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You, the Voyeur Series, Story 2, Mum's the Wo

About nine weeks ago, we went to a pub with a couple who are our friends and fuckbuddies. We were talking quietly, but not too quietly, about sex and what we liked to do to naughty girls when they were in our beds.
I noticed a young girl close by who was sitting with another couple of girls, listening to us, obviously ingnoring her friends. I told Ali, and she said she knew what that look that was on her face meant. Women know these things.
Ali went to the toilet, passing the girl and gave her a smile and a nod of the head. The girl got up and went and followed after her into the toilets.
They were gone for around five minutes, and then Ali came back, smiling, with the girl following a minute later and sat back with her friends. Ali said she would tell me later what had happened, and then we finished our drinks and we went off for a meal with our friends.
When we got home and went to bed (just the two of us) Ali said, "don't you want to know what she wanted and what happened earlier in the toilets? Aren't you even curious"? I had forgotten all about her. I said "of course I do".
Ali told me that the girl had been listening to our talking about sex and what we would do to naughty girls. The girl said she was very, very naughty and Ali had chastised her in the toilet cubicle, by spanking her arse hard and snogging her.
She said that the girl had almost caught fire with lust. Ali was so turned on she had arranged for her to share our bed the next week. We then had a very good sex session with me constantly asking what she was like and Ali taunting me by not saying anything!
Ali likes young girls. She likes the way they get very wet, very quickly and have the ability to orgasm at will, have skin which is super soft and sexy, with breasts that are firm and pliant.
Becca, for that was her name, came to our bed, and she was so very excited, especially when we blindfolded her and restrained her arms. So started an exciting night of sex and sensuality. Ali went down on her, she slowly rimmed her beautiful smooth arse, then she kissed and tongued her as I fucked her wet and tight vagina before moving up and putting my dick into her mouth in her still blindfolded face. We did everything to her and with her. Ali got off rubbing her sex onto her face whilst carressing and gripping her breasts and tiny nipples.
Becca was a revelation, almost insatiable and was still dripping her lubrication down her thighs when on all fours at the end of our night together, It was a night that was so good and unexpected, a special session of sexuality that only occurs infrequently and we all agreed that we should do it again so a date was fixed for ten days later.
Becca phoned a couple of days before our meet. We thought that she had changed her mind, but we were wrong. She asked if she could bring another female with her. We both smiled thinking of another young nubile girl who wanted "training". Our expectation was magnified beyond our widest desires. The night finally arrived.
Becca did bring someone with her. Her name was Marie, but she was not nineteen. She was around 45, with great lingerie, a fabulous figure with breasts that were natural and desirable, classic good looks and sense of style and she had a very horny smile.
We went into our living room and put on some lesbian porn. Ali sat near to Becca and started carressing and kissing her, whilst I started kissing and stripping Marie. Soon we were all nearly naked.
Marie had one of those vaginas that just have to be stroked, kissed, rubbed, licked and adored. She loved having her arse fingered and rimmed. She was on heat and I was finding it difficult not to come with her stroking and sucking my dick.
Becca was right next to us, with Ali's fingers deep inside her pussy, and the other hand fingering her arse. We were all fast approaching orgasm. The smell of sex and the heat of lust was so pervasive, that you could have done anything to anyone of us at that point. We were now all on the floor in front of the sofa. Marie suddenly got up and left me and then pushed Ali off Becca.

We watched as Marie placed her mouth hard on Becca's sex and really gave her clitoris a strong tonguing, and I mean strong. You could see Becca's vaginal lips being stretched and pulled over her gorgeous mons. Marie's fingers went deep into Becca's cunt and her other hand was pushing two fingers into her arse. Ali and I went either side of Becca and sucked her breasts and kissed her hard. We pulled back from her face when we could see that she was fast approaching orgasm. We love looking at the agony and ecstasy on a girls face as she is coming. Becca had that look on her face now and then started her convulsions shouting out "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, you're bringing me off Mum"!
With that, she was a mass of orgasmic nerves as Marie kept applying the pleasure to Becca. We were absolutely amazed at the strength of Becca's orgasm, and what she had said.
How did we feel? We were so turned on that I immediately mounted Ali and we both came within seconds. Yes, we had just had sex with a real mother and daughter and had been involved with something very special and unexpected.

When we sat up and had quitened down, they appologized for the deception, but wanted both to share their bodies with us. Becca had seduced her mother when 18 years old after her father had left Marie for a young bimbo secretary. She knew her Mum loved sex, she had heard them often enough when growing up and been turned on by it, As she said, she took after her Mum in loving sex.
We made love with each other again that evening, and will repeat the occasion again......and again.......and..

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