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Auntie's Naughty Boys

... pussy just like that. Actually, until this moment, Herb, who was fifteen years old,
had never seen a cunt in the flesh before.
"Listen-if you wanted to see my snatch, why didn't you just ask, instead of dislocating
your eyeballs trying to catch a flash?" Julie said and opened her knees wider so that
her fat, hairy cunt lips gaped, and the moist, pink slices of inner flesh showed.
"Haven't you ever seen a twat before?"
Herb blinked. His cock had grown so stiff that it hurt. Good grief! He could see
everything, even her asshole, pink and puckered. His prick swelled until he thought it
would burst out of his Boy Scout uniform shorts. With embarrassment, he saw Julie
was looking right at the wet spot where the tip of his rock-hard rod showed under the
khaki cloth. He tried to look away from what she was showing him, but the gaping
girl-crack drew his eyes like a magnet.
"I guess you haven't," Julie said.
"W-w-w-hat?" Herb stammered. "Haven't what?" His throat was dry and his heart
hammered in his chest. Did she want him to fuck her?
"Come over here, Herbie," Julie said slowly.
Herb couldn't straighten up. His prick throbbed under his tightly stretched Boy Scout
shorts as he bent forward and hopped over to the couch where his girl cousin was
calmly spreading her cunt lips for him.
"Might as well get a good close look, if this is your first time, Herbie. Here, sit on the
floor. You can get your face up close. It won't bite you." Julie slid her ass forward so
that her quim was right under Herb's nose.
He squatted before his cousin, his eyes level with the top of her glistening slit. He
could smell a strange, wild, clean, but definitely girl odor. Mygosh! He was smelling a
girl's cunt!
Julie squeezed a triangular piece of naked pink flesh at the top of her hairy crack,
and a pink pearl of meat glistened.
"That's my clit, Herbie," Cousin Julie explained. "That's what makes a girl feel-oh, so
good, umm." She teased the pink, pea-sized nub of flesh with her slim finger.
"Wanna fuck me, Herbie?"
Herb thought his pants would explode. The tip of his steel-hard prick peeked out
from the bottom of his shorts, dribbling a pearl of thin but sticky juice. "Uh, sure,
Julie, I'm game."
"Then take your pants down and lets see what you got," the girl said and reached for
the painfully hard ridge in his pants. The touch of her fingers on his dick, even
through the thin material of uniform and undershorts, made his rod lengthen another
inch. "Hurry up," the girl said as he fumbled with his pants. She was fingering her clit
with rapid strokes.
Herb watched her with wonder. So that's what girls did instead of jerking off! He
unzipped his pants, and pulled them down along with his undershorts. His prick
sprang out, an angry purple rod of meat that the girl grasped with her free hand and
squeezed lightly. Herb reached for his girl cousin's spread-open cunt, but hesitated.
"Put your fingers into me," Julie said. Her voice was hoarse and her face flushed.
"Come on, touch me." There was a wild look in her eyes and her blonde hair fell over
her face as she pulled Herb towards her by his prick. He put his fingers between her
open thighs and ran their tips along the rim of her slimy crack. The thought of
shoving his aching cock into her so excited him that he nearly spilled his load. How
would it feel to slip his prick in between those wet, pink lips, into the girl's eagerly
waiting cunt-hole?
Julie stopped flicking her clit and grabbed his head by the hair and kissed him giving
him tongue so that he could feel it all the way down to his cock. He kissed her back
and down there felt her guiding his rock-hard prick into her warm, wet snatch.
Julie rolled back on the couch, pulling him on top^ of her. His prick stayed lodged in
her as he found himself lying between smooth-skinned, soft girl-thighs, his balls
pressed against the crack of his cousin's ass, and his prick stuck up her cunt. He
rammed his cock in as far as it would go and heard Julie wince.
"Wow, you're big, Herbie," she said and started moving her hips under him.
Herb pulled back and thrust forward again, feeling his prick slide way up inside of
her. He was fucking! He was finally getting his first piece of ass! And what an ass!
Wait until he told the fellows in the Scout troop about it!
