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The Ther****t

Ther****t requires male assistant is what the advert read, and as I had been out of a job now for 8 months I applied along with all the other jobs that appeared in my local paper, not expecting for one minute to get an interview. But an interview offer came via my email 3 days later inviting me along to a local address.

I arrived 15 minutes early for the interview it was a very plush office with a sexy looking receptionist who smiled at me when I told her who I wished to see “Take a seat” she said “she wont be long”. A little bemused I sat down and waited – I was bemused because I was supposed to be seeing a Sam Pritchard now obviously Sam must be short for Samantha.

Ten minutes later the door opened and a guy came out followed by a very stunning looking woman who bade him farewell and told him she would let him know by the end of the day. She then turned to me and said, “Are you Dennis?” “Yes” “Nice to meet you I’m Sam please come in and sit down”. The office was very plush with a large desk and a chaise lounge in one corner and a screen to what seemed to be a changing area. Before she sat down Sam went to a filing cabinet to put something away so it gave me a chance to get a good look at her, she was about 5’ 5” stunning figure with curves in all the right places and she was wearing a tight skirt with a slit up one side and high heels. As she turned I could see that under her tight-buttoned top her breast seemed very large and she appeared to be bra-less, All in all a tasty piece.

“Now Dennis” she began “do you know anything of what we do here?” “No” I replied. “Ok let me fill you in. I am a ther****t and I am looking for a male to help me to help a certain type of client that I have.” “I have no medical qualification” I replied “not necessary but it is a rather delicate subject so I hope you don’t mind me asking you some personal questions”. “No that’s fine” I said to which she asked me whether I was married or had a girlfriend “Neither.” “Ok good good” she said “now what about sex? Are you straight?” “Yes” “Good let me tell you what I am after. You see I have a number of women who because they have spent most of their lives so far in education have not had the experience of being with a man in the sexual sense”. “So you are a sex ther****t?” I asked “Yes is that a problem” “No definitely not”, she smiled and continued “I need a virile male to sit in on the sessions and offer practical help and advice and to especially make the females feel wanted, to boost their confidence so to speak. Sometimes it may be necessary to take a hands on approach if you get my drift.”

“Oh yes I think I understand” I replied smiling. “Hoped you would Dennis as so far you tick all the boxes. Now let me say that a lot of these women are not what I would call sexy in fact most are quite plain. Would that be a problem?” “Not at all I don’t think that would worry me in the least” “There may also be times that they cry off half way through the session leaving you maybe – in need”. “That’s ok I think I could deal with that” I replied. “Wonderful she said but just to let you know that I wouldn’t send you home in that state if you were feeling to frustrated.”

“I see” I said a little hesitively “what I mean to say is that I would bring you to a climax but please understand that you would not be able to fuck me”. “Ok” I said rather disappointedly “I have a loving husband and c***d so if you can respect this I will help on those occasions”. “That’s very fair” I said “Glad you see it that way Dennis – now would you be so kind as to go behind the screen and strip you will find a silk gown on the hanger please slip that on and rejoin me would you?” My jaw dropped but she said, “I need to see if you are going to be physically capable ok?” “Ok” I said and slid behind the screen.

Sure enough there was a lovely silk robe hanging there so I stripped of and slipped it on, my cock was already semi hard and the feel of the silk on my skin only served to make it worse but hey I was sure she was used to such things. When I came out from behind the screen I was a little taken aback to find the sexy secretary had entered the room and she was sitting on the chaise lounge. “Ah Dennis please come and sit down” said Sam patting the chaise lounge nest to her secretary. “We would like to a bit of roll play and my secretary Amanda here is going to play a patient if that’s ok with you?” “Sure” I said sitting down with my hands in my lap trying to hide my erection from their gaze.

“Before we start Dennis please understand that part of this exercise is to show the woman (my patient) that you fancy her, and sitting there with your hands in your lap is not the way I would like you to do it – understand?” “Yes” I said removing my hands revealing my semi hard state. They both stared at my lap with Sam the first to speak “God Dennis that looks impressive may I ask how big you are?” “11.5 inches when I last measured” I said “And girth?” said Amanda “5.5 inches – is that a problem?” “Er no not at all” said Sam “If things happen that you are unhappy with Dennis then just say and we will stop” I nodded and she said “now lets begin.”

Sam spoke to Amanda as if she were a patient and introduced me to her saying that if she got uncomfortable with my presence then I would be asked to leave. They started to talk and it appeared a very well rehearsed roll play with Amanda seeming distraught because she thought that no man would ever want her. Sam asked my opinion and I told Amanda that she seemed a very sexy lady. “Thank you she smiled but I have no experience at all of men and I am 30. All my friends tell me what they have been up to and although it sounds sexy I wouldn’t have the first idea about doing it myself”.

