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Unexpected payback

Tanja woke up from the muffled moaning at the end of her bed. She lazily stretched her muscles stroked a hand through her long blond hair and examined herself. Hmmmm she moaned she had fallen asl**p wearing the clothes she wore last night: Thighigh leather boots, leather skirt, leather bustier and operalength leather gloves. She felt the leather against her skin and it immediately aroused her again. Her nipples went rockhard and her 34DD chest heaved as she started to slowly move down between her thighs.

She felt between her thighs and started playing with herself, and here's what makes Tanja different from other women, instead of a nice juicy pussy, Tanja was blessed with a very large cock and very heavy nutsack. She was proud of her cock, when it was rockhard it would grow to a whopping 11 inches and 5 inches wide. Even now in it semi-hard stage it was very impressive.

Her horny flow was interrupted by another muffled moan, this time a littler louder. Tanja sat upright and an evil grin flashed across her face when she remembered what had took place the oter night, she slowly crawled to the end of the bed her cock dangling between her legs and looked over the edge and started grinning

In front of her bed was a very muscular stud restrained with handcuffs and a ballgag. His sleeveless shirt showed his musculature, and his denim jeans accented his ass. The only strange thing was that his jeans were ripped, on the backside was a nice hole giving direct acces to the guys asshole.

The moment the stud saw Tanja peaking at him is eyes went big and he redoudbled his efforts to get loose from the restraints. Tanja smiled cruelly and stepped out of the bed en lifted the stud to his knees. She whispered in his ear: "I'm going to remove youre gag now sweety, scream and i'll kick you so hard in youre balls you will pass out, now be a good boy and suck mommy."

She removes his gag and he kept quit. "Thats my little stud". Tanja whispered and without further notice she dangled her cock in front of him, he slowly opened his mouth and Tanja rammed her cock home. The stud gagged over the size of her dong. Tanja loved the way she felt the stud gag and started to facefuck him and with each thrust pushed her cock deeper in his mouth. She was now fully erect and the stud was struggling to handle her cock who was now invading his stomach. Her balls were slapping against his chin and then the stud felt her rod swell up and her nutsack tighten and Tanja led out a primal grunt and all the stud could do was take it when jet after jet of hot cum found there way into his belly.

Tanja moaned as she finally shot the last drop of her load into the stud´s belly and slowly pulled her cock out off him as he gasped for air and she jerked her dong with her leather glove. Amazingly her cock started to grow again and was hard within no time.

She lifted the stud up on his feet and tossed him on the bed, he frantically tried to get away but Tanja was stronger and smeared the glove she was wearing who was covered with his gagslime an her sperm over his butthole, fingering him and stretching him.

Finally she couldn´t take much more and guided her cock into his ass, the head of her cock battled furiously with the tight sphincter as the stud was clenching his anal muscles. The mushroom head on Tanja´s cock eventually won the battle and penetrated the soft flesh of the studs bowels and kept digging till she saw in the huge mirror net to her bed the stud was having a belly boner.

She looked again at the stud an noticed he had fainted, she threw her head back and laughed hard all the while pounding his ass with het monstercock. Finally she let out another a****listic roar en filled him up with her sperm. Overflowing his bowels her second load mixed with the first load she pumped in him and gave him a huge belly. It looked like he was pregnant. Tanja laughed evilly an pulled her cock out of his ass. She put a cork in the stud´s ass and moved him to her car.

She drove him downtown centre and left him on the seat by a busstation watching from a distance in her blacked out SUV when he came around and felt his huge belly and the fact he had to go to the toilet. He never made the toilet, when Tanja drove away he fell tot his knees and she saw his belly rapidly decreasing while people moved out of his way.

Tanja smirked evilly as she picked up her cell phone and dialed a number:"Yes". A sweet girly voice asked. "It's been taken care off, youre ex-hubby is publically humiliated an properly tought to behave himself". Tanja smirked. "Good,the second payment will follow soon". The girl on the other side of the line said. "Youre worth every penny". She added. " I'm looking forward to it and the pleasure was all mine, but it think the dvd shows that". Tanja replied grinning. With those words she hung up and drove home.

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