"C'mon," Julie urged, "give it to me, Herbie." Her hips ground away under him, and
Herb felt his prick rubbing the length of his cousin's cunt sheath as he laid his strokes
into her, feeling his balls slap against her spread-open asshole.
"Julie! Herbie!" The voice cut through Herb's pleasure, and he stopped in mid-stroke.
Oh no, not now, not when he was about to finish his first piece of ass!
"Never mind her," Julie said and bucked her belly and cunt against him, "You just
keep fucking, Herbie."
"Where are you two?" Aunt Dee's voice was strident, chilling. Herb felt his prick go
soft. He couldn't let Aunt Dee catch him screwing Julie.
"What's the matter with you?" Julie said, her breath short and hard. "Keep on
"Aunt Dee," Herb said as his prick as soft as an overdone spaghetti noodle shrank
and slipped out of the girl's cunt.
"Hell, who cares about her?" Julie said, pulling him back down on top of her.
"I can't," Herb said. "I just can't with her about to bust in here any moment." He
slipped into his pants, kicking the undershorts beneath the couch. Julie shrugged,
sat up, and pulled her dress down barely in time.
"What are you two doing in here?" Aunt Dee asked as she came clacking into the
room. She was a tall, full-bodied woman of twenty-nine, with fair skin and dark hair.
Her green eyes took in her niece's spread thighs and flushed cheeks and then came
to rest on Herb. He crossed his legs to hide the wet spot on his uniform shorts and
tried to avoid Aunt Dee's eyes. He stole a look at her legs though and at her large,
powerful ass, when she swung around and turned to Julie.
"Well, young lady?" Aunt Dee asked. "What's been going on in here?" She sniffed
and frowned. "What's that smell, Julie?"
The girl brushed her blonde hair back from her face and gave her aunt a teasing
look, a smirk on her dark pink lips. "Don't you know, Auntie?" she said and slid
forward on the couch so that her dress rode up and her aunt as well as Herb could
see her bare, hairy snatch.
Herb's balls ached. He looked at Aunt Dee's ass and imagined what it would be like
to pull it apart and thrust his eight inches of steel-hard gristle into his aunt's cunt. It
would probably be tight, he thought, and the idea of making her take in his full eight
inches of cock, with her squirming and hollering, excited him and made his balls hurt
even more.
"You should be ashamed of yourself!" Aunt Dee said to her niece. "Showing yourself
to a boy like that! And one with a dirty mind like Herbie to boot! Don't you know what
it does to a boy when you expose your private parts to him like that?"
"It makes him get a hard-on," the blonde girl said and ran her pink tongue over her
"Well of all the-!" Aunt Dee raised her hand as if to slap Julie, then let it drop. "I'll deal
with you later, young lady." She turned to Herb. Her tits jiggled in her black dress as
she reached for his ear and took it between two fingers. She pulled Herb to his feet
and he saw Julie titter as he unsuccessfully tried to cover the spot on his pants. "You
filthy little b**st!" Aunt Dee shrilled at her nephew. "You became so excited at
seeing your cousin's--your own cousin's-private parts that you soiled your pants!"
Aunt Dee turned back to Julie. "You see what you did to your cousin, Julie?" she
said. "Some day you'll do that to a boy and he'll lose control and then where will you
be, young lady?"
"On my back with a man's meat up my-"
"That'll do!" Aunt Dee cut off her niece. "Go to your room-at once!
Julie got up, slowly, and walked out, swinging her ass. Herbie watched it and her
slim girl-legs.
Gosh! I fucked her, Herb thought. I had that ass naked under me and those smooth,
tanned legs wrapped around my waist, and my cock way up her cunt-hole, sliding in
and out-gosh it felt good, all squishy and warm. I fucked a girl! He was full of wonder
at how easy it had been after wishing for it and thinking about it for such a long time.
But I didn't finish, Herbie thought. I wanted to fill that hot-assed little bitch's belly full
of my cum! Herb's balls ached so badly, he was feeling sick.
"All right, you filthy little brute!" Aunt Dee said and pulled Herb by his ear. "You
march right upstairs, young man. I have a bone to pick with you."
