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My god it was huge

my uncle bobby decided 2 visit me one afternoon after everyone had left the house. He had been waiting to be alone with his favorite white girl for awhile. I was sitting on the couch when he walked thru the front door. He sat down next2me. Out of nowhere. He pulled out his big dick &starts stroking it. I turn to see if he is doing what i think. As i first made eye contact with his dick my mouth just opened. i could not say a word. My god it was huge. 13" of the thickest dark black cock i ever saw. even bigger then porn stars i thought. Not to mention the thickest mushroom head that flared out like a shovel. He asked me if i wanted 2 touch it.

My husband of 6 years was at work for the next few hours. I could not resist touching a cock more then twice the size of my husbands, 5 3/4" penis. first thing i noticed was the heavy mass of this thing. so thick that my fingers could not touch my thumb by a lot. i can reach the first knuckle of my index finger on hubby. as i squeezed it a large river of pre cum flowed over my thumb. almost in a trance, I slowly lower my mouth to suck my uncles huge black cock.

I tried so hard just get my lips past the thick mushroom head. i can suckle on my hubby to the balls no problem. here i was choking uncle bobby with about 8" left out. i was so wet i just had 2sit down on it. bobby just barely opened my pussy when i realized... i may have gotten in over my head!

he was much harder 2 take than i thought! he gently used his fingers 2help open me. he slid his head in past my pussy lips until just the head was locked in me. i yelled... "please don't go all the way in!" i couldn't even take half but i needed it all!

I slowly started2ride filling my hole w as much of his fat cock as possible. going down further&harder&faster with each pump. i was cumming sooo good just as the front door opens. it was my husband...... what happen next was not what i would ever expected in my wildest slutty dream.

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