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Deep Crotch Mother Chapter 11 & 12

Jasper Junction wasn’t much of a place. It wasn’t one which Thad would have
chosen. But he had to indulge the whims of those who worked for him, to some
extent, and if Marcella felt it was the location which the Lord had pointed out to her,
he would make the most of it.
Any town in the Bible-belt offered an opportunity, he had learned.
He toured up and down the four-block stretch of Main Street, looking for a
newspaper office. He found none. He stopped at the d**g store and perused the
stands in front of it. They bore city papers only. Jasper Junction was without its own
periodical, it seemed.
Thad’s next stop was a real estate office, which appeared to be the main-or perhaps
the only- one in town. He opened the front door and walked in.
The little office was deserted.
Thad stood between two desks, one with papers on it and the other bare, and his
nostrils flared. Like a wild a****l sniffing the wind for evidence of possible prey, he
detected something. It was not a smell, literally speaking, but an intuitive feeling.
Thad’s intuition, along certain lines, was highly developed.
He stepped to an open doorway at the rear of the office and found he was looking
into the living quarters of the real estate broker. He boldly walked through the kitchen
and into the bedroom beyond, his intuition giving positive guidance.
Another door stood partly open, a shaft of light slanting out. Thad stepped to that
doorway and pushed the panel open fully.
He stared at a woman who was seated on a John, her skirt pulled up around her
middle, baring gartered stockings and pale thighs. Blue panties were wound about
her knees. She gasped.
“Oh,” Thad smiled, “I beg your pardon!”
Just then a splash told him that the woman had deposited a turd into the toilet bowl.
Blushing furiously, she quickly grasped the flush-handle and yanked it.
“How dare you walk in here!” she exclaimed, and pulled her dress down as far as
she could. But the hem wouldn’t quite reach to her expanded brown stockingtops
which were pulled into peaks by her garters. Her briefs remained exposed.
“Sorry,” Thad said easily, his confidence unshaken. “But the door to your apartment
was open.”
“Well, get out!” she cried angrily as the toilet gurgled.
“Wouldn’t you rather have me help you?” Thad asked.
The woman wasn’t bad looking, though she was a bit older than Thad liked thempushing
forty, he judged, with hair that was dyed jet-black, heavily made up eyes,
and false lashes. She was the vamp of Jasper Junction, he speculated-a widow or
divorcee who had landed there in the hopes of using what was left of her physical
appeal to charm the rubes into buying real estate from her.
“Stand up,” he said, “and I’ll wipe your bottom.”
Her mouth dropped open and she stared speechlessly at him.
“I’ll bet you’ve never had a man do that,” he opined.
“You are something else!” she said, as if awestruck by his utter nerve.
“Mm-hmm. Stand up.” Thad snatched some toilet paper off the roll.
The woman’s knees seemed to tremble as she rose, her blue panties forming a
silken figure-8 around them, and she held her skirt at her waist. Thad noted that her
pubic hair wasn’t as dark as the hair on her head, confirming the dye job.
“Bend forward,” he instructed, “and stick your little po-po this way.”
She did it. Her po-po wasn’t little, especially when spread and thrust upward by her
bent pose. It wasn’t very dirty, denoting that she’d had a neat passage.
Thad wiped the crack of her ass, centering on her anus to remove all the brownish
stain. He dropped the soiled paper and snatched some more.
“Use the Wet Ones in the cabinet,” she said tensely.
Thad knew she was enjoying herself in a perverse way.
After wiping her cute little shit-hole for the second time with paper, and dropping the
tissue into the pot, he found the moist wipes she had mentioned, yanked one from
the receptacle, and set about to make her anus squeaky-clean.
“I like fastidious women!” he said, dropping the wet-wipe into the pot, then giving her
a slap on one flank of her quivery rump.
She straightened and pulled up her panties. She was blushing intensely. But she
also smiled.
“You’re not from around here!” she said. “You couldn’t be!”
“Right you are. Pastor Thaddeus Polk is the name, founder of the Church of Holy
and Mysterious Revelation ... at your service.”
“Well, I’ll be damned!” She was no longer blushing so hard. Mostly she seemed
amused ... and stimulated.
“Call me Thad. What do I call you?”
“Dotti. My name is Dorothy Fenster, like it says out front.”
“You know, I didn’t even notice the name. A sixth sense brought me to you. Do you
believe that?”
“Ill believe anything now.”
