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The Blackmail Saga

I sat at my desk staring at my computer screen. An email, marked 'urgent,' stared back at me. It left me completely baffled as I re-read it for the fourth time. It was short; it simply informed me that I was required to report to the Director of Security's office for a late afternoon meeting, at four thirty.

Why would the security Director want to see me? I wondered.

It was mid-afternoon, so I had almost two hours to wait before I went upstairs to find out what it was all about. I spent that time contacting clients and executing buy/sell orders on their behalf. Given the financial climate of quiet desperation permeating the markets, I was being kept quite busy.

When four thirty rolled around, I logged off and headed for the elevators and went up to the twenty-sixth floor. Although Mr. Howards was the head of the department, he did not rate a secretary. I walked down a long corridor of offices on the twenty-sixth floor, looking at each door for room numbers and name plates until I came to the right one. His door was open and he looked up as soon as he saw me.

"Oh, Ms. Williams, come in, please." He said as he stood up from his desk and walked around it to usher me into his office.

"Have a seat, please." I wondered how he recognized me; we'd never met.

I sat in the chair opposite his desk; my back to the door. His office was spacious, but he didn't rate a window, either. As I sat nervously waiting to hear what his mysterious memo was all about, Mr. Howards closed the door to his office. Then he walked back around his desk and sat in his high backed leather office chair.

"I am quite sure, Laura – you don't mind if I call you Laura, do you?" He said.

"Oh, no Mr. Howards, that's fine."

"And, please call me Ted, OK? Now, as I was saying Laura, I am certain you at a loss as to why I asked you to see me; correct?"

"Well, yes." I admitted.

"Laura, it's about embezzlement - the embezzlement of funds from several of your client's accounts to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars; as well as, the depositing of those funds into an account that you exclusively control." He said.

As his words struck home, I felt ice permeating my entire being.

"What?! That's impossible! I have never in my life done ..."

"Please, please, Laura, calm yourself. I know that you did not embezzle a penny."

"I don't get it. Then what the hell are you taking about? Just what the hell is going on?" I said, incredulous and confused.

"Laura, although you have done nothing wrong, what I just told you, however, remains true. Funds have been embezzled from your clients and placed in an account traceable to you. You didn't do this; I did."

"What?" I was even more confused and starting to get really pissed off.

"Laura, I can see you're getting upset. Just bare with me a moment and let me explain."

"It better be good, 'cause I'm this close to walking out of here and calling the police." I said, and meant it.

"Oh, I don't think you'll be doing that, my dear. You see, as the head of Security, I am able to access every employee's sign-in IDs and passwords, as well as, all account passwords. Mind you, I'm not supposed to be able to access this information; but, my background and training while with certain government agencies gave me the skills to crack almost any security system on the planet. So, it wasn't at all difficult for me to transfer the funds I referred to a moment ago to an account I set up, using your log-in and the computer in your office after you'd left for the day. Upon examination by auditors, or even the authorities that you just threatened to call; it will look like all the money in question was stolen by you and stashed in the account you apparently created for your evil scheme. So, like I said, I doubt very much you'll want to call the police and have them look closely at your accounts. Believe me, nothing is traceable to me; it all appears to be your doing." He told me.

"God, I don't believe this! Why? Why me, why not someone else?"

I was beginning to tremble as I pictured myself being hauled off in hand cuffs; what would I say to my husband, Jimmy? Who would believe me if this creep was telling the truth and nothing could be traced back to him?

"Excellent questions, my dear. It's very simple; it's because you're young and extraordinarily beautiful." He said

"What? That makes no sense!"

As terrified and bewildered as I was, I could not fathom any connection between my appearance and what he'd just told me about setting me up to be accused of a major crime.

"Give me a few minutes to explain what's going to happen. There is logic to what I've done and it's very simple; I need something to hold over you that guarantees your absolute obedience. I figure a minimum of twenty-five years in prison, qualifies, don't you agree? Now, I know what your first thought will be; what exactly do I want you to do? Right?" He asked.

"Yes." I said, barely above a whisper as tears began to stream down my cheeks.

As afraid as I had just been of being arrested, I was getting a sinking feeling that whatever else the creep had in mind for me would be a lot worse; as it turned out, I was right.

"Laura, as I said, you're a very beautiful young woman; all I want, and all I expect from you, is for you to allow me to enjoy your beauty and your youth. To that end, you will do whatever I say, whenever I say it, without objection and without qualification for the next two and a half months."

Oh my god, I thought to myself.

"I ... I don't understand." I stammered.

"I know Laura. I'm sure this has come as quite a shock to you, so let me give you a little example; before you leave my office this evening, you are going to strip naked for me and perform certain sexual favors that I will describe for you once you have shed all you clothes." He said so nonchalantly you'd have thought he was taking about a computer upgrade or some other work topic.

I sat there dumbfounded before him.

"No fucking way!" Was my first impulse; thinking back, I'm sure he must have anticipated it, because he just calmly picked up the phone and started to dial a number.

"What are you doing?" I said frantically, half suspecting I already knew.

"Calling the police." He said. "Uh, yes, Sergeant, this is ..."

I leapt from my chair and slammed my hand on his phone, cutting off the call.

"My god! What are you doing?!" I screamed.

"Keep your voice down, Laura. You're still at work and if you were to raise any suspicions here, then, you would f***e me to call the police again and next time you will not interrupt me."

"Alright." I said sheepishly in a more normal tone.

"Let me go over the rules one last time – after this, there will be no second chances. You will do everything I tell you. You will not question my instructions, unless it's for clarification so you can fulfill my wishes more perfectly. You will tell no one about our little 'deal,' not even your husband. In case you think I won't find out if you tell him, I'll tell you now that I have already visited your apartment earlier today and placed devices there which you will never find. The police couldn't even find them – I have prior connections to 'black ops' sources from my past life; you would not believe the technology available for surveillance if you have the right connections to get it, and I do. I've run 'black ops' for agencies which shall remain nameless – ha! - 'cause they have no names." He laughed at what he'd just said; apparently he thought it was funny.

Nothing I was hearing sounded funny at all.

"Do you grasp what I am saying to you?"

"I ... I don't know." I said, crying.

"OK, I'll clarify. You have thirty seconds to remove all your clothes starting as soon as I finish speaking. If you are not completely naked by then, I will pick up the phone again – and like I said, there are no more second chances. You will be arrested and hand cuffed before the hour is over. Your time starts, now." He said and he removed his watch from his wrist and held it in front of his face.

"But, I'm married. My husband ... my god I can't believe this is ..."

"Twenty seconds remaining."

My mind reeled. I would have collapsed on the floor and balled like a baby, except I knew I'd end up in jail.


With trembling fingers I pulled my knit top over my head and tossed it to the floor. I unzipped my slacks and pulled them to the floor; I was left standing in my bra and panties.

"Please don't make ..." I stammered.

"Four ... three ..."

I unhooked my bra and pulled my panties down just as he said 'zero.'

"Oh Laura you are even more beautiful than I imagined." He said as he stared at my naked body.

I'm five seven and work out at the gym regularly, even though at twenty-six I could probably keep my slim figure nice and trim without the workouts. I've been told by Jimmy, and by old boy friends, that my breasts are outstanding examples of what most men regard as perfect. They're large for my frame, but not overly so. They don't sag at all and my nipples are large and slightly upturned. I've also been told I could do nude modeling for serious art photographers.

Ted seemed to agree with that assessment by the way his eyes took me in and by the way he leered at me.

"Hmmm ... you keep you bush shaved, that's very sexy, Laura. And, I congratulate you on making the right decision. I am sure I would have had a very late night being interviewed by the police about how I discovered your plot. By the way, just so you realize that this is not forever – otherwise you would eventually grow desperate and end up going to the police – you will be off the hook in two and a half months. On the morning after the last day of the quarter, all accounts will be restored and no one will ever be able to detect that there was ever any discrepancy." He explained.

I just stood there with tears flowing and in complete shock that this happening to me.

"Now, come around the desk and stand next to me so I can have a better look at you." He ordered.

When I just stood there like a deer in the headlights, he reached for his phone.

"No don't!" I shouted and hurried around his desk as he had demanded.

"Oh my, so beautiful. I am going to touch you and you will not resist. No matter what I do, or tell you to do, you will not resist or delay, is that clear?"

I stood in silence next to his chair.

"Is that clear?" He shouted.

"Yes." I said, meekly.

He put his hands on my hips and slowly moved them up my waist. I knew he was going for my breasts and there was nothing I could do to stop him. It made me feel like I wanted to die. When his hands reached my breasts and he cupped them and squeezed my nipples; I wanted to retch. It made me feel dirty and disgusting.

"My god, they're perfect." Then he moved his hands back down my trembling body. "Move your legs apart."

"Oh please no ..."

"Do it now!" He sounded angry. I moved my feet. "Further!"

I did as he told me, knowing I was exposing my pussy to him; I shut my eyes as I could not bear to watch what he was doing to me; I was so humiliated. I felt his hand touch my inner thigh and move up slowly until I felt his finger tips touch the outer lips of my sex. I felt him spread my lips apart and penetrate them until his fingers were at my opening. To my utter shock and self loathing I could tell that his fingers were getting slippery from my own lubrication.

How can that be? I thought. I wasn't the least turned on by what was happening; far from it, I was scared and mortified. How could I be turned on?

"Oh, I see you seem to like this, you're very wet for me." He said as his fingers slid up the crease of my pussy; they continued to move upward until he found my little nub. When he touched it I shuddered; it felt like an electric shock.

When he started rubbing my clit, I gasped. I couldn't help it; I wanted nothing more than to show the slime ball how much I loathed him, yet my body betrayed me. At least my moans sexual excitement were mixed with sobs of dread and fear.

As he manipulated my pussy I heard the distinctive sound of a belt buckle clinking and realized he was about to take his cock out of his pants; it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going to happen next.

"No, no, no ..." I whimpered; but he ignored my protests. I heard a zipper being pulled down, and then I felt his strong hands on my hips once more as I was being turned around to face away from him.

I was not surprised when I felt him pull me back onto his lap and something hard press against my slippery opening. I kept whimpering.

