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The Slut Wife - Chapter 9

We were on the way to Rick’s house. Amber had dressed in a white miniskirt, a white spaghetti strap top and heels. She looked so gorgeous.
“Maybe this is a mistake” she said. “I mean, I don’t know if being with other men is the right thing.”
I put a hand on her thigh. “Do you trust me?”
“Yes, you know I do.”
I pulled over. I reached to her and slid my hand under her skirt. “I bet you do more than trust me. You…like me, don’t you?” I said.
She was a little flustered. “Yes…I…I’ve been attracted to you since we met.” She said. I reached over and kissed her on the lips, slowly, softly. My hand began to rub her pussy through her thong panties. “You trust me, right?”
“Yes” she said as she began to moan. I then pulled my hand away.
“Don’t doubt me again…if you want me to feel the same way.”
“Yes Ann” she muttered. “Please, can you make me cum?”
“I’ll make you cum when we’re finished.”
I hated manipulating her like that but she was a slut and you treat sluts differently than you do “nice” girls. I then pulled the car into the road and drove to Rick’s house.

Rick let us in and I led her to his living room. He was sitting there when he saw us and his eyes opened wide and he stood up. “So you’re Ann’s friend,what’s your name?”
“Amber” she said softly.
He walked over and stood in front of her, looking her up and down.
“Nice, very nice” he said. He then leaned in close to Amber and said “So, Ann tells me that you want to learn how to be a slut for your old man, is that right?” Amber looked down and whimpered “yes”. “Look up at me when you talk to me!” he snapped. She looked up and he asked “I said, is that right?”
“Yes” she said, “I want to be a slut for my husband.”
“Take off your clothes” he asked calmly. Amber looked over at me and I said “You heard him, take off your clothes.”
She then slowly took off her clothes and let them drop on the floor and stepped out of her heels. Rick circled around her, feeling her boobs and belly, then slipped a hand to her ass before smacking it. “Nice firm ass” he said. He then felt up her boobs again. “These are fake but really nice” and he began to get that look in his eyes, that look I knew only too well. He then moved her chin so he could look at her face closely. “You’re really pretty, I bet your old man has money.”
My pussy began to throb at watching Rick’s inspection of Amber. I was also a little jealous at the attention she was getting. Rick stepped back and undid his pants and his huge, perfect cock sprang out and my pussy throbbed some more. Amber looked at it and her eyes grew. Rick then sat down on his couch, his cock sticking straight up. It was beautiful.
“Get on your knees and come over here” he ordered and Amber looked at me again and I said “You heard him baby, if you love your husband you’ll do it.” She got on her knees and crawled on her knees and was in front of him.
“Suck my cock slut” Rick ordered. She grabbed his cock and began to suck on it. “All the way down slut” he ordered and it reminded me of how he began to train me, to make me a slut. She lowered her head and took about 2/3 of his cock before pulling back and gasping. He reached up and slapped her. “I said all of it!” he reprimanded. She went back to sucking and he pushed her head down. She was beginning to gag. I began to play with my pussy, reaching up underneath my short skirt. She spit up with about 1 inch of his cock left but he didn’t let her head go. “Keep it up slut!” he ordered and she somehow swallowed the entire thing but spit up again and again.
“Yeah slut, that’s the way, spit up on that cock!” He then let her head go and she pulled off of it, coughing, eyes running. He slapped her again “Get back to work slut!” he ordered and she did it again. Over and over this happened until she began to gag less. “That’s good slut, good job.” Rick sneered. Just then the front door opened and I saw Barry come in with two, young well-built men. Barry was the one that wanted Rick to get me pregnant. I felt a quiver in my stomach. They walked in and Barry asked “Is this the new slut?”
Amber looked up but Rick slapped her again and said “No one told you to stop. Get back to work!” and she began to suck his cock again. I looked at Barry and got nervous. Suddenly Rick said “You know I like to do my training alone, why don’t you take Ann over and keep her busy.” Barry then grabbed my arm and said “this way slut” and I walked with him and heard the two men behind me.
I was scared.