Herb felt the pain in his ear as his aunt marched him toward the stairwell. What could
she be so put out about now? As she f***ed him to go up the stairs, doubled over,
Herb could see his aunt's thighs and belly under her black dress, and if he strained
against her pinched fingers on his ear, lie could glimpse her full tits. He felt his prick
getting stiff again as the thought came to him that he would like to get his nuts off
inside of that woman, his aunt Dee. After all, she did have all the equipment, tits,
ass, and a cunt, probably with a big black bush around it.
"Now!" Aunt Dee said and let go of Herb's ear. As he straightened, he saw her
holding up his magazines with the brightly colored photographs-his ."Fuck books" as
he called them.
"This, this horrible filth, Herbie, where on earth did you get this trash?" She was
holding the magazines as if they were full of spunk and cunt juice. "And hiding it
under your mattress, like a thief! No wonder you have bad thoughts and get all
excited when your cousin Julie is careless about her skirt!"
"They're mine," Herb said reaching for the magazines. "You leave ‘em alone."
"I certainly will do no such thing," Aunt Dee said. "I'm confis**ting them, and don't
you ever let me catch you with anything like that again or I'll report you to your
Herb wanted to blurt out that he had swiped the magazines from his Scoutmaster's
backpack during the Scout troop's last camp trip, but he decided to keep his mouth
Aunt Dee narrowed her green eyes and put her pretty face right near Herb's freckled
boy's features. "If you weren't so big-" she said. "Even so, I've a good mind to take
your pants down and give you a good licking-on the bare."
The idea of lying bare from the waist down across his aunt's lap made Herb's cock
stiffen some more. Now if Aunt Dee's lap happened to be bare-the thought of his stiff
prick probing between her thighs brought back a full hard-on.
"Now, you just stay up here in your room, young man," Aunt Dee said, "and don't you
think I won't tell your parents about this? She held up the magazines and sailed out.
Herb sat down on the bed, his cock throbbing in his shorts. He opened his fly and let
it spring out. He stroked its sticky length and then sniffed his fingers. They smelled of
her, Julie, of her cunt.
I've got to finish banging her, Herb thought, as he stroked his prick, faster and faster.
I don't want to jerk off like some little boy, not now, not after I've tasted the real thing.
Walking as quietly as he could, he went out the door and looked up and down the
upstairs hall. There was no sign of Aunt Dee. Herb snuck towards the stairs, tiptoed
past Aunt Dee's room, wincing when a floorboard creaked, and then stopped when
he heard a moan coming from behind the white door. Was she sick? But no, there it
was again, a long, drawn out sigh breaking into a whimper. There was nothing sick
about that sound. It was like the little groans Julie was beginning to make when he
had been fucking her, just before Aunt Dee had interrupted them.
Herb bent down and peeked through the keyhole. At first, he saw only the bed with
its white crochet spread. He had to look in at an angle to see something more than
that. He could not believe his eyes! There, upright on the dresser, leaning against
the mirror, was one of his "fuck books," a magazine, swiped from the Scoutmaster,
that showed couples fucking and sucking. The book was open to a color photograph,
a close-up of an angry-red, veined prick spitting thick, white cum. If he pressed his
cheek against the door he could see a luscious pair of female legs, the black skirt up
high, exposing smooth, white thighs. Herb squeezed his head against the wood as
hard as he could until he could see what Aunt Dee was doing. Her hand was
between her thighs, jerking rapidly up and down as if she were strumming a guitar,
and all the time, from her half-open mouth she let out these little whimpers and
moans. Herb's cock throbbed with longing, when he realized what Aunt Dee was up
to. She-was diddling herself! She was looking at a full-color photo of a man's prick
squirting spunk and strumming her clit. Then Herb saw that it wasn't just the photo of
a prick that Aunt Dee was using to get herself hot. Right next to it there stood
propped against the dresser mirror the picture of this TV guy Herb remembered her
watching. She must be imagining that it was his prick that was creaming and way up
inside of her cunt!
Aunt Dee was gasping and squirming, her bare ass grinding against the seat of her
chair, her black hair over her flushed face, eyes closed, as she lifted both bare feet
off the carpet and put them up on the dresser top. Herb's cock was so hard, it hurt.
