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Deep Crotch Mother Chapter 15 & 16

“Why are we stopping here, Pastor Polk?” twelve-year-old Beth asked as Thad
pulled off the road and parked his car in a grove of trees.
“It’s such a wonderful day, I thought it would be nice to walk down by the river,” he
replied. “Don’t you think so?”
“That sounds great!” the little girl with the dark bobbed hair exclaimed, and she
jumped out of the car.
Thad followed her through the trees down to the riverbank. They had the spot to
“Can we wade out into the water?” Beth inquired earnestly.
“Why sure, honey!” Thad replied. “Why not?”
He watched, a strange glint in his eyes, as she bent to take off her shoes. He quickly
did the same, and he removed his socks, as well. He rolled up his trousers as he
followed Beth to the water’s edge.
She began to wade into the shallow, slow-moving current.
“Better lift your dress up!” Thad warned as the water rose to her knees.
“Oooh, yes! I guess I’d better!”
Beth raised her light skirt on her slim, little-girlish thighs, and the pastor nearly
acquired a hard-on as he watched, following her toward the center of the river.
Moving cautiously, to make sure she was on firm bottom, Beth got in deeper and
deeper until she had to lift her skirt almost up to her panties. Following closely, Thad
got his pantlegs wet, but he didn’t care.
He kept watching the delightful c***d, thinking all the time of what a treat she would
be for a jaded old man like Barnaby Rhodes. Of course, in order to condition her for
Barnaby’s pleasure, Thad would have to break her in. That was the thought which
threatened to make his prick stand up before he even got started.
Beth was laughing and splashing one hand in the water while she held up her skirt
with the other. “Oooh, this is fun!” she cried. “But I think I’ve gone far enough! The
current’s getting really strong!”
“Careful that you don’t fall over!” Thad yelled above the rushing sound of the river as
he inched closer to her.
“Okay! I’m coming back!”
She turned, and Thad extended his hand to her. As soon as she had grasped it, he
gave a yank, pretending to have lost his balance. Screaming, Beth plunged forward,
into the water.
“I’m sorry!” Thad exclaimed, and quickly grasped her lithe, young form, pulling her
head above the current. He swung her up in his arms, dripping-wet, and carried her
to the shore.
“Ooooh, Pastor, what am I going to doooo?” she asked, shaking her head and
blinking the water out of her eyes. “I can’t go home like this!”
“Of course you can’t,” he said, carrying her up onto the riverbank. “You’ll have to
take those wet things off and hang them up to dry. How clumsy it was of me to lose
my footing and make you fall, when you were doing so well!”
She stared at him as he set her onto her feet. “I can’t take my clothes off in front of
you!” she said.
He smiled reassuringly. “Why not? I’m your pastor. I know what God expects of me
... and of everyone.”
“Well, yes ... I guess so.” She was glancing about as her wet clothing clung to her.
“Maybe I could just step behind those bushes.”
“I would be really offended if you were to do that,” Thad said. “It would be like saying
you don’t trust me.”
“Ooooh, Pastor, I do trust you!” the twelve-year-old replied. “It’s just that I’m kind of
bashful.” She blushed.
“Of course, darling. But there’s really nothing to be bashful about. Your body was
made by the Lord, and it is beautiful in His sight.”
“Well ... ”
“Take your little dress off,” Thad urged.
The young girl obviously was embarrassed, because she never had revealed herself
to a man before. But she hadn’t been taught to fear or be suspicious of men, either,
having been brought up in the quite permissive atmosphere of her mother’s religion.
Though her cheeks turned pink, and she didn’t look directly at him, she followed his
instruction, first unfastening her dress, then drawing it up her body and over her
Thad caught his breath as he gazed at her slim, c***dish form which was clad in
posy-patterned panties and nothing else. She didn’t have a training bra, because her
breasts were only starting to emerge. Her tiny nipples were erect and were of a
delicate pale-pink hue.
“Hang your dress on that tree-limb, dear,” Thad said, his voice acquiring a trace of
huskiness despite his best efforts. Something else was happening despite his best
efforts, also: His long, flaccid cock was beginning to thicken and firm out, its bald
knob pushing against the interior of his shorts.
Beth turned in the direction he was pointing, and he gazed at her cute little bottom, in
the flowered briefs, as she hung her dress over a low limb.
“Take off your panties, too,” he said.