“If you want to go out front, we can talk some business,” Thad suggested.
“I’ll talk business,” she replied, her dark eyes alight. “But not out there. Why don’t you
go lock the front door? Turn the sign around so that it says Closed.”
Thad smiled and went on the errand. When he returned to the bedroom, he wasn’t
surprised to see Dotti standing in her stockings and blue underpants, next to the bed,
her brown-nippled titties bare.
They weren’t among the best tits he’d ever seen or played with. They were rather
hangy, which was to be expected at her age. But they were full enough to give her a
look of mature voluptuousness.
The rest of her wasn’t bad-a trim waist, sleek white thighs, shapely legs in sheer
“Another thing I like about you is that you wear stockings and garters,” Thad said. “I
certainly prefer them to pantyhose.”
“Don’t all men?” she asked, batting her long lashes.
Thad began to take off his clothes.
“Are you doing any good with the shit-kickers around here?” he asked.
“You’re remarkably earthy for a man of the cloth!” Her amusement obviously
“I don’t believe I have to put on an act with you,” he said, stepping out of his pants.
Her smile faded. “I’m not sure I like that. I’m not trash.”
“I didn’t mean to imply you were,” Thad said, unbuttoning his shirt. “But you’re smart
and sophisticated, and a man can come on straight with you, I judge. We’ve both
been around enough to know what the world is like.”
“That’s true,” she agreed, and stripped down her panties.
Thad removed his shorts.
“Ooooh, my!”
“Like it?” Thad asked brazenly as he lifted his lengthy, semi-firm sausage and
waggled it at the lady broker.
“Let’s just say that it looks like it can do the job.”
“It can tickle your tonsils,” Thad bragged.
“Do you need, uh, some special stimulation to get it up?” she asked, moving to him
and raking her bl**d-red fingernails through the black hairs on his chest.
“No,” Thad replied. “But if you enjoy sucking cock, don’t let me discourage you.”
“You have a way of laying things on the line,” she said.
“I try to be honest-when I’m not preaching, that is.”
“No k**ding, are you really a minister?” Dotti asked, reaching down to fondle his
“Yeah, and I’m looking for a location here. That’s the business I wanted to discuss
with you.”
“Well, first things first, honey,” she said, and sank to her knees.
His manly pride was half-elevated by that time and it waved twitchingly before her.
Her red lips parted, and her rosy tongue came out.
Thad thought, as he frequently did at such times, about all the men in America who
ached to have their cocks sucked but were married to women who wouldn’t do it ...
and he felt sorry for the women. He knew from experience that most women wanted
to suck and only had to be given the right kind of encouragement, from a man who
took charge. They had to be made to feel it was all right, that it was something taken
for granted-no big thing. Then they would get down and love it.
Like Dotti was doing right then.
To be precise, she wasn’t sucking Thad yet, but was licking him all over. Most
women liked to do that too, like they enjoyed licking a lollipop or an ice cream cone.
Dotti seemed to enjoy it especially, swirling her damp tongue around the mauvecolored
crown of his upthrust, throbbing organ, then swabbing along his shaft. She
licked all the way to his balls and went to work on those hair-enshrouded shapes in
their velvety sac.
Thad petted her hair lightly and stood with all the patience in the world, letting her get
her fill.
She seized a nut in her mouth and sucked it. She rolled her eyes upward, to read his
response, and he smiled wanly ... approvingly.
“You’re good, baby!” he said.
She spat his first nut out and captured the other one. The bulbous shape pulsated in
her warm, liquid mouth. After letting it pop out, she went farther and licked
underneath his nut-sac while his balls straddled her nose. He liked the looks of that.
His pecker stuck out high and waggled.
Dotti grasped his shaft, tilted it down, and clasped his fat cockhead in her eager
mouth. She sucked heatedly, letting her long dark lashes drop to touch the pale skin
of her cheeks. She bobbed her head forward and back, gargling on his long bone.
It got to be a bore after awhile, and he said, “How do you want to take it-front or
back, top or bottom?”
“You’ll laugh,” she said, rising to her feet.
“Nope. I aim to please.”
“Well, lie down on your back and I’ll show you.” He followed directions.
“I like to mount this way,” she said, turning her ass toward him as she swung astride
his lanky, cock-bristling form. She reached underneath her crotch and held his pillar
straight up. Grinding her hips, she screwed her cunt down onto him, gasping with
“Now I like to lean way forward,” she said, “and rub my clit hard against your cock
and balls!”
