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Deep Crotch Mother Chapter FIVE & SIX

Edna Savage had red hair ... on her cunt as well as on her head. And she had a
spirit to match.
She was twenty-nine years old, slender with enticing curves, and had a sexy face.
When she became Thaddeus Folk’s housekeeper, there were those in Centerville
who started to talk. But the appeal of Pastor Polk and of his oddly satisfying religion,
which interpreted as the will of the Lord just about anything that a body wanted to do,
was such that the gossips found they were talking only to themselves. Pastor Folk’s
large and growing flock weren’t listening. He had brought something new to the Bible
Belt-amorality in religious trappings, with salvation thrown in-and his people loved it.
They were so busy enjoying their own new indulgences that they didn’t begrudge the
good pastor his.
Edna had been one of his first converts when he came to Centerville a little over a
year ago. She had just drifted into town, having walked out on a no-good husband in
another state; she was feeling lonely, guilty, and lost. Thaddeus saved her. He took
her out of the greasy-spoon cafe where she had been working, and put her in his
own rented house. He made her think she was his special woman and would always
be. He gave her the best fucking that she’d ever had.
She had fallen into the habit of dressing lightly around the house, because that
stimulated Thaddeus, bringing his long rod up. She could not get enough of that
magnificent tool!
So it was that when Thaddeus entered the house on this particular afternoon, he
found Edna working at the sink, wearing pink-and-white polka dot panties and
nothing else. Grinning, he sneaked quietly up behind her, reached forward at her
sides, and wrapped both hands around her quivery, cupcake-sized tits.
She gasped, dropping the dish she had been washing. It fell into the sink and
splashed water all over her.
“Ooooh, Thaddeus, you prick!” she exclaimed. But she was laughing happily by that
time, her face aglow, and she twisted in his arms to press her hot, open mouth
against his.
Their tongues writhed and stroked wetly as saliva flowed from one mouth to the
other. Her nipples, stimulated by the coarse fabric of Thad’s shirt, stiffened against
him, and he could feel them digging in. He felt her belly writhe, also. Gliding his large
hands down her back, he took hold of her firm, twisty buttcheeks through her nylon
pants and squeezed them, holding her lower body snugly against him until his rising
cock demanded that they give it room.
“Mmmmm ... wowww ... ooh, baby, let’s see what you’ve got down here!” Edna said,
and sank to her knees. Her tousled red hair received a shaft of late sunlight from the
kitchen window and seemed to catch fire.
She unzipped her lover’s pants.
“Any mail?” he asked casually, because he had come to take Edna’s amorous
assaults for granted. They had even gotten to be a bit boring.
“Just the usual shit,” she said as she snaked a white hand into his trousers. “Oooh,
wait-there was a Mailgram.”
“From who?”
“How the fuck do I know, baby? Oooh, wow! This looks scrumptious!” She was
holding Thad’s long woman pleaser by the stem and shaking it up and down. While
the plumlike knob bobbed and swelled, the shaft gradually stiffened.
There was a faintly sardonic expression on Thad’s lean, craggy face as he looked
down and watched the pretty woman lick his cockhead. He wondered if she could
taste young Nancy’s saliva on it.
Apparently she couldn’t. Or else she didn’t mind. She quickly warmed to her
pleasurable task and, after swirling her tongue wetly around the crown of Thad’s
prick, then scurrying up and down the sides of his poker, she clasped his cockhead
warmly in her mouth and began to suck. She bobbed her head rhythmically, gliding
her o-shaped lips up and down on his bristling eight-inch pole.
He stroked his cock gently against her mouth-thrusts, fucking her willing face. Then,
abruptly, he pulled free, turned, and paraded his naked prick into the living room.
“Come back here, Goddamn it!” Edna cried, staring after him.
“Do not take the Lord’s name in vain,” he cautioned as he continued through the
house. “That is something you must never do!”
“I’m sorry!” Edna said, leaping to her feet to take after him.
He walked to his den, where the mail was stacked on his desk, and he picked up the
Western Union envelope. Edna came tripping into the room, her titties jiggling, and
she wedged herself between Thaddeus and the desk as he ripped the Mailgram
envelope open. She sank to her knees once again, grasping the spear which stuck
out and upward from his open fly. She resumed licking the rounded head of it while
he read:
Thaddeus smiled. A new territory sounded good to him, after spending more than a
year in one place. A flock of new women ... all those mouths and cunts ... and fresh
money! Thad had skimmed most of the cream off of Centerville.
