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Blackmail Blowjob..

I got home early after my classes, since my Psych professor had canceled for the day. Fine with me; that just gave me an extra hour to play video games and jack off to fantasies about big-boobed Jennifer Clayton, who sat next to me in my Economics course and sometimes flirted with me.

The city bus dropped me off a couple of streets behind the house, and I usually came home through the back gate. My mom had long ago transformed the back yard into a thick, jungle-like garden, with big dogwood trees, lots of bushes and shrubs, and an impressive rose garden. With all the vegetation and the high fence, I always figured someone could walk around naked in the back yard and never worry about being seen.

I have a pretty quiet step, and with the soft grass and the singing of cicadas in the trees, I moved pretty silently around the bushes as I headed toward the back door. Then I heard it.

"Ohh, Kathy . . . damn, you're good at that . . . ."

I froze. I recognized the voice as that of my best friend, Jeff. And Kathy was my s****r's name. I looked around, listened, and heard some faint, wet smacking sounds, followed by a soft laugh.

"That's 'cause I really like doing this," I heard my s****r whisper.

I looked toward one of the dogwoods, which was surrounded by thick bushes a good four feet high or so. Mom had placed a low stone bench beneath that tree, and liked to sit out there sometimes and read.

I crouched down, moving quietly around the rose garden, peering through the bushes. I finally got close enough to see what was going on. What I saw shocked and startled me.

Jeff sat on the little stone bench, leaning back against the tree, legs spread wide. His shorts and underwear lay beside him on the bench. And there, on her knees before him, clad in tight little jogging shorts and a skimpy halter, was my s****r, sliding her full-lipped mouth up and down Jeff's stiff cock.

I stared for a long moment, not sure what I was seeing. My s****r? Sucking my best friend's dick?

But there she was, happily gobbling his rod, moaning softly and making wet slurping sounds as she rolled her head, pulling on his dick with her mouth. Her hands ran up and down his legs, cradled his balls, squeezed and stroked his shaft. Kathy didn't just suck cock; she made a serious production of it! She made these sexy little murmurs, like a k** does when eating ice cream, polished her lips up down the sides of his cock, and stared up at his face while gently chewing the head of his dick with her lips. God damn! I had only seen blow jobs like this in really good pornos!

Jeff moaned and sighed, holding my s****r's head in his hands as she bobbed up and down. Kathy's long brunette hair was in a ponytail that bounced behind her head as she mouth-fucked my friend's dick. Her slender body swayed and undulated, moaning and sighing around Jeff's slick shaft. It was pretty damn obvious to me that she really enjoyed giving head. I couldn't believe how hot Kathy looked with a dick in her mouth.

No wonder her fiancé always has a smile on his face, I thought.

Kathy slid her mouth off Jeff's glistening rod, smiled up at him as she tickled the tip with her tongue. "Having fun, baby?" she asked him.

Jeff just stared back, sighing as my s****r jacked him, her fist making wet smacking sounds. "Oh, fuck, this is incredible," he said breathlessly.

Kathy, three years older than me but still looking like the little cheerleader she had been in high school, giggled. She masturbated Jeff faster and faster, lapping at the shiny, wet head. "Mmm, I wanna make you cum, Jeffy. Please? Can I make your dick squirt?"

He gave her a rapturous look. "Can I do it in your mouth?" he asked.

My heart leapt. Oh, shit! Yeah, come on, Kathy!

My s****r giggled and licked Jeff's cock. "Of course you can," she said sweetly. "I like it that way."

Jeff groaned at my s****r's sexy words, and I almost did, too. He pulled her mouth back toward his penis. "Oh, fuck, Kathy, suck my cock . . . oh, God, suck it and make me cum . . . ."

"Mmm," responded my s****r, stuffing my friend's dick back in her mouth and sucking hard. She pumped up and down hard and fast, making Jeff tremble with pleasure.

My dick was throbbing by this point. God damn, my s****r gave a mean blow job! None of the girls I knew sucked cock as hungrily and eagerly as my own s****r. I was suddenly jealous of my friend; I wished I was getting sucked like that! I was so totally turned on that I started to undo my shorts, with the intention of beating off while watching my s****r suck cock.

But then I thought of something better. I remembered my digital camera. It was one of those that could take video captures. And thankfully, I had a full memory stick in it.

