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My first bi MMF experience.

My first bi experience was in a 3some.........................
I use to live in Minnesota and was a chef for a small upscale restaurant. After work we would all hang out at this Irish Pub down the street from the restaurant. After a short time, a woman (Beth) and I became good friends. Her husband (Daniel) would stop by the pub when the restaurant he worked at closed. We all became good friends. After about 3 or 4 month, Beth and I would flirt back and forth even with her husband around and he would even tease us about it.
Things took a turn one night after dinner at their place. We ended up sitting in the living room sipping wine, listening to music and As the night settled in we smoked alittle weed.
Beth and I were sitting on a small couch and Daniel sitting in a chair next to the us. The higher we got the more the conversation turned to sex. Oral sex mostly. Beth asked me if I liked foreplay. Before I could say anything Daniel said "hell yes", I agreed too! When Beth handed me the "j" she stayed close to me. Daniel got up to get an other bottle of wine. As he walked away Beth began to rub the back of my neck, telling me how pot made her feel frisky.
Feeling high and turned on myself I turned to Beth and before I know it we were kissing, turning into some heavy making out. She had turned and was facing me, in a heavy passionate kiss. I could feel one of her nipples rubbing against my chest. I could hear Daniel coming back, I got nervous and pulled back. Just then Daniel said "oh please don't stop on the account of me". With that Beth grabbed the back of my neck and started kiss me. She started crawling over me, straddled me and grind down. She was wearing a long skirt so I started sliding it up her legs till I had it around her waist and my hand were all over her ass. I looked over at Daniel and he had his cock out, stroking it. While I watched Daniel, Beth was kissing my neck and grinding down on my HARD cock. When she looked to see what I was looking at she slide off my lap, removed her skirt and crawled over to Daniel.
She gets between his legs on her knees and took his cock. Sliding down the couch I got to where I could see Beth suck Daniel's cock. She reached out to grab my cock, when she felt I haven't taken my cock out. She stop sucking Daniel and says; let me see that hard cock. Feeling high and horny I open my pants, slide then down and off. Beth reaches over takes a hold of my cock and slowly stroking it while she returned to sucking Daniel.
Damn my cock was pumping out a lot of precum. She stopped sucking Daniel long enough to lick my precum off her fingers.
Beth slowly slides over onto the coffee table, pulls her top off, leaving her tight camisole on with hard nipples popping out. Slowly she slides her panties down exposing a clean shaven pussy.
Daniel and I were stroking our cock the whole time Beth gave us a show. Running her fingers up and down her pussy and rubbing the hood covering her clit.
Daniel quickly stands up and steps in close to Beth and she takes his cock in her mouth again. One of her hands is rubbing her pussy quickly. As Daniel massage her tits and pinching her nipples.
I'm sitting back stroking hard and fast watching Beth suck that cock.
I look up at Daniel and he mouths to me; go down on Beth.
I don't need to be told twice and I drop down and bury my face in her pussy
I began to slowly first lick her lips then push down and took her clit between my lips. She jumped and moan out but it was muffled by Daniels cock. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. I keep sucking and licking her clit. I could hear Daniel moaning, I looked up and could see his cock pistoning in and out of her mouth.
Suddenly Daniel steps back, pulling at his balls, moans out; damn you almost made me cum.
Then tells Beth and I; now I want to watch Beth suck that thick cock of yours.
I sit back on the couch but Beth lays be back, swings one leg over me and straddles me head and say; I need you to eat me pussy some more, you are good.
Before I know it, Beth and I were 69ing. Everytime my cock would swell she would grind her pussy down onto my face. I knew She was close to cumming because she would sit up, releasing my cock from her mouth and grind her pussy into my mouth and tongue. Next thing I know she was sitting up riding my face as I brought her to her first orgasm. She went down to sucking me again I was close, not wanting to cum. I reached down to pull her mouth off my cock when I realized it was Daniel sucking my COCK!
Just then Beth got up and sat on the couch as Daniel continued sucking me. I was close and all I could do was reach down and hold Daniels head as I pumped my cum into his mouth. Beth was sitting next to me masturbating as she watched. When Daniel drained me of my cum, he stood in front of Beth and she began sucking him again.
This time she was just sucking and tonguing the head and stroking the rest. Every once in awhile she would drop down his cock slowly till her lips were at the base of his cock.
I was sitting next Beth on the couch jerking off when she reaches out and pulls at my hand. I follow her thinking she wants me to rub her pussy but instead she placed it around Daniels cock.
I held his cock and stroked it as she sucked his balls. Surprizingly I was getting turned on looking at his cock and now holding it. Soon my hand was stroking up and down as Beth tongue the head. Daniel is moaning, telling us how good it feels. Every so often Beth would slip off his cock and kiss me. Afterward ask me if I could taste Daniel's cock on her lips. I would just nod yes and she would go back to tonguing his head and again bottom her mouth out on his cock.
On the next kiss, Beth puts her hand behind my head and makes out with me wildly. When we broke from kissing, Daniel slid over and his cock was now next to both our mouths. Before I could say or do anything, Beth guide my head forward and I find my self kissing and lick Daniels shaft as Beth tongues the head. Beth pulls me close and we kiss again but I pull back from our kiss, she is guiding my mouth over Daniels cock.