Edna had clasped his cock in her mouth by that time and was bobbing her head
once again. Her lips felt very good, gliding silkily up and down on his quivering, ironhard
He would have to give her what she needed, he realized, but he would make it quick
this time. He had plans to work out.
Grasping Edna by the shoulders, he lifted her, and his long prick whipped free.
“Fuck me, baby ... oooh, please fuck me!” she begged.
She was tall and lithe, and that broadened the possibilities for copulation. As soon as
she had stripped her panties down, kicking free of them, Thaddeus backed her up
against a wall.
“Yes ... yesss ... oooh, yesss!” she hissed. “Ram me right here!”
She spread her legs, causing a lippy division to appear in her fiery fluff, and
Thaddeus dropped his pants and shorts. He squatted just enough to nose his
upward slanting erection into her crotch, and she clutched to guide it while she
writhed. When the tip of his boner was positioned just right, he rose, boosting her at
the same time. A thrust of his hips sent his plunger surging up inside her, and she
wrapped her arms and legs around him as he pressed her against the wall.
He began to do a springy dance, all the action in his knees, while Edna squirmed
voluptuously. Her titties jiggled against his shirt. Her warm, wet cunt was a ravenous
b**st as it devoured his upward cock-thrusts.
Her serpentine legs sk**ded against his back and sides. Her arms were looped
around his neck. Her back rubbed against the wall.
Up and down in her twisting, rippling cunny his splendid pecker stroked, stropping
the red-hot tip of her very responsive clitoris.
“Oooh God ... yessss!” she cried. “Ooooh, glory! Wow, can you really screw!”
He grunted, and rammed upward harder into her slippery hole, which was very open
as she “sat” in midair, with legs spread. His jolts shook the wall and jiggled Edna
erotically from hips to head. He thought he could hear her teeth rattle.
But most of what he heard were her lascivious cries, as she voluptuously squirmed:
“Go at it! Yesss, baby! Get it! Get it! Screw me! FUCK MEEE! UUUUUHHH!”
She began to bounce up and down, swinging on Thad’s neck and middle, while his
plunger stroked rapidly inside her. His prick throbbed with pleasure as her cunt all
but ate it alive. Juice dribbled down his rod, from her salivating cunt, and moistened
his bouncing balls.
Her tits shook up and down against his shirt-front. Her fingers clawed the back of his
neck. Her heels kicked him. She squealed.
Thad’s geysering ejaculation rounded off her quaking, cock-wrenching orgasm ...
and he regretted, for a moment, that he might not be fucking Edna any more.
“So, what was that all about?” she asked a few moments later, after they had calmed
down and he had picked the Mailgram off the floor, where he had dropped it as the
excitement had mounted.
“Oh, nothing important.” He stuffed it into his pocket. “Edna?”
“Yes, you beautiful fucker ... “ she purred, standing behind him with just her panties
on, and squeezing him around the middle.
“I’m going to be leaving town.”
There was silence for several moments. No motion, either. Then Edna abruptly
disengaged and backed up. Thad turned to face her.
He smiled disarmingly. “Nothing personal. You’ve been great to me. You’ve made
me very happy. But my work demands that I move on.”
Edna glared at him, her green eyes glinting. “This is something about that Mailgram,
isn’t it? Who was it from?”
“Now, that’s personal business,” Thad replied gently. “You know I never discuss
personal business with anyone.”
“Well, your business is my business, baby!” she snapped, the pet name having a
sharp edge this time. “I don’t just give myself casually, you know. I’m no slut!”
“Who said you were? But I’m sure you’ve gotten as much pleasure from our sexual
relationship as I have. And as for keeping house for me-well, it was better than
working in Joe’s Diner, wasn’t it?”
She glared at him for several more seconds, then smiled suddenly and pressed her
nearly nude body against him. She squirmed, making him feel her tits.
“Don’t tell me you can just walk off,” she said, “after all the good times we’ve had
together! I know you can’t do that. You’re just teasing me- huh, Thad? Just teasing
me to see if I give a damn?”
“No, Edna.” He gently dislodged her hold on him and backed her up. “I’ve got to go.
Of course, I won’t be leaving for a day or two, because I have arrangements to
make. I must make certain that the church here is in good hands.”
“What?” Thad tried to maintain a tolerant smile.