Quietly as I could, trying not to take my eyes off my s****r's sexy, pumping mouth, I slipped off my backpack and took out the camera. I switched it on, activated the video feature, and started recording.

I zoomed in close, my cock throbbing as I watched Kathy bobbing happily on my best friend's dick. I could hear the squishy, wet sounds her mouth made, her little moans and whimpers, and Jeff's appreciative sighs. I couldn't believe what I had been lucky enough to stumble upon!

Finally, Jeff's body tensed, and he let out this strangled sort of cry. I stared in awe at my s****r's face, watching her pump up and down. "Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! K-kathy!" he cried.

My s****r slurped her wet mouth from Jeff's dick, staring up at him and hissing through her teeth. She jacked his cock so fast with her hand that it was a blur. "Come on, baby, shoot your load," she demanded heatedly. "Give it to me! Gimme that hot cum!"

"Oh, fuck! Oh, God, I'm cumming!" he cried out, pushing his hips out, making his dick brush against my s****r's lips.

Kathy moaned. "Oh, yeah!" she panted, and opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue. She slowed her strokes on my best friend's twitching dick, rubbing the head against her tongue, breathing hotly on his cock. And then Jeff all but screamed with release, slapping his hands to the bench and arching his back.

Thick spurts of milky white cum spurted from his cock, splashing onto my s****r's tongue. Kathy moaned as she felt and tasted it, squeezing Jeff's flowing dick tightly and making his cum spill out all over her tongue and in her mouth. Holy fuck, that's hot! I thought, watching through the viewer on my camera as I recorded it all.

My s****r kept stroking and tugging on Jeff's cock, getting all of his cum to pool on her tongue. A little of the thick fluid overflowed her tongue and dripped down her chin, glistening wetly. She licked the oozing head, grinning up at my friend, obviously proud of her accomplishment. I watched the sperm on her tongue as it shimmered in the sunlight. Slowly, my s****r tilted her head back, letting Jeff get a good look as his cum slid along Kathy's tongue toward the back of her mouth.

"Oh, shit," he groaned, shuddering, watching wide-eyed.

Kathy laughed softly at his reaction. Then she slid her lips around Jeff's cock head, making him tremble and gasp as she sucked on it to get every last little bit. He bucked, shaking in pleasure.

Kathy finally eased back, slipping her mouth off his spent dick, keeping her lips closed. I could tell she was rolling his sperm around in her mouth, like she was tasting fine wine. She smiled, tenderly stroking and petting Jeff's wilted dick. Then she took a deep breath, looked up to my friend, and swallowed loudly. She sighed in satisfaction, licked her lips in an exaggerated way.

"Ah! All gone!" she said, and giggled again.

Jeff laughed, panting. "God damn, Kathy . . . oh, shit . . . ."

I switched off the camera as Kathy leaned forward, kissing Jeff's dick one last time. I stared in disbelief at my s****r. She let him cum in her mouth, I thought. And she fucking swallowed his juice! Holy shit! My s****r swallows cum!

I slowly moved back, my heart pounding at what I had seen. Silently, I made my way to the house. I headed up to my room, downloaded the six minutes of footage from my camera to my computer. I watched the scene of my s****r sucking cock and swallowing cum as I beat off over and over.


The next day, I thought what an edge I had over my s****r. I had incriminating evidence that she had given my best friend a blow job. Kathy was engaged to Kevin Thompson, and the wedding was only a few months away. I knew my s****r would not want anything to get in the way of that; Kevin came from a wealthy f****y and was considered a hunk by every girl in the neighborhood. No way would my s****r let anything get in the way of her marriage!

I thought about all the things I could get out of my s****r by blackmailing her with the footage I had. I could get her to do all my laundry, let me borrow her car, make her buy me beer. There was nothing Kathy wouldn't do to keep me from showing her fiancé the video of his future wife sucking another guy's dick.

Nothing at all, even . . . I was startled and aroused at the idea that sprang into my mind. It was sick and perverted, but . . . oh, God damn, it turned me on!

I grinned as I watched the video for the umpteenth time. Oh, yeah, I thought. You like sucking dick, Kathy? Well, I got one you can suck . . . .


Later that afternoon, my s****r came home from her job waiting tables. I was up in my room as she came in, and heard her in her room as she stripped off her clothes and took a shower. Mom and Dad wouldn't be home for another few hours. My heart pumped as I realized my plan was about to be realized.