“Oooh, must I?” she asked, over her shoulder.
“They’re wet, aren’t they?”
“Then, by all means, take them off.”
“All right,” young Beth murmured and, continuing to face away from the preacher,
she bashfully stripped her panties down, exposing her baby-smooth bottom.
How trim and firm her little asscheeks were!
Thad’s cock mounted higher, so that, by the time she turned to face him, the
monstrous erection made a tent in the front of his trousers.
The little girl’s gaze centered on the amazing protrusion of the pastor’s pants, and
her babyish mouth dropped open.
The same thing happened to him that happens to Timmy sometimes, when Mama
walks around with her titties bare! she thought. His THING is sticking up! But the
pastor’s thing must be a lot bigger than Timmy’s, because his pants are standing
way out, I wonder why the pee-pees of boys and men get all stiff like that. And why
did the pastor’s pee-pee get stiff from looking at ME? I don’t have any titties yet-at
least, not much of any.
Thad’s eyes at that moment were not focused on the little girl’s nearly non-existent
tits, but had centered on the junction of her belly and thighs where her hairless mons
was divided by a neat, tight slit that curved out of sight.
“I ... I must take off my trousers and dry them ... “ Thad mumbled, more nervous than
he had ever been with a female before. But he had never been with a female like this
sweet, young thing.
He dropped his trousers and, as he hopped from one foot to the other to take the
pants off, his erection sk**ded to the gaping fly of his shorts and suddenly speared
out to stand in naked, eight-inch splendor before the awestruck eyes of the little girl.
“Ooooh, Pastor!” she cried. “Your thing is so ... big!”
He smiled as she stared at it, making no move to put it away. In fact, he curled his
thumb and forefinger as far as they would go around the base of his monstrous stalk
and waggled the organ to and fro.
“You talk as if you know about things like this,” he said.
“Well, I’ve only seen my b*****r’s,” the little girl replied. “And it’s a lot smaller.”
“Of course,” Thad said, walking closer. His up-thrust cock, sticking out through the fly
of his shorts, quivered. “Would you like to touch mine, Beth?”
“Ooooh, Pastor, I never touched one!” the pink-cheeked girl exclaimed.
“Then it’s time you did. Come on. It won’t bite you. Just curl your little hand around
Beth reached out hesitantly. When her fingers first touched the pastor’s very stiff
erection, she recoiled, as if it was hot.
“What’s the matter?” he asked, chuckling tensely.
“It ... it feels funny, like a bone with skin wrapped around it.”
“Touch it again. And take hold of it this time.”
Beth followed directions, blushing stronger. She looked up into the preacher’s face
as she clutched his immense tool.
“Wowww ... !” she breathed. “It sure is haaaard! How come it gets all hard like that?”
“It’s a secret. But I’ll tell you, Beth, as long as you promise not to tell anyone we
talked about it or that I showed it to you.”
“I promise,” she said willingly.
“Well, my cock gets hard because-that’s what it’s called, incidentally, a cock. Say it.”
“Cock,” the young girl repeated, and the pastor’s hard-on twitched in her grasp.
“There are other names for it, too-prick, cock and pecker.”
Beth giggled. “I’ve heard Mama call Timmy’s thing a pecker sometimes. That’s a
funny name for it! I just call it a pee-pee.”
“Well, call mine a cock,” Thad instructed.
“All right.”
“And what you have is a cunt.”
Beth giggled again. “That’s funny, too.”
“Well, anyway, my cock gets hard and sticks up whenever I see a woman or a pretty
little girl like you with her clothes off. I can’t help it, so you see there’s nothing bad
about it. It’s just natural.”
“But I still don’t understand why,” Beth persisted.
“That’s where the real secret comes in.” Thad began to slowly bump his hips,
causing his cock to stroke forward and back through the C-shaped curve of Beth’s
little hand. “A man’s cock gets hard so that he can push it into a woman’s body.
That’s the way people fuck.”
“Ooooh, I’ve heard about fucking!” Beth replied. “I mean, I’ve heard the word, but I
didn’t know what it meant. How does a man’s cock push into a woman’s body?
Where does it go?”
“Through that little slit you’ve got between your legs,” Thad said. “Your cunt.”
“My, that must hurt!” she exclaimed.
“Just at first. Then it feels very good. I can show you if you like.”
“Is it ... all right?” Beth asked innocently.
