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Deep Crotch Mother Chapter 9 & 10

“I wonder what my wife and Mother Frisbee are thinking,” Harvey fretted as his car
hurtled along the interstate highway, Edna comfortably cuddled at his side.
“Forget them,” she advised. “You’re entitled to do what you want.”
“Yes, but what if they notify the police? They’re liable to put out one of those APB’s.
And when I go back to my wife, what can I tell her?”
Edna yawned and ran her fingers through her red hair. “Do like they do in the
movies-pretend you had amnesia.”
“You think that would work?” he asked anxiously as he looked at her in the dim glow
from the instrument panel.
“How the shit do I know?” Edna replied, and changed the subject: “Are we getting
close to a town?”
“The last mileage sign said there’s a town about ten miles ahead.”
“Let’s stop there for the night.”
Harvey squirmed. “I ought to drive you, straight through.”
“But you’d rather stop at the motel, wouldn’t you?” she asked, enjoying the situation
“Sure.” He gave her a shy grin. She couldn’t shake the notion that he was a balding,
bespectacled, 45-year-old k** who, though he’d been married for twenty-five years,
didn’t know much about girls. That was some kind of tribute to his wife, Edna mused
She patted him on the thigh. “Don’t worry about what you’re going to tell the little
woman. After we’ve been together for a few days, you just may decide to tell her to
get lost.”
“B-but I’m only going to drive you to Jasper Junction. Even if we stay at a motel for
the rest of the night, I’ll have you there by the middle of the day tomorrow, and I’ll be
back in Centerville tomorrow night.”
“Oh, will you?” she asked, her eyes sparkling.
“Say, what have you got in mind?” Harvey seemed afraid of her again. “Don’t you
have a husband or a boyfriend or anything?”
“I’ve got a man. I told you that. But he’s in Centerville.”
“So why do you want to go to Jasper Junction?”
“Because that’s where he’s going-but not for a couple of days.”
“And in the meantime?”
“It’s you and me, Harvey. That is, if you decide you like what happens tonight.”
“Now, wait a minute. I can’t stay away from Hazel for several days!”
“Harvey and Hazel. That really fits, y’know?”
“I mean it! I’m just going to take you to Jasper Junction, and that’ll be it.”
“But you know I don’t have any money,” Edna pointed out. “I can’t take care of
myself until my guy shows up.”
“I’m sorry, but I’ll have to get back to Centerville.”
“We’ll see,” Edna said, watching him with a wise look in her eyes.
They had no sooner entered the motel room before she was in his arms, rubbing
against him and finding his lips with her hot mouth. She used her slippery tongue.
Her braless breasts teased him, her nipples firming to make themselves felt through
her blouse and his shirt.
She backed up and began to open the buttons down his chest.
He didn’t resist. He just kept giving her a foolish grin, having obviously forgotten
about Hazel for the time being, at least.
As soon as his shirt was gone, baring his unimpressive, lightly fuzzed chest, Edna
went on to open his belt and the top of his trousers. She squatted and pulled his
pants down, then she untied his shoes.
“Golly, I’ve never been treated like this before!” he said.
“I kind of figured you hadn’t,” Edna replied, removing his right shoe, then the left. She
took his pants off.
By that time his cock had reasserted itself, rising in anticipation of what her squatting
pose suggested.
She slapped lightly at the hump in his boxer shorts, and said, “I’ll bet you don’t get a
hard-on this fast for Hazel.”
“You’re right,” he admitted, and added dismally, “In fact, sometimes I don’t get a
hard-on at all.”
“Tsk-tsk-tsk! And you want to rush back to that!” She yanked his shorts down, which
left his pecker bobbing in the nude.
After he had stepped out of his underwear, and Edna had removed his socks, she
settled more comfortably on her knees and stared at the not-bad-looking male organ
which was tilted upward toward her face. While his cock wasn’t as large as Thad’sfew
were-it nevertheless was larger than average. Edna had found that true of other
small men she had known.
She leaned close and licked Harvey’s prick while she slanted a foxy smile up at him.
“Oooh, God!” he exclaimed, trembling. His cockhead quivered against Edna’s
tongue. “I love it when you do that!”
“And how about this?” she asked. She continued to watch him as she took his
throbbing, fat cockhead into her mouth.
“Ooooooh!” He shivered pleasurably.
It was great fun for Edna.
She pumped her mouth on the middle-aged man’s stiff cock, her lips sk**ding silkily
across the ridge of his corona. Suddenly she stopped, letting his organ leap free.
“Please!” he exclaimed, breathing hard. “Do some more of that!”
