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A Si ster’s Lust chapter 1

Crystal Davis let out a startled squeak as her boyfriend reached out to massage the
quivering round mounds of her beautiful buttocks. She set the steaming platter of
spaghetti on the table and whirled around to glare at him in simulated shock.
“Jerry Lambert!” she snapped, trying to give him a stern, no-nonsense look. “Cut that
out! You almost made me drop our dinner!”
“Then we would have had to go out to eat,”
Jerry grinned, his blue eyes sparkling. “Or maybe we could have just settled for
eating out right here. As a matter of fact, I’d like to eat you out, honey. That’d be
even better than the spaghetti.”
“Ooooooh, Jerry!” she giggled.
“You . . . you’re just awful . . . you get me so flustered I just don’t know what to do!”
She flipped her long blonde hair back with her fingertips and glared at Jerry but the
corners of her mouth started to turn up in a flattered grin. “Didn’t you have enough of
that before dinner?” she pouted. “Sometimes I feel like I’m living with a genuine sex
maniac with all the pinching and touching that goes on around here.”
“Oh, but you love it, don’t you?” Jerry grinned, pulling her onto his lap. “Come on . . .
you know you love it.”
“Maybe I do,” Crystal laughed. She wiggled her hips just a little and was rewarded
amply for her action. Jerry’s cock was stiffening and she could feel his hard powerful
bulge start to rise. She’d have to get off his lap soon or the dinner she’d worked on
for so long would be bound to get cold.
“That’s enough,” she admonished, giving an extra little wiggle of her soft bottom and
jumping up before he could react. She dashed around the table and sat down in a
chair opposite him, grinning smugly. “You’d better eat your spaghetti, hotshot,” she
warned. “Otherwise I’ll think you don’t like my cooking and I’ll have to stay up all
night reading my cookbook. You wouldn’t like that, now would you, Jerry?”
“No way!” Jerry grinned, twirling the spaghetti expertly around his fork. “I’ve got other
plans for tonight, honey. After I get all this good food in my belly, I’ll be ready to go all
“I wouldn’t put it past you,” she smiled, her eyes suddenly sparkling. In spite of the
fact that she and Jerry had been living together for three whole months now, he
never seemed to tire of fucking her. Life was indeed wonderful, being his roommate.
There was only one small flaw in the ointment. If her parents even found out that she
was living with a man, they wouldn’t finish paying for her beautician’s training. They’d
cut her off without a cent, and she wouldn’t be able to graduate from Beauty College
in the Spring.
She had been gradually sounding out her parents on her weekly telephone
conversations with them. Every Sunday morning at approximately nine o’clock, her
parents called. She’d tried mentioning that lots of couples nowadays were living
together but she always got the same reaction.
“At least we don’t have to worry about you doing something sinful like that!” her
mother had exploded. “I’d never rest easy if I thought you were running around with
people like that, Crystal. And I know your father would hit the roof. You know how
we’ve always told you to be a good girl.”
Crystal desperately wished that she had more nerve, but she always backed down.
A couple of times, she’d been close to telling her parents that her roommate, Jerry,
was really a guy. Of course her mother and father assumed that Gerry was short for
Geraldine and she just didn’t have the courage to tell them otherwise. She was
positive that they wouldn’t approve. They’d hit the roof, cut her off, and tell her that
she come right home. Crystal knew her parents very well.
“Hey . . . why the long face?” Jerry asked, glancing at Crystal’s dejected expression.
“Wait . . . don’t tell me. You’re thinking about your parents again, right?”
“Yes,” she sighed. “I hate lying about things, Jerry. I feel like a louse every damn
time they call me.”
“Yeah . . . I know,” Jerry said, reaching over to pat her hand. “It’s not going to be
much longer though. If I get that promotion at the dealership, I’ll be making enough
money to support us. Then we can get married and I can pay for your tuition myself.
Another couple of months ought to get me in really good with Mr. Harris, honey. He’s
bound to promote me if I keep on selling more cars than any other salesman.”
Crystal couldn’t help shiver a little as she thought about Frank Harris, Jerry’s boss. A
man didn’t have the right to be so handsome. Frank Harris was God’s gift to women.
There was only one problem. He knew it all too well and he tried to take advantage
of his good looks in ways that weren’t exactly nice. Frank Harris was a ladies’ man
and he’d even tried to put the make on her, after he’d known that she and Jerry were
living together. She had never told Jerry about that company party when she found
herself struggling on the patio with Frank, and she hoped that she’d never have to.
At least Frank hadn’t tried anything recently. She figured she could keep him under
control as long as she stayed close to Jerry at those little company gatherings. He
wouldn’t dare make a pass at her in full view of Jerry. Even Frank wasn’t that foolish.
Jerry’d knock his block off, even if Frank was his boss.
The telephone rang shrilly in the living room and she immediately jumped up to
answer it. It couldn’t be her parents. They only called on Sunday mornings. It was
probably one of the girls from beauty school to ask about one of the assignments.
Jerry helped himself to another plate of spaghetti as she talked on the phone. He
wished she wouldn’t get so uptight about her parents. It made him feel like less than
a man because he couldn’t support her, but it took a little while to get started in the
sales business. Jerry knew he’d be making some real money pretty soon and the
first thing he was going to do was to marry her. She’d be a perfect wife. She was
sweet and considerate and incredibly sexy. That was really surprising, considering
the strict home life she’d had. He hadn’t ever met her parents but, from what she’d
told him, they were practically Victorian. It was a wonder Crystal turned out the way
she had. Most girls coming from her background would have been as straight as a
Jerry finished his second helping and leaned back in his chair to light a cigarette. He
could hear Crystal still talking on the phone. This was really a long call this time. He
figured that she was talking about her homework with one of her classmates or
something. He didn’t realize that anything was wrong until Crystal came back into the
kitchen, her face the color of a piece of chalk.
“Hey!” Jerry gasped, pulling her into his lap again. “What’s the matter? You look like
you just saw a ghost.”
“It’s worse than that!” she moaned, burying her head in Jerry’s shoulder. “The cat’s
out of the bag, honey. That unfortunately was my s****r, Gail. She’s flying here
tomorrow to visit for a week and she says she can hardly wait to meet my roommate,

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