"Don't do this ... oh god no, please I beg you, don't ... aaaaaaaaaah" I was suddenly impaled on him.

"Oh honey, you are so fucking tight." He groaned as he started bouncing me up and down on his lap and matching that rhythm with thrusts of his hips.

What am I going to tell Jimmy? My mind raced as Ted continued to pound into me.

I made sure I showed no signs of enjoyment to my demented tormentor, but perversely, his cock stoking my insides felt so good in a twisted way. I couldn't imagine why my body was betraying me, when all I wanted was to crawl in a hole and die. I hadn't seen the size of Ted's cock because my eyes were still shut; but it felt huge inside me, and to my horror I felt like I was on the verge of a climax as his tempo increased and I felt his stiff cock slamming mercilessly into my body.

His hands were gripping my breasts frantically; almost to the point of pain, as I heard him grunting and I thought he was nearing a climax. When he viciously squeezed my nipples, that was all it took to push my body over the edge; my nipples are extremely sensitive. I felt a familiar wave of bliss overcome me. My whole being shuddered; my legs quivered uncontrollably, but I refused to let the slightest sound escape from my lips as I endured a powerful orgasm. Usually I'm a 'screamer' when I cum, but not this time.

"God I love it when my girls cum ... aaaaaargh." He grunted and I felt his cock spasm inside me; which was followed by the warmth of his spunk as he filled me with it. After he'd cum in me, he pushed me off his lap roughly.

"That wasn't too bad for your first time, but I'll expect more animation from you in the future." As he spoke he f***ed me to turn and face him again.

"Spread you legs again and put you hand under your cunt; I expect you to gather every drop of my delicious sperm as it oozes from your hole. You will then place it in your mouth and swallow it. Better get all of it because if one drop lands on my carpet, I dial." He put his hand on the phone as he spoke.

I did as he instructed; what choice did I have? I love the taste of cum. Sure, I know, a lot of girls don't. But, I do. His tasted marvelous, but I made a face each time I brought the stuff to my lips and sucked it into my mouth – I would not give him the satisfaction of seeing me enjoy any element of his sick scheme.

"Don't care for eating cum, eh? In the next few weeks, you'll beg me for it."

Fat chance scum bag, I thought.

"There's still some left on my cock, kneel and lick it off – do not put my cock in your mouth. I don't trust you enough yet that you wouldn't attempt to castrate me, ha!" He laughed. "Just lick it all off with your tongue and swallow it."

As I knelt and brought my head close to his semi-erect cock, thoughts did flash through my mind of doing exactly that; but he grabbed a handful of my hair at the back of my head to make sure I could not lunge and do the dastardly deed.

"Good job, Laura." He said with a satisfied smile. "Now, get dressed and sit in the chair."

As I retrieved my clothes and dressed, he fixed his clothes and retrieved something from a desk drawer. When I sat in the chair again, he handed me a thick padded envelope.

"Inside you will find everything you need for this evening."


"You are going to come to an apartment I maintain – it's not where I live. Inside the envelope are the address, a key, and instructions you are to follow precisely. Oh, and before I go on, there is one more thing I need to mention. Lest the thought of murder should cross your mind – its probably too early for that, but it might occur to you in the future – I have set up a program that will automatically send emails to the police, newspapers and the firm's Board of Directors, with all the sordid details of your crimes, if that is, I do not, by a predetermined time each day, enter a rather complicated code to prevent such disclosures for the following twenty-four hours. Got that? Do me in, and you'll do at least twenty-five years for embezzlement; though, upon my untimely demise, you'll more likely get life for murder, if not the death penalty."

"Oh shit." I whispered.

"Just so. Now, you get out of here and I'll see you at eight." Ted said to me like he was saying 'bye for now' to an old friend.

"But, what do I tell Jimmy?" I protested.

"You know, you're very lucky I just enjoyed fucking you so much. For baulking at my instructions, I really should just pick up that phone and ..."

"No! Please, I'm sorry ... it's just ... what about my husband?" I said, terrified he'd call the police; but equally terrified that Jimmy would discover that I was going to cheat on him that night.

Fuck, I've already cheated on him! I thought; though it didn't feel like cheating.

"I completely understand, my dear; but that's not my concern. It's up to you to tell him whatever you like. However, I will offer one little suggestion, given the fact that we are going to be spending so much time together over the next couple of months; consider picking a big fight with him and then walk out on him in a huff. When he contacts you, as I know he will, tell him you need some time and space to 'sort things out." He said.

"You're crazy! I would never do that to him!"

"Well, think about it; after I'm done with you, you can reconcile, get back together again and live happily ever after. Like it or not, it will make your life easier for the next couple months. See you at eight." He finished his wicked suggestion, and I was dismissed.

I was going to protest further but he returned his attention to his computer screen liked he'd just finished a brief business meeting; not like he'd just f***ed someone to have sex with him.

I went to the door and pulled the handle; it was locked. I turned the lever to unlock it and left. As I walked down the corridor toward the bank of elevators someone passed me and gave me look of alarm. That's when I knew I must look horrible, so I ran into the ladies room near the elevators and looked at myself in the mirror; and sure enough, the woman staring back looked ghastly, with dark lines of makeup running down her cheeks from all the tears and her hair a mess like someone had grabbed a handful, as indeed he had.

I washed my face and removed all my makeup and ran my fingers through my hair as best I could; my purse was locked in my desk drawer down stairs. It never occurred to me I'd need it for an internal meeting.

When I got back to my desk, I just sat there for the longest time; trembling with disgust and rage and fear as thoughts of what had befallen me, and the implications of what was yet to come, raced through my mind. After a long time, I opened the envelope that Ted had given me and I dumped the contents on my desk. When I saw what tumbled out, I got up and went over to my door; I closed and locked it, then returned to my desk to stare incredulous at what I saw.

Lying about on my desk was a key, a sheet of paper and black lace garter belt, sheer black stockings and a very sheer black (and extremely skimpy) teddy; something like you'd expect to find in a Frederick's catalog – I knew this, because one of those catalogs came to my apartment every month or so. Jimmy had ordered the catalogue online in my name; no doubt, hoping I'd be inspired.

The sheet of instructions informed me that I was to go to an address printed at the top of the page – the key was for that apartment. I was to wear the 'clothes' provided, such as they were, and nothing else. Except, I could wear an overcoat until I arrived at the apartment. However, I was to shed the coat at the front door and enter the living room clad only in the get-up that the asshole, Ted, had provided. I was to wear an excessive amount of dark makeup and pure red lipstick; the missive Ted had written explicitly provided that I was to look like a 'street whore.' Last, I was to wear four inch, or higher, high heels; they had to be black.

"My god! I can't do this." I said aloud when I'd finished reading the instructions. I looked at my watch; it was nearly six thirty. I knew Jimmy would be getting home from work before I would; even if I left right away. There was no way I could go home and get ready for Ted's sick scheme without Jimmy knowing something weird was up.

I called Jimmy's cell and thankfully got his voice mail. I left him a message that there was a something going on at work and I would be home late; likely very late and for him to not wait up if I didn't make it home by bedtime. I had no idea how long Ted would keep me, but I was sure I had not been invited for tea and cake.

Next, I had to figure out how to prepare for Ted's demented assignation. First, I would have to go to the mall and buy shoes; I didn't even own a pair of four inch heels.

Hell, what sensible girl does? I thought.

I would also need to buy make-up, even at home I didn't think I had what I needed to comply with the instructions, if fact, I wasn't even sure I knew how to make myself look like a street whore. I also needed a lightweight overcoat; even though I had one a home. But, I was not going anywhere near the apartment, let alone to get my coat. Given the eight o'clock deadline and the fact that the address he gave was across town, I realized I'd have to hurry. I still had no idea where I'd go to change into his lewd costume; I would just have to deal with that later.

Fortunately, there was mall about five miles from the office and I knew there was a Frederick's of Hollywood store there; I had no idea where else I could find the sort of shoes I knew he wanted me to wear. Normal shoe stores don't carry such trash. The girl who waited on me was very helpful and kept giving me 'knowing' looks.

"It's a surprise for my husband." I finally felt compelled to explain.

I left the store with five inch heels; the only thing they had in stock in my size that met Ted's criteria. When I walked in them I felt like I was going to fall over; I have no heels over about three inches in my closet. They also hurt my feet; my toes were so crammed together by the obscene angle they entered the shoe, and gravity.

Next, I hurried to a department store and found the cheapest overcoat they had in my size – it still cost me over a hundred dollars – and then went to the cosmetic counter for makeup. I even asked the girl for advice; I told her my husband was dragging me to a costume party and I had to look like a 'tramp.' I think she was offended; you know, because I seemed to be suggesting that she would know.

All in all, I spent several hundred dollars on Ted's insanity. I still had to change and put the make-up on and drive across town. I looked at my watch and I was afraid I was going to be late; having no other real option, I went to the mall restrooms and into the handicapped stall to change. Wearing my obscene heels and the overcoat, with the lingerie underneath, I'd stuffed my office clothes and shoes into one of the shopping bags. I then went to the mirrors and started applying too much makeup to my face. I put thick lines of black eyeliner on my lids, as well as, under my lower eyes lashes. Then I applied bright blue eye shadow, long fake eyelashes and heavy mascara; along with heavy black eyebrows that finished the 'look' except for the bright red lipstick. As I was doing my lips a bunch of women entered and as soon as they saw me I heard muffled sounds of astonishment and whispers in the background. I collected all my stuff, grabbed my purse, and ran from the ladies room as fast I could.

I still had to run the gauntlet of waking through the mall in my five inch stilettos, and wearing 'street whore' makeup, to get to the parking garage where I'd left my car. After passing dozens of alarmed and disapproving people, the thought occurred to me that I could have worn my office shoes to the car; but it was too late and so I persevered.

I drove as fast as I dared. I was sure that if I were stopped for speeding, I'd be taken downtown and booked as a prostitute. Of course, that was ridiculous, but such was my state of mind that night.

