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Roxanna's gyrl script

so... there's lots of stuff we have to go through to bring out our gyrl... hair removal, voice training, early clown makeup nightmares (mine still make me shudder...) & all other kinds of stuff... but amongst all the options out there i really love hypnosis...

the key to hypnosis is to relax... not relax till you fall asl**p but to just relax so that you're brain isn't thinking about anything else but one thing... the hypnosis script... ideally, you'd be in a state of relaxation that's exactly the place smack dab in the middle of being awake & falling asl**p WHILE AT THE SAME TIME... concentrating on nothing else but the script...

this, of course, takes some practice... BUT IT CAN BE DONE!!!

& the results are thorough & become part of you but one of the other keys is that once you've completed your hypnosis session... you've gotta stop thinking about it & get on w/whatever else is going on (hopefully sexx... sl**p works...) 'cause if you keep going over it in an unrelaxed state, you'll kill the results... & gyrls are busy... no time to waste!!!

so here's my personal script... wrote it myself... use it & it works for me... hope it helps...

i especially hope it helps my friend sexyjulie.

xxx... o!



Relax. Everything is alright. You are alright and everything is alright. You are relaxed. It is easy for you to relax so you do relax. You are so relaxed. Your hair and skin of your scalp are relaxed. Your forehead, brow, cheeks and eyes are relaxed. Your tempting lips, smile, teeth and jaw are relaxed. Your long neck and throat are relaxed. Your shoulders, arms and hands are also relaxed. Your curving back, breasts, and nubile abs are relaxed. Your muscle hips, sexy ass and nasty GYRL sex organs are all so relaxed. So are your limber legs to your feet and toes, relaxed. You are so entirely, totally, relaxed. Exquisitely at GYRL rest.

You are now free from all shame, doubt, loathing and anxiety. All mental, physical and social blocks drain from your being, leaving you in complete freedom, and seething with sexy, nasty GYRL f***e.

You have a burning desire to become a GYRL. Your desire activates more f***e than you need to become GYRL. Your desire sinks deeply into your body and soul each day. You deserve to become GYRL. You want to become a GYRL. You are determined to be a GYRL as soon as possible. You claim your birthright as a GYRL. A sexy, nasty GYRL.

Throughout your day you think GYRL of yourself. You have always sensed being GYRL, a special GYRL, and an especially horny GYRL.

Every time you meet someone you feel GYRL to yourself. You only know and recall that you are GYRL, a naughty, horny little GYRL.

Daily, nightly, you will GYRL. You are emotionally and physically capable of willing yourself into the naughty GYRL of your desires.

Natural f***es inside you activate the flow of GYRL hormones. You naturally secrete GYRL hormones. You are GYRL, a nasty, sexy GYRL.

You have created the aura of a GYRL. Your GYRL aura attracts all that is good to your advantage and success. You are the GYRL you need to be and you radiate the aura of a GYRL just as you desire.

Every day you increase your f***e of GYRL confidence. You are so confident of your GYRL looks. You love your GYRL self, are proud of your GYRL self, and project your best GYRL self image. People treat you with respect and regard. They just know you deserve it.

You have the f***e of GYRL attraction. You have a GYRL attractive face, GYRL attractive body, GYRL attractive aura. Wherever you go, people are attracted to you, and are completely at ease about you.

You have soft, healthy GYRL hair. Your GYRL hair is so silky and strong, growing each day. The GYRL skin of your scalp is healthy, the perfect base for the growth of your sexy GYRL hair. You love your GYRL hair. Guided by your soul, you pick the right products and take good care of your smooth, strong, silky, soft GYRL hair.

Day by day your face transforms into your desired GYRL shape. You secrete GYRL hormones, for the beauty of your face. Your hairline, forehead, brow, eyes, cheeks, nose, lips and jaw have all changed, into a beautiful GYRL shape. You increase the beauty of your GYRL face everyday in every GYRL attractive and GYRL possible GYRL way.

GYRL voice
You have found the perfect tool to GYRL your voice. Each day you practice hypnosis and it helps you change your voice into a GYRL voice. Now your GYRL voice is seductively sweet and so very GYRL.

Your GYRL breasts grow everyday. With every breath you take you activate healthy circulation to encourage the natural growth of your GYRL breasts. Your bl**d flows vital with GYRL hormones as your tissues and nipples transform, into exquisite GYRL breasts.

Your body transforms into your desired GYRL shape. You are capable of making the GYRL changes in the figure of your body, just as you desire. You diet, exercise, and use hypnosis to GYRL your body and you take good care of your GYRL figure with the right products and with right attitudes for your body and for your naughty GYRL self.

GYRL skin
You have alluring, smooth, glowing GYRL skin. The texture of your GYRL skin improves every day. You are guided by your soul to take good care of your GYRL skin and to choose the right products that make your GYRL skin more alluring, smoother, so sexy, and so GYRL.

You possess the f***e GYRL of seduction. You have GYRL beauty, GYRL body and GYRL attraction, and you can GYRL seduce anyone.

The flow of GYRL hormones into your body is vital and natural. They recreate your sex system, transform you. You sense being GYRL. Your sense of being a GYRL fills your entire being. You become more sensual each day and your sex organs do transform, into nasty, naughty GYRL sex organs. Your GYRL sex organs are vital and seductive. They perform their naughty tasks nastily.

You do love GYRL sex, so very much. When the time finally comes for sexytime, you go at it with nasty, sexy GYRL vengeance. You love GYRL sexytime, so much. You are such a naughty, horny GYRL.

Your entire being seethes with the nasty f***e of GYRL sex. You are so in GYRL heat. You GYRL sex want, GYRL sex need, GYRL sex must have. You burn with nasty GYRL heat. You nasty, horny Slut!

The GYRL sex starts. You are shameless, fearless, free. You love it and love to deliver the dirty GYRL nasties. You bring it with all the horny GYRL heat you have. You are nasty and hot. Without mercy. You vicious Slut! You so deliver those dirty GYRL nasties, and love to torture your poor GYRL victim, body, soul and spirit.

Your GYRL sex is so intense. Gets more intense each time. GYRL sexytime sexier. GYRL heat hornier. GYRL nasties nastier. GYRL bl**d more intense with GYRL hormones. Your GYRL sex organs so horny, nasty, intense, full of GYRL bl**d, GYRL hormones. Your GYRL victim is destroyed. You have waited so long. You need to GYRL cum so bad. You dirty, horny, nasty Slut! You are shaking, thrusting, pumping with GYRL sex need. You GYRL cum your nasty GYRL mess with dirty GYRL Slut fury, throbbing from your horny GYRL organs. You GYRL cum so intense. So much mess. Messy Slut! You love it and need it. Such a horny GYRL. A nasty, sexy GYRL.

You are pleased, so pleased to be a GYRL. You have always known and sensed being GYRL, a special GYRL, an especially horny GYRL. You think GYRL, feel GYRL and will GYRL. You are a GYRL, a sexy, nasty GYRL, with your GYRL hormones, GYRL aura, GYRL confidence, GYRL attraction, GYRL hair, GYRL face, GYRL voicevoice, GYRL breasts, GYRL figure, GYRL skin, GYRL seduction, GYRL sex, GYRL sexytime, GYRL heat, GYRL nasties and your dirty, naughty, GYRL mess. You are such a GYRL, and this pleases you. So you relax. Everything being alright. You are so relaxed, so exquisitely, GYRL pleased.

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