He could not believe this! Before today he had never seen a naked cunt before, and
here in less than an hour, he had not only been shown a girl's quim and had fucked
for the first time, but now was seeing a woman, a beautiful woman nearly twice his
age, about to get herself off.
Aunt Dee had spread her legs so wide that Herb could see the coral pink slit in her
black bush, above fat, pale ass-cheeks, reflected in the mirror. She seemed to be
having trouble getting herself satisfied, because her head was thrown back and her
lips were open, revealing her white, even teeth, as she puffed and strained. Herb
shook his head as he remembered the prim and proper Aunt Dee that had received
him only last night. She had told him that she hoped he was as clean in mind as a
Scout should be. She had reprimanded his cousin Julie for sitting carelessly,
although the blonde girl had been wearing panties that time. Aunt Dee had lectured
him on the importance of a cold bath before going to bed for a growing boy and on
the merits of tennis and other exhausting sports to keep his mind filled with
wholesome thoughts. Now, this same twenty-nine-year-old aunt was stripping down
in her bedroom, while thinking about some TV actor's spunking cock. That was what
Aunt Dee was doing. She pulled the black dress up over her head, exposing her
naked ass, fat, round cheeks that trembled as she impatiently flung the dress on the
bed. What an ass! A real woman's ass, full and plump and made for squirming under
a male while he fucked her good and hard as she needed to be reamed.
Aunt Dee unhooked her brassiere and for the first time, Herb saw her full-fleshed tits
in the raw. The nipples were a dusky rose as she fingered them to make them stiff,
and she felt herself up, squeezing her boobs, grinding her thighs together, moaning
for a cock. Herb stroked his own as he watched his aunt finger-fucking herself,
opening her snatch wide, showing the wet, dark-red inner skin, thrusting two, three,
four fingers up into herself and ringing her snatch. But as Herb stroked his aching
prick, his aunt still could not get the relief she wanted and needed. She opened her
dresser drawer and took out a thick, white candle. Herb had heard that women
fucked themselves with candles, but he never had believed it-until now. Here, his
aunt was about to shove a wax candle up her burning quim. As Herb beat his meat,
he wondered if both their problems would not be solved were he to knock on the
door and offer to shove his aching rock-hard rod up his aunt's red-hot quim. The
thought nearly made him spill his spunk. But he kept it in, watching in wonder as his
aunt dipped her fingers into a jar of Vaseline and greased up the hefty candle before
bending her knees, spreading her cunt lips and starting to ride up and down on the
wax rod. As she candle-fucked herself, she turned in circles, so that Herb could see
her trembling ass-cheeks one second, and her heavy boobs and hungry cunt,
sucking on the candle there as if it were a coral-lipped mouth, up and down, up and
down, the next.
Suddenly Herb felt a hand grab his cock, a soft, female hand, and he could smell
Julie's scent just before she pulled him down on top of herself, her shift up above her
tits, her long, blonde hair spread like a halo on the hall rug as she guided his prick up
into her cunt. This time she was writhing under him before he had finished his first
fuck stroke. He never knew anything could feel as good as this! The soft girl-flesh
was drawing his spunk from him, the tight rim of Julie's cunt moving up and down on
his nine inches-it felt as big to Herb-of hard man meat. He could feel Julie's ass
rolling under him, a naked girl-ass, and Herb grabbed the cheeks and felt his
fingertips in the crack of his pretty cousin's ass, the middle fingers digging into her
velvet-soft bung-hole. Julie moaned as he fingered her asshole, while he drove his
nine inches of cock way up into her belly. Then he heard himself shouting and he
bucked his ass up high before driving his cock into his cousin's cunt faster and
faster, like a piston, pressing her nakedness against the carpet, feeling his nuts
explode as the first jet of hot spunk shot up into his sixteen-year-old cousin Julie's
belly. He squirted spurt after spurt of cum, rubbing his cock up and down inside
Julie's cunt-sheath, forcing her up against his belly by squeezing her ass-cheeks,
pulling them apart, until the last drop of his sticky, white juice had been squeezed out
of him by his almost naked girl cousin.
Herb collapsed on top of the shuddering girl and lay there for what seemed ages.