I waited for several minutes after the shower stopped, then got up from my computer and poked my head out into the hall. "Hey, Kathy?" I called toward her closed bedroom door.

"Yeah," she responded, sounding a little annoyed.

"Hey, you wanna see something really cool?" I asked.

There was a long pause. "Not right now, Billy," she said.

"I think you'd really wanna see this," I said, grinning to myself. My dick was already hard, bulging in my shorts. "It's about Kevin."

There was another pause, then her door jerked open. My s****r wore a tight little half-top around her perky A-cups and her hair was wet and slicked back. She leaned out, looking at me. "What do you mean?" she asked.

I smiled, looking at those full, luscious lips of hers, seeing in my mind the image of her gulping down Jeff's cum. "Come on. It's really cool," I said, and ducked back in my room.

I heard Kathy sigh as I sat back down before my computer. A moment later, she padded into my room, adjusting a pair of tiny white hot pants around her 35-inch hips. She came up behind me.

"Okay, what—"

"You're gonna love this," I said, and clicked the mouse. Instantly, a window opened on my computer monitor, and the image of Kathy sucking and slurping and pulling on Jeff's dick filled the screen.

Kathy didn't say anything, didn't make a sound. I tilted my head, looking up at her. Her face was blushed deeply, cheeks so red and eyes so wide with instant embarrassment and mortification. Her mouth gaped.

"Wh-what the fuck?" she stammered at last, and slapped her hand over her mouth.

I chuckled, watching the footage I had already memorized. "God damn, Kathy," I said. "You give really good head. I especially like how you made him shoot in your mouth so he can see it. Do you always swallow?"

Kathy let out a strangled cry, trembling. She pushed back from my chair, just staring in shock as she watched herself sucking my friend's dick. I fast-forwarded to the climax.

"This is my favorite part," I said, as the video showed Kathy aiming Jeff's cum-spurting dick toward her tongue. Too bad there wasn't any sound.

"Oh, shit!" gasped my s****r, trembling. She stared at me, her brown eyes wide. "Y-you . . . watched?" she asked in disbelief.

I laughed. "Hottest blow job I ever seen," I said. "Damn, Kathy, you should do porn! 'Course, Kevin probably wouldn't like that too much, would he?"

My s****r shuddered, then ground her teeth. Shock turned to angry acceptance as she glared at me. "What do you want?"

I rolled my eyes to the ceiling, pretending to think. "Hmm," I said. "Maybe I'll make you clean my room," I said. "Or wash all my clothes. Oh! You could write my papers for me!"

Kathy folded her arms, cocked her head as she stared at me expectantly. "You asshole," she seethed.

I chuckled, then stopped the video and swiveled around in my chair until I faced my s****r. I enjoyed the feeling of control I had over her. "I made copies, too," I said. "I know a couple message boards that I could post it on. 'Kathy the Cocksucker.'"

Kathy breathed out through her nose, huffing, her cheeks glowing with embarrassment and rage. She knew I had her, and she hated it. "What . . . do you . . . want?" she f***ed out.

I chuckled and casually settled my hand in my lap. My cock was hard and poking up against my shorts. It was pretty obvious to my s****r. I smirked. "I want what Jeff got."

Kathy stared at me, her blue eyes flying open wide, a look of disgust and revulsion crossing her face. "What!" she cried.

I kept smiling. "I wonder how long it would take Kevin to dump you if he saw you sucking off another guy?" I asked rhetorically. "Man, I bet he'd be really pissed—"

"Whoa! Whoa!" shouted my s****r, giving me a shocked look. "No way! No fucking way! Look, Billy, I'll do your fucking laundry, and clean your pig-sty room, but there's no fucking way in hell I'm gonna suck off my own b*****r!"

I just stared at my s****r smugly, crossing my arms. "I want a blow job," I said calmly.

My s****r huffed, looking away. "No. That's sick, Billy. That's fucking sick."

I shrugged. "Fine. I'll just email the video to Kevin, and—"

"Don't you fucking dare!" shrieked Kathy, lurching forward. But I intercepted her hands as she tried to grab my mouse. I may have been three years younger than my s****r, but I was sixty pounds heavier and a hell of a lot stronger thanks to my weight-training classes. I grabbed her wrists, stared at her face.

"It's your choice, Kathy," I said. "Your mouth, or your marriage."