“We’ll do it again later,” Edna replied, springing to her feet. “Wouldn’t you like to fuck
me now?”
“Yes! Yes!”
“Lie on your back on the bed,” she instructed, and Harvey hurried to comply.
He watched her as she stripped off her blouse, liberating her shapely breasts with
their’ pale-pink, rigid nipples. She shucked down her pants and panties together and
kicked them away.
“I never saw a real redhead before,” Harvey said. “I mean, with her clothes off.”
“Are you an eating man?” Edna asked, standing next to the bed with her legs planted
“What? Oooh ... “ He seemed nervous. “I’ve never ... tried it.”
“Well, we can do that later, too. Let’s fuck first!”
Edna swung a leg across his recumbent form and came to rest on the bed on her
knees, straddling him. His cock twitched. She grasped his erection, shoved it straight
up into her crotch, and stroked his rubbery glans along the lips which divided her
fiery hair-patch.
“Uuuh ... yesss!” he panted. “Take it innn!”
Positioning his pillar just right, Edna screwed her snug cunt around the top of it, then
slowly let herself down. She watched his mouth open and his eyes roll back as he
received the wondrous thrill of his hardness gliding all the way up into her slick,
muscular snatch.
She carefully removed his glasses, saying, “I don’t think you’ll be needing these,”
and placed them on the bedside table.
“You’re so tight!” he said appreciatively.
“Tighter than Hazel?” Edna asked as she began to grind her hips, swirling her
clasping cunt around his upthrust rod.
“Forget her!”
“That’s the way, Harvey.” Edna fucked him heatedly, her cunt grasping and tugging
at his stalk with twisty, bobbing strokes. Her steady pumping rhythm increased his
excitement until his ass was bouncing on the mattress and he was stabbing his prick
upward into her.
Suddenly she stopped and pulled off him, leaving his wet red penis quivering, athrob
with wild lust as it stuck straight up.
“God damn it!” Harvey cried. “What’d you do that for? I was about to ... ”
He was hushed into silence as Edna turned onto her knees and chest, with her cute
ass pointing skyward. Her knees were planted well apart, causing her buttocks to
separate. This exposed the slitted dimple of her anus, with its converging pinkish
puckers, as well as her rosy, gleaming-wet cuntfolds which flared for the reinsertion
of Harvey’s cock.
Though Edna’s asshole offered a powerful enticement, even to a man as
inexperienced and repressed as he, Harvey chose the easier and more conventional
route: kneeling behind her, he rammed his prick up her marvelous, velvet-slick
fuckway. Dr****g himself over her upturned rump, he screwed her as he hadn’t
screwed a woman in fifteen years-fiercely, without let-up, causing Edna to squeal
and spasm before he finally spurted into her convulsing belly while her cunt-muscles
rippled along his ecstatically twitching rod.
“Oooooooooooh!” he sighed deeply, lying heavily atop her as she settled against the
bed. “That was ... great!”
“You know it, baby!” Edna purred. “You really made me come! Oooh, Harvey, we’re
gonna have such good times together!”
“Yeah ... yeah!” he panted and licked one of her dainty ears.
Again Edna smiled. Her plan was working perfectly.
But she was not one to take chances or engage in halfway measures when she had
something really important on the fire. Anyway, Harvey was fun- and he had a lot of
fire left in him, even at his age. He wasn’t the equal of Thad, of course. No man
whom Edna had ever met was, with that wickedly long prick of his and his
commanding, dominating ways which she secretly enjoyed.
However, Harvey was the one who was with her now, and she felt she had to keep
working on him, in order to make sure he didn’t run off.
Accordingly he awoke in the middle of the night to find the moonlight from the
und****d windows splashing over Edna’s beautiful bottom as she knelt astride him,
facing his feet. She was sucking his cock with long, loving slurps of her lips and
tongue while her dimly illuminated lower region weaved before his face, offering him
the delight of sixtynining. What man could resist? Not even one as conservative and
staid as Harvey!
He grasped Edna’s hips and hauled her pleasure-zone closer to his face as he
arched his neck up from the pillow. His tongue came out, and he began to lick her
lovelips, which were bordered by little red curlies.
His nose was scandalously close to her asshole, and, to Harvey’s pleasant surprise,
it smelled as fresh as her cunt tasted. (Unknown to him, she had arisen after he had
dropped off to sl**p and had bathed.) He sniffed her bottom as he licked her, even
getting up the nerve to drive his tongue right up her velvety, elastic cunt. His nose
was touching her anus by that time, and she wriggled and writhed, rubbing her
asscheeks against his face.