But it was actually less than a minute, and then Julie reached for Herb's semi-hard
cock and started handling it. She closed her soft hand over the stiffening prick and
started rubbing it up and down, the length of gristle still wet with cum and cunt juice.
The blonde teenager really knew how to give a hand job. Her ringers applied just the
right amount of pressure, squeezing the male meat gently, running soft fingertips
over the swelling tip, ringing the shaft, while she pressed her slim, naked girl-body
against him. Herb reached for her tits and started feeling her up. He had never felt a
girl's naked boobs before and as Julie's nipples became hard under his hand, his
prick kept on swelling, urged on by Julie's hands that were both working his rod now.
Julie kissed her younger cousin full on the mouth, her hands both on his throbbing
cock. She thrust her tongue into his mouth until his prick started to leak. Herb ran his
hand over his girl cousin's naked ass, feeling the tender cheeks, squeezing the full
flesh, and fingering her crack. He ran his hand under until he felt her wet cunt, but
the girl twisted away from his probing hand and dropped his cock.
Herb looked up in surprise. He still could not understand girls. Why did she stroke
him to a good stiff hard-on and then keep him from her cunt? But Julie surprised him
again. She knelt, her bare ass high, and went for his cock with her mouth. She raised
it, holding it with her lips, then propping it up with both hands, started to give him
head. She inhaled his male gristle, and sucked on it, running her soft mouth up and
down its entire length, tonguing it as she went, swallowing the drops of clear, sticky
juice she drew out of it. Herb had never dared to dream of a girl sucking him off like
that, and here was his older girl cousin, this good-looking blonde chick Julie going
down on him, working him up so that he could fuck her again.
While Julie kept blowing him, Herb cupped her tits, feeling her stiff nipples, rolling
them between his fingers, and then ran his palms over her bare back, leaning
forward until he was at her up tilted, naked ass again, feeling up her taut ass-cheeks,
the crack between them wide open. Herb fondled his cousin Julie's satin-soft bunghole
and then let his fingertips slide down into the hot, wet slit of her quim.
Julie thrust her ass up against his hand, so that his fingers slid way up inside of her.
Her soft, warm girl-mouth was working on Herb's prick, her tongue darting around his
stiff meat, licking up every drop of cum that oozed from his throbbing dick.
Then Julie scrambled around on her knees, her mouth rotating on the swollen shaft
of Herb's cock, until her upraised, naked ass faced him, her gaping asshole and cunt
inches from his face. Herb smelled the slightly sweaty fragrance of her quim and
bung and looked with wonder at the wanton display of her femaleness. Fringed by a
pubic beard of dark-blonde pussy hair, Julie's cunt lips were coral-pink, swollen and
inflamed with lust. She was all a****l, presenting her hot twat for the male's
inspection, while she readied his meat for plunging into her swollen and gaping crack
by sucking it for him with her mouth.
Herb saw the dark-rose clam of Julie's cunt, the puckered, pink ring of her asshole
above it, framed by the fattish, velvety cheeks of her girlish ass. Peach fuzz of
blonde hairs covered the inner curves of her buttocks, the golden down becoming
thicker near the female body-holes.
Herb felt Julie's mouth draw up and off his prick. "Eat it," she said.
"W-w-wha-a-t?" Herb quavered.
"Lick it, suck it, Herbie. Put your mouth to my snatch and work me up," his girl cousin
Herbie gulped. He did not know whether he could lick that smelly, wet girl-meat.
Julie thrust her ass back, and her drooling quim pressed against Herb's nose and
mouth. Down by his prick, the teenage girl's mouth was doing things, to him that
Herb had never imagined a girl would do to a boy. With the soft inner pads of her
lips, Julie nibbled the underside of her cousin's cock, slightly back from the tip, where
the nerves were most sensitive.
Herb's mouth watered suddenly at the thought of licking the tender girl-flesh that
smelled slightly fishy, like fresh oysters. When he stuck his tongue out and in
between the hot lips of his girl cousin's cunt, he tasted her salty quim juice. Kissing
her there, on her wide-open cunt, was not much different from kissing a girl's mouth.
Only the lips were fleshier, fatter down there, and the cunt smelled pungent, wild.