I arrived at the address Ted had given me and found an apartment building where I parked in the visitor area. It was a nice building but not particularly upscale. I rode up the elevator, thankfully alone, and found the apartment number I'd been given. Sure enough, the key fit the lock and I entered – three minutes late. There were hooks on the wall by the front and I removed my coat and hung it on one of the hooks. I walked into the living room expecting to find Ted waiting and maybe angry because I was late. Instead, there was no one there.

As soon as I entered, a cell phone sitting on the coffee table began to ring. I picked it up and looked at it, then flipped it open and put it to my ear. Before I could even say hello I heard Ted's voice.

"You're late – you came within seconds of being turned in, don't let it happen again, ever."

"Listen Ted, I'm sorry, I had to go to the mall and ..."

"Shut up and listen. First, outside of the office, you are to address me as 'sir' – you will never use my name, understood?"

"Yes, T... uh, I mean, sir." I stuttered.

"Next; in less than five minutes after I hang up, the door bell to the apartment will ring. You will answer it dressed as you are right now and greet the men who will be your guests for the evening. You will entertain them in whatever manner they choose; and I think you can guess what that will entail. If you refuse them anything, I will know; I have multiple cameras and microphones in every room and I am monitoring them as we speak. Got that?"


"Yes, what?" He demanded.

"Yes, sir." I said, realizing at that moment that it was as much about control for Ted, as it was about sex.

"Before your guests arrive, you will go to the kitchen where you will find a well stocked bar. Select your favorite liquor; not wine, not beer – liquor. You will fill a whiskey glass with the liquor of your choice adding no mixers, and no more that two ice cubes, and you will make sure the drink is finished before the door bell rings. Remember, I am watching and my cell has the number for the police on speed dial. Also, before your guests leave, you will be sure to consume a minimum of three more full glasses of liquor; I want there to be the smell of alcohol on your breath. If you're smart you'll call a cab when you leave. Do you understand what I've just told you?"

"Yes, sir." I was on the verge of tears again.

"If you dare ruin your lovely makeup with tears, I ,will instantly hit my speed dial. Now, one last thing; you are to keep the cell phone you are holding with you every minute for the next two and a half months. I will give you instructions on this phone, and only on this phone. If you ever fail to answer, you know exactly what will happen. Acknowledge."

"Yes, sir, I understand, sir." I said, still unable to grasp the enormity of what was happening to me. I'd thought Ted was going to want to use me for his own sexual pleasure for a couple months; as loathsome as that was, I'd sort of come to the conclusion that it as something I could deal with until the ordeal was over. Then, I would quit my job and I would convince Jimmy we needed to move to another city; maybe on the west coast. Now, Ted had added a whole new dimension to the equation; not only was I to be his sex slave, but apparently, I was to be abused by whomever and whenever Ted's demonic whim decided.

And I was trapped. I could do nothing. I'd wasted precious seconds standing stunned in the living room coming to grips with what I had just fathomed from Ted's astonishing call. I went to the kitchen and found the booze. I pulled a bottle of bourbon off the shelf and poured a full glass as instructed and added two ice cubes. I took a long drink; draining nearly half the glass and almost choked. I coughed and sputtered; I was not accustomed to chugging my drinks, especially hard liquor which I rarely drank. In an act of defiance, I added two more ice cubes and took another long drink.

"I like my booze cold ... sir." I said aloud, and thought, so fuck you asshole – call the cops and see if I care.

I heard the doorbell ring and quickly downed the last of my drink. I felt tingly already as the warmth of the booze spread through me. I stumbled just a bit as I headed to answer the door. Whether it was from the booze on an empty stomach, or from the five inch heels; I didn't know, nor did I care.

I got to the door and opened it. My jaw dropped as I saw three very large men; they looked like they could be pro football players. Two were white and one was very black; I'd never dated a black man before, let alone had sex with one.

"Hello." I said meekly. "Won't you come in, please?"

"Wow, is she ever fuckin' hot!" One of the guys said as they entered the apartment. The black guy grabbed my ass very roughly as he went past.

"Now that's some nice shit, baby." He complimented me; a compliment I would gladly have died to avoid.

"Hey slut, get us somethin' to drink. What'a you got to drink around here? You got any dope?" The biggest white guy said.

I went into the kitchen and rattled off the considerable list of various types of booze available and they each replied with what they wanted.

"Got beer?" One yelled from the living room. I checked the fridge and found six different bands, from Millers to several European brands I'd never heard of. The guy in the living room was happy with Millers.

I found a serving tray and walked into the living room and served each man with his drink choice which left a glass of bourbon on the tray for me; drink number two.

The guys circled around me as I stood there in my five inch heels; it gave me some inkling of how Custer must have felt during his last hours on earth. They started touching me as they moved in, one fondled a breast, one squeezed an ass check, one even grabbed my pussy and squeezed me there sending an unwanted thrill coursing through my tummy. I took a long hit of my drink; I was getting the feeling I was going to need it, and more.

The black guy stopped in front of me and turned to stand squarely in front of me.

"On your knees bitch, and do me, right now." He commanded.

"Yeah, Roy, great idea ... as good an ice breaker for a party as I ever heard." One of the others said, laughing.

I took another long drink and set my glass on the table as I went to my knees.

"Come on baby, unzip me and pull it out, let's get this show on the road, bitch."

I undid his pants and reached in and was utterly shocked by the size of his dick. Wrapping my hand around it in order to pull out it of his pants, my fingers tips didn't even come close to meeting; not to mention it was easily over eight inches long. It might even have been closer to ten. All I knew was that I could not imagine something so large entering me; at the same time, I knew he was eventually going to do his best to make sure it did. I shuddered at the thought.

"Come on baby get it in that pretty mouth o' yours."

"It's too big, I don't think ..." I tried to say; but I was cut off by him shoving his monster between my lips and trusting the thing down my throat. I almost threw up all over his cock.

"See bitch, it ain't to big for ya." Roy said. The other guys thought it hilarious and they laughed.

Roy put his hands of the back of my head and started pulling my head into him. Each time I felt the tip of his monster hit the back of my throat, it felt like I was gagging and I was sure I would toss my cookies. He must have sensed just what my limits were, because he took me to the edge, but never over.

While Roy ingloriously fucked my face, I felt hands slip under my teddy and they started groping my breasts; other hands found the opening in my crotchless teddy and these fingers were soon inserted inside me. Again, to my extreme horror, it was quite clear to me that I was extremely wet with sexual excitement. In fact, with the huge black cock in my mouth and my breasts being mauled and with someone finger fucking me; I was getting very turned on.

How I could be feeling that way; actually enjoying such abuse? I wondered. Being turned on no less, by being f***ed to have sex, was completely beyond me.

Regardless, I moaned on Roy's mammoth cock.

"I'm gonna fuck the bitch, OK, Roy?"

"Yeah man, go ahead, she ain't ready for me yet, she gotta be stretched some first." Roy said, giving the go ahead to his buddy.

I felt my hips being pulled up from the floor so that I was on my hands and knees; still sucking Roy's monster as he continued to pump his big black cock into my face. I briefly felt a cock press against my opening and then came pain and burning as it rammed home. The pain quickly subsided as my slippery pussy juices rapidly coated the guy's cock. I guessed that he wasn't as big as Roy, but his was still the largest penis I had ever taken in my life; though that would so change when Roy took me.

Where did Ted find these guys? I thought, as the cock fucking my pussy started to generate overwhelmingly delicious sensations.

My god, I thought, I'm going to cum again just like in the office with that creep Ted. And I did.

With Roy's huge cock stuffing my mouth it wasn't very obvious to any of the guys, but I knew it and felt betrayed by my own body again. I'm being coerced to have sex for christ's sake, my mind screamed as I came down from my orgasmic high. But I didn't remain lucid for very long; fingers connected with my clit and another tidal wave of bliss sent me crashing onto orgasmic shores a second time. As I recovered, I felt hot cum filling me and heard the guy fucking me groan mightily.

"Aw shit! I wanted to hold out longer bit she's too fucking tight." He complained.

"That's OK dude, I'll fix that right now." Roy said and lay down on the carpet on his back. "Put her on top o' me, you guys."

"Shit! Let me finish my drink first!" I said, grabbing my glass and downing what was left; about a third of it.

"Hey, dude, go out and bring that bottle in here so we can keep her glass filled ... least we can do for the little slut." Roy said, and he laughed.

I felt hands grab me under my arm pits and they lifted me up until my hips were aligned with Roy's organic miniature ICBM sitting on his launch pad waiting to launch. The other guy lowered the 'payload' over Roy and set me down; too quickly as it happened, because the pain of Roy entering me so abruptly was so intense that I thought it could only have been matched by c***d birth. Something I hadn't had the pleasure of; and after being tortured by Roy's cock that night, I'm no longer sure I'm capable of.

Needless to say, I screamed. No, it wasn't an orgasm; it was a red hot fireplace poker seemingly rammed up inside my pussy.

"Hey slut, keep it down!" The guy behind me cautioned.

"Dude, cut the bitch some slack. She just been split apart by the biggest hunk o' meat she's ever had; it's gotta hurt, dude." Roy said, defending me in a sick sort of way.

"Give the bitch another big drink. That otta help 'er." Roy told his buddy.

Someone put a glass in my hand – my eyes were still squeezed shut from the pain. I put the glass to my lips and drained it; they didn't know I like ice and I didn't much care either at the time.

As the burning of the bourbon reached my tummy, the burning in my pussy subsided. Roy's hips started to move up into me; gently at first, thank god. As severe as the pain had been when Roy entered me, I was totally astonished when his cock started to elicit stirrings of pleasure inside me. I was feeling very woozy from all the booze; I was sure of that. And, maybe the bourbon also acted as a bit of an anesthetic, too, because as Roy increased the tempo of his thrusts, the waves of ecstasy building inside me rose proportionately. I was soon screaming with bliss over Roy's cock; how long it lasted, I have no clue. I only know my orgasm continued for a very long time and did not end until Roy's enormous cock spasmed inside me and pumped a gigantic amount of cum inside me. When Roy was done, I rolled off him and gave the coffee table a glancing blow with my head; it didn't hurt anything like that first insertion of Roy's cock.