“Fuck away, baby!” he told her.
“Oooh, yesssssss!” she breathed, and began bumping.
Thad watched her arched ass rise and fall, framed by her garter belt and
stockingtops. Her cute asshole winked at him from between her quivering buttocks.
Her pubic bump rubbed the underside of his shaft and, when she had him all the way
in her, rubbed his balls, as well. She rotated her cunt as she pumped.
She wasn’t the tightest. That had to do with her age, also, he realized, and forgave
her for it. Anyway, the firm stroking pressure of her clit and mons against the
sensitive underside of his cock more than made up for it, and he writhed pleasurably,
jabbing up into her against her thrusts.
She grasped one of his feet and pulled it to her mouth. Her wet tongue brushed his
toes, moving back and forth, her saliva trickling between them. Finally she clasped
his big toe in her mouth and sucked on it while she fucked him hard.
Her ass bobbed with furious intensity before his eyes. He stroked his hands up and
down the outside of her legs, across her stockingtops and along her garters. He
slapped her shivery flanks.
All the while she rubbed rapidly up and down on his cock, grinding against his pulledup,
throbbing nuts, and her wet, hungry hole devoured his eight inches of bone-hard
She bore against the underside of his cock with even greater intensity, grinding and
bumping ... panting ... yelping ... then letting out a squeal of delight as her bottom
bounced up and down jerkily, quivering like Jell-o.
He spurted up into her, and his jism doused her flames.
“A church, huh?” she said, shuffling through her listings. “Well, the only place in town
that would do is the hall where they hold the Farmers’ League meetings. That will
hold a couple of hundred people.”
“I’ll take it!” Thad said as he stood next to her desk and looked over her shoulder.
“It may not be so easy to get. It’s owned by old Barnaby Rhodes, the richest man in
town, and he’s such a strong Baptist that I doubt if he’d let another congregation get
started under his roof.”
“Have you ever fucked him?”
“Hmmm?” Dotti looked up.
“Well, have you?”
“God, no! Old Barney must be at least sixty-five. I doubt if he has another fuck in
“No wonder you don’t have a fancy office, honey, and all kinds of money in the bank!
You’ve got a chicken streak!”
“Because I don’t go around fucking everybody! Thad, this is a small town. I bat my
lashes at them, and flash some thigh when I get the chance, but I don’t dare come
on like a ten-dollar whore!”
“Well, I’ve got a girl who can crumble Barney’s cookies! Where can he be found?”
“Wait a minute! What is this about another girl?”
“She’s a deaconess of the church,” Thad said. “A very spiritual type.”
“But she’s going to make Barney?”
“Only if the Lord tells her to.” Thad winked.
“You’re not a preacher,” Dotti said. “You’re the devil himself!”
“How can you say that,” he grinned, “when you never heard me preach?”
“Barney lives in a big white house, just off Main Street on First. I wish you and your
deaconess luck!”
“Thanks, Dotti. Oh,” he added, as if by afterthought, “you won’t mind if I come back
and bunk with you tonight, will you?”
She blinked. “From the way you talked about that deaconess, I figured you were
living with her.”
“No, she’s got a couple of k**s. Anyway, our relationship is on a very high plane.”
“Bullshit!” Dotti said. But she laughed.
“Well? Can I come back tonight or not?”
“I suppose so. Drive down the alley, park in back, and use the rear door. For God’s
sake, make sure nobody sees you. I’ve got a reputation to protect.”
Dotti rose from her chair, and Thad drew her into his arms. They kissed, and her
slippery tongue snaked its way into his mouth. He stroked her shivery buttocks.
She felt his cock tense against her, and she began to grind her hips. Thad pulled
“Let’s do it again right now!” she said, her eyes hot.
“Easy ... “ he cautioned. “We have the whole night.”
“Well, don’t forget to come back.”
“Don’t worry.” Thad gave her a pat on the buttocks, then turned toward the door. “I’ll
see you at about eight. Have dinner ready.”
“Dinner! Say, you do have your nerve!”
“You like my nerve, and don’t deny it.” He walked to the door.
She followed and whispered into his ear, “I like your big prick even better!”
Thad walked out with a grin on his lean, craggy face.
Chapter TWELVE
“That’s it!” Edna cried. “The name on the mailbox is Wilcox.”
