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My wife in the 80's tx

My wife cheated on me 2 times with same man. Let me tell the story and see what you think. In 86 -87 wife was a hot number that everyone at her work wanted to fuck. One day she came home and told me that she was kissed today and like a dummy I blew it off and did not listen. Then I started seeing are suspecting that there more going on with her and she dressed very sexy every day and would wear crotch less pantyhose to work. I asks her why and she told me that it was easier to pee all she had to do is pull panties down. This went on a while and I could feel the distance between us and she wanted to take some nude pics of her in lingerie, hell it sounded good to me. I had an old 35 mm and we did take pics but she took them to work and said she only showed her friend Kathy because she unknowingly Kathy saw them. I never believed this and so I started watching things and one day she called me at work and said she called to see what I was doing but I look back and see she was checking to make sure I was at work. I again was a big dummy and blew it off and was not thinking. That night she came home Friday like nothing was wrong and she ask me if I wanted to go for a trip this weekend. I said sure and we went on a trip and that night I noticed she was real horny and we fucked and fucked, guess she was feeling guilty oh well getting ahead of story. That Sunday we came home and she went to work on Monday but Sunday night I got up one night and looked thru her purse and found directions to a place at the lake. I called her at work and told her I knew all about her and bobby at lake , she was stunned and I was not happy but still turned me on that she fucked him.

She came home and told me what they did at lake because I told her to tell me everything and she did but I think she left out some things. She wore her crotch less pantyhose that day and of course you can figure out the rests. This is the same guy who kissed her at work and recently found out it was more than once. I had k**s and did not want a divorce so decide for the ids to try and work out. I thought we had but and I did but then one day she told me she was going to spend the night at Kathy’s house and they were going to play cards. But you see she does not play cards and never has so a red flag went up. I did not say a word and let her think I was ok with this but after work I started to search motels and was just about to say I was wrong decided to look at one more motel and there that car was at motel. I put my finger over the peep hold and said manager and the dumbass opened the door and I had a knife and the SOB ran to his truck and did even think about her. I went in room and she was naked and I made a mistake that I said I would never ever do and hit her are slapped her.

I then left and went home thinking this is one time but two times. She came home and for some reason I stayed with her and we fucked the same night. I realize now if I had to do this over I would have left. I enjoyed her that night and fucking her was great but did enjoy. Then a few months later for some reason she told me a story about him. I ask her what and I think she thought someone would tell me so she decided to tell me firsts. One day she said she had some papers for this person to read and he told her to come to his office. She said when she arrived he locked door and put her on desks and fucked her now she said it was not wanted. I did not believe that if you go to a person’s office that you fucked before and he locks door then it’s time to leave are report a ****.

One day she was on a crew with some guys outside in an area and she came home telling me this story. she said that her and a younger male was in woods talking and the crew said it’s time to go and so she said she switched shirts and got in truck to see if they noticed. She wanted to cover her trail in case someone told me so she made up this story. I ask he did not try and play with your tits and she said no. I think they used the shirts to lie on ground and fuck.

I may never know she is 60 now and so one day I ask her if bobby was the only one she screwed and a yes are no answer is all I wanted. She walked off to bathroom and again asks her and she turned around in a very loud and angry voice and said yes. I told her I got an email form a gut who said they had a relationship and she looked off thinking I could tell and then answered no. I left it alone and went about my business but later that night she never mention what I ask nor was she mad but acted like nothing was wrong with what I asked.

I will add one thing during all this times she would come home every day horny as hell every day and every day we would fuck. What do you guys think really happened if I am making myself clear?
Second part

I received an email from a guy in new Boston and he told me that he knew her and had her name correct and that she and a friend went to a bachelors party back then and gave me details but I asked for pictures and he could not said did not remember any being taken . That is a red flag to me because if even back then you had a bachelors party there would be pics taken. I knew her friend back then C and I called her and left a detail message and finally she called me back yesterday and I ask her about the bachelor’s party. I knew they were friends so I figured she would tell me if this is true are not but instead she ask me if were still married and I said yes and older now. She seemed to get on defensive like giving me a lecture about the internet and do not believe everything you here. She did say they were not there and told me that if they went anywhere they would always take k**s and not to a party. my k**s at that time were old enough to stay at home alone and I do not really know because I was in st Louis back then for 2 months and if this happened in new Boston are anywhere else it was in 1986 are early 87. Here’s a pic non face and if you know her name put in subject line and I know that’s long time ago so if I find out ok if not ok to. I am just a hubby who wants to know, nothing else and I am still with her and always will be regardless of what I find out about her. Will tell you one hint she always wore a necklace and that necklace had a word not love but something else and if you know that word I would say you know her.
She did lingerie shows in Texarkana for a shop and traveled around to clubs here and MT pleasant and did private shows. Do you remember her if so let me know if I was sexy in shows. I would say my name but better not on here. Love to see my old pics if anyone has any of her at shows if anyone knows are seen her back in the 80's. I lost a lot of her pics back then so please let me know. She was 36 back then and I went with her to some lingerie parties but she I was unaware of all of them. She went to a bachelor party in new Boston I found out later.. I do not remember all the good times so if you know her and have any details are pictures of her please send. I lost all her pictures except for a few and to be honest like to know what she did and see her pics. I really like to have any pics of her. Please only reply if you do know her and tell me how bad she was then. I will give you a hint and she wore a necklace that had a saying on it do you know and of course what was her name, please put in subject one of these. Please tell me what my slut wife did and if you had sex with her. I am not mad been a long time and she will not tell me anything but other people have informed me. We are still married and older and gray hair etc. so only looking for pics of her and what all happened back then. She will never find out but this makes me so horny to find out the truth. I have face pics but only will send if you some of my questions are we can chat on

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