We went to another room and he told the men “get in there and wait.” And they did. He took me to a small room next door and pushed me against the wall. He began to feel my boobs underneath my tank top. “Mmmmmmm. These need to be filled with milk” and he began to kiss my neck. I was scared and horny. “Please…I don’t want to get pregnant just for your clients” I said. He found my nipple and began pinching it. “I bet these things will get huge when they’re filled with milk. You sure I can’t change your mind?”
“No, please…” I replied, my pussy spasming and my will getting weak.
Barry pulled back and said “You know, Rick likes to rent his sluts to the sickest fuckers he can find. Guys into slapping, making girls gag, even bathroom stuff. He makes a ton of money off of these guys because they pay extra to do that stuff. Then he’ll use you up and throw you out.”
I didn’t want to believe that but the clients he’s had for me. They have been degenerates. Sometimes bruising me, biting me.
“No, Rick’s not like that, Rick…”
Barry laughed. “You stupid slut, I’ve known him for years, all he cares about is making money.”
“What makes him different from you” I said angrily. He moved in closer. “My clients, the ones that want pregnant women, they’re a lot more gentle. They’ll fuck you and maybe fuck you hard but they won’t slap you around or worse. And, after you have the baby, you get the clients that want your milk. All they care about is getting their milk. Sometimes they don’t even want to fuck.”
“What..what about my baby? The baby will need milk!”
Barry laughed. “Take off your top and bra.” He ordered. I did and he smiled as he saw my boobs and hard nipples. He reached up and cupped my boobs in his hands and massaged them.
“These tits are so big that they’ll make more milk than any baby can handle. And the more you get milked, the more they make. I’ve done this before” he said before lowering his head to my right breast and begin sucking on it. It felt good, he was gentle. He was moaning in pleasure then began to suck my left breast. I slipped a hand to my pussy and began to rub it. Could it be true about Rick? I didn’t want it to be. He brought out the slut in me, I thought I was his slut.
Barry pulled back and said “Goddamn, these are going to be beautiful when they’re full of milk.”
“Barry, I..I don’t know” I said. I couldn’t even believe that I was even considering it! I didn’t know what came over me! Barry then reached around and undid my skirt and let it drop to the ground. He then pulled my panties down and said “Damn, you have the best fucking body” and then grabbed my hand and said “come over here, be quiet”. We walked back to the living room and he made me peer around the corner.
Amber was on her side on the ground with Rick behind her fucking her pussy hard. He was pulling her hair with one hand and slapping her boobs with the other!
“Slut, who is your fucking master?” he asked and Amber said “You are baby, you are!” I was so angry because what Barry said was true. I was just another ass to make him money.
“You’re gonna fuck your old man good and you’re gonna make me money, aren’t you?” he sneered.
“Yes, fuck yes! Keep fucking me!” Amber wailed. He had broken her so quickly, much faster than he did me. I knew she was a slut.
I turned around and Barry was there and said “See, I want you to think about it. I won’t make you, I want that milk to be sweet not sour.”
“O-okay” I said. Then he took me by the arm and said “Now, while Rick is breaking in his new slut, I want you to meet a couple of boys I hired to be studs for our stable. I want you to give them a workout, if you know what I mean.” He grinned. “They won’t be too rough, but they’ll fuck you hard.” He said. He then kissed me on the lips and said “I want to drink your milk so bad baby, I can almost taste it.”
I then walked into the room where the young men went into. I saw them briefly but didn’t pay attention to them. They looked to be around 20 or so. Young enough to be my…oh god, I didn’t want to think about that!
I came in and they were both sitting down, naked, stroking their long thick cocks. I then looked at one of them and was taken aback. I knew him! It was Frank, from the gym!
“Well, hello Ann.” He said. The other man asked “you know this bitch?”
“Yeah Jake, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on her ass for months.” Then they both got up and Frank looked at me and said “Today is my lucky day!”

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