“You made a rhyme,” Harvey said, and gave a chuckle as he put on the brakes. He
kept his hand up between her legs, tickling the silken crotch of her panties.
“Cool it!” she advised, and pushed his hand down. “If you have a hard-on, you’d
better get rid of it, because you might have to get out.”
“Are you crazy?” he retorted, as he turned the car around. “I’m just going to drop you
at the gate. I’ll wait out here on the road.”
“Chicken shit!” she accused.
“Well, heck-I don’t want to get my head busted by that boy friend of yours!”
“What if I get my head busted, huh?”
“I wouldn’t like that, of course,” Harvey said, heading the car back toward the Wilcox
driveway. “But it’s your problem. I tried to talk you out of coming to see that guy.
You’d be better off with me in California.”
“Maybe,” she admitted. “But there’s something between Thad and me. I can’t explain
it. Maybe it’s love.”
“So, where does that leave me, huh?” Harvey asked plaintively.
“Just where you were before you met me. But a little wiser, I hope.”
“Do you expect me to go back to Hazel, after all that’s happened between us?”
“What’s happened?” she asked as he stopped the car. “We just messed around,
that’s all. Forget Hazel and go to California by yourself. You can find a woman out
there to shack up with.”
“I just might do that-right now!”
Edna grasped his penis through his pants ... and squeezed. “Not yet. Give me a
chance to talk with Thad first. If I can’t bring him around-if he’s as mean and nasty as
he was when I last saw him- well, I just might go with you to California after all.”
“You’re a pretty good hunk, Harvey!” She gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Wait for
me, hm?”
Edna got out of the car and walked up the driveway toward the weather-beaten
house and barn. She had almost reached them when she heard a motor vehicle
approaching behind her.
She thought, Good old Harvey! He decided to give me moral support, after all!
But when she turned to greet him, she stared at a rattletrap truck that squeaked to a
dusty stop. A gray-haired man sat behind the wheel, but it was the woman beside
him who attracted Edna’s interest.
“Marcella Plummer!” she cried, her green eyes flashing.
“Why, s****r Savage!” Marcella replied. “What are you doing here?”
“Knock off that shit!” Edna said, stepping over to the truck. “Who’s this guy?” She
jerked a thumb toward Floyd.
“He owns the farm,” Marcella replied. “Edna Savage, meet Mr. Floyd Wilcox.”
Edna ignored him. “Where’s Thad?”
“In town, I guess. He’s making arrangements.”
“Oh, yeah? For you and him to set up housekeeping, I suppose.”
“Well ... “ Marcella lowered her lashes demurely. “We can’t do that right away,
because the local folks might talk ... but if the Lord sees His way clear to let us, I’m
sure that Thad and me will get married.”
“In a pig’s fat ass!” Edna cried. “Get outta that truck!”
“Why, Edna, I don’t know why you’re so uppity!” Marcella replied.
The redhead jerked the truck’s door open, grasped the other woman by an arm, and
yanked. Marcella tumbled from the truck, falling onto her side in the dirt of the
“Hey, now!” Floyd cried, and hopped from the truck on the other side.
By the time he had raced around to confront the two women, Edna was sitting
astride Marcella’s wriggling form, yanking her auburn hair. Edna’s skirt had rucked
high on her sleek bare thighs, and her breasts shook in her gaping blouse as she
leaned forward.
Marcella was showing plenty, also, kicking as she squirmed and hollered. Her skirt
had slid to her lap, exposing her pale wide thighs above the gartered tops of her
nylons, and Floyd could see her pink panties.
He grinned perversely, and didn’t make a move to break up the fight.
Marcella was a heavier woman than Edna. But the latter was lithe as a wildcat, and
she had Marcella down. While tugging at her hair with one hand and making her
squeal, Edna grasped the top of her dress with the other and ripped downward.
Marcella’s bobbling breasts spilled out.
Floyd had never witnessed such a scene in his life, and the wanton ferocity of it
turned him on, especially since it was taking place in the broad light of day, right in
front of his house. He should have been concerned with what the neighbors would
think, but he already was too worked up for that. His cock was raising a tent in the
front of his overalls.
“Hellfire!” he exclaimed hoarsely, and began to rub himself.
Edna backed up slightly to try to rip Marcella’s dress all the way off, and the woman
on the ground succeeded in squirming out from between Edna’s legs. Marcella
scrambled to her feet. Edna’s snatching hand succeeded in grasping only Marcella’s
skirt as the latter started to run. The dress pulled off her, but Marcella stumbled
Edna lunged to her feet and chased the other woman.