“Of course. It happens to every girl sooner or later. But we won’t do it just yet. First,
I’d like to have you get to know my cock better. Wouldn’t you like that?”
“Well, I don’t know,” she said, slowly taking her hand away from his rod. “I feel kind
of funny about this. Are you sure it’s all right, Pastor?”
“Trust me. Now, Beth, get down on your knees so you can look at my cock closely.”
“All right.” The little girl sank to a kneeling position in front of Thad, and his huge
erection pointed directly at her face.
“Lean closer,” he directed, his voice husking up.
Beth complied, until her sweet, c***dish face was just an inch or two from the large,
purplish bulb of his prick.
“I can ... smell it!” she reported.
“But it doesn’t smell bad, does it?”
“No. Just funny.”
“You’ll get to like that. All girls do. Girls like the way a cock tastes, also.”
“Sure. Why don’t you see what it’s like? Just stick out your tongue and run it over the
knob of my cock.”
“Ooooh, Pastor!”
“Come on, now. If it wasn’t a nice thing to do, I wouldn’t ask you to do it.”
“Well ... ”
“Come on, Beth.”
She opened her mouth, and her trembly little tongue appeared, glistening and pink.
She leaned a bit closer, and her tongue touched the bulging head of the pastor’s
erect penis. His organ inadvertently twitched with excitement, and the delightful
contact was broken quickly.
“Lick it some more!” he husked.
“I ... don’t know if I ... like the taste of it,” Beth remarked, working her mouth.
“You must try again. Get more of the flavor this time. Hold my cock by the stem so
that it won’t bob away from you.”
Beth hesitantly took hold of his penis, causing it to throb some more. This time when
she touched his knob with her tongue, she glided the wet caress around the bulge.
She licked it again, this time at the tip.
“Mmmm,” she said.
Thad smiled. “You like it, don’t you?”
“Well, it’s not too bad.”
Beth held his prick higher and began to lick up and down its sides. Thad knotted his
fists against the luscious thrills that rolled through him.
“Now put your mouth around the end of my cock!” he exclaimed lustfully. “Suck me!”
Beth pursed her lips around the snout of his organ. Looking down at the lovely little
girl, while she kissed his prick that way, Thad feared for an instant that he might
shoot immediately. But he gained control of himself and pushed forward, ever so
gently, causing her lips to spread.
His slow thrust widened her lips more and more until they seemed stretched to the
maximum. Still the fattest part of his prick hadn’t passed through. Anxious that the
little girl might draw back, he wrapped his hands around her head and twisted gently
as he rammed forward the final fraction of an inch.
His cockhead popped into her hot little mouth, filling it completely, and her eyes
widened as she gazed up at him. It was at once the sweetest and most obscene
sight he had ever seen, as his long, thick rod stuck into the twelve-year-old girl’s
“Ghhhawwwngh ... ghawwww ... “ she said, and he thought she might be gagging.
But then she started to suck on his immense penis as she cradled its underside with
her tongue.
He bent, grasped one of her hands, and carried it into his shorts. She blindly
explored his balls, then brought them tumbling out.
He began to stroke, slowly and carefully, between her stretched lips, guiding her
head forward and back at the same time. Her mouth could accommodate less than
an inch of his shaft along with his huge glans. But that provided enough stroking to
thrill him to the tips of his toes.
He got very hot very quickly, and he pulled his prick from the c***d’s face.
“Ooooh, wowwww!” she breathed. “That was wild!”
“Get down! Get down! Stretch out!”
“What are you going to do now, Pastor?” Beth asked.
“I’m going to fuck you!” he said.
“Ooooh, Pastor, NOOOOH!” she cried. “Your cock’s too big! It’ll HUUUURT meeee!”
Thad was beside himself with lust. If he didn’t have the sweet, young girl he would
go berserk.
Frightened but unable to resist him, Beth stretched out as he had demanded, and he
dropped between her legs, wrenching them so wide apart that she gasped, then
uttered a little cry.
He stared at her babyish cunt.
Without a hair near it, her slit remained snugly shut. Thad pressed his thumbs next to
her cunt and stretched the very tight labia open. Their inner sides were a pale,
delicate pink. Thad bent closer and stuck out his tongue.
“Ooooh, Pastor, what are you going to do to meee?” Beth asked excitedly.