“I said, bullshit!” Edna repeated, even more f***efully. “You don’t give a fart about
the silly church, and you know it! It’s some woman you’re chasing! Oooh, how I wish
I could see that mother-fucking Mailgram!”
“Edna ... how you talk!” he said a bit sadly.
“You’re not above using four-letter words yourself, so don’t give me that holier-thanthou
shit! I’m an ordinary person, who’s been knocking around all my life, and so are
you. Your religious make-believe doesn’t fool me.”
“It isn’t make-believe, my dear,” Thad replied. “You see, you don’t understand either
me or our religion, even after all this time.”
“Hypocrite! Tell me who the woman is!” Edna demanded, her eyes shooting sparks.
“The world is full of women.”
“Don’t I know it! And that’s just the trouble, you prick\ You don’t care who you stick it
into, do you? Oooh, don’t worry-I know you’ve been screwing all the women of the
congregation, while I’ve been at home, keeping house for you.”
“Edna, I’m afraid there is nothing more to be said,” he stated, turning away.
“Oooh, yes there is!” she railed at his back. “I’m not going to let you do this to me! I
don’t mind you tomcatting around, as long as you come home to me! But when you
talk about walking out, that’s another kettle of beans, mister!”
He strode from the room.
Edna followed, her pert breasts jiggling in the nude. “I’ll ruin you! I’ll find out where
you’re going, and I’ll tell them what a sonofabitch you are! You won’t get started
building up another church!”
He stopped, spun around, and slapped her so viciously across the face that he
knocked her off her feet. She landed hard on her panties on the floor.
“OOOOOOH!” she wailed, as much from rage and frustration as from physical hurt.
Thaddeus stomped from the house. He got into his car and began to drive, having no
fixed destination at first, but then realizing that he would have to see Len Carpenter,
who was the assistant pastor and the logical choice to take over the congregation.
In his travels, which had begun in his home state of Tennessee a dozen years ago,
Thad had established branches of his church in several states. A couple had since
broken away, but the rest had remained loyal, because he had called back on them
frequently, and they continued to send him a small percentage of their financial
proceeds. It was a good racket, not calculated to make a man wealthy, but permitting
him to live the good life and keep moving. That was what Thad required. If he ever
were to settle down, he firmly believed, he would die.
The Carpenters lived in a modest house on the edge of town. Len was an insurance
agent, in addition to working in the church. His wife was a stay-at-home woman who
gave the impression of being very devout. She doted on the fundamentalist aspects
of the religion without practicing its libertarian concepts-except with Thad. He had
gotten to her, of course, and had found her a hell of a screw.
The beauty of Thad’s religion was that its precepts were sufficiently elastic to cover
just about anything a person wanted to do, while giving them a sense of security and
sanctification, also. He emphasized the free-wheeling aspects of the faith only when
it served his personal purposes to do so, or when a “sinning” church-member came
to him in guilty torment and sought absolution. He made them feel a lot better,
whether he fucked them or not. Not all of the enthusiastic adherents to the faith were
female and, of those, certainly not all were attractive. Thad made them all feel good,
when they really needed it, and that was one of the reasons that his church was so
He had removed the masochism from religion and set the people free. In so doing,
he truly believed that he was serving God.
He parked in front of the Carpenters’ house, got out, and walked up the cracked strip
of concrete to the front door. A little girl came bounding off the porch to greet him.
“Hello, Cindy!” he said with a big smile. “Are your mommy and daddy home?”
“My mommy is, Pastor Polk!” the six-year-old replied.
“Well, good! I’ll just walk right in and have a talk with her, if I may.”
All good homemakers were preparing dinner at that hour, and Mae Carpenter was
no exception. The buxom blonde was busy at the stove when Thad walked up
behind her. But she-unlike Edna a little while ago-was fully dressed. Thad was out of
gas, anyway.
“Hello, Mae,” he said, and she jumped.
“Oooh, my Lord!” she exclaimed. “Thaddeus, you nearly frightened me out of a
year’s growth!”
He chuckled and sat on a kitchen chair.
Mae made a few quick adjustments at the range, then looked around anxiously.
“Well, uh, Len will be home in a little while ... ”
“That’s okay,” Thad smiled. “I’m in no big hurry to see him.”
It was a perfectly innocent remark, as far as Thaddeus was concerned. For once, he
had no ulterior motive. But Mae didn’t take it that way.