Harvey couldn’t resist licking along the inch or so of bridge to the puckered delight of
her girlish asshole, and he madly licked that forbidden part of her body as she
cocksucked him with long, clasping swoops of her hot mouth, taking his throbbing
prickhead into her throat.
Harvey erupted, this time shooting his sperm directly into her gullet as she gurgled
and gulped. His wetly sucking lips and the plunging tip of his tongue gave her an
anal orgasm, so that they both were satisfied.
They slept like logs for the remainder of the impassioned night, and Harvey seemed
to have forgotten his wife completely when they arose late the next morning, ready to
resume their trip.
Chapter TEN
“s****r Marcella!” Thaddeus smilingly exclaimed as she ran with breast-bobbing
eagerness to greet him at the front door of Floyd’s farmhouse.
The gray-haired man, who had opened the door, backed up and stared with illdisguised
jealousy as Thad and Marcella clasped hands, looking warmly and deeply
into each other’s eyes.
“I’m so glad you’ve come!” Marcella said.
“Your Mailgram reached me at just the right moment,” the pastor replied. “Things are
stable in Centerville. It is time that we branched out.”
He glanced at Floyd. “I want to express my sincere thanks to you, sir, for granting
shelter to this lady and her c***dren. Uh,” he turned back to Marcella, “where are
they, anyway?”
“Out playing,” she replied, her brown eyes aglow.
Fuck me! was the message Thad read, and he .knew that the time to do it was right
away. Strike while the cunt is hot, had always been one of his prime mottoes.
“There is much for you and me to talk about,” he told Marcella as he entered the
house and extended an arm around her waist, turning her away from the door.
“My room is right down the hall,” she said eagerly, and led the way.
“Hey now!” Floyd exclaimed. “I ain’t about to take in no more people!”
“Have no fear, my friend,” was Thad’s reply. “We shall both be moving out before
“Well ... hellfire ... !” Floyd murmured. He hadn’t wished to lose Marcella so soon.
She led the way into the small bedroom that she shared with her c***dren. Thad
followed and shut the door. She whirled next to the bed and, laughing, immediately
pulled her dress up. She wore pink sleek panties and nothing else. Her large breasts
“Marcella ... “ Thad said softly, but with the rich vibrance that accounted for much of
his persuasive power-both in the pulpit and in the bedroom.
He drew the buxom brunette into his arms. His hands spanned the bulging, pantyclad
rondures of her ass as their mouths fused wetly and hotly. Their tongues
Thad’s pecker rose.
“Ooooh, Thad ... wowwwww ... I’ve been wanting your big thing so much ... !”
Marcella pantingly exclaimed as she sank to her knees in front of him.
“I presume you engaged in barter with Wilcox,” he said as she unzipped his pants.
“Of course! I did just as you taught me-I listened to the Lord’s guidance and followed
it exactly. Floyd cooperated just as the Lord told me he would.” She pulled out
Thad’s erection. “Oooh, but Floyd doesn’t have such a beautiful, long, stiff lovewand
as yours!” she rhapsodized as she stroked it, over-emphasizing what difference
there was between their sexual attributes because she liked Thad so much.
He understood and patiently let her pull his plum-headed phallus to her mouth. She
held his stiff organ around the trunk and waggled its bulging knob against her hotly
licking tongue. Then she pursed her lips around the end of his cock and commenced
sucking as she glided her mouth forward, her lips widening to encompass the fattest
part of his glans and to lock into the groove behind his horny ridge. She licked his
cockhead while she sucked it, her foxy eyes rolling upward.
Thad smiled benignly down at her as if to say, Very good, s****r.
She sucked him with eager plunges of her cock-hungry mouth. Her lips sk**ded
wetly across the ridges formed by his bulgy blue veins. Her tongue cradled his
cockhead, taking the dribbles of his pre-coital nectar, which she gulped down.
“Get on the bed and let me fuck you,” Thad directed.
Always obedient to her spiritual leader, Marcella drew back, letting his 8-inch wand
flip to a high-standing thrust. She rose to her feet and lunged head-first across the
bed, her abundant r asscheeks shaking her expanded silk panties.
She remained on her belly, moaning softly and wriggling her bottom, while Thad
quickly kicked free of his pants and shorts. Shirt-tails flapping, he sprang onto the
bed astride her and began kissing down her back, following the lazy S of her spine to
the top elastic of her panties, which he caught in his teeth.
“Ooooooh, yesssss!” Marcella hissed as his mouth pulled her panties down.