Then she let out a yelp as he replied by placing his tongue between her immature
cuntlips. She whined and cooed pleasurably as he licked up and down her tasty,
young slit, causing her hips to bob and her legs to kick, wide apart.
She was beginning to moisten some. Thad detected that. It also seemed to him that
her labia was puffing and flaring a bit. He licked the very small mouth of her vagina
and knew he would have to go very easy in order to avoid hurting her.
He couldn’t wait a moment longer.
Raising his head, he took a grip on his monstrous rod and moved closer on his
knees. He rubbed the spongy head of his cock up and down the girl’s slit, wiggling
her labia.
“Ooooh, Pastor ... wowww ... that feels so funnn-eeeee!”
“It will feel very good,” he husked. “Now just relax. Let me do all the work.”
He began to push his prick against the opening into her c***dish belly, and he
watched her eyes widen, then darken with pain. Her features contorted. She cried
Thad kept pushing, feeling not an iota of mercy, commanded only by the mad lust
that possessed him. Clutching the upraised thighs of the young girl, as if they
comprised a wishbone that he was about to snap, he twisted his great cock forward
... finally spreading her c***dish cunt wide and ramming into it, ripping her hymen in
She shrieked.
Thad didn’t let up. He ground his prick deeper into her tightly clasping channel, and
his cockhead felt like a huge rock in her belly. She writhed, trying in vain to get away
from his brutal impalement, but he only pushed deeper into her until she had at least
half his shaft in addition to his huge glans.
He pulled back and commenced pumping while the girl cried and bicycled her legs in
his grasp.
“Ooooh, Pastor ... NOOOOH! Oooh, you’re KILLLLL-ING meeee! I don’t want to do it
any more!”
Still, he kept fucking the sweet, innocent c***d, his eyes wild and his black hair falling
across his forehead. He bared his teeth and growled like an a****l.
Beth felt as if she were being split in two by the cruel thrusts of his massive phallus.
She prayed for the torture to end.
Thad stroked faster. His brain turned light as he neared the delirious point of climax.
He fucked the twelve-year-old as rapidly as he could make his cock go.
Suddenly his tool twitched inside her, and he felt a magnificent burst of pleasure as
his prick spurted in Beth’s tight, young cunt.
“You dirty, lousy son of a bitch!” a woman’s voice cried, and he jerked his head to the
Edna stood there, clicking a camera. It belonged to Harvey. Being on vacation, he
had been carrying it in the glove compartment of his car. Luckily, it was loaded with
fresh film.
Enraged, Thad pulled out of the sobbing little girl and leaped toward Edna. But she
was already on the run, holding her skirt up around her middle so that she could take
long strides, her rounded buttocks quivering in her silk panties.
When she lunged into Harvey’s car, Thad, his erect penis waving, was just a step
behind. She yanked the door as he was about to leap in on top of her. But the door
wouldn’t shut.
Thad howled. He fell back, his face a mask of horror, and Edna saw what had
happened: She had slammed the door on his cock!
“Oh, my God!” she cried. “I’ve crippled his pecker!”
Harvey gunned the car.
“You should have seen it!” Edna went on. “It was all mangled and bl**dy. Hell never
fuck with that son of a bitch again!”
Harvey gripped the wheel and stared straight ahead.
“Well, I’m not sorry!” Edna continued. “He deserved what he got. And that isn’t all
that’s going to happen to him, either! Wait until I turn my picture over to the local
“I told you it’d be worthwhile to watch that house where Marcella moved in. I knew
Thad would show up there. And it was a good thing I waited instead of barging right
in on them. My idea was to give them a chance to get cozy. I didn’t figure Thad had
his eye on Marcella’s little girl all the time. Jesus, that poor k**! Maybe I should have
broken the thing up before Thad popped her cherry, but I couldn’t resist the chance
to get a good shot.”
While she was rattling on, Harvey hadn’t said a word. He hadn’t even looked at her.
He was driving like a maniac, his eyes riveted on the road and his knuckles white as
he clutched the steering wheel.
“Well, you can slow down now,” she told him. “Thad’s not about to come after us, in
his condition. Hey! What’s wrong with you, anyway?”
“I ... I ... ooooh, I’m ashamed to tell you!” the little man moaned.
Edna sniffed. She thought she had detected a suspicious odor.
“You didn’t ... ?” she asked, and her eyes began to twinkle.
“Yes, God damn it!” Harvey groaned. “I shitted my pants!”

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