A smile wreathing her round, doll-like face, she hurried to him and plumped herself
onto his lap. She unzipped her dress-front, reached inside, and brought out a full,
quivering breast.
“Wouldn’t you like an appetizer before dinner?” she asked.
Chapter SIX
The pastor stared at Mac’s milk-white tit with its jutting pink nipple, and he touched
his lips with his tongue. Still, he hesitated.
“Well, don’t make me feel cheap, Thaddeus!” she said, a blush coming to her face.
He bowed his head slightly, tilting it to the side, and he licked the rigid, pale-pink
protrusion on the rounded, trembling titty that she held.
“Ooooh, that makes my day!” she exclaimed, lowering her lashes sensuously and
keeping her moist, pouty lips apart. She rotated her rich titty, dragging the super-stiff
nipple all around Thad’s tongue.
“Suck it!” she finally ordered, and he opened his mouth to take her nipple in.
His lips drew at the tasty titbit, finally stretching it well out, then letting it snap free.
The nipple nodded on its bouncy base, gleaming wetly with his saliva.
“Try the other one!” Mae lasciviously invited, and pulled her second eye-popper out.
Thad sucked that breast, also. Soon he was turning from one to the other, using a
large hand to squeeze whichever luscious orb he wasn’t sucking, and his penis
hardened against the woman’s warm lap.
“We’ve got time for a quickie before Len gets home,” she said, wriggling against his
risen cock.
“Does he ... know about us yet?” Thad asked, breathing hard after the strenuous
“Yes, I told him,” she replied, surprising Thad. She twisted her shoulders, gently
slapping her lush titties against the minister’s cheeks. “I thought it was only right and
proper to do that and ... “ She giggled. “ ... he didn’t seem to mind! In fact, he wanted
to know all the details. He even said he wished he could watch us some time!”
“Ooooh, shit!” Thaddeus groaned, and sucked a big titty into his mouth once again.
He rolled his eyes toward the kitchen door as his lips and tongue pulled at Mac’s
Again he let the goody pop free. “Your little girl might come in.”
“No. I sent her to the store for ice cream. She won’t be back for ten minutes.”
“That doesn’t ... give us much time!” Thaddeus said between sucks.
“Well, listen ... if you promise we can do it later, when Len’s here ... “ the woman
said, a hoarseness creeping into her voice, “I’ll let you go now. Stay and have dinner
with us. I’ll put Cindy to bed early.”
Thad looked up at her flushed, excited face. “Mae, you surprise me!”
“Well, you said it was all right for us to do it. You said it was the Lord’s will for me to
have that experience and it would make my marriage stronger. And it has! Sex has
been so good with Len and me lately that he asked me how come I changed, and I
had to tell him, being an honest, God-fearing woman. You know I never lie.”
“Yes, Mae, but ... “
“Len said he sure wished he could watch, and I want him to!”
“Are you sure he meant it?”
“Yes! Oooh, you should have seen his cock quiver when we talked about it.” She
giggled. “Just like yours is quivering now.”
“Well, put your tits away, and it will stop.”
“You know,” she remarked, tucking in first one titty, then the other, “that kind of talk
used to make me ashamed, whenever I heard it. But it don’t any more. Why, shoot, I
even say things like fuck and titties and cock myself-and I know it’s not wrong,
because you said the Lord loves honesty. Right?” She zipped up her dress.
“That’s right, Mae.”
“And you ought to see how Len acts when I talk to him that way in bed.” She smiled
happily. “It really turns him on!”
She exuberantly jumped up, and the large, shapely mounds in her dress-front
quivered. “Like me without a bra?” she asked, noting the direction of Thad’s gaze.
“I’ve quit wearing ‘em.”
“Looks like you’re liberated,” he said with some misgivings.
He was half-afraid that, after he left, she might go all the way and start peddling her
cunt around town. That wouldn’t be good for the church.
“Well, the Lord wants us to be liberated, don’t He?” Mae earnestly asked. “That’s
what you always told me.”
“It’s true. But He wants us to do His work, also. You and Len are going to have a
special chance to do that. We’ll discuss it later. Don’t you think you’d better check on
“Oh.” She turned to the stove. “I guess I had.”
Thad got up, his penis having relaxed. He wasn’t sure he was going to enjoy what
Mae had in mind for the evening. And, despite what she had said, he wasn’t sure
Len would like it, either.
Watching another man fuck his wife?
That was strong stuff.
