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His Sexpot S i s Chapter 7

It was early evening and a wood fire burned in the lounge room sending up
exploding spirals of orange sparks that rushed up the chimney.
"I'm glad they've gone. They were good fun but it's nice to be on our own again,"
grunted Shawn nursing Jodi in his arms. They sat on the floor watching pictures
formed by the glowing wood coals.
"So am I. But wasn't it an experience?" she chortled. "Edward didn't want to go and I
had to almost push him out of the house. And that Maria ... "
"I know. She loves cock nearly as much as you do. I lost count how many times we
took her. I don't think I'll forget today for as long as I live," he laughed.
They wore dressing gowns, having bathed and eaten thick steaks they had cooked
on the charcoal griller. A bottle of wine had finished off their meal.
"The day is nearly over," he said sadly.
"Not quite." Jodi's eyes twinkled.
"Now what are you up to?" he asked hugging her tightly.
"I've a little surprise for you. We've still got all night you know."
"Go on," he said expecting the worst.
"Well, I've got it all planned. Last week I invited one of my girlfriends over to stay."
"You did what?"
"I said-"
"I know what you said, but I thought there'd be just you and me, in bed, making love
... "
"But this girl is different, Shawn. You see, she's still a virgin and she's going to sl**p
with me."
"Oh, that's great," he groaned. He saw his night of sexual romping with her slowly
"Wait, Shawn, this girl is so uptight that I'm sure you'll take her virginity because
she's simply begging for sex. She doesn't know it, of course." She giggled. "You
know her, you've met her. Her name is Kyla Grey."
"Kyla! You must be joking. She won't let any of the guys near her. We call her tin
pants." He conjured up a mental picture of her. She was a blonde with big bouncing
breasts. She had angry green eyes and a small red mouth. She had no s****rs or
b*****rs and most likely had never seen a cock in her life. She was just eighteen.
"Kyla," she went on, "likes you. She told me so herself."
"But she's a bl**dy virgin," he wailed.
"So," she cocked her head and looked up at him. "Could you think of a better
birthday present?"
"Jodi, you're evil. Do you know that?"
She chuckled and rested her head against his chest.
"She probably won't let me near her," he complained.
"You'll get her; I'll help you," she said confidently. "Like I said, we've got all night. And
Kyla has a magnificent body. I know; I've seen it."
"When?" he fired at her.
"Last year, at summer camp. We went skinny-dipping together. And all the time the
only thing we talked about was men. That was a year ago so you can imagine how
randy she must be now. I can tell you, if you have sex with her it'll be like nothing
you've had before. She must be so tight ... "
She was right and it was a challenge. To be the first to take Kyla was; every boy's
dream and here he had a golden opportunity.
"Mmmmmmmm! You smell nice, of bath oil and aftershave lotion," sighed Jodi.
"What time is Kyla coming?" he asked in a thick voice.
"I told her about eight. What's the time now?"
"Are you still mad at me, Shawn?"
"No, of course not." He planted a kiss on the top of her head.
"We'll probably have a few drinks and sit around talking," she said. "I wouldn't come
on too strong if I were you, Shawn. I mean, you can't throw open your dressing gown
in front of her and say, ‘Look at this.' If you do, she'll turn and run. Just take things as
they come and tonight you'll learn how to seduce a young woman."
"You don't have to give me a lecture, Jodi," he growled.
"I know that, silly. I only wanted to warn you. Kyla is shy and sensitive and you'll
need to be careful. In fact," she studied her fingernails. "I don't even think she's on
the pill so for Christ's sake don't make her pregnant."
"Shit. That's all I need. I don't know if it's such a good idea, Jodi."
"Well, it's too late now," she said in a huff.
"It's all been arranged and Kyla's coming."
She stood up and her filmy nighty clung to her body. "If you must know, I've been
looking forward to tonight."
"What do you mean, Jodi?"
"Well, if you don't want Kyla, I do. There, I've said it and you can think what you like."
She stamped from the room wanting to be by herself for a little while.