I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. Beth sat back and watched as I began sucking Daniel.
I was doing everything i saw beth do plus all the things I like done to me.
So slowly i slid forward taking more and more of his cock. I held his hips as he began to pump his cock in my mouth. I like feeling the head sliding in my mouth. Daniel was moaning loudly and kept saying how good it felt. Suddenly Daniel pulled out and told me he wasn't ready to cum.
I sit back on the couch, that's when Beth stand and get down on her hands and knees facing me and tells Daniel to come fuck her. Watching us has made her horny as hell and she needs some cock.
Daniel got behind her and began to fuck her doggie. Beth takes a hold of my cock and start jerking me as Daniel fucks her deep and steady.
I sit forward on the couch and slip my cock in Beth mouth. She starts sucking my cock deep and bobbing her head fast. With each of Daniels hard thrust it would f***e more of my cock down Beth throat.
I took a hand full of Beth's hair and pumped my hips up matching Daniel's thrust. Damn it was hot watching Daniel fucking her as I fucked her mouth. Daniel pounded Beth harder and harder till she was just held my cock, moaning and screaming for Daniel to pounder her pussy.
Over and over she screamed out she was close to cumming. Just then she released my cock, took a firm grip on my legs, digging her nails into my legs as she started cumming. At first she just held her breath, then with a huge moan she screamed she was cumming. Daniel just pounded her as Beth cums uncontrollably. Daniel slowed down to a stop, Beth just fell into my lap. Slowly she kisses her way up, till she and I start kissing again.
Slowly she start climbing up on the couch and straddles my body. I could feel Daniel's cum dripping out of her and down my balls as she placed her clit on the head of my cock rotated her hips. With my cock rock hard I grabbed her hips and slide her up till I could feel the head of my cock lightly piercing her lips. Im pulling down on her hips as she she push her hips down on me. Using Daniels's cum as lube in one fluid motion I was buried all the way in Beth. I just held her hips as we began to slowly fuck. Beth had a hand full of my hair as she pulled my head back and started biting my neck. Beth slowly grinds down on me fucking me deep.
Daniel is sitting next to us stroking his cock.
I reach down and take over stroking his cock. Precum is pumping from his cock. I use every bit as lube. Daniel stands and feed his cock into Beth mouth. She slowly down to a hard rough grind down on me as she starts sucking Daniels cock.
When she goes down to suck his balls I leaned forward and took his cock again. Back and forth Beth and I took turns sucking his cock and balls. When Daniel took one of Beth's nipples between his fingers she started grinding me harder. I took her other nipple between my finger and we both pinched and squeezed her nipples as she started riding me harder. She and I were both sucking Daniels cock together her mouth on his head and my lips on the shaft. His moaning got louder and louder till he pulled away from our mouths . He held Beth chin, told her to open her mouth as he stroked his cock. I watch as Daniel stroked his cock, bottoming his grip at the base of his cock, he aimed his cock at Beth's mouth and began pumping cum in her mouth. Sticking her tongue out, she licks up the remaining cum pumping from the head. Beth takes his cock in her mouth, finishing him off. When Daniel fell back on the couch, Beth takes a hold of the back of the couch stands up on the couch and sits back slowly, rubbing the head across her wet lips. With one hard downward thrust she takes all of my cock and began bouncing her ass off my hips, riding me hard and deep. Grabbing the back of my neck she pulled me in close and started kissing me. I could taste Daniels cum, when I didn't pull away she opens her mouth as our tongues dance together and she shared his cum with me
Her bouncing slowly down to her grinding her hips. She slips a hand down and starts rubbing her clit hard and fast. She is moaning out, telling me to pull on her nipples. Grinding down hard on me, Beth is biting my should as I pinch and pull her nipples.
Popping her head up Beth starts moaning; I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum. Riding me hard and fast Beth holds the back of the couch leaning back, I take over rubbing her clit and still pinching her nipples. Beth thrust turn to slow grinding, moaning and groaning as she starts cumming. I could feel her pussy getting wet coating my cock and dripping down off my balls.
Beth slows down down, slips off and collapse on the couch. Daniel is sitting on the coffee table and says; oh damn she didn't make you cum?
I watch as Daniel slips down on the floor before me, wraps his hand around my cock and strokes it a few times before slipping my cock in his mouth. Damn he was good at giving head, better than Beth. His mouth slid all the way down my cock and back up with his hand following, twisting up. Sliding all the way up, he tongued the head before sliding back down.
I could hear softly in the backround, Beth telling Daniel; make him cum, make him cum in your mouth.
I could feel my cum building up and Daniel was good. I couldn't hold back any long, I grip the couch and push my hips up as I start cumming. Daniel is moan as my cum starts filling his mouth. Holding his head i pump my hips finishing off with my cock deep down his throat.
Coming back down to earth, Daniel stood up and asked who was ready for an other drink...................
Needless to say Beth, Daniel and I had many more good times together.

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