By that time Floyd’s wife, Sarah, was watching, horror-stricken, from the house.
Marcella’s cries also had attracted the attention of a farmer working in his field next
door. He stared at the buxom brunette who was running across Floyd’s front pasture,
her big tits making milkshakes and her plump ass wiggling in pink panties. Her
alabaster thighs flashed in the sun, her garter clasps glinting. Right behind her was a
slim, pretty redhead, running as she held her skirt high on her bare legs. And Floyd
was standing there staring at them, pulling at his pecker in his pants.
Edna dived, tackling Marcella, and the latter rolled in the soft grass. Edna scrambled
astride her just as Marcella turned onto her back, breasts flopping. She clawed at
Edna’s face, but the latter grasped two squidgy handfuls of her bouncing boobs.
“Scratch me and I’ll tear your tits off!” Edna yelled, loud enough for everyone to hear.
“Aaaw, shit!” Floyd chortled, stumbling closer, and he yanked down the zipper on his
The farmer next door leaped from his tractor and ran closer. But, as if fearful of what
was going on or of what it might lead to, he remained on his side of the line. When
he saw Floyd pull out his erect penis and begin to pump it, he gave in and did the
The women squirmed and tussled on the ground, Edna squeezing and pulling at
Marcella’s breasts while the latter dug both hands into Edna’s fluffy red hair. She
yanked Edna’s head down, mashing her face between the soft boobs she was
“Go to it, girlies!” Floyd husked, and stroked his prick like a moron, right in the center
of his field.
But if he was mentally deficient, so was his neighbor, figuring that if Floyd could act
that way, so could he. He tugged on his thrusting fuck-pole as he stared from the
property line, his eyes bright and his mouth slack.
The harder Edna squeezed Marcella’s tits, the more firmly Marcella yanked on her
hair, holding her head between the bobbling globes. Edna felt the titty flesh vibrating
against her cheeks, and her mind rocketed back in time to an incident that had
occurred with another waitress in St. Joe, Missouri.
Edna got hot.
She only had to turn her head a little to one side, and her lips brushed one of
Marcella’s thrusting, plump nipples. She seized the nipple in her mouth and began
sucking on it.
“Hellfire ... !” Floyd murmured when he saw what was happening. He stroked his
cock harder.
The other farmer couldn’t see well enough, and he finally crossed the property line,
running up next to Floyd with his stiff cock in his hand.
“Well shit, Walter!” Floyd cried as he stared at his longtime friend jacking off.
“Shit yourself!” Walter retorted, and rhythmically rolled his rubbery foreskin back and
forward, causing his purplish-pink peckerhead to swell.
Marcella was the most dismayed of all-except for Sarah, who was still staring from
her living room window at the shockingly obscene spectacle. One minute Marcella
had been struggling with Edna-for her very life, it had seemed-and the next, Edna
was sucking her titty while she made gurgly sounds like an infant and sent radiations
of surprising pleasure coursing through Marcella’s body.
“Nooooo!” she breathed, pushing at Edna’s head. “Stop it!”
But she didn’t push very hard. What Edna was doing to her felt too good-especially
after Edna jammed a hand into her wide-open crotch and rubbed her tingling cunt
through the thin silken shield of her panties.
“Will you look at that, Walter?” Floyd husked as both men stroked their pricks. “The
redhead’s hot for the other gal!”
“Aaaw shit, yeah!” Walter rasped. “And the other one’s likin’ it! Look at how her
tongue’s comin’ out, and she’s lickin’ her lips! Her eyes are gettin’ wild!”
“Ooooh, pull my pants off, Edna!” Marcella moaned.
The redhead wasted no time in removing Marcella’s panties, then immediately
hunkered down between her thighs. Marcella began to hump her belly, causing her
tits to bounce up and down. Edna grasped them again-but this time not punishingly.
She lovingly stroked and rolled the bobbling orbs and plucked at Marcella’s stretchy
nipples as she plowed her tasty love-pasture with an adoring tongue.
Marcella had never been with another woman before, and she was amazed that she
enjoyed what was happening. The tongue that slithered between her slippery, velvet
lovelips might have been a man’s-but it wasn’t! The hands that pleasured her titties
might have been a man’s, too. But she could see that the fingers were delicate and
slender, tipped with lacquer, and she could watch Edna’s bobbing feminine head
between her wideflung thighs.
