim-pouch became easier to reach for her aunt.
The woman's fingertips caressed the inner curves of her niece's ass-cheeks, then,
as the girl gently bit her aunt's nipple, slipped down into the teenager's squishy quim.
Directly, Julie began rotating her ass, so that her cunt moved against her aunt's
fingers, "I don't want some nasty boy putting his filthy thing into me, Auntie," the girl
whispered to the woman. "But I've got an itch, oh, my, I'm all swollen down there, I
have to-to-"
"I know my dear, sweet c***d," Aunt Dee breathed at her niece, while the girl rotated
her naked bottom against the hand stuck in her cunt. "My, how wet you are!" Aunt
Dee said.
"Auntie, have you ever-you know-with a girl?" Julie asked the woman, her eyes
round with phony innocence.
"Now, now, my c***d," Aunt Dee said and started finger-fucking her niece in earnest.
The woman's fingers were experienced, often-much too often-she had fingered her
own burning quim to get relief. Only this was different. Here was another female,
another snatch that was being reamed. The woman expertly fingered the girl's
pouched cunt from behind, while her large, full tits were being sucked and caressed
in return.
Julie's' right hand gently released her young aunt's left teat, and ran down the
woman's body to her waist, over her belly, until it came to rest on the thick mat of
mature cunt hair.
"No, don't," Aunt Dee gasped. "We mustn't, Julie."
But she kept right on reaming out her teenage niece's back-thrust twat.
Julie moved her naked ass in wild gyrations and her fingers slid down, seeking the
woman's cleft. When she found it, she was not foolish enough to go immediately for
the super-sensitive clit but first to gently rub the woman's cunt lips and mound to get
her whole pussy area inflamed with congested bl**d.
It did not take long to get the sex-starved woman hot; her moans and the sharp smell
of aroused, mature cunt, told the girl that this was the time to make her move.
"Have you ever had anybody lick you there?" Julie asked, while she rubbed her
aunt's clit with firm, rhythmical strokes.
Aunt Dee put up no resistance as her teenage niece backed toward the bed, bringing
the mature woman with her.
The two females rolled onto the bed, fondling each other's cunt. The girl pulled up
the woman's nightgown to her waist to get at her bare slit. When she had it drooling
sex-juice, she scrambled around on the bed and brought her full-lipped mouth
towards the woman's dark-red cunt.
Through the keyhole of his aunt's bedroom, Herb watched as his high-school-age girl
cousin started to lap cunt. He had never seen two females have a go at each other,
and the sight of his pretty sixteen-year-old cousin tonguing his aunt's slit further
aroused his swollen prick and balls. He stroked his pecker as he looked at his girlcousin's
naked ass, raised high off the bed so that her hairy, split cunt-pouch was
exposed underneath her small, pink asshole. But he had seen all that before, even
tasted the succulent girl-flesh. It was his young aunt's spread-open cunt that brought
his male flesh to full erection.
Herb remembered Aunt Dee, who was his mother's younger s****r, as she had been
nine years ago, when she had come to stay with Herb and his parents. Although he
had only been six, the dark-haired, fair-skinned girl of twenty had even then given
him a strange twinge hi his c***dish groin. He had dreamt one night of the big girl
Dee, naked from the waist down, seeing in his dream her large bare ass-cheeks.
Only, in front she did not have any bush of black hair in his dream, but the hairless
split V like that of the little neighbor girl he had examined a few days before.
He tried unsuccessfully for weeks to get a peek at Aunt Dee getting undressed; then
one day, he burst into her room and caught her stark naked. Her ripe boobs shocked
him, but he was really stunned by the thick black bush at the base of the girl's belly.
Aunt Dee had screamed, and his mother had come rushing to take him and away
chide him for entering a room without knocking first.