My s****r glared at me hatefully, her face red. She looked down at my lap for a moment, clearly seeing the huge bulge of my cock in my shorts. Slowly, she lifted her eyes. "You're a disgusting, twisted, evil pervert, you know that?"

I laughed. "Yeah." I pushed her away and leaned back in my chair. "So what's it gonna be?"

Kathy backed off, started pacing. She stared at the floor, lips trembling. She was getting nervous and frightened now, her anger fading. She was beginning to realize she actually stood a good chance of screwing up her impending marriage. And to save it, she had give her own b*****r a blow job. Her eyes started swelling and getting watery. "I can't believe you're doing this to me," she whispered.

"Hey, I'm not the one who cheated on my fiancé," I said meaningfully.

Kathy shuddered, covering her mouth and looking away from me. "Oh, God," she lamented. She made little choking sounds as she cried, and turned toward my door.

"I figure you got about two hours to make up your mind," I said, making her stop. For a long moment, she just stood there, back to me, crying softly. Then she left. I heard her bedroom door slam a second later.

I turned back to my computer. Guess I could get some work done on my Psych paper, I thought.


I was actually starting to get a little anxious as the end of the second hour drew closer. My s****r hadn't come out of her room, and I heard her moving things around. I wondered if she was packing. Was she really just going to let me ruin her life? Jesus Christ, all I wanted was to get my dick sucked!

I decided that, if I saw Kathy coming down the stairs with a suitcase, that I was gonna give in and erase the video and the two back-up copies I had saved to my email accounts. Maybe I'm an asshole k** b*****r, but I still have a heart.

I was downstairs in the den, playing a video game, when I heard my s****r walking up behind me, bare feet whispering across the carpet. I looked up as she came around the back of the couch and sat down beside me. She looked forlorn, eyes cast down. They were still a little red, but she wasn't crying anymore. She didn't say anything, and didn't look at me as she fidgeted, picking at her nails.

I stared at her, wondering what she was going to do or say. After a few moments, she started to lift up, scooting to the edge of the couch. She hesitated, breathing through her mouth, her cheeks starting to blush. Then swiftly, as if she wanted to act before she could stop herself, she slid down to her knees on the floor in front of me.

I stared at her, my heart pounding. Holy shit! She's gonna do it! Kathy's gonna suck my dick!

My erection sprang back to life faster than you could say 'blow job.' My s****r swept her long brown hair back behind her ears, nibbling her lower lip. She didn't look to my face; she just stared at my shorts as my dick snaked beneath them, growing and growing. One of her pencil-thin eyebrows flickered a moment as she stared at my bulge.

Tentatively, my s****r settled her hands on my bare, muscular legs, just above my knees. I was patient, watching my s****r's pretty face, in particular her luscious, soft pink lips. My cock twitched inside my shorts. I wished I had worn a looser pair.

Setting her teeth, Kathy moved her hands up to the button of my shorts, tugging at it. I leaned back on the couch, my hands to my sides. I shuddered with anticipation as my s****r pulled down my zipper. "Lift your hips," she whispered, almost to herself.

I did so eagerly, and Kathy pulled my shorts down, all the way down, slipping them off my feet. I wasn't wearing underwear, and my fully erect cock jutted out, so hard it hovered over my abdomen. My s****r's eyes widened as she saw it, and let out a faint, impressed gasp.

I smiled. The four girls I had been with had all reacted that way. I've got a really good-sized dick, over eight inches long and thick. My balls are pretty heavy, and I keep them shaved. I trimmed my pubes, too, ever since one of my girlfriends told me she would only go down on me if I did that. Not that she sucked cock like my s****r, of course.

I chuckled as Kathy just stared at my throbbing penis. Her soft lips parted, suddenly moist, and she breathed in.

Didn't think your little b*****r had such a big dick, huh, Kathy? Bet sucking me off doesn't seem so bad now!

Kathy shifted, lifting up on her knees as she moved closer between my legs. She brought up her hands and gingerly touched my dick. I trembled at the contact. Kathy seemed encouraged, and tilted my cock up with her fingertips. She looked like she was inspecting my cock as she tilted her head this way and that. Her expression was inscrutable. Her eyes and cheeks glowed.