Mostly she just felt the magnificent thrill of the tongue that plunged into her cunt,
licking across the red-hot tip of her clitoris and along her crotch to circle her
spasming cunt-mouth. Marcella bounced her asscheeks on the ground and moaned
heatedly. She tossed her head from side to side. Her eyes gaped, but they saw
nothing-not even the men who were standing nearby, jacking off. She feverishly
licked her lips.
Edna’s head reeled from the taste of the other woman’s juice-exuding cunt ... the
slippery feel of her unfurled, palpitating cunt ... and the steamy scent of feminine
arousal that gushed up Edna’s flared nostrils. The redhead was getting so hot that
she required reciprocation from the other female.
Suddenly she raised her head from between Marcella’s thighs, and she squirmed out
of her own clothes, which consisted of only three pieces-blouse, skirt, and panties.
As Marcella continued to writhe against the ground, moaning softly, Edna turned and
straddled her, facing south.
Now Marcella was faced with a whole new thing altogether: Another woman’s wideopen
crotch, poised before her face ... curly little red hairs lining a lurid wet slit ... an
asshole staring at her!
Edna didn’t give her much time to look. She backed up quickly and sat on Marcella’s
face, then dug her tongue once more into Marcella’s flesh-pudding and slurped
Marcella was afraid to breathe, with her nose sunk between the other woman’s
asscheeks as she throbbed and tingled from head to toe. Edna’s cunt was smack
against her lips, crosswise, and the other girl’s juices dribbled into her mouth!
When Marcella had first had a cock pressed against her lips, she had sucked it. She
had never been sorry. Now, with a cunt in the same position, she reacted in the
same way ... except that more sucking wasn’t all that was required. She had to use
her tongue, as well.
Into Edna’s cunny she thrust her slippery oral instrument, and her brain swirled
giddily as she got her first rich taste of another woman. She also drew a heady,
somewhat earthy scent when she was f***ed to draw a deep breath between Edna’s
She didn’t care about that. Edna’s tongue in her cunt felt too good, and Edna’s velvet
snatch felt good to her tongue, also. She ate, while Edna ate her. They clutched
each other, bumping and writhing in the grass.
The men who stood beside them pulled at their throbbing pricks, and both shot off at
the same time. Spurts of creamy sperm looped into the air and splattered down on
the women’s squirming forms. The men groaned.
Edna and Marcella came.
There was no fight left in either of them as they disentangled and stood up.
Walter shoved his soft penis into his pants and slinked away from the lurid,
lascivious scene in his neighbor’s pasture. Floyd returned to his truck.
“Where are my panties?” Marcella asked dizzily. “And, oh God, where’s my dress?”
She stumbled about, titties shaking, as she searched for her clothes. Edna was
getting into hers.
Finally the women returned to the truck, Marcella holding her ripped dress together,
and they piled in next to Floyd.
“Hellfire ... “ he murmured, and started the truck’s engine.
“Hellfire is right!” Marcella remarked in dismay. ‘The devil must have been here with
“Forget that crap!” Edna said. “What I want to know is, what are we going to do about
“Huh?” Marcella stared blankly at her. “Ooh, him! Goodness, I don’t know.”
“Well, I do! He’s got something coming. Hey! I left a guy parked out by the mailbox.”
She craned her neck to look for Harvey, but he had driven off.
“Let him go back to his frigid Hazel!” she said. “He didn’t have the guts to go to
California with me, anyway.”
“What?” Marcella didn’t know what the other woman was talking about.
“Never mind. Can you put me up for the night?”
“No,” Marcella said. “I’m moving out. I just came from renting a place in town.”
“And Thad?”
“He’s gonna get his own place. That’s what he’s doing now.”
“I’ll put you up, honey,” Floyd offered as he stopped the truck in front of the house.
“You’re k**ding!” Edna said as she stared at the white-haired farmer.
“Floyd’s a good man!” Marcella spoke up. “His wife isn’t too friendly, though.”
“Oh shit, let me out of here!” Edna said, and leaped from the truck.
She began to run toward the road.
Once there, she sighted up the narrow strip of asphalt and saw a car parked about a
quarter-mile away, next to some trees.
Harvey! she thought. That chicken-shit didn’t have the guts to stay or the guts to
leave, either. But one thing he does have is money. He’s got a wad of traveler’s
checks that would choke a mule!
She set out walking toward his car.

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