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His Sexpot S i s Chapter 8

"I'm still a virgin," said Kyla. "Jodi, I'm so hot. Would you mind terribly if I took my
nightie off and laid here with nothing on?"
Shawn caught his breath as he watched her strip the thin nightie off, baring her
enormous breasts that seemed to swell as he watched them. He saw now that her
skin was olive and flawless and his prick swelled up hard inside his tight underpants.
"I'll do the same. After all, we're both girls," said Jodi laughing. "It is hot, isn't it."
Now they were both naked on the bed and Shawn feasted his eyes on them. Kyla's
tit-cannons were pointed upward at the ceiling and they rose and fell as she
breathed. She seemed perfectly at ease.
"I lost my virginity years ago," said Jodi. "I'm glad I did and I enjoy sex."
Kyla turned her head and looked at Jodi's small breasts, and her eyes drifted down
to her shaven cunt and stayed there. Without any hair she was able to see all Jodi's
slit and her hand moved like she was about to reach down and touch it but she
"Have you ever wanted to be fucked, Kyla?" Jodi asked blatantly.
"Yes, I have, lots of times." A spasm rippled through Kyla's thighs like she was
imagining what it would be like to be taken.
Jodi turned on her side with her back to the door and without warning she put her
open hand over one of Kyla's tits and closed it so her fingertips were around the
Kyla's eyes widened slightly but that was the only sign she gave that she knew Jodi's
hand was there.
"I know men that would beg you to let them take you," Jodi cried out. "Yes, beg you,
Kyla. It's no fun being a virgin. You can't go around with a sign hanging from your
neck saying you're a virgin. Give in and let a man have you," Jodi wheedled.
"What man?" Kyla's wet mouth ovalled and she was interested.
"Any man, Kyla. They've all got beautiful cocks that glide into you." She lowered her
hand, walking her fingers down Kyla's body. "Into cunts," she finished and her fingers
circled around Kyla's love slit.
"No," Kyla pushed her hand away. "Men frighten me." She shuddered. "I'm sorry,
Jodi, but I can't help it."
Jodi's eyes narrowed. Things weren't going quite as she had planned. The only way
to get Kyla excited was by touching her. Her thoughts raced. Maybe there was some
other way.
Shawn stood in the hall weighing his straining cock in his hand with his underpants
off and in a ball behind him. He could barely hold himself back from barging into the
room and leaping on top of Kyla. That's what she needed. Couldn't Jodi see that?
But then, if she resisted him it could turn ugly and he'd be in big trouble.
"I'm going to tell you a secret," Jodi started. "It's about me and Shawn, Kyla."
"No-I don't want to know." Kyla flung her head to one side like she already knew
what Jodi was going to say.
"I'm going to tell you anyway," Jodi smarted. "Shawn is my lover. He has fucked me.
Turn your head and look at me, Kyla."
"I won't. I don't want to hear."
"Shawn has a beautiful long hard prick, Kyla. It's curved and it has a large prick head
that you can feel inching into your cunt, all the way."
"No Jodi don't." Kyla started to writheand her body spasmed beyond control.
"This morning I shaved his lovely hard cock all over and his balls are as soft as your
tits," Jodi said harshly. "They are big balls and when he fucks you they swing up and
down against your tiny bumhole."
"Noooooo," Kyla let out a moan and her legs thrashed.
Shawn stared through the crack and smiled. It wouldn't be long now. Jodi had her
where she wanted her and she was breaking her down.
"Let him take you, Kyla. Let Shawn fuck you and rip away your stupid virginity. Let
him, Kyla, now," and she sat up and pulled Kyla's legs wide open.
It was his cue and Shawn stepped into the room and stood there with his prick ironhard
standing out in front of him.
"Oh, my God," screamed Kyla as she caught sight of him and tried to cover herself
"No, Kyla, it's too late," shouted Jodi. "He's going to take you and I'm going to help
him. Come on, Shawn, she's ready for you," she snorted.
He lumbered over to the bed and walked around to where Kyla was and let her look
long and hard at his jerking weapon. She was trembling all over and her tits jumped
up and down and smacked against her chest.
"You can't. I won't let you. Both of you are mad," cried Kyla, forcing herself back into
the mattress. She watched Jodi moving to her feet and stretching open her legs and
holding them up for Shawn and to get a good look at her cunt like she was some
prize a****l, and she felt sick.
"Look, Shawn. Look. Isn't it a nice one? It's tight like I said it was and it's never been
fucked before." Crudely she nodded for Shawn to pull Kyla's slit open so they could
both look.
"You're sick," screamed Kyla, knowing they weren't listening to her.