Five years later, when Herb had been eleven, they had gone on vacation with Aunt
Dee, who was a beauty of twenty-five at the time. Here, Herb had been able to
satisfy his yen to see his young aunt bare-ass naked. The vacation place was on a
farm, and there had been no plumbing. The outdoor shower stall had a hole drilled
into it, whether by some resourceful farmboy who had a craving to see his s****r or
by a farmhand who lusted after the boss's wife, Herb did not know. All he knew, as a
boy of eleven, was that there was a chance to see his young aunt stripped to the
buff. He posted himself at the shower stall, being careful to hide, whenever his young
aunt came out of the main house in her robe, carrying a towel. He was soon
rewarded when Aunt Dee, once inside, peeled off the robe and displayed her pale,
ripe body for the eleven-year-old boy's pleasure. As she first wet, then soaped, and
finally scrubbed her delicious ass-globes and teats, Herb found his pecker grow stiff,
and he rubbed it with his hand, finding that this gave him pleasure. One day, while
Aunt Dee was soaping her bush, and then rubbing her hand into her crotch, Herb
found that his prick had spat some sticky stuff all over his undershorts.
During the next four years, Herb often jerked himself off while thinking about Aunt
Dee all naked. As he learned more about what men and woman could do to each
other to make themselves feel as good as he did when he pulled his pudding. Herb
thought about sticking his rigid cock into Aunt Dee while he tossed himself off until
the spunk splashed.
Now, standing here by the keyhole of his aunt's bedroom, Herb, horny from not being
able to get off at the Scout campfire fuck, suck, and feel, saw that the subject of his
fist-fucking fantasies was not unattainable at all. Here was Aunt Dee getting her
pussy licked by his sixteen-year-old cousin Julie. Unfortunately, Herb could not get a
real close look at his aunt's cunt, because his blonde cousin's head covered it. But
Julie's naked ass, raised up high so that and her goodies clearly showed, wasn't bad
to look at either. Herb was tempted to burst in on the two females and slide his
swollen prick into his cousin Julie's glistening pink cunt.
At the moment, he saw Aunt Dee's arms reaching up and pulling the girl's naked hips
down toward her face. As the boy watched, stroking his cock, his twenty-nine-yearold
aunt ran her tongue up into his girl-cousin's sex-slot and began to lick the cuntjuice
out of the teenager's gash. Julie's ass-cheeks began to tremble as the woman
sucked the girl's clit and brought her off.
Apparently, Julie had not been able to do the same for her aunt. The dark-haired
woman threw her head back, her eyes closed, and her forehead furrowed as if in
pain. The girl quickly got to her knees and turned completely around on the bed so
that she could lie down full length against the woman's body, her clit against her
aunt's. Julie mounted Aunt Dee like a man, getting in between her spread-open
thighs and starting to fuck her as if she were a man. Aunt Dee raised her full thighs
and rubbed right back.
Herb watched them going at it, girl-fucking, for a full five minutes, while he jacked off.
Then, just as he felt himself coming, he decided that there was a better way. Aunt
Dee was writhing on her bed, apparently unable to get herself off, and his cousin
Julie was doing her damndest, but no matter how she humped the bare-assed
woman, there was one thing that Herb could give his aunt that his girl-cousin could
not: a stiff prick.
He stepped out of his uniform shorts and underpants, and wearing only his Scout
shirt, walked in on his aunt and cousin.
Aunt Dee was moaning and groaning from not being able to come, and Julie was
raising and lowering her naked ass, clenching and unclenching her broad girlcheeks,
to no avail. The room smelled of aroused pussy, and the sight of the two
females rubbing their clits together on top of the odor, brought Herb to a new peak of
sexual excitement. His prick lengthened and swelled more, and he grabbed his
cousin Julie by the waist and dragged her off his suffering aunt.
"What the hell are you doing? You, son-of-a-bitch!" the girl fumed and threw herself
at Herb. He lost his balance and fell to the ground, wrestling with an infuriated girl,
wearing only a T-shirt that was now up somewhere around her armpits. Julie was
strong. She straddled Herb, who was flat on his back, although his knees were
raised, and went for his face with her fists. Her bare, wet snatch was pressed right
against Herb's belly. The contact with the angry, naked girl kept Herb's prick at its
stiffest as he recovered from the surprise of being attacked, and rolled over so that
Julie was underneath him.
The pretty, blonde girl bit him on the shoulder, and Herb f***ed his knee between her
naked thighs. He grabbed her by the hair and jerked her head until she opened her
mouth to scream and had to unclench her teeth from his shoulder. As he wrestled
her down to the floor, Herb felt his prick slide into the girl's cunt, and he rammed it in,
all the way.