As he ran his stiff tongue around the rim of the girl's snatch, Herb felt her spread her
ass-cheeks even wider. The hot, wet girl cunt was glued to his face, and he started
to suck her cunt-flesh. Herb swallowed her salty quim juice. He still could not believe
that this was happening to him, Herb! Good Gosh, he was lapping a girl's cunt!
Eating pussy, hair pie-muff-diving! Now he knew why they called it that. He had to
come up for air from time to time, pull his nose out from between his cousin Julie's
swollen cunt lips to fill his lungs before plunging back in again to eat the girl's meat.
Then he felt Julie's snatch contract, and she pulled her cunt and ass off his face and,
as nimble and slender as an eel, twisted about, one bare foot thudding against Aunt
Dee's bedroom door. Julie lay on her back, spread wide for him and pulled his
purplish-red prick up into her cunt.
"Start fucking, Herbie! Faster!" Julie urged. She bucked her belly up against him, and
Herb fucked her, moving his hips up and down, as quickly as he could, rubbing his
hard prick against the sheath of her cunt. The girl was grinding her bare ass against
the carpet, keeping his prick inside of her, loving the fucking he was giving her, until
he felt the first jet of spunk shoot into her belly, then the second, and another, and at
that moment, Aunt Dee opened her bedroom door and looked down at her niece and
nephew writhing on the floor of her upstairs hallway.
"What on earth!" Aunt Dee shrieked. "Oh, you dirty, filthy-" She reached for Herb's
ear and pulled him off his cousin Julie. Herb saw that his aunt had put on a long,
wine-colored robe, that was open to above her knees so that he could see her bare
thighs. Grabbing Julie by her blonde hair, Aunt Dee dragged both teenagers into her
bedroom and turned the key, locking the door. She put the key into the pocket of her
robe and took hold of Herb's ear once more.
Holding the nearly naked boy and girl-one by the ear, the other by her long, blonde
hair-Aunt Dee dragged them over to her bed. Herb was amazed at the strength of
the woman as she flung him and Julie about as if they were dolls. Aunt Dee's face
was white with fury. Her nostrils flared and her red lips were drawn into a narrow slit.
She looked like a madwoman-, a possessed creature, and Herb was actually afraid
of her. When she ordered him to kneel by the side of the bed, he did so, without
protest, feeling awfully foolish in only his Boy Scout uniform shirt, his ass bare, and
his prick and balls hanging out for his aunt to see.
But Aunt Dee was not interested in his male equipment, she was giving her full
attention to her blonde niece Julie. "You little slut," Aunt Dee said through clenched
teeth, as she sat down on the edge of the bed, on the white crochet bedspread, and
yanked her teenage niece across her lap-the girl's naked ass uppermost.
Aunt Dee's robe fell back from her bare legs, and Herb noticed the contrast of the
teenage girl's suntanned body against the woman's ivory skin. But the portion of
Julie's body that Aunt Dee concentrated on was not tan but a golden cream color
where a bikini bottom had covered her ass-cheeks. Aunt Dee's palm smacked
against the blonde teenage girl's naked ass with such fury that Herb winced.
"Slut!" Aunt Dee raged. "I give you a place to stay when nobody else would, and this
is how you repay me!"
Smack! The woman's palm came down on the girl's naked bottom again.
"You show up out of the blue, beg me to put you up, promise to behave, and the first
chance you get, you do a filthy, nasty thing!"
Smack! Aunt Dee's hand slapped the girl's quivering ass-cheeks.
"That's what you are!"
"If they'd given you a good licking in that reform school,"
"Instead of letting you run away,"
"You would have thought twice before doing a nasty, filthy thing like that with your
Smack! Smack! Smack! Aunt Dee spanked the s*******n-year-old girl's naked
behind again and again.
