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My First BBC!!!

My first time taking a bbc.

I had always had black guy friends, and they would joke around and tell me that they could fuck me better than any white guy ever could. In my mind I wanted to fuck a few of them so bad. They were sexy and their dark chocolate skin turned me on and made my panties moist with my pussy juices any time I would think about taking one of there cocks.

So I took one of my friends up on their offer. One day after class we met at his apt. I came in thinking I was going to hang out and talk about what we wanted to do, I was not prepared for what I saw when that door opened.

When I arrived he opened the door naked, all I could do was stare down. In between his legs hung the biggest cock I have ever seen, it was so long, thick and vast, It was hard as stone and I felt like it was staring at right at me. I felt my whole body rush with excitement and fear. The excitement came because It was something new and forbidden and wrong... which made me want it even more! The fear came from knowing that when he would stick that third leg of his inside me that he was going to rip me and stretch me and maybe even do some internal damage. It would defiantly hurt before it felt good!

He smiled at me, watching my eyes grow bigger at his expense. I know he could see my chest moving up and down, he could hear my breathing, he could probably even smell that I was becoming so horny.

He grabbed the back of my head and pushed my head and body down, before I knew It I was on my knees taking his bulky black cock... My mouth was being pulled apart I even felt my jaw pop a few times as my lips and Jaw tried to accommodate his monster cock!

He started out slow then in no time he was full out fucking my mouth. I was thinking thank God I don't have bad gag ref lexis. During the time he is fucking my mouth and I mean going in deep and fast. He was telling me I was a dirty little cock slut. He asked me " How does it feel to taste a black cock" I couldn't tell him because every time I tried to pull my mouth away so I could let my poor jaw rest or to breathe he would push my head even harder and deeper on to his cock. So I just looked up at him with my mouth spread so far and winked at him telling him that I was enjoying it.

I felt tears starting to run down my face because my mouth hurt so bad, but for some reason I wanted to keep taking his tremendously large cock, and knowing that his black body was towering over me made me want to be even dirtier!!!

After he fucked my mouth which seemed like forever, he then pulled me up by my hair bent me over his couch and didn't even give me warning, he rammed his mighty mammoth cock so deep inside me I heard my skin ripping so it could make room for his massive black cock! I started to scream it hurt so bad but no one would hear me because right after I let out that noise he wrapped his cumbersome hands over my mouth and face. He dug his hands in to my tiny little waist and and thrust ed his large cock in and out of me. He gave me NO mercy! I wouldn't want it any other way! He pulled my hair, slapped my ass, grabbed my tits and slapped them around, bit my nipples so hard I felt they were going to fall off. Every now and then he would let my poor little ripped up pussy rest, he made me stay bending over and he buried his tongue so far up my ass and then slid it down in to my cunt and then nibbled on my clit, right when I started to enjoy it to much I felt it again... That feeling that something just shredded my skin apart.

The whole time I thought O MY God, How am I ever going to fuck another white guy again? He is doing everything right, he is treating me like his little dirty whore and I loved it. White guys don't know how to be rough and dirty, they think that they are going to hurt your feelings.. No I just want to be fucked hard that's all! He finally let me get on top he slapped me and told me to ride his cock.

I felt like I was empowered!!! I felt like I wanted him so deep in me and I wanted to ride him so hard, I felt so so sexy knowing that he was devouring my body and that as hard as he was it was because of me! I started to touch my clit and started to grab myself, my stomach my tits everything I felt so dirty and so sexy. I came so hard it started to push him out and he kept ramming it deep inside me. He knew what I was thinking because he picked me up and started thrusting in and out of me asking me, " You like that don't you, You like black cock don't you , you dirty little bitch" I told him ya ya I do and I love knowing that my pussy and my body is what is making you so hard" I told him call me your dirty little slut I want to hear it" Right after I asked him that he came so deep inside me, my first thought Oh shit! I am going to get pregnant!!

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