"Ooooow, that's gotta hurt." One of the guys said. I had my hand on my head, but it really wasn't that bad.

"Hey, bitch, we was told you supposed to eat all the cum we pump inside ya. You didn't do Red's when he came in ya, but the guy said he'd be watchin' so you better start eatin' that big load I just pumped in ya." Roy told me.

Shit, I thought, what an absolute cretin that asshole Ted is!

"Hey, Roy, here's her glass; let her squat over it - all that thick white goop will drip in the glass and then she can drink it. That'd be real hot, man." Red suggested.

Oh thank you Red, you're such a fucking gentleman. I thought, as they pulled me up into a squatting position and one of them positioned my bourbon glass beneath me.

By the way, ever squat wearing five inch stilettos? It's not easy; they had to hold me up to keep me from falling over. Or maybe it was the booze; hard to say.

"Ok, now drink it all up." Roy said. I did; I had no choice. Then Red filled my glass with bourbon – the glass which was still coated with a thin film of Roy's cum.

"Wash it down, bitch." They all laughed and shouted at the good fun I was having. The cum added a certain 'tang' to the bourbon and I made a mental note to order it that way next time I was in a bar.

"Hey, dudes, you both had a turn, now it's my turn, but I wanna fuck her in the ass."

"Oh god! I've never ..."

"Well, well, Howie you gonna get to take the little slut's anal cherry!" They all laughed; and I was getting a little tired of being the brunt of their sadistic jokes.

"Red, go check out the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and see if there's any lube. Being her first time, ya gotta be gentle with the bitch." Roy advised.

"Yeah, big bottle o' the stuff." Red said as he came back. Roy positioned me on my hands and knees and I felt cold liquid hit my rosebud.

"Shit! It's cold." I complained.

"Oh baby, don't you worry, we gonna warm you up, huh Howie?" More laughter.

I felt one, then two, fingers inserted in my ass. I knew I had to try and relax those muscles as much as possible – I'd never been fucked in the ass before, but I'd read about it when Jimmy hinted once he might like to try it sometime, though I was greatly relieved when he seemed to forget about the whole idea.

Roy was manipulating my asshole and I knew he was doing me a favor. When he finally told Howie to go ahead and take my cherry, it didn't hurt all that much; I guess it helped that Howie was the shrimp of the group, cock-wise, that is.

"Yeah, Howie, that's it ... how's she feel, dude?"

"Tight, dude, really tight!"

"Red, scooch up under the bitch and get you cock in her cunt. You just know she's gotta love havin' both her wholes filled, dude." Roy suggested. I really loved Roy; he was always so fucking helpful. Wrong!

I felt Red enter me and the two guys got some sort of rhythm going that drove me wild. I could feel where their cocks were kind of pressing against each other as they both slid back and forth inside me and I was soon screaming my bliss again as one climax after the other took control of me.

"Dudes, she loves it ... fuck the shit out o' her!" They did.

Roy helped too; he jammed his fat cock in my mouth again. All three came in me over the next, what, half hour? Hour? Who the fuck knows! Roy's cum, I just swallowed. They had to do the glass thing again so I could drink the mixture of Red's and Howie's cum that seeped from my ass and pussy.

I was rewarded with another 'special bourbon" again; and I gulped it down.

By then, both my ass and pussy were sore, but not the boy's cocks. After a short rest, they started in on me again. I was subjected to pretty much all possible combinations of DP, except Roy stayed out of my ass thank god, or I would have needed surgery. It was close to four o'clock in the morning when they tired of me and left. By then, most of my bottle of bourbon was gone – none of them had been bourbon drinkers.

I was about to call a cab to leave when it occurred to me; where am I going to go, home? I knew I couldn't go home and face Jimmy in my current condition. So, I set my PDA alarm for seven thirty and went into the bedroom and crashed on the bed in there. I knew Jimmy would leave for work well before eight. I'd call him first thing and explain that the problems at work had turned into an all nighter with the software people.

He might buy that, I thought.

Just as I was about to fall asl**p, I heard the a cell phone ringing in the living room; it was the one that Ted had left me. I staggered out to the other room and grabbed the phone.


"So, Laura, it looks like you had a really good time with my friends, didn't you? Come on honey, admit it, you really enjoyed it – hey, I've got it all recorded. I couldn't begin to tell you how being times you climaxed. So, tell me how much you liked tonight's little fuck session." He demanded. When I hesitated, he added. "Tell me, damn it!"

"Yes, I enjoyed it ... uh, sir." I admitted.

"How much? Tell me how much!"

"A lot, I enjoyed it a lot."

"Sir." He reminded.

"Sir, yes, I loved it, it was the best sex of my life. OK, there! Are you happy now? Sir!" I shouted into the phone.

"Thank you Laura, but do be careful of that insolent mouth. It's just your first day and I'm being very lenient with you. Just don't forget the consequences of pissing me off, young lady. Now, good night – and sweet dreams of being fucked senseless. I will call you tomorrow with your instructions for tomorrow night." Ted told me.

My bl**d ran cold when he mentioned 'tomorrow night.' I couldn't be out every night, there was no way I could come up with plausible excuses for Jimmy every night of the week, I thought. This was insane.

I eventually fell asl**p, but it was a fitful sl**p and when my alarm rang at seven thirty after only a few hours of sl**p; I felt like shit. Though, three quarters of a bottle of bourbon might have had a little something to do with how I felt; like the splitting headache. I checked the bathroom and found a bottle of ibuprofen; I took three.

"Jimmy, it's me. Sorry I didn't get home last night, it didn't go very well at work. Yeah, the software people needed my help. Well, yeah ... you recall I was on the concept team and helped develop the test criteria. Couldn't be helped. Yeah, I'm going to come home and get a few hours sl**p and then I need to get back in here ... they still need me. Love you too honey. I'll call you later."

I hung up and grabbed the other cell phone my favorite Nazis had left me and went out to the hallway and retrieved my coat. I put both cells in my coat pocket. I looked back and saw the apartment was a total mess, but I don't windows!

Not when I've been blackmailed into being a whore, I thought.

I drove home and Jimmy was gone as I expected. I showered; a long long long time. I felt dirty, but, most of all I felt dirty in my mind; how could I have possibility enjoyed such exploitation, such abuse? But I had. I'd cum almost non-stop for hours. I had come to relish the feel of Roy's monstrous cock inside me. How was I going to face Jimmy? These thoughts ran through my head as I dressed to go to the office. I was going to be late, but that was just too fucking bad!

I worked the rest of the day and kept dreading the call I knew was coming. I came at four in the afternoon.


"Laura, my dear; tonight, I've decided we'll have a quiet night, just the two of us. Be at the apartment by seven. I've made dinner reservations for seven thirty." He said. "Wear your 'little black' dress – I know every girl has one. Oh, and bring a change of clothes for work tomorrow, you'll be spending the night."

"No." I said.

"You can't be serious. You know as soon as I hang up what will happen!"

"I'm not spending the night. I'm going home to Jimmy tonight. I'll come for dinner and you can fuck me all you want until midnight, but then I go home. Call the police if you want. That will at least give me time to call Jimmy and tell him want you did and maybe he can get help for me. But that's it, take it or leave it." I said, shaking with terror that Ted was going to call my bluff.

"You've got a lot of balls, baby. I like that in a woman; keeps life interesting. OK, this time we do it your way, but, next time I won't have to call the police first – I'll email Jimmy the video from last night of you with your new playmates. See you at seven." And he hung up.

"Oh my fucking god." I said out loud. It never occurred to me he'd involve Jimmy like that. At least, I'd gotten away with my bluff and would be able to see Jimmy, if only briefly.

I went to the mall after work and bought a 'little black dress' as instructed to wear; I had one at home but I had already called and told Jimmy I was working late again. Though I promised I would be home eventually and that I would not be doing another all nighter. So, I couldn't go home for my dress. I also had to buy shoes and jewelry.

I got to Ted's apartment five minutes early and let myself in with my key. Ted was sitting in the living room sipping a glass of wine.

"Come here and suck my cock." He ordered without even getting up from the sofa.

I went over and knelt before him. I unzipped him and removed his cock; he wasn't even hard. I took him in my mouth and started sucking and stoking his flaccid cock. It grew rapidly and in about five minutes I was swallowing his cum.

"Good girl, that was nice; not the best, but nice." He said.

I just sat on the floor in silence.

"What are you wearing under your dress?" He asked.

"Underwear; what else would I be wearing?"

"Sir!" He shouted at me.

"Sorry ... sir."

"Take it off. When you are with me, you will never wear underwear again, except black thigh high stockings. You will always wear stockings. Understand? Now get the underwear off. Now!"

"Yes, sir." I responded.

I stood and was about to go into the bedroom when he grabbed my arm.

"Here. Do it here."

More humiliation; he seemed to thrive on it, I realized. I took off my dress and unhooked my bra and removed it.

"Bend over, come closer." He sucked on my nipples for a few minutes. As I've said, my nipples are extremely sensitive and it really turns me on to have them squeezed or sucked. I could tell I was getting wet, in spite of the revulsion I felt from having Ted touch me.

"Now the panties."

I bent and removed them. He put his hand between my legs and inserted a finger inside me.

"God you're a honey bitch! You're sopping wet just from having your nipples sucked." He said.

"Yes, sir, I am wet; my nipples have always been sensitive." I said.

"Go into the bedroom. Top drawer of the dresser you'll find thigh high stockings in your size. Bring them back here and put them on."

I did as I was told. He fingered me some more and then ordered me to put my dress on again.

"Good, I want you all juicy while we dine. Let's go, or we'll be late."

At the restaurant, we had to wait at the bar for our table. Ted had me sit on a high bar stool; he stood next to me and ordered us drinks. He ordered me bourbon on the rocks, though I would have preferred wine; but he didn't ask my preference.

I did my best to remain modest since Ted had f***ed me to go out in public without panties. Ted stood next to me at the bar since it was crowded and only the one stool was available.