Thad thought of an alternative. What if he just sort of worked Mae up, got her
corpuscles perking and her cunt all wet, then turned her over to her husband? That
might be the best way to handle the situation. There were a half dozen places where
Thad could go in town to get his own gun off, without risking the future of the
congregation by involving the minister-to-be and his wife in a game of menage a
Still, the prospect tickled Thad in a lascivious way, and he reserved a decision until
after Len came home. He would verbally feel Len out, he decided, before committing
The assistant pastor was of medium height, chunky, and wore glasses. He had a
ready smile and a friendly manner. He grinned warmly when he saw Thaddeus
sitting in the kitchen, watching Mae cook.
“Well, hello, Thad!” he said. “It’s good to see you. Will you stay and have dinner with
“I already invited him, darling,” Mae said as Len came up behind her and gave her a
kiss on the neck.
“And I accepted with thanks,” Thad put in. “Mae’s the best cook in town.”
“Well, maybe not tonight,” she said, and glanced at the pastor. “I seem to have
neglected the dinner a bit.”
Thad averted his eyes and changed the subject, explaining to Len and his wife that
he was getting ready to leave town. Len was impressed by the pastor’s offer to turn
over the congregation to him, and he accepted with enthusiasm.
The discussion continued over dinner, with Mae saying little. Mostly she was
watching Thad. He noticed that she squirmed from time to time on her chair, as if her
ass were hot.
Little Cindy was bored by the dinner table conversation and seemed willing to go to
bed early, though it wasn’t yet dark. She kissed her daddy and mommy in turn, said
good night to the pastor, and trotted upstairs.
“Beautiful c***d,” Thaddeus said. “You have a fine f****y, Len.”
“Yes, I know that!” he replied, and glanced fondly at his wife.
She blushed a bit and looked down.
It was beginning to look to Thad as if there would be nothing doing. That was just as
well, he judged, though there was a pang of disappointment.
“Dear ... “ Mae said as she walked toward the living room, her husband’s arm around
her, “I discussed with Thad that matter we talked about before.”
Thad tensed.
Len didn’t withdraw his arm from his wife’s waist. “Wh-what matter was that?”
“You know. We talked about it in bed.”
At that point, he drew his arm back and turned uncertainly to glance at Thad, without
seeming angry.
Thad gave him a half-apologetic smile and shrugged, as if to say, It wasn’t my doing.
Len, however, was interested. “Do you want to?” he asked.
“Well ... “ Thad cleared his throat and glanced at Len’s blonde wife.
“Let’s!” she said firmly.
Thad had to congratulate himself on drawing Mae out of the psychological shell in
which she had lived before he got to know her.
“Is it all right?” Len asked the parson earnestly. “I mean, in the eyes of God?”
Thad felt like squirming. But he didn’t. Lust was in the saddle by that time. “Yes, it’s
all right,” he declared, “so long as each of us maintains the proper attitude toward
what is happening. The Lord wants us to broaden and fulfill ourselves in all ways.
This will be an experience-a quest for understanding. Adultery is committed in the
heart and not with the body-the Bible makes that clear-therefore as long as our
hearts are pure ... ”
“Oooooh, Thad!” Mae exclaimed, and rushed to him, pressing her warm softness
against his tall, lean form.
He grasped her by the arms and shoved her backward. “Mae!” he cautioned,
glancing quickly at her husband. “You must be entirely detached in a spiritual sense,
as I will be and as Len must be, also. That is the only basis on which we can
“Yes ... yes ... I understand!” the woman said anxiously.
“And you, Len?” Thad asked.
“Yeah.” He had tensed up, and he nervously nodded his head.
“Then we may proceed,” Thad declared, inwardly gloating. He took a chair. “Len, I
suggest you sit down, also.”
The assistant parson took a chair across from Thad, while Mae remained standing
between them.
“Take off your clothes,” Thad told her. “Very slowly. Walk around while you do it.
Show yourself off.”
“Ooooh, my goodness!” she exclaimed, blushing, and she pressed her hands against
her cheeks. “I didn’t think you would want me to do thaaaat!”
“You would like to do it, wouldn’t you?” Thad asked her.
She looked from him to her husband. “Well, I don’t know ... “ she said. But her blue
eyes sparkled. She looked as giddy as a schoolgirl.
“Of course you would,” Thad said reassuringly. “All women have a secret urge to
show off. You must have thought about it. Well, now is the time to let that urge out.”