She's a lesbian as well, my own s****r, Shawn grinned to himself. But he should
have known that after seeing her up in the attic with Virginia. It promised to be a
most interesting night.
The fire cast shadows around the room as the hungry flames curled around an old
log. It had been a hot day but in the hills the nights were cold. Shawn felt the heat
fan his face and he thought of the times he and Jodi had stood naked with their
backs to the fire warming their bottoms when they were babies. It seemed like a
million years ago.
The luminous face of his watch told him it was only a few minutes before eight.
Maybe Kyla wouldn't come! She was a shy girl and she never talked very much, but
Jodi would draw her out. No doubt Jodi would do many things before the night was
done with. Jodi could get away with murder if she tried.
The sound of a car rolling into the drive and crunching over the heavy gravel brought
him back from his reflections. Kyla had arrived. It had to be her because they weren't
expecting anyone else. His heart started to pound and his mouth went dry. It was
one thing making love to Jodi, but it was another thing doing it to a girl like Kyla.
Damn Jodi. He wished she hadn't asked Kyla to come. Jodi was at the front door and
he heard the undertone of voices, then tinkling laughter. It was too late now and he
would have to go and meet her.
He made his way into the hall and stopped dead. Was this the timid Kyla he knew,
standing there in a low-cut dress with her huge tits swelling and spilling from her
dress! Her long blonde hair was brushed to spun gold and it cascaded over her bare
shoulders and down her back. Her eyes were the only thing unchanged. They were
still green like raging seas that had spilled across a thousand ocean floors. He was
thunderstruck. She was absolutely beautiful. It didn't seem possible that she could
still be a virgin.
"Hello, Shawn. Happy birthday." She came over to him and brushed her lips across
"Kyla," he said coming back to his senses. "I'm glad you were able to come."
"Isn't she lovely," gurgled Jodi taking his arm. "Come into the lounge, Kyla, and warm
yourself." She hooked her other arm through hers. "Leave your bag of night things
there." She caught Shawn's eye. "We'll put them away later."
"It's a lovely house," smiled Kyla.
"Yes, isn't it," said Shawn. "It's over a hundred years old."
"And this room is magnificent." Kyla stood in the door of the lounge admiring the
paneled walls and the high ceiling. "And an open fire!" She rushed over to it and
knelt in front of it.
"Where's the shy little mouse I knew?" Shawn whispered into Jodi's ear as they went
to join Kyla.
"It's only an act to cover her nervousness, said Jodi knowingly. "You'll see."
They sat in a half-circle nursing drinks and making small talk but the air was electric.
The magic was in the things unsaid and in the knowing looks they passed to each
other. Their being alone in the big old house was a suggestion in itself.
"You'll sl**p with me, Kyla," said Jodi, and she lounged on one elbow and half of one
breast showed through the opening of her nightie. She made no attempt to hide it.
"I'm glad. I hate sl**ping alone, Jodi. Would you mind if I changed into something
more comfortable?"
"No, of course not. I'll show you the bedroom. Will you fix us fresh drinks, Shawn?
We won't be long."
"Sure." He watched both of their small tight bottoms bouncing as they left the room
and he went over to the bar to fix three long gin and tonics. He still couldn't get over
the change in Kyla. It was like she was a different person. He poured generous
portions of gin into the girls glasses because it was said that gin was great as a leg
opener and it could help with Kyla.
The old log in the fire was burned right through and he prodded at it with a poker and
buried it under a pile of coals while he waited for the girls. Jodi would be having the
first look at Kyla now as she changed into her night clothes and it was anyone's
guess what they'd be talking about. Maybe Jodi was preparing her for the onslaught!
He gave a low laugh. That'd be Jodi.
"Did you fix those drinks?" cried Jodi coming back, and she stood to one side of the
door as Kyla came in so Shawn would get an unobstructed view of her.
His eyes grew large when he saw her. She wore a Roman toga-type nightie that left
one shoulder bare. The material was a thin black gauze that barely came down to
her knees. It was like the nightie was glued to her luscious body for it showed every
line and curve. Her breasts stuck out like primed torpedoes as she waltzed into the
room. She turned around to say something to Jodi and he saw her nightie was
pinched between her buttocks just where the ends of her long golden hair touched.