"Turn around on the stool, Laura, and check out the table over there with the three business men." He whispered in my ear. I did as I was told. "I've noticed them checking you out. Before our table is called, I want you to make sure you expose your shaved cunt to those three gentlemen, do you understand?"

"Yes, sir." So I crossed my legs slowly and deliberately; I did not pull my skirt down, which left my stocking tops exposed.

"Oh yes, did you see the one guy's eyes go wide? He's telling his friends, uncross your legs now and do not put your knees together. Do it." Ted commanded.

I did, and all three men were blatantly staring at my exposed pussy. Ted got up and went over to the men and spoke with them briefly then he left the bar and went to the hostess station at the front entrance. I was curious what the hell he was up to when he returned and explained.

"I just changed our table to a table for five. The three gentlemen I just spoke with are joining us for dinner. They're in town for a convention and I told them that you were very much attracted to them, so we're all dining together and we'll see what happens later."

"Yes, sir."

"Let's go over so you can meet them." Ted said, and put his hand on my waist and pushed me off my bar stool.

"Gentleman, this is Laura. She noticed that you all seemed to be quite taken with her; after all, she is such a beauty, don't you all agree?" He said. "I'm sorry, but I didn't get your names a moment ago when we spoke."

"Oh, Bill, glad to me you Laura." One of them stood and offered his hand, which I took.

"Eric, your friend is right, you are gorgeous." The next said.

"Why thank you." I replied.

"Robert, but everyone calls me Bob."

"My name's Ted. Is it alright if we join you here while we wait for our table?" Ted said. They, of course, all agreed and we sat.

"So, what brings you gentlemen to town, business of some sort?" Ted asked.

"Oh, yes, a health care I.T. conference." Bill said.

"That's interesting, but look, I have to admit that Laura and I couldn't help noticing just how, uh, engrossed you gentlemen seemed to be with Laura's 'assets,' shall we say. Is that right?"

"Well, uh, geez this is awkward, I mean ..." Eric started to speak for the group.

"No, no, it's perfectly alright. As a matter of fact, Laura rather enjoys having multiple partners, don't you dear?" He said and turned to me for an answer; I knew what I was supposed to say and had little choice but to say it.

"Oh yes, honey, you know how much I like to have lots of men fuck me, why just last night when ..."

"Yes, my dear, I think our three friends here get the picture, don't you boys?"

The all responded affirmatively.

"So, here's what I propose, we can all have dinner and then go over to my apartment and enjoy the rest of the evening with Laura, or, if no one is terribly hungry, we could just pay for our drinks and go now. I think I've got some things to snack on back at the apartment, uh, besides Laura." They all laughed; I didn't. "So, what d'ya say, fellas?"

To a man, they all agreed to leave the restaurant right away. I was thrilled; another night without dinner! But, I vowed to myself I would be home by midnight.

When we arrived at the apartment, Ted ordered me to get drinks for everyone.

"And pour a bourbon for yourself." He said; then he whispered in my ear. "Same rules applies, at least four drinks before you leave."

"Yes, sir." I served the drinks and put out some snacks in bowls that Ted had in the pantry, though I knew I was to be the entrée.

Ted stood when I was finished serving and walked over behind me and unceremoniously unzipped my dress.

"I think our friends here would like to see how truly beautiful you really are, isn't that right guys?" Ted said, as he pushed the straps of my dress off my shoulders; it fluttered to the floor leaving me naked but for my stockings and heels.

"Isn't she ravishing?" They all made lewd remarks about how beautiful they thought I was and how they'd 'like to get some of that' and so on.

"Well, this is your lucky day, because you can have as much of this as you want, isn't that right Laura."

"Oh yes sir, they can all fuck me while you watch." I agreed.

"Why don't we all get more comfortable and let Laura know just how much we really appreciate her beauty." He said as he unzipped his pants and pulled them down.

"Bend over honey." He ordered.

As soon as I complied, I felt his cock press against my pussy. I figured out that we were dispensing with foreplay for the night as he pressed his cock home and it filled me to capacity. Of course, he wasn't anything like Roy and the two other guys who had fucked me senseless the night before, but still, he was large and his meat felt really nice inside me; though I was still horribly conflicted with being coerced into letting him, and anyone else he chose, fuck me at will.

"Bob, come over and let Laura enjoy you, she loves having her mouth filled while being fucked." Bob happily agreed and in a matter of seconds I had Bob's cock in my mouth while Ted continued to fuck me from the rear. The other guys circled around me and urged me to take a cock in each hand so that everyone was having a grand time; except me. And yes, Ted's cock was generating wonderful sensations inside me and I knew I was going to cum soon, but I would have happily sacrificed the sexual bliss to simply be at home with my husband and return to a normal life.

As expected, an orgasm overcame me, but I'm sure no one knew but me as I made little noise since my mouth was being fucked by Bob. Perhaps Ted felt me tense up and squeeze his cock from the inside; if he did, he didn't say anything.

"Ahhhh shit ... I'm going to cum ... quick Laura, turn around and take it in your mouth." Ted ordered.

Bob's cock came out of my mouth as I was spun around and Ted's throbbing cock went in just in time to start spurting his thick cum into my mouth. He groaned his delight as I felt the warm eruptions fill my mouth.

"Be a good girl and swallow." He instructed. He needn't have bothered; I knew the drill. "Someone please hand Laura her drink and let her wash it down."

I drank about half my bourbon in one go and felt the fire of the liquor work its way down to my belly.

"Eric, why don't you lie on the carpet and let Laura ride you, she really likes cowgirl." So, I was manhandled on top of Eric and felt him enter me; he was a lot thicker than Ted and so felt much better inside me and I knew he'd get me off in no time." But, Ted wasn't done orchestrating.

"Bob, how would you like to take Laura's nether tunnel, she has only recently been introduced to such pleasure, and I must say, she really looked like she enjoyed it the first time, didn't you honey?" Ted said.

"Oh god yes, it was so awesome having two cocks fuck me at once." I said breathlessly as Eric thrust his cock ferociously into me. And, I wasn't lying; I had loved the feel of two huge cocks fucking me the night before. I just would rather have had it been somewhere and someone else altogether.

I was also surprised that my pussy wasn't as sore as I'd have thought it would be after being split apart by Roy's tremendous dick the night before. There was a bit of tenderness at first when Ted had just fucked me, but it quickly was overcome by my orgasms. Which, I was also having as Eric fucked me while I felt Ted, or someone, dripping lube on my asshole.

Unlike Roy, who was kind enough to stretch me out with his fingers the previous night, Ted must have given Bob the go ahead as a hard cock pressed into my tightly puckered hole.

"Slow, please, let me relax it first." I asked. As Bob worked his cock into my ass, another hard piece of meat was shoved into my mouth; Bill's.

Eric kept fucking me hard and fast and Bob soon picked up the pace to match Eric and I was screaming with ecstasy; even though my mouth was filled with cock. Again, I loved the feel of being fucked by two cocks at once and vowed to myself that when this ordeal with Ted was finally all over, I would figure out some way to get Jimmy to agree to a threesome with someone, so his could be the cock in my ass.

Eric unloaded in my cunt and I heard Ted telling Bob that when Bob was ready to cum, he should pull out and dump his load in my mouth. I'd not had anal sex until Ted f***ed me into it, but the thought of someone having their cock in my ass and then putting it directly into my mouth was truly disgusting. But, in a matter of minutes I got to experience that dubious delight. Bob astounded me with a mammoth load of cum which dripped down my chin and onto my breasts.

"Lick it all up Laura, don't miss a drop." Ted admonished. "Here, have another drink." My glass was full again and I drained the whole thing trying to wash away the idea of Bob's shity cock having just been in my mouth.

"Now, let's collect Eric's cum from your pussy like you did the other night so you can enjoy his cum, too."

He told the guys how to have me squat over the glass, etc., and I drank another load of cum from my bourbon glass. Ted was so nice as to fill the glass with booze again so I could wash down the latest load of cum.

"Bill, you haven't had the lovely Laura yet, come on, climb aboard." Ted had Bill take Eric's place on the floor and Ted took Bob's place in my ass and we all fucked some more. Ted shot his load in my ass; I was so thankful he didn't put it in my mouth. I drank more glasses of cum and more booze and by half past eleven the guys all begged off anymore carnal delights with the slut, me, 'cause they all had meetings and presentations to attend at their conference early the next morning. They left and I was alone with Ted, who'd cum in me at least three times.

"OK, I'm out of here." I told Ted.

"Remember what I said about sending your precious Jimmy the video from last night." Ted warned me.

"Yes, how could I forget? Sir." And I left without waiting for a reaction or response.

I drove home terrified I'd be stopped and given a breathalyzer test; I knew my bl**d alcohol had to be way over the limit. I got home a few minutes after midnight and entered the apartment as quietly as I could. I undressed, having put my office clothes back on while sitting in the car outside our apartment – tell me that didn't feel weird, changing in the back seat of my car where anyone could see me; but it was really late, and few people were about.

I put my nightie on and slipped into bed thinking Jimmy wouldn't be awake, but he was.

"You're really late." He whispered.

"I know honey, I'm really sorry." I said as he pulled me to him and kissed me; I knew he'd smell the booze, there no way to avoid it. It was surely part of Ted's malicious intent to provoke discord between me and my husband.

"You been drinking? I thought you were at work." Jimmy challenged me.

"I have and I was." I started my lies to Jimmy. "When we were done, the software guys said everyone had to go to the Blue Iguana for drinks to celebrate. I declined but then my boss, Margaret, gave me a 'look' and I knew I had to agree to go out with everyone. But I told them it would be for just one drink and that I had to get home. Well, it was two drinks, but I got away as soon as I could, OK?"

"Oh. Well, at least it wasn't another all nighter." Jimmy said.

Jimmy was about to roll over and go to sl**p when I had an inspiration. I reached over and slipped my hand under the waist band of Jimmy's boxers – he always slept in a t-shirt and boxers.

"Oh, what's this?" Jimmy said, as my fingers wrapped around his flaccid cock.

"I'm not sl**py." I lied; I was exhausted. "Too keyed up from work and after."