"Get between her legs, Shawn. I want to watch you take her," hissed Jodi, still
holding Kyla's legs high and wide open.
He did as Jodi said and scrambled between Kyla's legs and with his buttocks high in
the air he let Jodi take hold of his prick and guide it to Kyla's slit.
"You'll have to drive it in hard," Jodi told him.
He felt the hot cunt lips in front of his fuck pole and they were parted by Jodi. Now all
he had to do was plunge forward into the girl.
Kyla's huge eyes begged him not to. Her mouth opened and closed silently as her
worst fears were about to be realized. She was going to be screwed. No, the truth
was more than that. She was going to be ****d. That was what was going to happen
and she was helpless and could do absolutely nothing about it.
Shawn spread his muscular legs apart between Kyla's thighs and he saw Kyla close
her eyes in resignation as his long, sinuous cock drew back, stopped, waited, and
then in an almighty surge drove forward into her throbbing cunt lips.
"Yeeeooowwww, nnnooo, nnnnnnoooooo," Kyla howled and tried to sit up.
"You're in her now, don't stop, Shawn. Drive in all the way," coaxed Jodi, bending
behind his heaving buttocks so she could watch his mighty prick boring in to take
Kyla's virginity away.
"Shit, she's tight," he hollered. To stop her writhing, he pushed her back on the bed
and caught hold of her big soft tits. His fingers sank into them as he drew his cock
back, nearly out of her, ready for the final onslaught.
"Fuck her good," Jodi hissed, "then she's mine."
"She's like a baby doll," Shawn mumbled.
"Take no notice of that. She'll fuck like a woman when you've finished with her," Jodi
gurgled. "I know, that's how it was with me."
He heard Kyla groan as his thick cock swelled just inside the mouth of her cunt. He
shuddered and his hips readied and he drove his prick forward like a battering ram
as Kyla started to scream louder and louder like she was being butchered. He felt his
cock head tear through the membrane of her virginity and he kept on going until his
balls were hard up against her fluff-covered fuck hole.
"She's bleeding. You've taken her virginity," cried Jodi. "Now fuck the bitch and open
her up so she can enjoy it."
Kyla heard Jodi's jubilant cry like it was miles away as Shawn's sticky pole rushed in
and out of her. When would it end, was the only thing she could think of.
"I want to come," grimaced Shawn and remembered just in time that she wasn't on
the pill- and like lightning he withdrew his prick. He started firing off the second his
fuck head came out of her fur-burger and his spunk shot up over her belly and huge
blobs splattered over her quivering breasts. His prick kept firing and he saw Kyla
staring with disgust as his cream sprayed over her.
"You dirty pig," she hissed not moving. She saw his prick going limp and shrinking,
crooked like a water tap. It was over now and she felt like a slut that would never feel
clean again.
Jodi sat on the edge of the bed smirking at Kyla. Why should she feel any different?
Now they were both the same. Of course, Kyla was prettier but her cunt didn't look
any different from any other cunt that had just been screwed. And after all, wasn't
that the only thing men were really interested in?
"I want to go home now," Kyla said in a small voice, still not moving ...
"No you don't," smiled Jodi. "Before you go you're going to accept what's happened
and not cause any trouble. It isn't as bad as you think. You're still in one piece. I'll
take you into the bathroom and clean you up. Shawn, leave us alone for a little while.
You can come back later."
"I ****d her, didn't I!" he said slowly.
"No, of course you didn't. You don't understand women, Shawn. Now go. Everything
is going to be all right." She pushed him out of the room.
"I feel dirty," Kyla wailed getting off the bed.
"Of course you do, but I'll make you feel better." Jodi went and put her arms around
her. "It had to happen, darling. Come along now to the bathroom. With nice hot water
and some body cream you won't know yourself."
"You wanted it to happen," Kyla snivelled. "You let it happen to me." She burst out
"Get a hold on yourself and don't be such a baby," Jodi shouted. "At least Shawn
didn't make you pregnant. Look, it's all over you."
Kyla studied the white spunk running down her body and gave an involuntary
"Into the bathroom," insisted Jodi. "We'll soon fix that."
Shawn went into his own room and slowly came to his senses. He had done a
terrible thing to Kyla and he looked down at his shriveled cock almost with hatred. It
wasn't the same as fucking Jodi. Kyla was different and she could be dangerous if
she talked. He could go to prison for what he had done. It shook him up. He had to
go to her and tell her that he was sorry. He'd try and reason with her. It was all he
could do. He put on a fresh pair of jocks and his dressing gown. It was a farce trying
to look respectable now but seeing him naked might plunge her further into shock.
They should be out of the bathroom and back in Jodi's room, he decided, and went
to find out.