"It's a big bedroom, Jodi. Mine is much smaller," she said and went over to the fire.
She took the glass that Shawn held out to her and she drank greedily. "Mmmmmm,
that's just right, thank you."
He tore his eyes off her because it was making his cock stand up beneath his
dressing gown and any moment it could burst free. She was absolutely ravishing.
She was gorgeous, and she was a virgin. It was all too unbelievable.
"I wish I could wear clothes like you but I'm too small. I've hardly any figure at all,"
complained Jodi as Shawn handed her a drink. "Isn't that right, Shawn?"
"Huh? I'm sorry, I wasn't listening."
"I said isn't it a fact that I've hardly any figure at all," she repeated.
"How would he know?" gurgled Kyla.
"Oh, he knows. He's seen me in the raw enough to be able to say."
Kyla looked down at her feet and smiled to herself. She wanted to say something but
she held it back because it wasn't the time or the place.
"And I've seen him, naked," Jodi said deliberately and sat down in a chair with her
legs crossed.
"Absolutely naked?" Kyla looked over at Shawn, her face a blank.
"Absolutely." Jodi sipped her drink.
"Well, you know how it happens," shrugged Shawn feeling he had to explain. "We
rush from room to room and we were brought up hardly to notice each other." Kyla's
blank look worried him. What was going on in that head of hers?
"Sometimes I wish I had a b*****r," Kyla said. "For lots of reasons." And she finally
looked away from Shawn.
"Gracious. It's nearly ten o'clock," Jodi burst out. "I didn't realize how late it was."
She affected a yawn. "I guess it's nearly time to go to bed, isn't it?" She looked from
Shawn to Kyla.
"But-" Shawn scowled at her.
"You're right, and I am tired," said Kyla. "I'll leave you to finish your drinks. Good
night, Shawn."
"Good night, Kyla." He waited till she left the room and exploded. "What's your game,
"What do you mean'?" she asked innocently.
"You know what I'm getting at. You bring her from your bedroom in her nightie to
show me, then you suggest she go to bed."
"What would you have had me suggest, Shawn?"
"But I'm not tired. I don't want to go to bed," he snapped.
"You know, Shawn. I wish my bedroom door closed properly but it doesn't." She got
up from the chair. "Anyone standing near the door can see in and hear everything.
Wouldn't it be awful if Kyla got all excited for a man or something and he was
standing at the door, ready? Good night, Shawn." She went and kissed him on the
mouth. "Now you must learn to be a little patient dear b*****r. Everything comes to
those that wait."
He grinned and nodded furiously.
"I'll probably leave the little pink bedlight on all night. I switched the wall heater on
above my bed and you know how hot my room can get. Most likely we'll both end up
stripping our nighties off, Shawn," she flung over her shoulder as she tripped away.
"My dear s****r, Jodi," he called after her. She had thought of everything. He would
give them five minutes to settle down then he would go to her bedroom door and see
what happened. The night was young and full of promise. Jodi hadn't let him down
after all.
He finished his drink and washed the glass in the kitchen for something to do, then
went to his room and took off his dressing gown. He still had jocks on and something
told him not to take them off as he padded in the direction of Jodi's room. His bare
feet sank soundlessly in the soft carpet as he moved along the hall and stopped at
her door. It was half-open and he heard the two girls giggling as he looked through
the crack near the hinges.
They were lying on their backs on the bed and their nighties were caught up around
their waists, and he had his first view of Kyla's virgin cunt. She had a fuzz of golden
hair around it. Her slit was long and rose up along her underbelly with two peachcolored
fuck lips shamelessly exposed.
"Tell me honestly, Kyla," Jodi glanced at the open bedroom door. "Just between you
and me, it'll be our secret. Is it true that no man has ever seen or touched you and
you are still a virgin?"
Shawn listened intently with his eyes fastened on Kyla's fuck hole. It seemed ages
before she answered.

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