I stroked my favorite cock and felt it rise rapidly to the challenge. Jimmy, never one to leave a maid in distress, put his hand on my thigh and moved it up to my panties and slipped his fingers underneath.

"My, we're very wet, aren't we?"

I knew Jimmy was likely feeling a mixture of old cum and my juices, but it was dark and I didn't think he'd be able to tell the difference, unless he decided to go down on me, which he loves to do.

"Yes, baby, I am. And it's all for you, sugar." I whispered as I threw my leg over him and shifted my weight onto his hips. I felt his cock pressing against my clit and it felt so good to have the right cock, Jimmy's cock, where it belonged.

"Oh baby, fuck me and made me cum so I can get to sl**p, OK?"

"Oh yeah, honey, hey, maybe you should work late more often." He said, followed by a naughty little snicker. Then, I bent down and let Jimmy put his arms around my back as he slowly started thrusting into my rather sore pussy. I kissed Jimmy long and passionately, and then placed my head next to his ear so I could whisper directly into it and hopefully not have my voice picked up by hidden microphones. That's what the late night fuck was all about.

"Jimmy, listen to me and do not say a single word. I was not a work the last two nights. I am being blackmailed by someone and they said the have bugged our apartment with cameras and microphones. So please don't say anything, just groan twice if you understand."

"Uh! Uh! God baby, you feel so good." Jimmy said.

"Good, I can't explain it all like this, so tomorrow at lunch - exactly noon - meet me across the street from your office; I'll be in the park by the big statue. Again, two grunts if you understand and remember never say anything here in the apartment."

"Uh, uh, I'm gonna cum soon, how 'bout you baby?" He said.

I pushed up and rode Jimmy, and said, "me too." And, then, for the first time in my life, I faked an orgasm. Jimmy didn't, he came inside me; I felt his cock spasm and his warm cum fill me. When we were finished, I went to the bathroom and cleaned up; then returned to bed and snuggled with my Jimmy.

The next morning we acted like it was a normal morning getting ready for work. I was distracted all morning at work waiting for lunch time to roll around; frankly, I was terrified how Jimmy would react. When I met Jimmy at the park, he was rather agitated, as one might expect. We found a bench and sat down.

"OK, let me tell you everything before you ask questions, that will be the easiest and fastest way to get through this; and prepare yourself, its going to be very ugly." I told him; then I revealed everything to him. He sat stunned through the whole story.

"So, last night, I wasn't at work, he made me go to his apartment again. I thought from what he'd said that it was just going to be him having sex with me, but we went out to dinner and he found three other guys - total strangers - and he invited them back to his apartment and he made me have sex with all of them. It's been so horrible these past two days and I don't know what to do; how to stop it." And I broke down and sobbed while Jimmy held me.

"You do believe me don't you? You know I'd never steal anyone's money, tell me you believe me." I said tearfully.

"Of course, I do. We've just got to think of something, someway to make the fucking bastard pay, too." Jimmy said; I could tell he was mad. We talked and tried to figure out some solution, but didn't really come up with anything.

"Listen, we've both got to get back to work. He'll call me late today, I'm sure of it, and I'll have to call you with some excuse. You're going to have to play along."

"God, I just want to kill the scum bag." Jimmy said, steaming.

"I do too, but remember, he said he's got it set up that if he dies, I go immediately to jail." I pleaded with Jimmy to remain calm. "For murder."

"Without passing go." He said.


"Monoply – go directly to jail without passing 'Go' and without collecting two hundred dollars." Jimmy said. Neither of us laughed

"Listen, we need to be able to communicate. Ted bought a throw away phone and gave it to me and that's the only way he communicates with me now is through that phone. Hell, he was a spy; he must know that those cell phones can't be traced or overheard. You need to go out this afternoon and get us two phones like that; so we can talk. We'll still need to use our regular cells; I'm assuming he can listen in on those, so we can't just stop using them or he'll get suspicious. But after you buy the secret phones, everyday I'll go out for lunch and call you, OK? That's the best thing I can think of right now, honey." I said.

"Yeah, great idea. And I'll rack my brains and see what I can come up with. We'll lick this asshole, yet." Jimmy assured me. "Hold on, how do I get the phone to you? If he's got video cameras in the apartment he'll know it when I give it to you."

"Send it to me at my office via courier. You can get same day delivery, it's expensive, but I get courier deliveries just about every day at my office from my clients. Just don't put you name on it. Use 'Beaumont Industries' as the 'from' party and I'll know it's from you. I'll take it to the ladies room and open it; surely he hasn't bugged the ladies room." I said.

"OK, sounds like a good idea."

"Jimmy, I love you so much! I was so afraid you were going to leave me when I told you how he'd made me have sex with all those other people." And I kissed him and hugged him; and then I had to get back to work, and so did Jimmy.

I got my late afternoon call with instructions to show up at the apartment again that evening.

"Wear the same get up with the five inch heels and garter belt thing you wore the other night and just a coat over it. I've got some guys coming over to play poker tonight and you're going to serve us; or is that 'service' us?" He laughed at his own sick joke.

"Damn it! Why do you wait until the last minute to tell me all this. All those clothes are at home and its too late to go home and get them because Jimmy might be home and then what do I tell him? Now I have to go out and buy all new stuff again, this is costing me a fortune!" I told him.

"Temper, temper now; and remember who you're talking to. Just be there at eight and plan on staying very very late."

I called Jimmy and told him a really close girlfriend, Jill, was having a crisis and I promised to meet her after work. The girlfriend was a total fabrication and I knew Jimmy was aware that I had no such close friend. I'd earlier told Jimmy to expect a call with some sort of excuse, so he was ready.

The courier came before I left work and I took the package to the ladies room, but on different floor of the building. Maybe I was being paranoid; but hell, I had every reason to be.

At five, I went to the mall and bought another coat and more makeup; then I went to the same lingerie store and asked for another pair of the same shoes, and as luck would have it, from the same store clerk. She gave me a funny look.

"The first pair got ruined at a wild party." I explained, before she even had a chance to ask what happened to the first pair.

"Want to try them on ... again?" She asked.

"No, I'm sure they'll fit." I told her.

Then I described the type of thing I needed for Ted's degenerate poker party and she helped me find something close, and the stockings, too. I took everything into the changing rooms. While I was there; I stripped naked, put on the stockings, the bustier with garters, the shoes and I used the mirrors in the dressing room to apply 'street whore' makeup again. I put my coat on over the lingerie, put all my old clothes in the shopping bags and walked out and handed the girl all the tags from the purchases I was wearing under coat.

"Quite a transformation, miss." The girl said.

"Another wild party tonight." Was all I said; I paid and left.

I endured the stares once again as I walked back to the parking garage. On the way, I passed the food court. I stopped, looked at my watch; then walked back and headed into the noisy courtyard and ordered bourbon chicken over rice.

How ionic. I thought as I took my 'bourbon' chicken to a table.

"But, I'll be damned if I'm going to miss dinner again for that piece o' shit." I mumbled to myself.

While I was eating my dinner from a styrofoam plate and drank my iced tea from a paper cup, a guy come up to my table and offered me money to spent some 'quality time' with him. I filed the idea in the eventuality I lost my job and needed work. Though, a security guard kept a really close eye on me the whole time.

I got to Ted's place on time and hung my coat by the door like I did for the previous 'party.' When I made my grand entrance, seven guys cheered and jeered and applauded me.

I started serving drinks and was instructed by Ted once more to drink the requisite four myself. I had just finished handing out the last drink while having my breasts groped, when the door bell rang. Another poker player, I figured. Ted was still full of surprises as he led a beautiful redhead into the room; she was dressed pretty much the same way I was.

"Everyone, this is Cindy. Cindy will be helping out along with Laura this evening. So, if everyone's ready why don't we get started?" Ted said. Before the card game started Ted came to the kitchen where Cindy and I were putting snacks into bowls for the guys.

"Now, girls, all my guests have been here before and know what to expect. So, whatever they want, they get. If someone wants a blow job but still wants dealt in the game, you just get on your hands and knees and crawl under the table. Otherwise, the bedroom is available for other requests. Oh, one last thing, if anyone wants a girl-girl show, and someone usually does, you both know what to do, right? Use the sofa for that so we can all watch." Ted instructed us; then he left.

Girl-girl? What the fuck? I thought.

"You being blackmailed, too?" I asked Cindy.

"What the fuck you talkin' about, girl? I'm gettin' paid a thousand bucks for the night; I figured you were, too." She explained. "I don't know nothin' about no blackmail, honey." Then, she took a tray of goodies out to the guys.

We both gave several blow jobs under the table as the night progressed; of course, we had to swallow. Then the dreaded girl-girl request came and Cindy took me over to the sofa and had me lie on my back and she rather unemotionally ate my pussy until I had a mind bending orgasm. I'd never been with another girl; ever. I was surprised how much I liked it. Though, when I thought about it, it really wasn't much different than having Jimmy eat my pussy and making me cum.

"Now you eat the redhead's cunt." One of the guys shouted. Oh shit, I thought; this was the part I'd been dreading.

Cindy switched places with me and spread her legs for me. I slowly moved my head up and hovered over her pussy; and then I did to her what I enjoy having done to me. I found the fragrance of her pussy very exciting to me and she tasted marvelous. When I inserted two fingers in her pussy – because that's what I like – she came in seconds. After our 'show' one of the guys told his buddies to deal him out of the next hand. He got up and came over to me and grabbed me by the arm; then he pulled me into the bedroom. No 'hi,' no 'hey, wanna fuck?,' nothing. He just pushed me back on the bed, took out his cock and stroked it a few times; and then he just fucked me until he came. After the last spurt of his cum entered me, he pulled out and returned to the game and never said a word to me. Talk about feeling 'used!'

The evening pretty much went on like that. At eleven, I got my cell phone and locked myself in the bathroom and called Jimmy and told him I was 'spending the night at Jill's.' I knew, that he knew, Jill didn't exist. Ted caught me on the way out of the bathroom and wanted to know what I was doing, so I told him.

"I gave him a story about a girlfriend in trouble and I just called and said I was spending the night with her. OK?"

