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hi everybody.this summer i made plans to go to holiday with my wife to spicy the things more up between us.
But my wife`s s****r heard us and because of being alone she wanted to come with us.But that disappointed me a bit.because i was thinking to find partner and do ffm 3some.
Anyway we went to holiday together and checked in same room as there was no free room left.but i did reservation for 2 rooms i said;but the hotel manager apologised from us because of unexpected being full.i said whatever the holiday is ruined anyway.i thougth i cant make love now even with my wife because her s****r is with us.damn it.
the other day we went to beach and there were lots of nudes on the beach.and my wife and her s****r was wearing short and just a t shirt and they said they wore bikini under it.i didnt pay attention i thougth just a normal bikini.
But they started to strip off their shorts and tshirts and then my holiday started to became heaven.they were wearing the bikinis that you can see in my pictures too in my profile.i said damn i have to take pistures of you two.they said ok no ptoblem.and they had a pair of them with them.while taking pictures seeing my s****r in love like that was hot i got horny and my cock was hard and up in my swimming short and they noticed of course.anyway while i was taking pictures i took my time and enjoyed all the scene seeing her or their pussy.
While i was taking pictures on the back side some people was passing by just looked with amazed face but that is it.
while taking pictures my wife said you see us naked .you can take off your short and be relax she doesnt mind seeing your cock.i said hell ok.and took it off.and my cock became free and jumped horny.they were gigling.
the more i took and they got naugthy the more i got excited and sometimes i was touching my cock as if i was just relaxing it left or rigth.but then they noticed the precum on the tip of my cock and they got more naugthy and i got more excited.
While i was doing that i was enjoying all the time because i didnt know where it would go.but on the sand dunes there was not so much people on the back side things got better.they got more naugthy like splitting their pussy and putting finger in it.
Then i said i need to cool dawn a bit.then my wife sat next to me and i started to touch her bare pussy and finger her while kissing.but her s****r was just a few step far from us.i didnt mind, she neither.and my wife playing with me and make more excited.she made me damn hot.i was looking her s****r sometimes with corner of my eye and she was watching us all the time of course.
I couldnt take it anymore and as she is my wife i started to fuck her i said her s****r if you like you can swim but she said i wanna watch.we said your choice.
But wile watching she was playing herself and seeing her sexy beautiful tigth pussy made me more crazy and i was fucking my wife deeper and as if my 7" cock became wife noticed that and she became more crazy too.her s****r came closer and was was touching my cock and guiding her s****rs pussy.and sometimes she take it off out her pussy and suck it.i didnt mind and her s****r didnt mind too.we never did something like that before but everybody was cool with it.then she said s****r i am horny too and his cock looks so nic ecan i fuck him?she said why not go for it.and i was surprised with that and i was fucking her s****r soon without condom.her pussy wa awesome so tigth and that long libs was so sexy like my wife but hers was a bit longer i think.after fucking her about 10 minutes i said my wife i cant hold it anymore and s****r in love said the come.i siad my wife come and suck me to come in her mouth then s****r said no hell you are fucking me so come in me.ohh with that i couldnt hold anymore and i squirt my hot sperms in her tigth beautiful pussy and with me she was coming too.
My wife said i didnt come so lets go to hotel and do that again even more naugthy.we went to hotel and had an awesome 3some with them the whole was so sexy and hot.i came in both their big libs tigth pussy and i am a fucking lucky man.because we still do our 3somes when her s****r comes to us.

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