"Bastard!" Julie screamed, now skewered by her cousin's hard cock. As the naked
girl struggled, Herb started fucking her, rolling over once more, but this time with his
stiff shaft embedded in her cunt. The more she struggled, the more fun it became for
Herb. Each one of her movements made his hard prick slip in and out of her twat, so
that without meaning to, his cousin Julie was giving Herb the ride of his life. When
the girl saw that she could not overpower her boy-cousin with sheer strength, she
tried cunning: she fucked him back, moving her agile hips rhythmically and fast so
that Herb found his head beginning to reel, and as soon as Julie thought her cousin
had lost his vigilance, she tried to get herself unskewered from his rod. Herb grabbed
her ass-cheeks and lodged his dick deep inside of her, while she pounded at his face
with her fists. Herb started to fuck his cousin, harder and harder, until she stopped
hitting him and began moving her hips under him. When Herb was about to shoot his
spunk, Julie wrenched away and as he rolled around with her, he felt his nuts
explode at the same instant that the girl's cunt convulsed and with prick-gripping
spasms signaled her climax. Herb pumped what he thought must be barrels of cum
deep inside of his girl-cousin's belly.
When he pulled out of the blonde girl and stood up, he saw Aunt Dee lying face
down on the bed, her shoulders shaking with her sobbing. Her nightgown was up
above her waist and her delicious, big, white ass-cheeks lay bare for him to see.
"Aunt Dee," Herb said, "What's the matter?"
The woman sobbed even harder. "G-g-go aw-w-w-way," she told Herb. "I'm so-soashamed,
I c-c-could die!" Her fat ass-cheeks trembled like jelly. Herb saw that her
black pussy hair ran up into the crack of her ass.
Julie got to her feet, looked at the sobbing woman, pulled her own T-shirt down and
went up to Aunt Dee's head. She stroked the woman's hair and then reached for one
of her big, naked breasts.
"Go away!" Aunt Dee screamed at her. "Leave me alone, leave me alone!" and her
well-shaped, bare woman's feet beat a tatoo of frustration on the bedspread. The
kicking made her fat ass-cheeks quiver, and Herb's prick stirred at the sight. The
idea of fucking a woman, a real, mature woman, excited Herb. He wondered if that
full-fleshed delectable woman's body would feel different to his prick than the
teenage girl's. He had a sudden desire to touch those woman's ass-cheeks, to run
his hands over the smooth flesh and into the dark, hairy crack.
Julie looked down at the still-sobbing woman, shrugged her shoulders and headed
for the door. Just before she went out of the room, she hoisted her T-shirt in the back
and showed Herb her nicely rounded ass. It was small compared to the large globes
of woman-flesh on the bed.
"Aunt Dee?" Herb tried, but the woman apparently did not hear him but kept on
crying. Her thighs were slightly apart from her tantrum, and Herb could see pink
meat through the black tresses of his aunt's pussy. Right at that moment, Herb knew
that he was going to fuck this beautiful, desirable woman. He saw his dong half-hard,
and he got on the bed and lay down next to his aunt and laid his prick on her naked
ass. The underside of his dick touched the cool woman-flesh, and the contact soon
brought his rod erect again. Slowly, Herb started to rub his cock against his aunt's
naked ass. When he saw that she made no attempt to stop him, Herb lay on top of
her and reached under her for a tit. His hand found a generous boob and his prick
grew harder as he cupped it.
"Herbie!" Aunt Dee cried out in alarm and turned over so that he fell off her. She
looked around as if regaining consciousness and quickly pulled down her nightgown.
"Herbie, I'm so humiliated," she said and started sobbing again.
"Don't be, Aunt Dee," the boy said, "I know-how Julie is." He patted his aunt's hand.
"You couldn't help yourself, Aunt Dee," he added and squeezed her hand. "But really
it's only natural, Aunt Dee."
"Herbie," Aunt Dee said, and he blushed as he saw her eyes on his hard prick,
"You've had- ah-relations with many girls, haven't you?"
"Relations?" Herb moved his aunt's hand onto his bare thigh.
"I mean sex, Herbie. I know you did it with Julie, and-oooh!" Aunt Dee's mouth made
an O, as Herb put her hand right on his stiff prick. Aunt Dee jerked her hand away
and then let it drop right back on Herb's pecker. "Thank you, Herbie, for
understanding," she said, leaned over and kissed him on the lips.