"Alright, just get back to party. No, wait. I'm gonna fuck you first." And he took me to the bedroom and fucked me. No big deal, happens all the time; but it just irked the shit out of me that I kept cumming each time these slime balls put it inside me so they thought I enjoyed it.

"The 'boys' left around four, as did Cindy. Ted fucked me once more and fell asl**p. I got up after Ted drifted off and went to the living room and slept on the couch; another insignificant declaration of defiance.

Ted got up and got ready for work without even waking me. I woke at nine and went ballistic that the creep hadn't thought about me needing to get to work on time. I called the office and lied about car trouble; then rushed home to shower and change and I got to work at quarter after ten.

I called Jimmy at noon from a coffee shop several miles from the office; I was taking no chances. I kept looking to see if anyone was following me; though I doubted if I would be able to tell if anyone who knew what they doing was tailing me.

"Jimmy, oh god I miss you." I said as soon as he answered.

"He sent me that video you said he made from the first night." His voice sounded funny; no wonder, he'd just watched his wife being fucked for hours by three total strangers.

"Oh god damn him! Jimmy I'm so sorry I never wanted you to see anything like that. God I feel so horrible!"

"That's alright, sweetheart, you warned me he might send it; it came from an anonymous email account. I called the IT guys and they said there's no way to trace it. Uh, honey, there's just one thing." Jimmy said, still sounding weird.

"What, baby?"

"In the video, uh, you looked, well, liked you really enjoyed it. God, you came so many times, it's hard to believe ..."

"Oh god, baby, no, no! I hated it! And I was so pissed off at my own body because I kept having orgasms with wanting to. Honey, I've always been that way, even before I met you. When I have sex; I cum. There's nothing I can do to stop it, so, please, please believe me; I hated every minute of it and wanted to kill that fucking son of a bitch Ted for making me do it!"

"Oh, OK honey." But he still sounded skeptical, or so I feared. "So, I guess the question is; why send it now? Did you piss him off?"

"No, I don't think I did, but I do think I know why he sent it." I told Jimmy about complaining to Ted about having to buy new stuff since he always called so late in the day to tell me what I was supposed to do.

"Remember I told you that he suggested that I pick a fight with you and then move out, presumably to move into his apartment. He said, at the time, it would make my life easier for the next two months, but I think he sent the video to you so we'd have that fight and you'd kick me out. And that would make his life easier for the next two months. Then I'd been in his apartment and at his beck and call, twenty-four/seven; and I wouldn't have to makeup excuses for you each night. I really think that's why he did it." I speculated.

"Yeah, I agree, sounds logical. But won't he call you and have you go to him tonight? He's done it every night so far." Jimmy asked.

"I'll bet my next pay check he doesn't call, or he calls and tells I don't have to go anywhere tonight. We have to have a fight tonight and you have to throw me out of the apartment and he has to see and hear it on his spy cameras. So, he has to let me go home tonight. And, he'll be waiting afterward at his apartment for me – remember, it's not where he lives he said, but he'll be there waiting. I know it."

"I bet you're right. God, I'm going to hate not seeing you for two months." Jimmy said sounding utterly dejected.

"Not going to happen. We'll get together, get a cheep hotel room, I'll go home from work sick or something, or go in late. We will be together, one way or the other." I assured him.

Jimmy also told me about someone who he thought might be able to help us get out of the situation, but, he didn't sound too hopeful; still, he wanted to follow up and keep me informed in case it might help to somehow get asshole Ted off my back; literally.

As I predicted Ted called and gave me 'the night off.' He said I deserved a rest, "get some sl**p and be fresh for the week end," he told me.

When I got home, Jimmy was sitting at his computer desk, which shared the dinning area with our modest dinning room set in our smallish apartment. There were several empty beer bottles on his desk and I saw the video of me on his screen as I walked into the room. Empty beer bottles, nice touch, I thought, and then I thought, but what if he's really pissed with me; I cringed inside.

"Oh, there you are! You little slut! Thought you'd spend one night at home, did you? What? Too tired? Is your cunt too sore to fuck tonight?" He screamed at me and I knew that he was really angry and that he hated me for what wasn't even my fault.

"Jimmy? What are you talking about?" I thought all day I wouldn't be able to act natural trying to appear to fight with Jimmy, but I wasn't acting; Jimmy was really mad at me and I was devastated.

"This, you fucking slut; you whore!" He screamed as he pointed to the computer screen where Roy was happily fucked me, and I was having one of my non-stop orgasms. No wonder Jimmy had lost it. My tears started streaming down my cheeks, for real.

"Working late! All nighter you said; then you come home stinking of booze, but you were fucking these, these ... shit! You're a whore! And god, you actually fucked me the other night after you spent the night getting your god damned cunt filled with their cum and I put my cock in your ... in your slut hole where they'd cum just minutes before. Right? Tell me I'm wrong. You can't stand there and tell me you weren't fucking these three assholes; this video of you fucking them goes for hours. They even fucked you in the ass! And you drank glass after glass of their cum. How could you?! How could you?!"

"Oh Jimmy ... I ... I'm ... so ... sorry ... so sorry." I blathered and then collapsed on the floor sobbing.

"I want you out of here right now! I never what to see your whoring face again! Get out! Now!" He screamed.

"Oh Jimmy, please no ... please I beg you ... no, please don't ... where will I go ..." I said sniveling.

"I really don't give a shit! Move in with Roy, you really seemed to like his cock; he can fuck you from now on. I'm through with you; I wouldn't touch your sorry cunt with a ten foot pole. Now get out!"

"Jimmy no, no, please give me another chance ... I promise I ..."

"Shut your whoring mouth and leave before I bodily throw you out. I going to a bar and get smashed, if you're still here when I get back I will throw your filthy cunt out in the street, so get packing." And he stomped out of the apartment leaving me weeping on the floor.

After awhile I got the strength to get up and I started packing a suitcase. I was crying nonstop. I lugged it to my car and started driving to only place I knew to go, Ted's apartment. I hated the bastard so much for what he'd done to me; and to Jimmy. God how was I ever going to get Jimmy back after he'd seen that video? I knew he hated me so much.

My secret cell phone rang. I flipped it open and held it to my ear expecting a continuation of the tirade from Jimmy.

"Hope I didn't over do it back in the apartment." He said in a perfectly normal speaking voice.

"Oh my god! Jimmy! Wait. Wait." I said; I had to pull over. I couldn't drive. "Jimmy! You don't hate me!" I'm sure he could still hear me crying.

"Of course not. Oh shit! You thought I was serious?" He said, sounding incredulous.

"Yes, yes, I was sure I'd never see you again. I ... I thought after seeing that horrible video you'd really gotten mad at me and hated me. Oh Jimmy, I love you so much; I never want to lose you!"

"Geez, honey, I thought you knew I was going to pretend to be mad. Hmmm ... maybe I should consider taking up acting. But, I'll tell you that I did get really angry as I watched that sick video, but I was angry at the scum bucket that made it and f***ed you to do all that. Shit, I want to kill that sick bastard!"

"Jimmy I'm so happy ... you're not ..." And I broke down and sobbed over the phone. Jimmy talked me through it and then reminded me of something.

"Now, remember honey, when you get to his apartment; you know he'll be waiting, and he probably watched ever minute of us fighting. You have got to stay angry at him. If his plan to make us split had really worked, that's what you would be; broken hearted that we split up and angry as hell at him for doing it to us. Don't let go of that anger, otherwise, he'll catch on and know something isn't right. So keep thinking about what he tried to do even though it didn't work. He tried to split us up, tired to make me think you're a slut; only a real scum could do that to another person. Stay mad! And call me at lunch tomorrow, OK?"

"OK, honey and I love you so so much! Oh, and you remember too, when you go back to the apartment, act d***k." Jimmy told me much later that he didn't have to act; he really did get smashed before going home.

"Me too, I love you even more ... now, GET MAD!" And he hung up.

And that's what I thought about the whole way to Ted's place. I even dwelled on how Jimmy shouted at me and accused me and called me a slut and a whore. I thought of how I wanted to die less than an hour ago when I thought I would have to live without Jimmy; thinking I'd lost him forever. Most of all, I thought of how it was ALL Ted's fault.

I entered the apartment in a rage. Sure enough, Ted sat on the sofa sipping a glass of wine.

"So, had a little tiff with the hubby, did we?" He said with a smirk.

"Don't talk to me you piece of shit! This is all your fault, you scum! If I had a gun right now you'd be lying on the floor with you life bl**d soaking into the fucking rug, you asshole!"

"Now wait just a minute! You can't talk to me like ..." He was angry; I'd trumped his power suit.

"Oh yes I can, you shit for brains! Look what you've done to my life! God, how I hate you! You've had you fun with me; now just leave me the fuck alone!"

Ted came toward me with his arms extended like he wanted to hug me and console me.

"Now Laura just settle down, I know you're upset, after all, I heard those terrible things he said ..."

"Stay aware from me! Don't you dare touch me, you slime!" I screamed.

I ran into the kitchen and pulled out the drawer where I knew the kitchen knives were kept and grabbed the largest knife in the drawer; a formidable butcher knife. I turned and threatened Ted with it.

"Now wait, just wait. Think! If you kill me you spend the rest of your life in prison. You may even get the death penalty. Think what it'll do to your husband!" Ted sounded just a touch worried.

"YOU SHIT! – my husband wishes I was dead, and it's your fucking fault! You wanna know something scum bag? I know exactly why the death penalty isn't a deterrent for homicide right now. Want me to show you? I will if you take another step closer to me." I continued to scream at Ted. "Now back off! Stay away from me! Don't ever touch me again or I swear I will tear your beating heart from your worthless body with my bare hands!"

"OK, I can see this is getting us nowhere. Alright, I'm going home; you can stay here in the apartment. I know you can't go home to your place; not the way Jimmy sounded, but, ya know, he might calm down. We'll see." Ted babbled, still sounding worried. "I will call you tomorrow; and remember, I can still send you jail in a heartbeat. So, get some rest and get your head straight. I know it's been a traumatic day for you and that's the only reason I'm not calling the police right now."

Ted left without even giving me a good night kiss; I was devastated. Not!