He shut his eyes. “The Lord is speaking! Can’t you hear Him? STRIP, MAE!”
It was preposterous, of course. But Thad had learned long ago that human nature
required only the flimsiest of sanctions to do what it wished to do anyway, and his
position permitted him to convey those sanctions.
Len stared through his horned-rim glasses, obviously excited. Mae was all fluttery as
she smiled through her blush. She shut her eyes and began to turn, sensuously
weaving her voluptuous body, which was more suited to a stripper than to a smalltown
religious zealot.
Thad watched with satisfaction as she unzipped the front of her housedress.
Her breasts bobbled out, big and creamy, her pink nipples perkily erect.
“Your wife has great tits, Len,” Thad said, being deliberately crude. The situation
seemed to call for it, and it gave him pleasure.
It obviously pleased Len, also, as he chortled, “She sure has, hasn’t she? I’m glad
I’m not the only one who appreciates them.”
“On the contrary,” Thad said. “They made my eyes pop as soon as I saw her, and I
said to myself, Man, you’re going to have to suck those titties!”
“Have you sucked Mae’s titties, Thad?” her husband asked eagerly as both men
watched her twist and turn, her eyes still shut and her cheeks rosily glowing. She
was pushing her housedress down off her widely rounded hips.
“I certainly have!” Thad replied, squirming on his chair, because he was already
getting a hard-on. “I’ve sawed my prick right up and down between ‘em, too! Mae
really likes to get her tits fucked!”
“Sheee-it!” Len exclaimed, and laughed excitedly. “Is that right, Mae? Tell me, baby!
Tell both of us!”
“Ooooh, yessss!” she said in a richly sensuous voice as her dress dropped to the
floor, leaving her in pink underpants. She brought her hands up underneath her
breasts and grasped the full, squidgy mounds. “I just love to feel a long, bone-hard
cock stroking up and down between my titties! And to see it, also-surging right
toward my face-while the man is sitting on me!”
“Damn!” Len croaked, squirming in his chair and grinning. “Oooh, hell! Keep goin’,
baby! This is great!”
Mae squeezed her plump breasts, rubbing them together, and her nipples bulged so
far forward that they looked as if they were about to jet from their circular pink
launching pads. Thad visually stroked her rounded tummy, which was covered by
her full-sized briefs. Her navel peeped hazily through the filmy, peach-colored nylon,
just beneath the waist elastic of her panties. Lower, where the silken fabric clung to
the secondary curve of her mons, a faint shadow of blonde cunt-fluff could be seen.
Her thighs were full but smooth, the color of rich cream.
She turned, and Thad ogled her ass. He liked women’s asses in panties, especially
asses like Mae’s, which were well-rounded and firmly aquiver.
“Ooooh, I feel so looooose!” she said, and shook her tits at her husband. Her
buttocks wobbled in the flimsy pants that didn’t quite contain all their bulgy
“You are not loose!” Thad spoke up. “And you are not wicked! You merely are
expressing your natural sensuousness, sharing it with both Len and me.”
“Yessss!” she steamed. “I want to give myself to both of you!”
She faced Thad once again, and her eyes were open, smoldering. Her moist lips
were parted. Gazing full at the parson, she curled her thumbs around the elastic
band at the top of her panties and slowly stripped the pink nylon down, gathering it in
her hands. Her pale tummy peeped out, crowned by a cute belly button. She lowered
her panties further, showing the top of her asscrack to her husband and the curly
upper edge of her cuntal fluff to Thad.
“Which part of her would you rather look at, Len?” he asked. “Her beautiful backside
or her blonde cunt?”
“Oh, I like everything she’s got, Thad!” her husband said exultantly, obviously getting
keen perverse pleasure out of discussing his near-naked wife with the other man.
Mae seemed to enjoy it, also, as she writhed, stripping her stretchy, inside-out
panties down her thighs.
“Doesn’t she have the prettiest cunt you ever saw?” Len continued. “But she’s gotta
be spread out on her back for you to really appreciate it, with those goldie curls along
the edge of her slit and her pink lips all wet and open!”
“Do you eat that sweet cunt of hers, Len?” the pastor asked.
“Damn, I’ve sure wanted to! But I never had the nerve!”
“Ooooo!” Mae squealed sensuously, and tossed her pink panties at Thad. They
struck him in the face, and he grasped them to hold them there.
