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His Sexpot S i s Chapter 12

"Come to mummy, Shawn, and learn how to make love," cried Jill, tired of watching
her husband giving his cock to their daughter.
Shawn let out a parched laugh as he got to his knees, his cock beginning to ache
with horny pleasure as he leaned forward and pressed his mouth hungrily against his
mother's red lips. Her mouth opened wide to take his exploring tongue.
"You're good and ready, aren't you?" she chuckled and she clutched the throbbing
length of his cock.
"Yes, mummy," he gasped.
"Well, it's a little late for your birthday so this will be my belated gift," she cried
His tongue glided down her neck, leaving a glistening trail of saliva along Jill's
heaving tits. There he sucked up huge mouthfuls of her pliant flesh, massaging and
mouthing the hot, hard-tipped orbs until Jill's breath came in labored pants. He
played with her yielding boobs, then got to work on the fiery nipples, scourging each
in turn with kisses, nibbles, and sucks. Spasms of pleasure shook her body and he
knew she wasn't far from an orgasm, so he stopped his tit teasing and began again
to kiss and suck along her body, inching down over her belly toward her crotch. He
tongued her belly button and lower abdomen on his way to the furry patch of her
pubis and his bl**d-engorged cock trailed down over her face to slap against her
parted lips.
"Yes, oh yes, my little boy," she crooned willingly.
John looked over at his wife and gave a knowing smile before he turned his head to
feast his eyes on Kyla's naked splendor. Soon he would be ready to take her again.
As Shawn's tongue snaked out to split the bloated lips of his mother's cunt, he felt
her hand close around his cock, ever so lightly. He grinned and bent his head as his
tongue probed deeper and deeper into the incredibly wet and succulent hole of her
Jill's tongue hung limp and ready between her lips as she drew Shawn's cock toward
it. Her fingers squeezed the velvet flesh where his pubic hairs had been shorn and
she was ready.
He sensed his mother was about to suck him as he tongued her gash with increasing
fervor, feeling her hot breath on the sensitive, taut flesh of his swollen member.
"Take it," he gasped, "take it into your mouth, mummy-go on."
"I will," she soothed.
He buried his face in the gash of his mother's cunt as ripples of electricity fired
through him as her urgent mouth closed around the throbbing crown of his cock, her
tongue smothering his prick tip, then letting it slide along her tongue into her warm,
gulping mouth.
"Bite it, eat it," he pleaded and wanted to call out for the others to watch as his
mother sucked him off.
With his legs outstretched at either side of her head, she had total freedom to do
what she wanted with Shawn's swollen prick and she wasn't in any hurry to bring him
He smelt the odor of his mother's dripping cunt and its salty-sweet taste excited him
beyond sensibility. With his mouth buried deeply in her streaming gorge of cunt flesh
and his prick being vigorously sucked by her eager mouth, he didn't care about
anything else. He trembled with pleasure as he heard her gag each time he thrust
his hips down, fucking the wet sheath of her gobbling mouth, and still she didn't stop
her desperate mouthing. Instead her mouth opened wider, allowing his achingly stiff
meat to slip even further into her throat. He felt her fingertips digging savagely into
his buttocks, embracing him in a growing frenzy as she drew his cock back so her
teeth could nibble the raw ridge of his cock, swirling her tongue around the pulsing
spunk eye. Then she let the full-bloated length sink back into her throat until his balls
danced around her lips.
Her little ass pumped up and down, rubbing her wet twat all over his face. Suddenly,
she stopped, motionless and tense for a long moment of breathless ecstasy, then
erupted with a renewed frenzy of squirming, shuddering, orgasmic joy.
He attacked her clitoris with grim determination, sucking her tender cunt flesh and
swallowing every drop of her flood of juices as she grunted and humped and gasped
in the throes of mindless bliss. Gradually her tensing, whip-lashing movements faded
and became a slow rotating action, rubbing her splayed cunt lips against his mouth
with gentle but nonetheless urgent f***e. He took her all with his mouth as he
continued to thrust his dick further down her gullet.
"Beautiful," she gasped.
He lifted his face from her fuck slit and groaned that he was nearly ready to come
himself as his cock was swallowed in tight, mean sucks that made his prick throb like
it was about to burst.
"Let it come, Shawn," she shouted out.
"When I come, swallow it, mummy," he gasped.