I unpacked my clothes; took a shower and tried to maintain my heartbroken and angry appearance. I got dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

"Alright you asshole! I know you can hear me, you sick psychotic piece of shit! I am going out and find a bar and get smashed. Don't you dare think you can sneak in while I'm asl**p. I'm taking that knife to bed with me when I get back ... so fuck you!" And I left the apartment.

I walked to a bar nearby; it was a pretty good neighborhood and I didn't feel too bad about being out by myself, plus I had the big knife in my purse in case Ted tried to sneak back to the apartment while I was gone, thinking he could remove it while I was away.

I called Jimmy and gave him a blow by blow account of my performance.

"Geez honey, I know I told you to stay mad, but weren't you taking a chance he'd call the police?" Jimmy cautioned.

"Yeah, I know, but what's done is done. God I was so pissed; still am, for christ's sake. At least maybe he'll back off a bit and leave me alone; for awhile anyway, until he thinks I've cooled off. But we both know I have to get with the program and agree to more sex shit, or I'm useless to him and then he will call the police to be rid of me."

"Yeah, you're right. OK, we'll talk again tomorrow at lunch. I really love you honey and I hate to see you having to go through all this crap. I'm talking to someone else tomorrow about it and we'll see where that might lead."

"OK Jimmy, I love you too, and I'm not going through this all alone. You're being hurt just as much as I am, honey."

"Yeah, but I'm not the one being intimidated to have sex repeatedly. I can't imagine how horrible that must be for you. How long are you going to stay at the bar? I wish I could meet you there, we could get smashed together."

"Can't take the chance he'd see you anywhere in this area. You're not even supposed to know I'm in the Oak Forrest part of town. I'll stay here about an hour and nurse a drink and then stagger back in case he's on the street watching. Good night love, talk to you tomorrow."

Ted didn't come around for two days. He called next on Saturday morning and told me to dress to go out on a boat. He'd been invited by a friend and told to bring a 'date.'

"I don't have a bathing suit or anything to go out on a boat." I protested.

"Yes, you do. Look around in the bedroom closets and drawers. I put everything there while you were at work yesterday. And you better be over that crap with the knife. You pushed me to the limit and I came so close to making that call. I won't put up with that again. Be ready at noon and I will pick you up."

We went sailing on the bay. There were a dozen guys on the boat; it was an enormous boat. At least, I wasn't the only girl again; there were two others.

The 'bathing suit' was an arrangement of strings. The top had two patches of material that scarcely covered my nipples and the bottom had a similar sized bit of material that covered my slit and little else. Ted left me a 'cover up' to wear walking from the parking lot of the marina and out the dock where the boat was tied up. The cover up was the sheerest most transparent garment I'd ever seen; it was pointless to wear it, so I didn't. I was getting used to stares from strangers.

We were out on the water for over six hours. During that time, I was fucked at least a dozen times, swallow a dozen loads of cum and ate out the pussy of each of the other girls, and had them each eat out my pussy. When we returned to the apartment, Ted fucked me again and informed me he was not spending the night.

"It's a f****y thing; can't get out of it."

"Wow, you're k**ding, I can't believe it." I said, flabbergasted.

"Can't believe what?"

"That you have a f****y; I was sure you crawled, fully formed, from some slim pit."

"Careful ... or tomorrow I'll drag you down under the eighteenth street bridge were the street people live and let them have their way with you."

"Funny, I was sure that's where Roy and his buddy's came from." I knew I was pushing my luck, but I couldn't help myself; I hated his guts so much.

Ted left and I had a whole evening to myself. I called Jimmy using our secret cell phones and we met at a motel about five miles from Ted's apartment. We actually got to spend the night together and I returned to the apartment by seven the next morning. I doubted Ted would show up so early, he didn't impress me as a morning person; come to think of it, he didn't impress me as a person.

He called later that morning and said he'd pick me up at noon again.

"What do I wear?" I asked.

"Heels, stockings, a dress, doesn't matter which one; you won't have it on that long."

Ted took me to a place where they had 'glory holes' which I'd heard of, but never seen. It's a simple concept; you enter a little room with two holes on either side of the room which are roughly set at hip height. Guys stick their dicks through the holes and the girls suck them off or offer up their pussies so the guys can fuck you. Ted came into my little room with me and had me take off the dress; then he told me which of the two options he wanted me to exercise for each guy; suck or be fucked. From time to time, Ted fucked me and then had me return to servicing the mystery cocks. I had so much cum ozzing out of my pussy that it ran down the insides of both legs and formed little puddles on the floor. And I wasn't at all hungry for dinner; my tummy was all full of yummy cum. Yuk!

I think I serviced thirty or forty guys. We left at midnight 'cause poor baby Teddy had to go to work the next morning and needed his sl**p.

It went on like this week after week. Street hookers get more time off from fucking than I did. At least, I got to see Jimmy two or three times a week. One Saturday, Ted arranged for an entire hockey team to fuck me, Ted filmed a lot of it with a handheld video recorder. He got two adjoining rooms at a motel and they spent over f******n hours at me. My pussy was so sore, that for the next three days I told Ted I'd get the knife again if anyone came near me.

Ted told me he'd been posting all of the videos of me on a web site he'd put up, it was I went to the site and found myself, with full face recognition, being fucked during hours of footage. Of course, Ted never appeared. It wasn't even a 'pay site' – though the 'hit counter' read over four million hits.

Many nights during my two months of hell, we did have 'quiet nights' in; just the two of us; how romantic (not). He'd fuck me whenever he felt like it. When he wasn't fucking me; he had me spending just about every waking moment jamming dildos in my own pussy or rubbing my clit with a vibrator. I always had to have a butt plug in my ass, that is, except when Ted was fucking me in the ass. He made me sl**p in the same bed with him and he would often wake during the night to fuck me without saying a word, and then he'd go back to sl**p.

Several times, Ted made me dress in my 'street hooker' costume. But instead of lingerie, I had to wear an obscenely short tight dress, and he'd take me to sleazy bars where he was sure I would get propositioned. I had to take my 'johns' back to his apartment – with all the cameras – and do whatever they paid me for; I made nearly two thousand dollars which he let me keep.

Then, finally, after what seemed like years, the last day of the corporate quarter came I was to be let off the hook by the morning of the next day; all of the damning transactions would be reversed.

During the afternoon of that last day, I was at the office and got another email from Ted, just like the first memo from him; it simply said to report to his office at four thirty. A chill went through me when I read it; I was afraid he'd changed his mind and was going to renege on the deal and would keep me in bondage even longer.

When I entered his office, he looked up and nodded at the door.

"Close and lock it, Laura. Good, have a seat." I did as he instructed. I'd long since dispensed with the 'sir' crap. "Today's our last day. I thought I'd invite you up for one last little fuck session."

"You aren't changing anything? By tomorrow morning all the accounts you took money from will have it restored and I'll be off the hook? Because I have to tell you Ted, if you're not doing that, I'm walking out of here and going to the police and taking my chances; I can't take anymore of this."

"Yes, I will reverse all of the accounts and you will be in the clear by morning. Now, get your clothes off and come over here and fuck me one last time, for old time's sake."

I had a mind to tell him to fuck off, but there was too much a stake and I couldn't risk jeopardizing everything that was in place. So, I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor; I'd given up wearing under wear, Ted had me sort of brain washed that way.

He unzipped and I went over to him and climbed on his lap and felt him enter me. He thrust into me and I didn't feel anything. In the previous two months I'd learned how to compartmentalize; how to block out things I didn't want any part of. I didn't cum automatically anymore; in fact, I didn't cum at all. Ted came inside me and I climbed off; he would have had more fun with a blow up doll, and I'm sure he knew it.

"Scoop the cum out of your cunt and eat it."

"No, you don't own me any more; that was your last hurray. So, what are you going to do without a fuck toy after today?"

"Oh don't you worry you're pretty little head, my dear. I've got another toy lined up for tomorrow; you don't know her, she works on the tenth floor."

"Oh good for you, you sick bastard." And I headed for the door.

"Have a nice life, Laura, it's been fun." He said as I walked out.

I met the assistant head of the FBI Corporate Crimes Task f***e about ten blocks from my office in a temporary space the agency had set up as a command center. Techs removed the 'bugs' that were hidden in my earrings. That was about the only way they had of bugging me since I was always naked every time Ted took me somewhere for more abuse. I had no idea spy devices were so small.

"We got everything recorded; you came through loud and clear." I was told.

Jimmy had made the initial contacts with the FBI through an old friend of his from college who had joined the agency a few years ago. Jimmy told them everything and finally, I'd met with them, several times, in fact; and I'd been wearing bugs for every rendezvous with Ted for over a month.

The agency had infiltrated the corporate systems and they were able to record every transaction and its source which would give them the evidence they needed to put Ted away; I presume they had some legal authorization to do this. They would be at it all night looking for Ted to start making his changes, both mine, and the ones for the new girl's accounts who he intended to blackmail. They placed spy cameras to watch my computer in case he came to my office to put the transactions in though my PC. They thought of everything.

The head of the Task f***e assured me they would have everything they needed to put Ted away for a very long time; probably the rest of his life. I was assured that Ted should be in custody sometime during the night.

When Jimmy and I got to our apartment, an FBI team was just finishing their 'sweep' and removal of all the spy devices planted in our apartment; they assured us it was now 'clean.'

"I haven't seen shit this sophisticated since I was a liaison to the CIA on a joint op a year or so ago. Oh, sorry 'bout the language, miss" One agent told us.

Jimmy and I made love that night; and for the second time in my life I had to fake an orgasm. I hoped the 'old me' would be back soon; but hey, I had a lot of healing to do.

I didn't sl**p much that night, though Jimmy did. I didn't feel safe until I saw clips of Ted being hauled off in hand cuffs on the TV news the following night.

It took four months to bring him to trail and convict him, another ten months of appeals. He's doing several consecutive twenty-five to life terms in a federal pen. He's not up for parole until two thousand sixty-five. I'll be in my late eighties; Ted will be long dead.

I'm finally able to sl**p through the night; and I don't fake orgasms any more.

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