“What sort of things” asked Sam. “Well they say they wanked guys off using their body or mouth and I'm not sure I want to do that.” Sam turned to me and asked if I liked to have that treatment. “Oh yes that is sexy to watch a woman handle it and suck it unbelievably so”. Amanda feigned disgust saying she didn’t think she could do it.

Sam asked her if she would like to see how it was done and then maybe she could try it, I was shocked but rather excited about that but Amanda said, “No I don’t think so”. “How am I going to help you if you don’t try?” And reluctantly Amanda said that she would watch but was not sure if could do it herself first time. “That’s fine my dear I wouldn’t expect you too”.

With that Sam stood up and started to unbutton her top seductively her large breast slowly coming into view, my cock was now fully erect and pushing at the fabric of the silk robe. As she undid the last button she took the top right off revealing her naked breast (no Bra) topped by very large and erect nipples.

Leaving her skirt in place she move over to me and knelt before me, turning to Amanda she said, “Now watch closely”. Sam reached for the tie of the robe and pulled it open and my engorged cock sprang into view. Both women let out a gasp but Sam wrapped a hand around my cock and lovingly stroke it up and down very slowly. “Now pay attention Amanda this is wanking, and you see that clear liquid oozing from the tip of this magnificent cock”. Amanda nodded “Well the first thing to do is to taste it like this.” Sam leant forward and with her tongue expertly licked of all traces of pre-cum from my tip then moving her hand down my shaft squeezed gently as her hand rose again distributing more of the clear liquid into view.

“Do you want to taste” said Sam “I’m not sure” said Amanda but Sam this time wiped of a little liquid with her finger and offered it to Amanda. I watched, as Amanda tasted it and even sucked Sam’s finger into her mouth. Sam pulled it away quickly realising that Amanda was not play-acting and changed the subject by placing her ample breasts around my cock and while telling Amanda that this was how to use ones body to wank off a man proceeded to do just that giving me a most amazing tit fuck.

Sam could see that I was suffering so slowed down and then removed herself from me but continuing the wanking with one hand. Turning to Amada asked her if she would like to try it herself. Amanda was trying to still act out the part and shied away to start with then with some reluctance she took over from Sam by wanking me herself with one of her soft feeling delicate hands. My cock felt like iron and I would really have loved to fuck them both senseless so had to restrain myself.

Sam stood up slipping her top back on talking all the time to Amanda asking how it felt and what would she like to do. Amanda was doing her best to play the part but I could sense the way she was holding my cock and stroking it desires of her own were building up. “Lick the end,” commanded Sam and she slid off the chaise lounge to kneel in front of me and without so much of a murmur took my cock into her mouth and started to suck it greedily. Sam said, “I think you two should finish up if you don’t mind me watching”.

Amanda stood up and lifting her skirt revealing hold-up stockings but a bare pussy nicely shaven and gapping open wanting to be fucked. She stood astride me and sank down onto my cock taking the whole length in one go. Watching her face I could see the pleasure she was getting as she started to ride me. Her pussy was tight gripping me as she rode up and down frantically and all to quickly she climaxed squirting her love juice down my shaft soaking my balls.

Satisfied she dismounted and looking rather embarrassed she left us alone. As I saw the door close I looked over to Sam who was on her chair skirt around her hips fingering herself feverishly. I got up my erection even harder now and needing release I went over to her, her eyes where closed and she was moaning deeply as she massaged her clit.

I moved my hand over hers and said, “Here let me” and she allowed me to take over playing with her clit. Remembering that a fuck was out of the question I knelt forward and slid my tongue inside her feeling her cunt try to drag it in deeper. She moaned lost in the feeling, I was wanking my cock hoping to come at the same time as her when she screamed “FUCK ME”. “Are you sure?” I replied “YES YES YES” was the response “Just fuck me you bastard!!”

I moved in closer and let my cock head rest on her swollen clit making her moan and writhe – then she slid forward in her chair taking the first 3-4 inches inside her and sensing she needed more I rammed as much as I could deep inside her. As I started to fuck her I could feel her first orgasm rack her body and she arched her back and wailed “Fuck me harder”. I got into a rhythm and fucked her as hard as I could making her come again before I felt my own orgasm looming. “Don’t worry I have had the op – come inside me please please”. So I let loose a torrent of cum flooding her cunt so much so that it oozed out and dripped to the floor.

When we had done she straightened herself up and said “Well that’s never happened before.” “Does it mean I don’t get the Job” I said. “Fuck off – when can you start” “I thought I already had” I said laughing.

“Same time tomorrow?” she said “Can’t wait”………………………

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