Herb's prick sprang to life in her hand, and she squeezed it rhythmically while she
kept right on kissing him. Herb thrust his tongue into his young aunt's mouth, arid
she started breathing hard. Herb reached for her tit and fondled it until she moaned.
He wondered whether her cunt was already wet. My god! he thought, this is a
woman, a full-grown woman, letting me feel her up, playing with my cock, and I'm
going to screw her!
Aunt Dee's nightgown was up around her thighs, and Herb ran one hand over her
legs and up under it, until he could feel the tender inner cheeks of her ass. The
woman slid forward until her sopping wet cunt lay against Herb's fingers. Boy! She
made no bones about what she wanted! A waft of cunt odor, strong and exciting
came from between her thighs. Through the tangle of coarse cunt-hair, Herb felt for
his aunt's twat and slid two fingers up inside her. She jerked his prick and brought
her other hand to cup his nuts, feeling his male equipment with hungry, impatient
Herb finger-fucked his aunt. She leaned over and kissed him again, both of her
hands now working on his prick, rubbing it, feeling it, her sensitive fingertips
examining the swollen, sinuous veins, the knob, and the tip leaking clear juice in
anticipation of the fucking that Herb knew would come. His tongue entwined with that
of his young aunt, and Herb suddenly felt the full power of the mature woman's
sexuality. This would be different from fucking a sixteen-year-old high-school girl who
knew how to move her ass and cunt but had none of the powerful sexual magnetism
of this woman.
"Aunt Dee," Herb said, his voice breaking with emotion, "ever since I was six years
old, I've watched you, wanted to see you naked, and I did, in the shower that
summer at the farm, and Aunt Dee, I've dreamt of doing this with you. Ohgod, Aunt
Dee, I'm crazy for you!"
Slowly, the woman leaned back, drawing Herb toward her by his prick, parting her
soft, fleshy thighs until her wet, hot woman-cunt lay exposed. "Be gentle, Herb," Aunt
Dee said, "I've never- well you're the first, you know," and Herb nodded and let her
slide his hard prick up inside of her, feeling the heat of her belly, feeling his balls
hang against her hairy asshole.
When he was on top of her, he felt himself engulfed in her flesh, her tits under him
were flattened globes of flesh, but it was Aunt Dee's fat, round ass under him that
made Herb feel the difference between this woman and the girl he had fucked
earlier. She was tight, boy was his aunt tight in her snatch! And when she started to
move those powerful hips, Herb started to breathe as hard as she.
Herb started sliding his prick in and out of his aunt, feeling the cushion of her ass,
the limitless depth of her cunt that, however, gripped his pecker tightly and
massaged its length with elastic walls. I'm fucking Aunt Dee! he thought. My god, I'm
fucking her! His strokes increased as the thought penetrated his mind that he was
slipping his meat to his young aunt, making her pussy feel good, giving pleasure to
that big, wonderful ass that he had seen naked in a c***dhood dream and later hi the
shower hut at the farm. That ass was under him, bouncing him up at the end of every
one of his thrusts, as the woman cried out hi her lust.
Aunt Dee's cries of lust at first frightened Herb, but as he felt the woman rising to
new heights of sexual pleasure, he became proud that he was the one feeding the
fire of Ms aunt's sexual desire with his good stiff rod of male gristle. He grunted as he
thrust into his aunt, watching her beautiful face, the green eyes shut, as she became
lost in her bodily pleasure. My prick is going in and out of my aunt's cunt! Herb
thought. Then he remembered the spanking she had given him. Now, he said to
himself, you're going to pay for that! He viciously withdrew his cock from his aunt's
cunt, and she opened her eyes.
"Turn over!" Herb commanded. The woman rolled over on her stomach. "Up on your
knees, Aunt Dee, and stick your bottom out."
"What are you going to do, Herbie?" his aunt asked him, as she raised her
magnificent bottom up.
"Legs apart, Aunt Dee," Herb ordered. "Wider." He grabbed her large ass-cheeks
and pulled them apart so that her hairy cleft showed. Her asshole winked pink
through the growth of hair. Herb put the head of his cock against the pink hole and
shoved. Aunt Dee screamed in pain and rolled over on her back. "Not in there,
Herbie, please," she pleaded. "I'm too small for that."