My s****r closed her eyes a moment, gathering her courage. She took a deep breath, and slowly wrapped both her hands around my shaft. I moaned, my dick pulsing in her grip. A thick bubble of pre-cum oozed from the slit at the tip.

Then, suddenly, Kathy opened her eyes, staring at my cock once more, and breathed out hotly. It was too late to turn back now, and Kathy knew it. With a sudden move, my s****r leaned forward, lowering her head, and slid my needy dick into her mouth.

I moaned in bliss, feeling the incredible heat of my s****r's mouth, the soft but firm wet caresses of her swirling tongue, the tugging motions of her cheeks as she pulled me in. She breathed out through her nose, slid her hands down to the base of my thick cock, massaging my swollen balls as she took about half of my penis. Her lips were stretched by my dick (a hell of a lot more stretched than they had been around Jeff's seven-incher), and her brow furrowed.

For a long moment, Kathy just sucked, tasting the flesh of my cock and the fluid that seeped onto her tongue. She worked her jaw, gently munching my sausage, massaging the underside of my shaft with her tongue. I sighed in pleasure, writhing under my s****r. She had to know how good she was at sucking dick. I had never felt anything as hot and caressing and just downright incredibly pleasurable as my own s****r's mouth. Not even Angela Dammer's tight little pussy felt this good!

Finally, Kathy started gliding her smooth, soft lips up and down my penis, submerging me again and again in her mouth. She slowly increased the strength of her suction as her fingers fluttered around my dick and stroked my balls. I gasped, digging my fingers into the couch cushions as the sensations intensified. Kathy's mouth made soft, sexy sucking and slurping noises as she gobbled my cock.

Increasingly, as my s****r's blow job continued, she seemed to get more comfortable with the idea, and feel, of her b*****r's penis throbbing in her mouth. She became encouraged, and tried to take more and more of my length. I groaned aloud as I felt the entrance of her throat flutter against the head of my cock, like a second little mouth. But Kathy gagged and pulled back.

"Oh, God, Kathy," I moaned, tentatively bringing up my hands and threading my fingers through her soft, fragrant hair. "It's even better than I thought it would be."

"Mmm," moaned my s****r, pumping her mouth up and down. She squirmed a little, shifting her legs, arching her back as she sucked me. It was like she was offering herself to some invisible man behind her, wanting to get fucked. I admired the fine shape of my s****r's tight ass, fully outlined by her tight shorts.

Oh, man, how good would it feel to fuck that ass? I wondered, the thought making my dick twitch in Kathy's mouth, giving her a spurt of pre-cum across her tongue.

My s****r moaned again and kicked her blow job up a notch, sucking harder and deeper, louder and wetter. I loved hearing the sound of her breathing through her nose as she worked hard for her reward. The feel of her bouncing head in my hands was an unbelievable turn-on. None of the girls who sucked me before let me put my hands on their heads. But my s****r seemed to be turned on by it.

Kathy made muffled, eager whimpering sounds as I pushed back with my hips, feeling my orgasm build. She knew I was getting close, and the idea of my impending orgasm obviously aroused her. Her brow furrowed and her cheeks darkened a little. Kathy whimpered in anticipation around my dick, wanting to make me cum in her mouth. She fucking wanted it!

My s****r tensed suddenly, shuddering, moaning around my cock. She rolled her hips, and her lips, dripping and shiny, parted around my dick as she panted heatedly and shuddered. The aroma of an aroused pussy filled the air, and my s****r winced, jerking a little, breathing hotly on my cock. "Oh, fuck!" she gasped. Then, with a moan, she resumed sucking me with a****listic desperation.

Holy shit! I thought with sudden realization. My s****r got off while sucking my dick! She's really fucking turned on by blowing me!

"Oh, damn," I moaned, massaging my s****r's scalp. "Oh, God! Hmmmm . . . ."

The startling realization that my s****r had cum while sucking my dick triggered my own orgasm, and I arched my back, driving my cock into Kathy's mouth. I gripped her head, gasping, panting, making little choking sounds as I exploded like a freaking volcano.

Kathy moaned as my semen jetted into her mouth. She jerked back until just the spurting head of my cock was between her shiny wet lips, and sucked hard, making faint little grunting noises as my thick, creamy load filled her mouth. Her tongue rubbed firmly against the underside of my cock head, and her hands stroked up and down my shaft, lightly squeezing my balls, coaxing out every drop of my salty seed.

