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Sexgift : Christmas present to a 19 year old

December 24, 2009 - 1:25 PM

We have a young, just turned 19 year old boy, neighbor who has helped us in doing chores around the house and fixing minor problems. He has clearly been eying me, but in a sweet way. I talked with him a few weeks ago and I jokingly asked him about his sex life with his girlfriend. He blushed and told me that he is more friends with her and that there is no sex going on between them. That opened me up to ask him about his experience with sex, and he told me that he has had sex, but didn't think of himself as very good.

Now this is no stupid k** who I thought I could take advantage of, but a well rounded college k** with hopes of becoming an engineer. He was also not religious, so I wouldn't be destroying his faith. That's when I realized then that I was going to give him a Christmas gift of sex and told him so. He of course thought I was joking and went along his business.

That night I informed my husband of what I was planning and he agreed to my choice of present to the young man. The next time I saw him he was very friendly to me and seemed to work extra hard on fixing whatever it was he was fixing. We talked again because I wanted to feel him out that my gift to him would not cause any problems for him. He seemed very agreeable to the whole idea and that's when I decided that the next day was the time.

I asked him to come over again the next day at a certan time and told him not to disappoint me by being late. Of course he was right on time the next day and I loved the look on his face when he saw me in a very loose fitting outfit. I invited him inside and made him relax by talk. I then told him how much I appreciated his help throughout the year and then I boldly told him that I was going to give him the gift of myself if he wished. Needless to say he wanted to very badly and I then took him by the hand to my bedroom and began slowly kissing him.

His penis was buldging allmost out of his pants and I iput my hand on it and gave it a little squeez. His breathing became very sharp and his face blushed. I thought he was going to faint. I sat him down on the bed and told him that I would control everything, and that he just needs to relax and enjoy himself. We kissed and I instructed him to slowly take off my clothing, very slowly I warned. I then did the same to him. I was going to teach him how to make love and not just stick a dick into a vagina and thrust. I also wanted him to relax so he wouldn't orgasm too quickly when he finally entered me. Of course I wasn't going to allow him to screw me just once. 19 year olds have an amazing capacity to reload after sex.

Well we eventually had both of our clothing off and I figured this first time would just be intercourse, after an instruction of oral sex on me. I guided his head down between my legs and told him exactly what to do. He began licking me in the wrong places, so I had to correct him again and he eventually found the spot and I told him to continue. I have to admit, it felt good to have a young tongue between my legs. He did quite well for his first time at oral sex, and yes, I did orgasm.

He seemed very happy about my vocal appreciation of him and I then guided him up to me in the missionary position and told him that I wanted him inside of me. I reached down and found his hard penis. No, I'm not going to say that it was a massive 12 inch dick as thick as a coke bottle because it wasn't.. There is just way too much lying in various stories I have read. I don't think I really want a 12 inch penis as thick as a coke bottle inside of me. Give me a man that knows what to do anyday. I reached down and took hold of an average size penis that did have the advantage of youth in that it was very, very hard.

I guided him to my entrance and told him to push in. He entered me the entire length of his average penis and I told him to hold off thrusting for a few moments until he got used to me. He did and I could feel him relax at whch I then told him to start moving. I told him to continue thrusting until he reaches his orgasm, as I already had round two in my thoughts. He actually lasted longer than I expected but soon I heard him grunting and I could feel his penis throbbing inside of me indicating that he was releasing his sperm.

I held onto him for awhile and then got him off me and I talked to him about his life, sex, and other things. He had no sense of guilt, which I was a bit worried about since some men get all hot and bothered about sex but after the act get all guilty about it and want to leave. He was not like this at all and was actually anxious to have another go. A half an hour later we were at it again. This time when he entered me I felt he was far more relaxed, so I was able to concentrate on myself and my orgasm. Soon after my orgasm he again made his release inside of me, not being able to hold out after I began moaning in pleasure.

We rested once again and took a break for a quick snack before we had our final fuck. He was very sure of himself now, and when he entered me it was wit confidence and assurance. I orgasmed again but he was able to control himself and didn't. We tried several other positions until I finally had him get me in the spooning position with him behind me and told him to go at it.

As he slid into me from behind and started moving, I put his hand on my stomach and pressed down so more pressure would be brought on his penis. Also, I find it so incredible sexy for a man to have his hand just above the hairline of the vagina while he is releasing his sperm. As he thrusted I again concentrated and had another orgasm. This was his signal and he told me he was coming and I pressed his hand very tightly on my stomach and felt his penis once again throbbing as he pumped his very essence inside of me.

We held each other and I fell asl**p for a few minutes. Afterwards I asked him if he enjoyed his Christmas present and he smiled and said that he sure did. He washed up and I then kissed him and he left. I then went back to sl**p with his sperm still inside of me. When my husband returned, I told him all about it and he quickly added his sperm to his.

Well anyway, I hope everyone here has a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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