“These smell delicious!” he said, his rich voice somewhat muffled by the nylon of her
panties. He sniffed audibly. “Yessss, their crotch is all perfumed by her cunt!”
“Aaaaw, maaaan!” her husband croaked, and unzipped his trousers.
Mae turned her wide, pleasure-filled eyes his way as he pulled out his rigid penis and
began to stroke it.
Thad could see right away why she had taken to his cock so eagerly when she had
first seen it. Len had a short one, only about five inches, which gave Thad a threeinch
advantage. He took pleasure in realizing that he had pushed far deeper into
Mae’s man-loving cunt than her husband had ever gone.
She turned to Thad. “Darling, take out your cock, please!” she panted.
“Don’t call me ‘darling’,” he scolded as he rose. “Your husband is your darling. You
and I are only friends.”
“All right!” she smoldered. “But please take out your prick! No!” she added by way of
afterthought. “Let me do it!”
“Mae, I didn’t realize you knew those dirty words!” Len said, stroking himself as he
remained in his chair.
“They are not dirty,” Thad said, feeling he had to fulfill his role as counselor, even in
these circumstances. “They are an honest expression of feeling.”
Mae knelt before him to pull down his pants and shorts.
He had taught her to suck cock, but he guessed she had not gotten up the nerve to
do it with her husband. For some reason, Thad didn’t want her to reveal this
delightful perversion to her husband yet, and he pushed her back as soon as his
lengthy prick whipped free. He kicked off his shoes, trousers and shorts, then
stripped his shirt off. Naked except for his socks, he took Mae’s panties and d****d
them over his rod as he walked around.
She laughed merrily. Len stared, his mouth slack, and kept jacking off.
“Spread out, baby!” Thad said to Mae. “Right on the floor!”
“Yes, Thad! Oooh, yessss!”
The buxom blonde flopped onto her back, careful to point her crotch at her husband,
and she raised her fleshy legs into the air, crooking them at the knees and spreading
them wide apart.
“There it is!” Len husked, stroking his up-thrust prick faster. “Look at that wet, pink
beauty with all the blonde curls around it! Have you ever seen a hotter-looking twathuh,
“Never!” Thad agreed, as he knelt before Mae’s female shrine.
“Ooooh, yeah!” her husband rasped. “Eat the son of a bitch! Stick your tongue in it!
Let me watch!”
Thad was careful to approach Mae’s luscious cunt from the side, his cheek stroking
one of her uplifted thighs, and he stuck his tongue out.
“Aaaaah!” Len said hoarsely when the quivering tip of Thad’s tongue touched his
wife’s cuntal folds, and he had to let go of his pecker lest it shoot off. The rosyknobbed
erection twitched in midair.
Thad licked sensuously up one side of Mae’s lippy sexual slit, then down the other.
She cooed and bumped her hips.
“You see, Len?” she panted. “See how ... hot it ... makes me?”
“Ooooh wow, do I see!” he replied. “Keep lickin’ it, Thad! Get right in there!”
Getting a special pleasure himself out of showing off with Mae in front of her
husband, Thad fluttered his tongue-tip against her prominent, erected clitty. Her
bottom bounced on the floor. Her legs flexed wide apart in the air.
Thad glided his tongue down her soft, tasty groove, licked the open, throbbing mouth
of her vagina, then shoved his tongue into her hole.
“Ooooh, sweet Jeeee-zusss!” the assistant pastor cried, and clutched his twitching,
upthrust cock once again. But he had more sense than to stroke it, while he was so
intensely aroused, because he didn’t want his fun to end prematurely.
Thad fucked his thick, meaty tongue in and out of Mae’s spasming cunt-hole, and he
could feel her come. He grasped her bouncy breasts and squeezed them. He kept
pumping his tongue in her cunt, rounding off her kicking, gasping orgasm. Then he
lifted his head.
“Why don’t you try it, Len?” he suggested.
“Ooooh, wowww!” the other man panted. “Should I?”
“YESSSS, Len!” his wife cried. “Ooooh God, YESSS! You can make me come again,
before Thad gets his cock in me! PLEEAASSE!”
Thad stepped back, and Len scrambled from his chair. He awkwardly stripped his
clothes off, throwing them in all directions, then sprawled onto the rug between his
wife’s legs.
Thad watched in sardonic amusement as he drove his rounded, pudgy face into the
V of Mae’s thighs. The pastor lightly fingered his own long, uplifted rod ...

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