I trembled, feeling intense pleasure, and smacked my hands to the cushions, letting out loud groans. I thrashed as my s****r just kept sucking me, prolonging my orgasm. I stared down at her, saw that some of my juice had smeared around her lips, making them sticky and glossy. Kathy eased back, gulping loudly, breathing on the head of my dick as my semen slid down her throat to her belly.

"Oh-h, fuck!" I cried. Never, ever, had a girl let me shoot in her mouth. But here was my own s****r, swallowing every ounce of sperm my balls had to give! Talk about hot!

Kathy let my dick flop to my abdomen, and moved down, mouthing and licking my deflated balls as I recovered. I panted deeply, seeing stars as I stared up at the ceiling. I had never cum so hard in my life. I had never felt so satisfied.

Now that's what I call a fucking blow job!

My s****r dragged her wet tongue back up my shaft, licked around the head a little, then eased back on the floor, breathing in and out. She smacked and licked her lips, regarding my spent dick. I noticed a thin, glistening trail of sperm that had leaked from the corner of her mouth and run down and under her chin. She didn't seem to realize it was there.

"You know," she said with a heavy breath, finally looking up at my face. She gave me a little smile. "That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be."

I stared at her, awestruck and blissful. "That was fucking incredible," I gasped. I noticed how erect her nipples were, so long and hard that they almost tore through the fabric of her tight top.

Kathy rolled her eyes, but she smiled. She had to know that my comment was high praise indeed. She smacked her lips, swallowed again, still tasting cum. She studied my face a moment. "Okay, here's the deal," she said. "Once a week, until the wedding. That's f******n blow jobs. Deal?"

I stared at her, trying to hide how surprised and stunned I was at her offer. I was ready to fork over the video after just one heavenly blow job. But . . . f******n? Hell, yeah!

"Uh, s-sure," I said. I gave her what must have been a goofy grin. "Deal."

Kathy chuckled, shaking her head. She leaned back forward, kissed my cock, then my balls, and pushed herself to her feet. She looked down at me. "Better clean up and put your shorts back on, little b*****r," she said. "Mom and Dad are gonna be home soon."

I watched after her as she stepped around the couch toward the door. "Uh, Kathy?"

She stopped and glanced back over her shoulder, her chin glistening with cum. "What."

"Um . . . you got some on your chin," I said.

Kathy frowned, touched her chin, then laughed softly. She wiped up the cum with her finger, sucked it clean. "See you later, little b*****r," she said coyly, then left.

I sighed heavily. "Oh, man," I moaned.

I couldn't wait for my next blow job.


Tuesdays became 'Blow Job Day.' That was the day that Kathy only worked lunch shifts at the restaurant, and I was always home from my classes by three. Kathy attacked my cock enthusiastically each time, and commented about how my size turned her on. Sometimes, she'd really make it last, keeping me from coming for almost an hour before letting me blast off in her mouth. She'd take every drop down her throat, sometimes letting me see her cum-filled mouth before swallowing.

Kathy sucked me everywhere: in the den, living room, kitchen, my room, her room, and several times in the back yard. I realized that my sexy, cock-addicted s****r was an exhibitionist as she stripped down under the sun and slurped happily on my throbbing tool while fingering herself.

The last time my s****r sucked me off was outdoors, in fact. She let me give her a facial, which I had all but begged her to let me do. Then, without bothering to wipe the cum from her face, Kathy spread her legs as she straddled my chest and masturbated before my eyes. I stared in intense arousal as Kathy finger-fucked her shaved cunt and rubbed her clit in tight little circles until she came. She even let me kiss and lick her dripping cunt a little bit afterward. Then she sucked me off one last time, swallowing my load when it spurted in her mouth. Only then did she get up and look for a towel to wipe her sperm-glazed face and neck.

Kathy made sure I erased the blow job video from my computer, and I went even further, deleting the copies I had saved to my email. Kathy appreciated my honesty, and kissed me on the cheek.

Four days later, she walked down the aisle and got married to her fiancé, becoming Mrs. Kevin Thompson. I captured pictures of my stunning s****r in her wedding dress, using my digital camera.

My digital camera that still held a six-minute video of Kathy sucking off my best friend.

Sitting beside me in the church, Jeff leaned close to me. "Man, Kev's a lucky guy," he said knowingly.

I smirked. "Yeah, I know," I said.


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