His tongue flogged the satiny, curved slopes of her asscrack until he reached the
bunched panties at her crotch. Then he clutched her hips, boosting them into the air
and forcing her to draw her knees forward. He grasped the passion-moistened
center of her panties and wrenched them down her plump thighs, past her knees and
He moved forward between her quickly spread knees and speared his eager prick
into her lippy, wet slit. He sank all the way in a single thrust, causing Marcella to
groan and shiver with delight.
He began to fuck her, driving his love machine with the full power of his lithe,
woman-pleasing hips. Reaching underneath her torso, he grasped the quivery big
bulges on her chest and squeezed them as he rode her writhing, receptively bucking
“Ooooooh, GOD!” Marcella cried. “I feel your power!”
Thad knew she was speaking to the Lord and not to him. But that was all right,
because it was Thad’s power that she really felt.
Silly broads! he thought. It was a benevolent condemnation, at worst, because he
knew that without them he would be out of business and out of pleasure both. They
kept both his church and his sex juices going.
He fucked Marcella faster and faster, pulling on her tits all the while, and she bawled
like a breeded cow as she reached a mind-swirling climax. Her bottom bumped
against Thad as he emptied into her body the spurting product of his inexhaustible
“Yes, Lord ... yessss, Lord!” Marcella moaned as she flattened out. “Oooooh, I love
you, God!”
“And God loves you, s****r Marcella!” Thad said, licking into her ear.
“So, what’s our first move?” she asked as they lay side-by-side on the bed, their
hands clasped, both looking up at the ceiling. Thad still wore his shirt and socks. His
cock was limp.
“We must find a location, of course,” he said.
“To live!” Marcella asked. “Together!”
“No! Certainly not. That would scandalize the town before we have a chance to get
“But you told Floyd ... ”
“I will give you the money to rent a place for yourself and the c***dren. I will take a
room somewhere else.”
“Not with another woman!” Marcella exclaimed, sitting up. Her titties flopped.
Thad squinted up at her, his eyes glinting. “Anything I may do will be for the church
... and for Him. I am surprised at you, s****r Marcella, for not understanding that.”
“Well, I do understand, Thad ... “ she purred, snuggling down next to him. “But I
thought that, now that we’re alone here together ... “ She nibbled moistly at his lips.
“Nothing has changed,” he said, moving her back a few inches. “I am very fond of
you, Marcella. You are the first deaconess of the church and my most trusted worker
for the Lord. But His will comes first. Whatever He commands, I must do. And so
must you, also.”
“Yes, but that doesn’t mean you have to get involved with other women.”
“Perhaps it does.”
“Oh.” Marcella turned onto her back and pouted.
“Never mind,” Thad said softly. “We will be very close.” His fingertips ruffled the fur
on her cunt.
“What am I going to do?”
“I will tell you when the time is right. For now, get your things packed.” Thad hopped
up from the bed. “Is there a bathroom in this place?”
“Yes. Across the hall.”
Thad smiled, and Marcella watched him leave the room, his cock and balls swaying
Luckily neither the farmer nor his wife was in the hall when he crossed it to the John.
He stood in front of the commode and vigorously pissed.
A cool shower cleansed him and put him in fine fettle so that, when he returned to
Marcella’s bedroom, with a towel wrapped about his lean form, his penis had
returned to a state of near-turgidity, arching thickly and lengthily forward from his
pendulous nuts.
She still lay on the bed, butt-naked, hoping no doubt for another romp. But he
disappointed her, stepping immediately into his shorts.
“Is there a local newspaper?” he asked.
“I don’t know, Thad,” she replied, half-sulking.
“Well, if not, I’ll see a real estate broker. There must be some suitable hall available,
that we can rent for Sunday mornings. Otherwise we will buy a tent and pitch it on a
vacant lot. That will suffice until we can float a loan and build our own edifice.”
“Yes, Thad.”
He reached into his pants, after pulling them on, and brought out a large roll of bills.
Peeling off four fifties, he tossed them to Marcella.
“That ought to handle a month’s rent and some food for you and the k**dies,” he
said. “Incidentally, how are they?”
“Oh, just fine.”
“That sweet daughter of yours-what is her name again?”
“Ah, yes. Beth.” He stepped to a mirror and combed his black hair. “She’s about
twelve years old, isn’t she?”
“You know she is.”
“Mmmmm. I never got to know your c***dren well enough.”
Marcella watched him. “If the Lord needs my help in arranging for a hall to rent ... ”
“I will bear that in mind,” Thad said with a smile as he turned to face her. “Now, you
had better get dressed and go out looking for a place to live. Then come back here
and I will be in touch with you before nightfall.”
“Yes, Thad.”
He left the room ... and the house. He headed his car toward town.

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