"Get your ass up," Herb ordered, but this time he started to finger his aunt's asshole
first. He put a little spit on his finger and started to go in and out of her tight hole,
rimming it, relaxing the sphincter muscle until he thought he could try his cock again.
This time the head slid right in, and Herb slowly moved his stiff shaft, into the
woman's rectal passage. "You spanked my bottom, Aunt Dee, and I'm going to fuck
yours in return," Herb said and pressed more meat into his aunt's asshole.
"At least play with my-ah-organ, Herbie," his aunt begged, and put his finger on her
fat twat. Herb found his aunt's clit and started diddling it, while he ass-fucked the
twenty-nine-year-old woman.
He felt her fat ass-cheeks against his thighs every time he rammed his prick into her
bowels. This was what he had thought of most often while he had jerked off all these
years: fucking his Aunt Dee in her beautiful, elegant ass!
His fingering of her clit brought her to renewed fever pitch and the woman started
moving her big ass around and around as the boy's prick slid in and out of her butthole.
Suddenly Aunt Dee's asshole started to contract, and she let out a loud scream as
he popped off. It was too much for Herb. Here he had brought a mature woman to
orgasm while he was fucking her in the ass! I'm fucking my Aunt Dee in the ass! And
with that thought, Herb spilled his load of hot, white cum way up inside of his aunt's
"Did you wash your-ah-penis, Herbie?" his aunt asked him ten minutes later when he
came back from the bathroom.
Herb nodded.
Aunt Dee lay, completely naked, on the bed, her dark patch of hair starkly
contrasting against the snow-white skin. "You like my-ah-bottom?" Aunt Dee asked
"Ass, Aunt Dee," Herb corrected. "I like your ass, Aunt Dee. You've got the greatest
ass in the world, Aunt Dee. That's why I fucked you in it."
"Herbie!" his aunt reproached him, "do you have to talk dirty?"
"I'm not talking dirty, Aunt Dee, I'm telling what I did. I, a fifteen-year-old boy, fucked
you, a real grown-up lady, in your rosy and tight asshole."
Aunt Dee blushed. "It was good, Herbie," her hand went for his cock. "Herbie," she
said, "promise me you'll tell no one, no one, about what we just did. Will you do
"You mean that you don't want me to tell anybody that we fucked, Aunt Dee?" Herb
"That's right, Herbie."
"Then say it, Aunt Dee. Say what you mean."
"Please don't tell anybody that we fucked, Herbie," the woman repeated and stroked
the boy's prick.
"Kiss it," Herb said to her.
"What?" she looked up at him with her beautiful green eyes.
"Kiss my prick if you want to get it hard again for another go," Herb said to her.
Aunt Dee brought her mouth down to Herb's cock and kissed it near the center of its
"The head, Aunt Dee," Herb commanded, "kiss the head," and when she kissed it
gently, he said, "not the underside of it, right where that little knot of skin is-yes!" he
exclaimed as the older woman kissed the head of his prick again.
Then his Aunt Dee took the knob of Herb's cock into her mouth and tongued it. Herb
knew that she wanted more cock, and was giving him head to get it hard for him.
She was not an experienced cock-sucker, Herb thought. Nothing like that little bitch
Lisa or hot-pants Julie. But what she lacked in experience, she made up with
Herb looked down at the twenty-nine-year-old woman blowing him, and his prick
began to swell at the idea. Here was a perfectly beautiful, grown woman lying bareass
naked on the bed, sucking his prick for him. Only two days ago, Herb would
never have dared to imagine that he'd be lying here with Aunt Dee on her bed, while
she was using her mouth to get his prick hard enough for him to fuck her again. Aunt
Dee was really hungry for cock. She held the base of his cock-shaft and worked on
the head, her cheeks sucking in with her exertions.
