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Ok so I've got this little fetish burning inside me. My wife is a sexy cute BBW. She wears thick rimmed stylish glasses and resembles the "sexy liabrarian" type. She's about 5'7" long brunette hair flowing to about the middle of her back. She's thick in the thighs and ass with 38D breasts.
She is sexually verbal. Honestly she could qualify as a screamer in the right situation. She's not a dead fuck by any means she really works her hips and ass with the motion. She has a freaky side that she has not let loose in some time now. She loves sex. She loves COCK!

Earlier in our relationship we had discussed our sexual fantasies. We began to attend a few swinger parties, and we participated in a couple of swap sessions. Now she confesses to a very active sex life in her younger days. But she admits it was fairly "VANILLA." Now during our discussions of sexual fantasies she admitted to a lustful desire to have multiple men at once. Now I realize most men would probably turn at the learning of that fetish but honestly over the years my willingness to be open and sexually curious has broadened significantly.

I introduced her to a MWM experience. She enjoyed it but being our first time was a bit akward for her. Now after that happened I opened up to her about my INTERRACIAL FETISH.
Now I come to explain to her that I am more of a voyer in the midst of these sexual fantasies. I confessed to her that it would be an ultimate turn on to watch her have sex with a black man. She then told me she did have a small curiosity about sex with a black man. She told me she dated a black man one time but she said they didn't have sex. Honestly with her admissions to her sex life it came as a suprise.
It suprised me because she admits to being somewhat a slut and self confessed that she normally fucked someone on the first date like we did as well.

Now it had been my experience that there are some well hung black men. I asked her about her experiences with dick size. She told me her EX-Husband was the biggest she'd had. She told me he was 8" long at least and very thick. Upon learning this I was honestly somewhat surprised. I did begin to quiz her about the importance of dick size. Now she had previously told of a sexual encounter between her and a co-worker after she first split with her EX. She giggled and stated she really couldn't feel him when they had sex. She said he was short and thin. I kinda just questioned the truth in her admission but she stood by her story. She said that was too small and I then asked her to honestly tell me where I rated.

Now I am in my opinion lacking in endowment. I'm about 5.5" long when fully erect possibly 6" if highly aroused and not thick in my truthful opinion. Perhaps an inch and a half in width. Now with that said she stated I had a very nice dick. She said it fit perfect.

Fit Perfect?!?!?

Ok now she does honestly seem to get satisfaction when we have sex. Well some times anyway. Normally it depends on if I'm able to perform for a good amount of time. She really gets a good deal of sexual satisfaction when I lick her pussy.
Over the years I've noticed she's really not as sexually responsive to my penis as she used to be in the beginning of our relationship. Now there have been times where I would stretch her pussy with dildos. So either the stretching encounters truly loosened her vagina or she was putting on a bit of an act when we first got together. Anyway...

Back to the fetish.

She told me since I had granted her fantasy of a MWM encounter she would be willing to indulge my sexual fantasy. So I give her the details of the taboo desire. I told her I'd like for the guy or guys if she so wished (since her biggest turn on is multiple cocks) be well hung with at least 8.5" or more of thick dark black dick. She said she agreed to that. I told her I just want to watch and to allow them to use her as a fuck toy and that I encourage them to be verbally dominant.

So anyway we both would try talking with guys online and try feeling them out such as their personality and such. She didn't want talked to in a degrading way and she didn't want the "thug" personalities.
One night we went out with some friends to a "swinger" bar. There we met a black guy who was friends with our friends that we were hanging out with that night. Now of course after a few drinks Jennifer was being a bit flirty. We had all been playing pool and after we finished a game she went to the restroom to pee. Our new black "friend" asked if I minded if her persued her. I told him that'd be fine. Jennifer and the other woman we were there with had been in the bathroom with this guy for a few moments when I decided to go check things out. When I opened the door our friend was kissing the black man while Jennifer was on her knees sucking his cock. I guess I alarmed our friend because she told Jennifer to stop. I guess she felt uncomfortable or she was unaware of how much I was willing to allow.

