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Student spanked -1

Little did Lisa realise what more would be up for her, after she agreed that she deserved that spanking she was about to get from me. Her first ever. She knew it was going to happen, when she opened her door for me. Her shy smile told me.

The smart student seemed to suffocate by the idea of writing her MA thesis. She started to seek my support, but several sessions lead to no parts on paper.
I felt I was waisting my time, so I proposed an ultimatum: either you show me something written or you will show me something else. If not, I stop to bother.

Lisa lifted her eye-brows. Wondered what I would want her to show as an excuse.

- Lisa, you are my friend. So I am glad to give you my guidance. Given I get to read some results from my counseling you ... But you lack lots of discipline and dedication ... I will teach you that next time, if you fail again. I will spank you. At your bare bottom. No need to wear any undies in that case.

Her shy smile the first sign, the second I soon saw. As usual we first sat down as she served a long latte, wath we both like. With weather nice again, she sat down at the steps to her garden, while I was sitting outside. A few feet lower. Still shyly smiling she opened her legs and showed me her hairy hot bush.

Without a word we slowly sipped the warm drinks, while we kept looking in each others eyes. We knew both what would be up. Only I knew how I would do it ...
Still silent we went back inside. Doors I left open, only closed the curtains.
Grabbed a chair and placed it in the centre of her room. Gestured that she should stand at my left. And bend over my knee. I lifted her short skirt and exposed her butts. Pale and tight ... Soon to be shining and bright.

I took my time from softly slapping and bits of caressing in between, to treating her to tougher and more severe spanks by my left hand. To be sure, I kept her wrists at her back with my right hand. Only lightly, as she didn't resist at all. As I expected. Also she didn't scream. But breath a bit deeper.

She was amazed and stiffend a bit, when I first time softly felt the state of her warm love lips. She was getting wet! Slowly spreading the fluid along her slit, I made her realise that she got hot from her humiliating sexy situation. How embarrassing. Her bare ass. It hurt. Got hot. Her sexy snatch as well.

Hit her harder. She starts to moan. Bottom burns. She shakes her head.
- How can I get so wet from being treated so bad? ... See the state of her confusion and arousal. So I charm her by caressing the cute cunny of lovely looking Lisa by my left hand, while soothing the pain by blowing softly over her bums and comfort them by softly squeezing them with my right.

Her hot hole is wanton and waiting for my thumb. I slide it in, while my other fingers hold her Mt. Venus. No way that Lisa could escape ... from coming at her first spank. Such a shame for a serious student. Humiliated, horny as hell.

The tasty teen trembles terribly. Hard to hold her. Takes ten minutes to come back to her reality and the dirty dimension of dreams she had never dreamt of.

- This is only your first lesson in discipline and dedication, dear Lisa.
You are welcome to have more from me. It not only requires access to your ass if I need to correct you, but your butt - and all of you - will need to be obedient to me. Devoted and dedicated, to be disciplined as I see fit for you.
I will leave you a last choice, love. Love it or leave it. I offer you to be your Master till you get your degree as my colleague Master of Arts. As long as it takes, you will be my sub under my strict surveillance. I will tell you the details of discipline in a while. Please get up and make us another long latte.

What would lovely looking Lisa want from life, love, study and sex?
What choice she had? What a confusion between her mighty mind and moody mood!

What do you think, red-eared reader, what would become of her?
Student sex slave for a season, simply to secure she will make her Masters?

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