Aunt Dee lay ass-up, and Herb reached over and fondled those cushions of flesh,
those delicious ass-cheeks that made all the difference between fucking this woman
and screwing a girl like Julie. Not that Julie hadn't been able to make him get his nuts
off inside of her, but with a mature woman, a fuck was something else. Herb fingered
his aunt's snatch, feeling it squishy against his fingers, and then he thought how it
would feel sticking his nose up between her ass-cheeks and sniffing her hot twat,
maybe even licking it for her the way Julie had been doing when he had interrupted
them and won out because he had a hard cock, while poor Julie only had a mouth
and a little clit.
"Want me to suck your cunt for you, Aunt Dee?" Herb asked.
In answer, the woman spread her legs wide and knelt with her ass raised, so that
Herb could slide in under her, never taking his cock out of his aunt's mouth as she
blew him eagerly. Herb put his face between his aunt's thighs and sniffed deeply.
Her cunt was freshly washed, but the pungent odor of a sexually aroused woman
was strong.
Aunt Dee, I'm going to fuck you again, Herb thought, and this time I'm going to fuck
that fat ass off you. He buried his nose in her hairy snatch, while her mouth did
wonders with his swelling dick.
Herb sucked on his aunt's cunt-meat and tasted her. The cleft of her snatch was
drooling love-juice filled Herb's mouth as he tongued her groove and then sucked on
her tough, little clit. When he nibbled on her clit, the woman's belly and ass started to
move in the gyrations of a fucking female, and knowing that he was about to slip
meat to this woman brought Herb to a full hard-on once more.
Aunt Dee liked having her pussy sucked though, because she kept right on working
on his stiff prick while he ate her out, even reaching up and kissing her asshole. Aunt
Dee liked that because she moaned with pleasure and sucked his cock so well that
Herb thought he was going to come in her mouth. He tongued her asshole, then
when he felt his cum building up pressure, he pushed the woman off him, rolled her
over on her back and slipped his steel-hard prick into her warm cunt.
It felt even better than the first time. Aunt Dee's cunt gave pleasure even if Herb did
not move his cock. Herb had heard older boys talking about how one girl was a
better lay than another, and until now he had never understood how that could be.
Maybe if a girl was especially good-looking, he had figured, she would make a better
lay than a homelier one. But he had always imagined that any cunt would feel the
same-like his first maybe, only warmer and wetter. But Julie had shown him that a
cunt was far different and far better than a fist, and Aunt Dee had turned out to be a
most wonderful lay. When he started to rub against the walls of her .cunt-sheath, it
felt so good, and Herb thought he would shoot his spunk, without having given his
aunt the good cunt-reaming that she craved.
Rotating his ass, the way he had seen the senior patrol leader doing with Lisa up at
the campground, Herb started fucking his aunt. This time, she folded her soft thighs
around him, and he' could feel the tender, inner ass-cheeks caressing his balls,
Jeez, what a woman! And it was a woman he was fucking, not a school girl. That
was woman-ass there under him, grinding away, taking in his meat, while his chest
pressed against the large, soft woman's tits.
Aunt Dee moved her majestic ass slowly and rhythmically, giving her fucker the
greatest pleasure he had ever felt. This woman had sucked his cock and let him fuck
her in the ass, she was his exclusively. How lucky I am to have a woman, a beautiful,
desirable woman-that men in .the street go hard for-as my own to fuck and suck and
be fucked and sucked by in return, Herb thought, as he rode Aunt Dee.
His prick slipped in and out of her hot, tight cunt, making his aunt moan with
"I'm fucking you, Aunt. Dee," Herb said. "My prick is going in and out of your cunt.
How do you like it?"
"I love it, Herbie," Aunt Dee moaned. "I love you fucking me." And she ground her
magnificent ass under him so that he felt that he could not hold back any longer, and
he wanted to fill this woman with his spunk. This was even better than screwing her
in the ass. This woman, his aunt, was probably the best lay in the world, Herb
thought, as he shoved his cock in and out of her gripping cunt.
"Give it to me! Give it to me!" his aunt urged Herb as he fucked her. "Love me! Oh,
love me!" and she cried out as she started to get off, and her nails -dug into Herb's
back, and her legs closed so tightly around him that he could not breathe. He kept
right on giving her cock in swift, strong jabs, while she whimpered in the throes of
another come, moving her naked hips under him, warm and womanish, until he
could hold back no longer, and crying out, "Dee! Dee!" he filled his aunt's womb with
spurt after spurt of hot, thick cum.

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