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Wanting to see Wife Fuck Strangers Cock pt1

This story is from the mid 80's a bit long winded but true.We had been married 10yrs and were in our early 30's,as id got older i had fantasised about sharing the wife or taking her dogging,the thought made me so horrny.I dont know where the idea had come from but over the last few years the desire got stronger and stronger,there was one problem,the wife was very conservative and it was all i could do to get her to agree to alfresco sex.
I brought up the subject several times siting a fictisious work mate that was into it but she just thought it was disgusting,i resigned myself to the fact it was never going to happen.
We used to take the dogs to a local forestry commision wood now and then and one day when i was off i went on my own,after the walk i put the dogs in the car and went to relieve myself in the site toilet (a portacabin)when i went i there were 2 guys talking,i took a pee washed my hands and looked for a papper towel but there were no provisions,i stood about with my back to the guys and rubbed my hands together trying to dry them,i was wondering a bit what they were up to thinking it was a strange spot for a chat.
They obviously thought i was loitering and one piped up,theres not much action today a bit early.Umm oh yeah i said,then the other guy said are you new here,err yeah.
I found out they were doggers and the end cubicle had a peep hole and glory hole to the ladies cubicle next door.How do you know if there intersted or just havin a pee,well we have a peep and if they are for some action they usually stand in front of the hole and show their goods,oh right.If you stick your cock through if they are intersested they will wank you or if the want more they'll push it back through for you to sheath it and then push their pussy back onto it.Do you get much action ,a lot of peeping some fingering but not much cock action,late afternoons are best usually Thurs Fri.
I explained id always wanted the wife fucked and exposed but that she would'nt do it,one of the guys said why dont you tell her about this place and as she wont fuck a stranger suggest some role play with you on the other side.
I looked at him confused,he said when she's into it and relaxed get her to turn round and fuck your dick but it dos'nt have to be yours! ah right.
I thought right i'll give it a go,will you guys be here this Fri,hell yeah they said about 6ish is best,the toilets are locked at 8.
Getting to the point,i told the wife about the toilet she was disgusted but i explained what the guys had suggested and got her to agree to my fucking her to fullfill a fantasy.
Fri came the wife had a nice short pleted skirt and gypsie top white lace panties no bra and black wedge sandals,boy she looked hot.
We arrived and the there was only the one 4x4 in the car park,i told Sue i would go get ready and she should come in after 5mins and make like she was a stranger no talking and give a show before i fucked her.
The guys were in there and i told them she would be in in a few minutes and to give them a show but i did'nt want the to fuck her as i thought she may be nervous and a bit suspicious on her first visit,they were disapointed but agreed.
Sue entered and Don and James pressed their faces aginst the 2 peep holes in the board wall.What she doing i whispered Don gave me a comentary in my ear,the three of us squashed in like sardines.She's looking around the cubicle,iput my arm down and slipped the hole cover up,i heard a little cough from Sue and so as to reassure her i gave a little cough back,i got down between DOn and James looking through the hole Sue was standing against the back wall her skirt raised she was massaging her pussy through her lace panties.She tucked the hem of her skirt up into the front wasit band releasing her left hand to pull her panties aside,she opened her legs wider and slipped two fingers between her outer lips circling them at the top of her pelvic bone.
I was rock hard ,so excited at the two strangers viewing my wifes shaved pussy a she probed her wetness,Sue had closed her eyes she was relaxed now and enjoying the moment.She moved her hands up and pulled her elasticated top down under her tits,they are firm B cups but she has awesome nipples and they were reddened and errect.Sue moved her hands to her hips hooking her thumbs under panties sliding them down her lovely long legs.She stepped her left foot out but they tangled on her right shoe buckle,oh my god! she lifted her foot onto the toilet seat to unhook them and her pussy gaped open,i nearly came in my pants.
Sue left her panties on the seat and went back to rubbing her pussy now fingering herself she moved to th hole.Don and James moved back from the wall,James sat on the loo to get a view i moved to the back side of the cubicle and Don positioned on his knees at the doorwy.They both released their cocks as did i all wanking in unison as Sue held her pussy open with one hand and delved her fingers of her righthand in and out.
I gave a look at the guys James's cock was about the same girth as mine but way longer had to be 9inch Don's was virtually the same as mine an average 6.5inch.My attention was drawn back to the hole as Sue gave out another little cough,she turned and presented her open pussy to the hole.She wanted fucking and was sliding her two fingers back between her thighs sinking them in her hole,i noticed her juices run down her left leg.
It was too much i had never seen her like this and i shot my load prematurely,fuck i thought.
Sue gave another cough and James taps my shoulder seeking permission,i knew he was too big and Sue would know so i shook my head,another little cough came from sue so i nodded to Don.He stepped infront of me and positioned at the hole,i moved around my head against the wall and watched as he fed his cock through to Sues pussy.Her two wet fingers act as a slide guiding his cock up into her wetness.
Don flattens himself to the wall,it begins to resound with the sound of Sue's ass banging back against it,i hear her moaning softly as Don tries to give some fucking motion meeting her thrusts.
I could see her juices running back his shaft,the bumping against the wall stops and there is load arrgg from Sue as she orgasms(she rarely orgasmed to cock that quick).Don lets out a fuck which startles me but its okay Sue is oblivious and she lets out another moan as Don empies a load into her wetness,her orgasm clenching is cock has sent him over the edge.
Don pulls back through and James and i are treated to Sues gaping pussy ousing his spunk as she holds her position recovering from her orgasm,a visible contraction of her inner pussy as a secondary wave comes over her,James sees it too and he spurts his load.
Sue places a tissue up between her legs and starts to turn,so i reach and pust the cover over.
I wiped my dick and looking at the guys whisper next Fri,they nod.I have another idea for next week i whisper so James can fuck her,do me a favour and wait here till we drive off,again they nod.

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