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Got Caught

2 weeks ago i found myself alone as the wife had taken the k**s away for the weekend i felt the need to play. I went to work and finished early and raced home feeling very naughty indeed. I got in and ran a bath and had a nice long soak indeed and thought about what i would do and where i might get some fun at such short notice?

I got out my gear and put on a black basque with fake 40c inserts, lacy see thru black panties, black lacy top stockings, black strappy heels, skirt, top. I put on my wig and did the make up as best i could being a novice and looked into the mirror and got extremly horny. I sat on the internet and tried to find a meet but as per usual nothing happening at all anywhere and i went onto one site i use every now and again and i had a message from a guy called Tim. I checked his profile and he had a nice thick cock and just wanted a quickie which i was more than obliging to offer.

So i got a number and called him, he lived about a 30 minute drive away and we arranged to meet at his house. Once i arrived he led me into the lounge and said he approved of my dressing and that his wife was out with friends and would be back late and that he needed sex. Sitting on the sofa i got close to him and after a couple of glasses of wine i moved in and we started to kiss and fondle each other. I was getting very aroused indeed and while stroking his tousers i felt him getting there to. He pulled away and told me it was his first time with a cd and he didnt know what to really do so i just told him do to me what you would with your wife.

The look in his eyes grew and we went back to kissing when i felt his hand slip up my stocking clad legs and get to my panties then he started to stroke my bulge. I pulled away and told him to take me to bed which he obliged me and in the room it had a lovely big bed and we contiued kissing and started to undress me and i did him and i was presented with a lovely thick 7" cock. I went down on him and took every inch into my slutty unfaithful mouth and sucked him for all i was worth and i could tell any reservations he had about tv's had long since gone.

Dressed in only my basque, heels, panties i let his cock go and i pulled my panties off and he got up and went to a small chest of drawers and rumaged in the draw and produced a small dildo and some condoms. My eyes lit up and he told me to lie on the bed and i did and he lay next to me and told me the vibro was his wifes and that he thought it would be dirty to use it on me. In it went into my tight butt, slowly, slowly and he wanked me with his other hand and i felt so horny and slutty i was wonderful. After around 10 minutes of this i felt i was going to cum big style so he bent me over and put on his rubber then teased my hole and i told him it would be ok. In he went sliding it into me all the way down making me wimper a little with the pain but i didnt care i wanted it bad.

He pumped and pumped me on their marital bed and he was telling me of things he looked at on the internet and how he had never been with anyone other than his wife but he was loving fucking me. I was panting and feeling light headed due to the wine and atmosphere but loving it and telling him to give it to me and make me sticky. In all the comotion we hadnt heard the front door go and Tims wife had come back early and our first realisation is when he told me to get on my knees and take his sticky load in my mouth. As i got on my knees i saw a woman standing in the doorway slighty hidden back with her mouth open and i took his cock in my mouth and i took his sticky wad all over my face, chin and in my mouth and i gave her a bitch of a look.

She then made her persence known and god did he jump and she started telling him how could he and that she had no idea and i cleaned up and dressed and left. He has contacted me again and told me how his wife found it a real turn on a couple of days later and that she might want to experiment properly watching her hubby with me so i shall let you know if it truly happens.

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