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I was at a national convention in D.C. The convention was in its 3rd day and it lasted 7. They bused us from the convention hall to our hotel every day. This got to be a hassle some times, because you had to wait and wait sometimes. On this day, i had become separated from my friends and stood alone waiting for the next bus. It finally came and i got a window seat. Five minutes later, a huge black woman got on and sat down next to me. She said hello, and i returned the greeting. She asked if i was tired because it was a long day and she was tired. I turned and gave her a look. She was in her 60's and was a big lady! She had gigantic tits and a big black booty ass! As we talked, she laid her left hand on my thigh. I was wearing shorts and the hand felt good. She told me her name was Sarah. She asked if i had any plans for that evening and i told her just dinner. She said she hadn't any and her right knee was killing her. She told me that she had her ointment in her room and couldn't wait to put it on. When we got to the hotel, she asked if I wanted to join her for a drink? Why not? i said. At what bar I asked? How about room 766 she said. Whose there? I asked. Me and some fine whiskey she said. Give me ten minutes to change i said. She agreed and we parted our ways. 15 minutes later, I knocked on her door. She said to come in. She was in the bathroom and asked me to go get some ice from the ice machine. I noticed a nightgown on her bed, but i went and got the ice. When i returned, i noticed the night gown was gone. She was still in the bathroom and the door was open. She was lifting her leg over the sink and washing her pussy! I started to get hard and watched as she went in and out of her cunt hole with a wash rag. Finally, she came out wearing the top of the nightgown only. Her hairy bush was in wide open view as she sat down on the bed. Don't get any ideas she said, I want you to rub this ointment on my knee. She laid on her backand spread her legs. I began to rub on the ointment but then I stared at her cunt which was only inches from my face. I stopped rubbing ointment and began licking her pussy. She moaned and began removing the nightgown top. I then proceeded to rub her big tits. They were big and soft and the nipples were as big as golf balls. Suck my titties she screamed. I kept sucking and fingering her cunt. Is it juicy yet? she asked. Almost i said. I then stood up and remover my shorts and underwear. I straddled her neck and stuck my cock in her mouth. She started sucking me off! I want to fuck that juicy pussy I said. Oh please do, she screamed. I spread her legs a mile apart and stuck my now hard cock in her. I went very deep because she had a gigantic cunt! We fucked for about 5 minutes when all of a sudden the hotel room door opened and in walked her room mate. She was also a large Negro lady. Getting fucked huh? she said. Well i want seconds. Don't you cum boy! Save some of that white prick for me. Sarah said I'm cumming honey! She shuddered and pumped up and down on the bed. When I was sure that she had enough, I took my prick out and looked for the roomie. She was on her bed in bra and panties. Her boobs were bigger than Sarah's and she began to play with them. I walked over and she took my cock in her mouth. Yummy! She exclaimed. She took off her panties and openedher cunt lips. Fuck me honey, fuck me now. I stuck my rod in her snatch and pumped hard. We both came in about 10 minutes. The rest of the evening was spent drinking and fucking. They also gave me a lesbian performanc! What a convention!

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