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The Wild Night by the Pool

"I want your dick in my ass!!" I screamed. Bruce jumped from his position, lubed his dick and shoved it into my ass. "Ohhh yes, harder" I demanded. Bruce banged me like he was driving a nail into a piece of seasoned oak wood. Bruce would slap my ass a few times, then would ram his dick. I was enjoying this alot.

Brian and daddy were sucking each other off, until I told them to stop. I told Brian to come give me a kiss, then to put his dick in my mouth. I sucked him til he came. Hot spurts of cum shot in the back of my throat. I swalled every bit of his cum. When Brian pulled from my mouth, daddy came over to lick up any remains that lingered n my lips.

Bruce said he was ready to cum. I told him to fill my asshole. He rammed me hard and shot his load, screaming with delight as he did. Daddy hurried to my ass, so when Bruce pulled out, daddy would suck his dick, to get the last of his cum that wouldn't fit in me, then he would shove his tongue in my hole to lap up the cum. Brian seemed jealous, so he pushed daddy away and took in the last few drops.

The night had a nice breeze blowing, just enough to make my nipples hard in the open air. I opened the screen door and went to the swimming pool. I barely tested the water with my toes, then dove in. The water was perfect. I yelled for the guys to join me. All three of them jumped in and swam towards me. They were grabbing me, holding my tits, ass and pussy. If i had an extra hand, I would have each of there tiny dicks in my hands.

The water was cool enough that their dicks were small. I didn't complain, I had them with me. Daddy went over to Bruce and grabbed his dick and began to stroke it. Bruce seemed weirded out at first, but began to enjoy having daddy suck on him. Brian and I were on the steps making out. Brian fingered my pussy and i stroked his dick. I kissed his chest, sucking on his nipples, then on down to his happy trail. I licked his dick from the top to his balls, then back down again.

I heard the gate creak and looked up to see Scotty and his new girlfriend Laura. Daddy told them to join us. I was shocked to see Laura, we haven't seen each other in such a long time. We went to school together, but she was a few years behind me. Laura took her clothes off and dove into the pool. Scotty did the same.

The two of them were splashing around, before they started to make out. Scotty swam over to us and sat next to Brian. Laura and I are sucking on our man's dick. The guys are playing with our tits. Daddy and Bruce come up behind our asses and began to rub them. Daddy had Laura's ass. He gave it a quick slap then bent over to lick her out. Laura jumped butsmiled cuz she liked it.

Bruce licked my ass, then made his way to my pussy to eat me out. Brian said he wnts his ass fucked and asked Bruce if he would do the pleasure. Bruce said sure. Brian and I pretty much switched spots, I went and sat on the edge of the pool, so Brian could eat my pussy, while Bruce could finger his ass. Bruce had two fingers in Brian's tight hole, pumping him and trying to stretch him before going in for the kill.

Daddy told Bruce that he will need some lube before entering or he will rub his dick raw. Brian got out of the pool and wet for the lube. He liked the gun oil lube, he said, dady's dick would just glide in with no effort. He oiled his fingers, and slid them n his ass. Bruce, then oiled his dick. Brian bent over and Bruce slid in.

That lucious thick cock going in and out of Brian's ass made me finger my pussy hard. I liked to watch Brian getting fucked. And with me fingering my pussy made him want me more. Brian called out to me, to come over and suck his cock. I went over, got on my knees and began to stroke and suck his cock. I made sure to lick Bruce's balls once in a while, this was driving him crazy.

Bruce pumped Bri's ass harder and shot his hot cum inside him. Daddy smiled and told me to lick up the cum. that made Laura gag a bit, but Scotty kissed her and took her mind off of me. Scotty had Laura sit on the edge of the pool and he went to lick her pussy. Scotty lifted her legs high and wide to get buried in her bushy pussy hair. That was turning daddy on again.

Daddy got out of the pool and stood infront of Laura with his rock hard dick in her face. She was unsure about sucking his dick, she had never had sex with an older man. Daddy told her to try it, if she still didn't like it, he would walk away and no feelins hurt. She sucked his cock, Scotty fingered and licked her pussy til she came. Laura ahd squirted her juice all over Scotty's face.

Daddy asked Laura if she was ok with sucking his dick, she smiled and nodded yes. Daddy held her head while he fucked her face. He was ready to cum and asked if she would swallow his cum. She pulled from him and said for him to cum on her tits. Daddy barely got out when he shot some of his cum on her face, then the rest was on her tits. Scotty kissed Laura and licked up his cum from her face. Scotty and daddy both cleaned up her chest.

All of us sat around the pool for a bit longer, when Bruce said he better be going home. His house should be quiet, but he needed to rest before meeting up with the bitch in the morning. Scotty and Laura went to his room for the night and me and Brian went to my room. Daddy said he was exhausted and wanted to get some rest.

Brian and I took a hot shower then went to bed. I held on to his dick as he did my tits. We fell asl**p in that position. I woke up later in the morning to feeling hands on my legs and ass, they weren't Brian's or daddy's, they were Laura's. I smiled to her as she spread my legs, so she could lick my pussy. I had no problem with that. I pulled the sheet off me and let her dine all she wanted.

Brian woke to this action and just sat up to watch her. Laura fingered me and licked up my cum. I held her head deep in the nid of my thighs. I loved feeling a womans tongue in my clit. She came up and asked if I would do the same to her. I kissed her til I reached her hot box and did the same licking and fingering. I tried to put in more than three fingers, then got in four. She spread her legs wider and said to squeeze a bit of lube on my wrist and to go for the full fisting.

My hands are small enough, that my hand slid in with a little effort. I was fucking her pussy with my hand. When I went to pull out, she pushed my hand in further. She likes this kind of sex. Brian got up and watched from a different angle. Scotty yelled for Brian to come upstairs. When he got there, Scotty was watching on the live feed from my room. Scotty could focus on her pussy as it gapped for more.

I was so excited I had never did this before, but knew that Brian couldn't do that to me, not just yet. Laura said ever since she had her son, she'd been able to have guys fist her. She likes the feeling fo having a hand there. With all this jabber Laura told me to pump her faster and she will squirt. I pumped hard and fast to get her juice in my mouth. It tasted so sweet. I pulled from her and licked her cum off my hand.

Laura and I went upstairs laughing and joking around, til we got to Scotty's room. Laura got upset when she seen us on the tv set. I tried to calm her down, but it did no good. She got dressed and stormed from the house with Scotty chasing after her. Brian laughed aobut it and asked how it felt. I told him it was exciting and I want to do that again. Brian asked if he could try again with me and I said another time.

We got dressed and left the house for each of us to go to work. Scotty came by and said he caought up with Laura and she went back to the house to watch some of the other sexsessions he had taped. She enjoyed them, but begged that he wouldn't show hers to anyone else. He agreed. I told him that I want to watch that video whe I got hone, so I could see how relaxed she got when my hand went in.

Scotty left the shop, then went to work himself. The evening came, and when I got home the house was full of guys. Scotty had been showing everyone our fuck fest. I laughed and went to my room to masterbate with all the guys upstairs. I could only hope and pray that some of them would come down and try it on me.

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