"I will," she gulped as she kept on sucking.
Faster and faster his cock stoked her hungry mouth. He felt the tips of her fingers
squeezing the base of his shaft like she was trying to milk it, causing it to jerk madly
as his long-awaited stream of fuck milk rushed through him, surging. up to swell his
testicles that were ready to explode.
"Suck it, harder," he wailed.
She wanted to tell him she couldn't because his cock was too big and it stuffed her
mouth so full that not a word could come out now.
"Ahhh-ahhh-UNGH!" he screamed as his boiling-hot spunk sprayed into her mouth,
shooting down her throat in mighty jets. His cries spiraled away into loud, ecstatic
grunts as the geysers of cream kept firing nonstop into her devouring mouth. At last
the heavy spurts died away, but he still felt her mouth tight around his shriveling
cock, sucking the very last drop of dew from it.
She kissed his softening shaft and balls, her, tongue going all around them. She
tongued the soft tender skin of his inner thighs before dabbing wetly at his asshole.
Her tongue tip circled his quivering asshole, dipping with slow strokes into the tightly
constricted hole before gliding back to his heaving balls.
"Don't stop," he begged and stretched his legs as wide as he could as he laid his
face down against her slippery fuck hole.
"She'll take him again," said John crawling over to Kyla, who had watched the entire
performance with her mouth gaping open.
"But-his own mother!" Her eyes bulged.
"And why not?" He stared into the dark divide of the young girl's tits. There were so
many ways to fuck innocent little girls.
Jill gently nibbled the base of her son's cock, tonguing up along the hardening
length. Her fingers foraged over his thighs and buttocks and balls, squeezing,
tickling, and caressing them. She opened her mouth and took his cock into it again
and bit it hard.
"Aaaahhhhhh," he cried out as spine-tingling waves of delight raced from his toes
through his legs and thighs up to his stomach to merge in one tremendous wave at
his balls. Now his cock drove completely into her mouth and he abandoned himself
to the onrush of blazing excitement that enveloped him. With his ruby-red cock head
throbbing deep in her throat, he wasn't able to warn her as a heavy missile of spunk
shot from his fuck rod for a second time. He collapsed flat on top of her in a writhing,
shaking frenzy as the delightful spurts from his cock slowly drained his ball bag.
"Please fuck me, daddy," whispered Jodi as she put her arm around his waist seeing
his huge cock standing hard and ready. Watching her mother had made her shiver
with excitement and she had herself climaxed so many times that she had lost count
"Not yet, Jodi. I want to take your little friend again," he said gently as he saw her
thighs wet with her own cunny juice. He felt an awesome erupting as his blue-veined
prick swelled like a monstrous sausage as his daughter urged him to fuck her.
"But daddy," she wailed, and it came out like a tortured moan. She glared at Kyla
who was lying back, her widely splayed crotch an open invitation. Her up-thrusted tits
quivered expectantly.
"Take me then," hissed Kyla, her nubile body writhing, her breathing excited as she
anticipated a hot throbbing cock that would surge into her.
"Bitch," spat Jodi. She started frigging herself again as she saw her father edge over
to Kyla to inspect the vestible of her young cunt. His huge hands moved over her
alabaster body to her hard-pointed tits as Jodi stuffed her fingers into her cuntal
"That was heaven, mummy," gasped Shawn, feeling he didn't have the strength to lift
his head from her sticky crotch.
"Lay still and watch the others and then you'll come again," she laughed quietly as
she stared at the soft pillows of his buttocks. It was like he knew she was looking at
them because they clenched together hiding his shit hole. Absently she touched
them as she felt Shawn's drooling mouth against her wet, hair-fringed slit.
"How do you want me to fuck you, Kyla?" asked John, straddling her. His eyes
washed her mound of cunt flesh dressed lightly with her yellow hair. The halo of
golden wisps were parted ready for his fiery cock.
"Any way you want to fuck me," said Kyla provocatively. Just saying it sent exquisite
sensations through her, urging her nipples into turgid blooms. She gazed at his
distended fuck stick. Soon it would be weaving around inside of her, rampaging,
ravishing her.
"If you don't put it into her she'll come just thinking about it," called Jill, taking her
eyes off the globes of Shawn's buttocks. "Fuck the girl, John. Don't tease her."
