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First time at a Glory Hole

After my first experience with a man I was a little nervous about trying with another man. For the days after my experience with Steve I would think about his cock sliding in and out of my mouth, and my cock would almost rip a hole in my pants. Several times I jerked off thinking about Steve's hands on my body, his body rubbing against mine, and his lips taking my cock. At the end of my sessions I tried tasting my cum again, and then licking it up and enjoying the taste and feel in my mouth.

I still was not quite ready to meet another man, and Steve would not be in town for a while. Finally one night I was on the way home from the gym and my curiosity got the best of me and stopped in at a porn shop.

At first I browsed the aisles, checking out the strait porn, the lesbian porn, and finally the bi and gay porn. All along I noticed men going in and out of a back hall way and figured out it was the porn booth hallway. Every few minutes I would look up and see another guy going in or out of the hall, and finally I decided to check it out.

Walking in the hall was dark, and there were a couple of guys standing around. I walked into one of the rooms and closed the door. I fumbled around for a dollar bill and got the video going. Scrolling through I found a great vid with a hot weightlifter getting a blow job from a well hung black man. My cock immediately came to attention, and as I started rubbing I realized that there was a hole in the wall at cock level next to me. I had heard of glory holes, but had never considered going to one. At the same time it turned me on to think of another man watching me as I got hard watching the movie.

After watching for a couple of minutes I glanced over and could see that there was someone looking through the hole watching me. At first I was a bit surprised, but it turned me on ever more. I was very nervous, and I sat down to watch the movie a bit more. After about 30 seconds of sitting there a thick, black, 8 inch cock slid through the hole right at eye level. For a few seconds I sat staring, but then slid my hand up and started gently stroking him. I could feel his body tense as I stroked him, and my cock jumped to full attention.

after stroking his cock for a couple of minutes i leaned up and gave him a tentative lick. I really did not think taking a strange cock in my mouth was a good idea, but I thought a lick or two could not hurt. When I heard him moan I about lost control. I stroked him faster and harder. He moaned and started driving his cock in and out of my hand. Precum was dripping and I was getting more and more turned on. Finally he drove his cock forward and cum started shooting across the booth.

He shot what seemed like gallons, and I sat and watched mesmerized. Finally he stopped shooting and a large gob fell on the seat next to me. As he stood there catching his breath his large cock softened, and his cum continued to drain. After about a minute I had milked out his load and he stepped back. He then told me it was my turn. I jumped up eagerly. His hand slid through and started massaging my cock through my jeans, and then he worked my zipper down. His strong hand rubbed the outside of my jeans, and I knew I could not contain myself. I reached down and unbuttoned my pants, and they started to slide down. His hand pulled at my boxers and they were instantly out of the way.

He started rubbing my balls, and I let out a muffled "YES!" He then slid his hand up and pulled me to him. I slid my cock through the hole and felt him slide both hands around my shaft and start stroking. He worked slowly at first, and then he started picking up the pace. I could feel my body pumping back and forth until finally my balls felt like they were going to explode, and my hot cum shot from my cock like a cannon.

He continued to stroke me and get every last drop out of me. I felt like I had just finished a 10 mil run, and I stepped back to catch my breath. I pulled up my jeans and got my self together. As I stepped out into the hall I almost ran into the man who had been in the next booth. I was looking down to avoid eye contact, noticing that he was a well built man. I gave up resisting the urge to look at who had just brought me such great release and looked into the shocked face of my neighbor across the hall.

I said "Oh, wow. Hey man. This is a surprise."

"Yea, it is. I didnt know you were gay."

We walked out of the hall and into the main part of the store. "This is new to me. I have never been in a place like this before, and I have only been with one other man.... Can we keep this between us?"

"Yea, believe it or not, this is the first time for me too."

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