It seemed a long way from his room to Jodi's because his thoughts were in a whirl
but he heard their voices and they were low and calm and he felt easier as he turned
in at Jodi's door. He didn't know how he was going to start and he felt for the light
switch near the door because the bedside light was off. As he thumbed it and the
room was flooded with light he got the shock of his life. The two girls were on the bed
and they were still naked. Jodi was kneeling lengthways across Kyla's body with her
head buried between the girl's legs and she was eating Kyla's pussy with noisy
smacking noises. Her legs were spread over Kyla's face and still opening as she
lowered herself down to be sucked.
He stood there feeling silly as Jodi glanced up and smiled at him.
"It's all right. You can come in, Shawn, but only to watch." She bent her head and
went right on sucking Kyla like nothing had happened.
Kyla let out little mewling sounds and her long legs closed around Jodi's head as her
buttocks slowly lifted, enabling her to press her sore cunt against Jodi's searching
He watched them amazed, more so at Kyla who lay with her eyes half-closed and
her tongue lazily washing around Jodi's hairless cunt. He saw her long tongue
lapping and diving in and out of Jodi's cunt like it was the most natural thing in the
world to do.
"I don't understand," he whispered.
"It's simple really," said Jodi between biting and sucking Kyla's creamy slit. "Kyla's
never been touched by a man before, but she's been touched by plenty of women.
You see, she's a natural lesbian. That's why she wanted to come and stay here
tonight. She thought only I was interested in her and she wanted me to take her."
"Oh, I see," he said bitterly. "Then you don't need me anymore?" He started to go
"Don't be silly. Stay. I want Kyla to watch you fucking me." Jodi lifted her head and
there was a ring of spunk around her lips. "I told her that way she might come to
want a man. Now get those jocks off and let me see your cock get hard again," she
He brightened up and the thought of fucking Jodi in front of Kyla appealed to him.
There was still the little matter of fucking Jodi's ass he reminded himself. He hadn't
forgotten about it even if she had, and Kyla might just enjoy hearing Jodi screaming
and wailing for a change.
"Take a look, Kyla," Jodi said quietly as she climbed up off her. "He has a
magnificent prick, he really has. Look at his huge balls."
Kyla sat up and looked. She stared at his meaty fuckpole, remembering that not so
long ago it had been wedged tightly in her snatch. Absently her fingers went down
and rubbed her quim like she could still feel him rammed up hard inside of it.
"Does he, does he fuck you often, Jodi?" Kyla asked in a tiny voice.
"No. Today I let him have his way and he took me a few times. Now we've gone this
far he'll probably take me often," she said lightly.
He felt their eyes going over him and he dropped his hand and crudely wrapped it
around his prick so Kyla could see how long and how fat it was and he had the
pleasure of seeing her blush crimson.
"Are you sure you don't want him to fuck you, Kyla?" Jodi's voice was low and calm
and measured and she watched Kyla intently.
"It's so big," Kyla said in a hushed voice as she felt a strange stirring in the bottom of
her stomach.
"Come closer, Shawn," Jodi beckoned. "Let her touch it. Let her hold it in her hand,
and then she might let you put it between her lovely legs again."
He did as she said and moved against the side of the bed and took Kyla's hand. He
squeezed it around his prick and showed her how to masturbate it.
"It's ugly, but, I don't know. I guess it's kind of nice," said Kyla looking up at him.
"Let me take you again," he whispered.
"I don't know. You hurt me so much."
"I won't this time, I promise."
"But you might." She lay back on the bed and opened her legs wanting him to do it
without her saying so, but he didn't move. She spread her legs wide but still he
stayed there.
"Hell, Shawn," Jodi exploded. "Can't you see she's telling you to get on top of her?"
Kyla's legs lifted up in the air and spread wide open, and she turned her head away,
feeling a little cheap at offering herself like that.
He climbed between her scissoring thighs and stroked her moist pussy with his
"Oooohhhh!" she moaned.
He lay on top of her and mouthed her enormous nipples as he fitted his prick into her
gaping quim.
"Just gently," Jodi warned and fingered herself in front of him to get him up as hard
as possible..
"Aaaggghhh!" Kyla closed her eyes tight. "That's nice, Shawn. Oh my God, that's
beautiful. For Christsake, Shawn, fuck me. I mean it you bastard. I want you to screw
hell out of me," she screamed out and her legs went around his waist, locking him
tight up against her as her hips rolled and heaved to get all the cock he could give
A knowing smile crept over Jodi's face. That was how it had been with her once she
had tasted prick. Afterward you sure as hell couldn't get enough of it. Kyla would get
her share tonight, they'd both see to that.

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