Herb, kneeling half-naked, couldn't help feeling a pang in his prick, as he saw the girl
kicking her long, bare legs, exposing the slit of her pussy, the cunt-hair flecked with a
white speck of his spunk. Had he actually fucked this good-looking girl, now writhing
across his aunt's lap? He still could not believe that he had actually had his prick up
inside of this pretty, blonde girl whose ass was all red from the spanking she was
But although it must have stung her, Julie did not seem to be in any great pain. She
was shrieking, yes, but that was only to make her aunt think the spanking was doing
more damage than it actually was. But Herb noticed that the squirming girl was
getting Aunt Dee all flustered. Before every smack, Julie raised her naked ass,
letting the taut cheeks spread open, so that her aunt got a good view of her quim.
Once or twice, Aunt Dee's palm struck right across her niece's wide-open crack, and
Herb could have sworn that she let her hand linger on the girl's hairy cleft just for a
fraction of a second longer than necessary, before administering the next spank.
Aunt Dee was flushed now, whether from the exertion of giving her niece a good
spanking or from touching the girl's cunt lips, Herb could not tell. But it must have
been the contact of her hand on the girl's exposed snatch, because, Aunt Dee
stopped hitting Julie for a second, reached down to yank off her slipper, and brought
the sole of that down three times-each with an earsplitting crack-on the girl's bun.
This time red welts rose on Julie's ass and she cried out in real pain.
"That will teach you, young lady!" Aunt Dee said and stood up so suddenly that Julie
nearly fell to the floor. But Aunt Dee caught her, and Herb noticed with astonishment
that Aunt Dee was cupping Julie's right boob as she helped the girl to her feet. There
were tears on Julie's face, but they must have been a sham, because Julie gave
Herb a sly wink, when Aunt Dee was adjusting her wine-colored robe.
"Get down there next to Herbie, so you can see what he's going to get," Aunt Dee
said and reached for Herb's inflamed, red ear again. Julie squatted on her heels,
knees apart, showing off her pink cunt-crack in its nest of dark-blonde hair. Aunt Dee
appeared not to notice as she flung her nephew across her lap, face down.
Herb felt a funny pang in his lower belly as his aunt's thighs pressed against his
chest and legs. Aunt Dee raised the tail of his khaki Boy Scout uniform shirt to
expose his bare ass, and he heard Julie giggle.
"Now, young man," Aunt Dee said and rested her soft woman-palm on Herb's naked
ass, "you're just as much at fault as your cousin, you know." The woman cleared her
throat and ran her hand over his naked bottom. Herb's prick jerked to life. With mixed
feelings, Herb felt its naked length rising against naked woman flesh. Oh Gosh! He
was getting hard against Aunt Dee's naked thigh!
"Pig!" Aunt Dee screamed and her smacked against Herb's bare ass. "Filthy little
boy!" Her palm stung him again.
His prick dangled between his aunt's thighs, his balls lay in the woman's lap. From
the floor, Julie's uncontrolled giggles could be heard between the smacks of the
woman's hand against the boy's naked ass. Then, Aunt Dee suddenly clamped her
knees together imprisoning Herb's stiff prick between her full-fleshed thighs. The boy
raised his hips and brought them down with each of his aunt's spanks, so that his
dick rubbed against the soft, inner flesh of her thighs. The tip of his swollen,
throbbing shaft protruded below the woman's thighs.
"Hey auntie, you got him hard," Julie piped up from the .floor. "Good for you!"
Herb felt a gentle female hand cup the tip of his dick. Julie! he thought. The little
bitch! But when he twisted his head up to look at her, squatting there like a monkey,
her snatch wide open, he saw that both her hands were busy with her own clit Oh,
Heavens! It was Aunt Dee then!
"Can't you even control yourself when you're getting punished?" Aunt Dee shrieked
at Herb. "You pig! Why I believe you're leaking on my leg!" And she encircled his
cock with one hand while spanking his bare ass with the other. Her robe had fallen
open, and Herb could see her tremendous tits, naked, the nipples dark red, as she
spanked his ass. Once, she let her hand slide off the burning cheeks and cup his
nuts. Herb's prick was fully hard, even as his ass stung from the spanks, when he
knew that all of Aunt Dee's protestations against sex were just a sham, a cover for
her unsatisfied, burning woman cunt. Aunt Dee needed to be fucked, Herb knew,
and even as she kept paddling his bare ass as if he were a little boy, he knew that he
was going to be the first one to shove male gristle into her red-hot quim with its thick,
black bush.

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