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Bl**d and Sex

It was a clear night, the moon and stars shining brightly, the vampire hungry. Jake is a 300-year-old vampire, created by the now dead vampire, Manna. Jake was out looking for young beautiful women to feed upon. Instead he found a young man looking for death. Reading this mortals mind, he found out this man is a bisexual but mainly preferring other men. “Ah this should be fun” Jake thought to himself as he strides up to this man. “Sir, would you help a man down on his luck? Some food, clothes, money, or something sir, please?” asked the stranger to the vampire. “My good fellow, I have more than that for you. I have a spare room at my house if you would like.” Blushing a tad at this handsome stranger, he greatly accepts this offer. Feeling excited, Jake sends an image of the fun they’ll be having tonight.
“OK sir, would you please follow me?” Jake says leading the way.
“Oh god, I can smell the arousal in his pants, and the bl**d and sweat in his veins.” Jake thinks to himself as he leads the stranger home.
“Here, put these clothes on, they’ll be more comfortable. You’ll catch your death with those old rags on anyways.” “He’ll catch it anyway.” Jake thinks and chuckles. Jumping at the chuckle, the stranger turns around and looks at Jake.
“Sir, are you okay? Are you sure you don’t mind me staying here?”
“No, no, I’m fine and of course I don’t mind. But I have one question. What is your name my good friend?” Jake whispers in his ear and gently licks the stranger’s earlobe sending shivers down his back.
“Darren, sir.” He says slightly falling back closer to Jake.
“Well Darren, my bed seems kind of lonely these days, care to join me?”Jake says moving his hands down Darren’s body to the slight bulge in his pants.
“And what is your name sir” He asked tuning around to face Jake.
“Jake.” The vampire whispers, then goes and kisses Darren on the lips, then licks his own lips.
“Jake is it? I don’t want to wear out my welcome.” Grabbing Darren by his wrist, he slowly leads him to his bedroom.
“Don’t worry, you won’t. I welcome it.”
The temptation being so strong, Darren follows Jake into the bedroom. When Jake opens the door, he reveals a real dark gothic room to Darren. The walls pure black, the curtains a lace black, and an oval bed in the center of the room, sitting on a riser with black silk sheets and a black silk canopy over it. Strongly attracted to Jakes ice cold blue eyes, angelic face, and seductive smile, he allows Jake to push him onto the bed. Jake crawls on top of Darren and begins to slowly grind their pants together through their cloths. He sits up and takes off his shirt revealing rock hard abs and a perfectly smooth pale chest.
“God, why are you so pale?” Darren moans
“I don’t get out much during the day” Jake answering slowly, unbuttoning Darren’s shirt revealing a strong six-pack setoff abs. Jake then lies back down and begins sucking on the skin at Darren’s neck, then goes over and kisses Darren’s lips.
Opening his mouth, Darren allows Jake’s tongue to slip in. Jake continues to grind against all the while. They continue to twist and turn their tongues; Jake carefully concealing his fangs. Jake pulls away so Darren can breathe and goes down and unzips Darren’s pants, but is overpowered when Darren flips him over, Jake now on bottom.
“You little devil.” Jake growls in a teasing voice.
Feeling the hunger in him, Jake lets Darren play around teasing Jake’s hunger. Darren then goes this time and unzips Jake’s pants and pulls out his dick out and begins to sucking on the skin on it. Jake pretends to moan encouraging Darren to keep going. Hearing Jake moan, Darren begins to suck harder and faster until he feels he’s going to explode.
Sitting up, Jake gathers Darren into an embrace and kisses his lips passionately and deeply, letting Darren settles to keep the pleasure going. After kissing and cuddling for a bit, Jake turns Darren over and takes off his pants. Jake sets the tip of his giant cock at the entrance of Darren’s ass.
“Are you ready Darren, for the ride of your life?” he asks playing with Darren.
“Oh god, go for it.” Darren moans.
Jake plunges into Darren’s hearing him moan in pleasure. He begins to push faster and harder, then slower. He would pull out then ram back into Darren. Feeling Darren about to explode, he pulls out slowly and turns Darren over on his back and kisses his dick.
“I love you Darren.” Jake says and begins to suck on his dick. He feels Darren explode in his mouth, and then sucks once more. Jake bites down into Darren’s dick sucking not only cum but bl**d. Darren starts to freak out and tries to move, but before he can do anything, Jake is on top of him, pinning him with all his weight.
“Ah my little devil, don’t fret, it’s the last ride of your life.”
Jake the bites down into Darren’s neck and begins sucking at the wound, r****g the bl**d in pure ecstasy from him. He then releases himself and goes to down and bites into Darren’s chest right above the heart. With his bl**d draining out of him, he whispers his final words; “I love you too Jake.” Draining all but the last drop, Jake stops and lays up next to his dead victim. Then he kisses Darren’s dead lips one more time and gets up to leave. He stops and goes back to Darren leaving a red rose in Darren’s hands.
“Good bye my love, may you ride safely on the wings of the dark angles.” He says then walks out the door and shuts it leaving one candle burning.

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