"I'm going to," he croaked hoarsely as he twisted Kyla's tits until cherry-red nipples
stood up like twin pricks. His fingers bit into the yielding spheres and he felt her
respond with sexual spasms. Now the c***d's cunt was gapping and dripping wet.
Her eyes were submitting. He mouthed obscenities at her as he half-lifted her and
spun her over on her belly, her long, tapered legs outstretched.
"Take me," came her anguished cry.
He held his screw shaft in his hand as he parted her ass cheeks with his knees to
inspect her puckered little anus. His swollen sword grew bigger as he let it go to hold
the globes of her bottom wide open.
"Please fuck me," she implored, thinking his prick was aimed at her leaking fuck hole
and that he was tantalizing her.
He moaned with lust as he readied to spear forward into the velvety fold to despoil
her moist pinkness for ever more. He thought nothing of the excruciating pain she
would have to bear as his prick swung forward like a battering ram to impale her.
"Aargghhhhhh-ohhhhhahhhhh," she roared and gave a violent convulsion as his
smooth-skinned truncheon tore into her asshole and kept on drilling deeper.
His fingers sank into the soft, fleshy buttocks that he drew back toward him as his
bloated cock sank between the twin cheeks relentlessly.
"Yeeooooowwwww, nooooooooo, nooooooooo," she screamed, as his grinding cock
stretched her asshole till it felt it would split, and now it was pumping backward and
forward like a piston.
He reached under her and fingered her raindrop-moist slit, ignoring her screams and
threats. His fingers arched and dug into the groove of reddened flesh where his cock
was meant to go. It was a delightful little pussy but her ass was much tighter and had
to be taken.
She let out a last strangled groan, knowing there was no escape. The silver tears
swam down her face as the huge prick reamed her. There was no bliss, only pain,
excrutiating pain as his swollen member bored deeper and deeper.
"Give her a good ass fuck; the little slut," hissed Jodi with unconcealed delight as her
fingers hooked into her own swampy slit. Seeing Kyla's lithe body writhing made her
come again, enflaming her senses as her fingers continued to work away at her
pearly clit.
Kyla babbled incoherently, her buttocks clenching and unclenching in vain. There
was no way of freeing herself and her efforts were wasted.
"Look, Shawn, daddy's going to blow into Kyla's asshole," cried Jill not wanting him
to miss it.
Shawn managed to lift his head just as his father came and lifted himself up for the
final spunk-shooting drive.
"Aaaaaagggggghhhhhh!" screamed Kyla as the huge prick surged along her velvetlined
vise, stretching her humid crack taut and no longer pliant. She felt his two hard
balls rubbing up against her steaming cunt as his bl**d-engorged cock fully stuffed
her shit hole, expanding and contracting the muscle of her anal sphincter and
starting to blow huge dollops of thick spunk inside of her.
John's face contorted into an ugly mask as he suddenly drew back, pulling his wet
tool out of her while it was still shooting, and with a heave he drove it deeply into her
wet pussy to finish off.
Kyla writhed beneath him and finally managed to eject his fat cock and she bobbed
up from beneath him and stared with loathing at his still-bloated prick oozing gobs of
thick white cream. Her green eyes slitted and smoldered as her lips curled back over
her gums, twisting her face into an expression of pure hatred.
He stared at her and down to the gash of her golden-framed pussy, which was
gaping open ...
"You dirty, filthy, perverted bastard," Kyla howled in an outburst of pain, her asshole
feeling like a red-hot poker had been plunged into it.
"Shaddap," he snapped, mesmerized by her large, exquisite breasts thrusting
upward in her tantrum. Her open thighs exposed the fat, pink lips of her vulva,
spread and drooling with slippery wetness. Her clitoris was visible, peeping out from
under its hood as a tiny button of glistening red flesh.
"Pig," she roared and shut her legs tight.
"John," said Jill quietly. "Don't be cruel to the girl." She wriggled over and put her
arms around her and cuddled her against her breasts like a baby.
"He-he hurt me," Kyla whimpered.
"I know, darling. He's a brute. But I'll make you better." Jill smiled to herself as she
pushed the girl back on the bed and bent and kissed her mouth.
"I ache all over," sobbed Kyla, feeling Jill's wet lips moving down her throat and
slithering across her breast to mouth her nipple.
"I'll make you better, I promise," crooned Jill. "Now open your beautiful legs, dear,
and let me have a look."

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