So on another night Jennifer and I decided to go out and we went to a local "Alternative" bar. It was mainly a gay bar but there was other alternative lifestyle people hanging out there. On this night Jen and I had done some Crystal. This really turned her on and her inhibitions dropped. After a while we noticed a group of black guys and girls looking our way and talking. We didn't think much of it.
Now after a while Jen and I went to the restroom. When I come out and was headed back toward our table I noticed Jennifer talking to the black girl as she was coming out of the restroom. The black girl noticed me and then she said "oh nevermind" and turned to go into the restroom and Jennifer said to her in a stern manner "oh no its ok" I was lost at this point and Jen turned to me and told me to tell the girl "it was ok."
I was unsure what I was assuring but I looked at the girl and told her its ok, and she said "you sure" I nodded. At that moment she grasped Jennifer by her hand and led her to the table where her and the two black men were that we noticed earlier.
I got me another drink and returned to my table. I noticed Jen smiling and talking and after a while she returned to our table. She said she had trouble understanding them that they had an African Accent and so she had trouble getting involved into the converstions and all.

Other than that I think I almost got left there so the girl and her two black friends could introduced Jennifer into the world of being banged by two black guys.

I sometimes wonder if it was the accent or if they wanted her to join them and leave me for the evening. Hmmm.

So Jennifer always assures me she loves me and above all else I have final say and she does as well when it comes to if we feel comfortable or not.
Now there had been a few conversations online where Jenn had sent and received pictures and turned on the webcam in a sexy conversation with some black guy she obviously found very sexually attractive. If I remember the information I'd read I think he said he was 10" long.
Honestly I never saw a photo and she never really mentioned him or their conversations. I did notice one conversation in the archive where they made arrangments to meet but the guy couldn't find the place and was short on time.

Now I told Jennifer I want her to be honest with me and if and when she is able to get fucked by a long thick black cock I want her to tell me how good it is and tell me while she is being taken. I told her if its better than me to be open and admit it. She said she'd never do that. I told her I realize that its possible to be more sexually satisfying especially since we were looking for long thick dicked guys for her. She tried playing off size don't matter. Now I do realize that someone with a big dick but inexperienced or just unable to use it right can be frustrating and someone with an average dick but ability to work it good can be a "suprising" good time.

After a while we moved to Houston and our participating in swinger groups and such came to a halt. I was gone with work a lot and she was home with k**s a lot. Now she still had a high sexual drive and still liked to be a flirt especially online. When we had sex we used vibrators and dildos to spice things up a bit. I'd bought her a long thick black dildo a 10" blue vibrating dildo and she had a couple more. Now I don't think she realized how much I noticed her reaction to a long thick dildo. Such as when I'd penetrate her with my dick as well as slide that thick black dildo into her pussy as well. She absolutly loved being filled and stretched open.

She had begun talking to a few black guys and white guys online even a latino or two. She spent time when I was out of town talking sex while masterbating. She told one black guy she talked to online of my fantasy. She told me his response was he wouldn't feel comfortable with me watching. So anyway she said he'd just have to do without. I told her that if she was turned on with someone she could act on her sexual desires. She said she wouldn't because when we first got into this we agreed only while the other was present.

Ok she did like to tease people when on road trips and soon she called me and asked if I was ok if she acted on a sexual desire. I told her yes. She then told me of having sex with some stranger on the hiway. He was a trucker and she was flashing him while driving. She said he was a white guy and about same length as me maybe a bit thicker and that she got to cum... well how can you argue with all that.

One night while on the phone and I was out of town working she told me she was chatting online and one conversation was with a black guy she'd told me a few things about and she said she was getting bored and was about to go to bed.

Next morning she told me on the phone that she had to talk to me about something. I said ok...

She said later because she was at work I said ok.... later when we talked I asked what she needed to discuss she hesitated and she said she didn't know how to say it. I asked her if she'd been teasing people again she said yeah and I asked if she had sex with someone she said yeah and I asked if she'd gotten herself some chocolate. She said yeah.
To be continued..

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