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Mommy,Gramma and A Big Gooey Mess

Less than five minutes after Dad had left to go on his bi-weekly business trip,Mommy was standing at the foot of my bed. "Hurry Up, Sl eepy Head! Your Br others and I are all ready! I need You cleaned up and downstairs within the half hour! Come On! Get Up! Gramma's going to be here any minute now!" She cajoled me,then pulled back the bed sheet exposing my nude body!
"Mmmm,What a Nice Big Boner!" Mommy exclaimed. She stared at my package for a moment and then licked her lips. "And remember,NO Jerking Off,Young Man!" She added,wiggling a finger at me,then turned and ran from my room,giggling like a little schoolgirl!

It was pretty close timing,but I was clean,both inside and out,and standing in the den watching the video Mommy had put on for us,when Gramma came waltzing into the room.

"My,Oh,My!" She said,grinning at Me and my four br others,as we lined up for Her inspection. "Will You just look at how big You all have grown?!" Gramma sighed. She was torn between looking us in the face and staring at our peckers.
"Gladys! Never mind my bags,James will get those! I want Your skinny,little ass in here!" Gramma shouted,over Her shoulder.

When She looked back at us,I watched Gramma's gaze freeze on the movie that was playing on the T.V..

For the last two months,Mommy had been taking us out to Uncle Dennis' farm.
"It's about time You Boy's learned a thing or two about the Facts of Life!" She said "And what better way to learn them,than by learning them like I did! With some Big Ol Studs and Hot Some Wet Sluts! Of course Daddy's cock was my first, back when I was nine,but after that? It was, Farrrm Livin!!" She said in a mock country voice,and laughed,because when She said Studs,that's exactly what She meant! As for the Sluts,well that's what Mommy,Aunt Gina and our little cousin Cindy's pussys were for!

"OoOOoo,will You look at that! Your Uncle Dennis didn't tell me You had been out to his farm recently." Gramma bent over and ruffled my little br other's hair while asking "Ralphie? Is that Stud #19 You're sucking off? Very Impressive! And just look at YOU drinking all that cum! What a Good Little Fella,You are! Why,You hardly spilled a drop! Gladys! I said 'Get In Here!' Now!" Gramma's voice held a sense of urgency.

Mommy came running into the den,followed by one of the oldest,shriveled up old men I had ever seen in my life. This was James,my Gramma's long time Butler.

"Please set the bags over there,James. No,not there! Is that where I am pointing? Over There! By the Sofa! I swear,35 years in my employ and I still wonder if he understands english!" Gramma laughed and gave me a wink. "Well,I don't speak Chinese,and I'm too old to start now. Thank You James. You may Undress Me now." She said imperiously,while holding both of Her arms out to her sides. Limping over to where Gramma stood,James, very slowly,did as He was bid,and began to unbutton the back of Gramma's black dress.

It was always a thrill watching Gramma get undressed,no matter who did it. Her short,buxom frame was very well preserved,especially for being seventy two years old! Her overly large,42FF breasts,swung ponderously,but that couldn't be helped,and although she was wide through the hips,her stomach was not fat,and neither was her ass or her thighs. Gramma was still firm with muscle. In fact,whenever someone complimented Her on her physique,She would laugh and tell them; "It's all those horses I like to ride."
Little did they know what she really meant!

As James went through the process of undressing Gramma,My cock began getting hard. I looked over at My br others and noticed that she had the same effect on all of them too!

Mommy was standing behind me,pressing her small,flat titties against my shoulder blades. I could feel her long,stiff nipples rubbing against my skin and that made my cock spring to full attention!

"So...You didn't jerk off did you?" Mommy whispered in my ear.
"No! Not for the last two weeks! Just like You made Me promise!" I whispered back. "God,Mommy. When I finally do let loose,You're gonna get flooded!"
"I certainly hope so!" She cooed and kissed the nape of my neck. "With all that cum You have stored up,I'm sure that there's more than enough to go around!"

Gramma stepped out of her slip and walked over to stand in front of Ralphie,my youngest br other. "Thank You,James. That will be all. You may wait for my call back at the hotel." She informed him,then gave a little jump,because James had reached out and squeezed her asscheek.

"James! You cheeky little man! Just You wait! You're going to get the sack for that!" Gramma yelled.
"Thank You,Madam. I certainly look forward to it." He said and smiled at her back,before turning and walking out.

With her hands on her hips,Gramma stood there in front of us and said "Get over here and let me look at You properly,Gladys."
Holding Mommy at arms length,Gramma turned her around,looking her up and down. "Tsk,tsk,tsk. I swear. You're built just like Your Father was. Nothing but arms and legs! And You're too skinny! Even after having five,big,beautiful boys! Speaking of which...Come here Boys and give Gramma a kiss hello!"

Being the youngest,Ralphie went first. Gramma engulfed him between her breasts and kissed him deeply,while fondling his penis and nutsack. Even tho he was only el even years old,She and Ralphie could look into each other's eyes. Before letting him go,I watched her spread his asscheeks and tickle his asshole,making him giggle.

Then it was the triplet's turn. They were almost thi rteen. Willie,Steven and Bradley stood in a line holding hands. "Who's going to 'Say Hello' first?" Gramma asked. "You're all so much alike,I'm having a hard time telling who's who! But I know one sure fired way to find out! Bring me those dicks,You three!" The room filled with laughter as Gramma knelt down and swirled her tongue around the head of each boy's cock. Hell! She even got their names right!

"Now,don't think I forgot about You! Why,T.!" The lust in Gramma's voice was almost palpable. "Gladys! Would You just look at how big and fat this boy's dick has grown? Oh! Silly Me. I bet You Have 'Noticed'! And You've probably 'Noticed It' a lot,too!" She cackled. "Anything else I should know about,My Sweet? Hmm?"

"Yes,Mother. He can fuck Me for hours and He shoots More cum Harder and Farther than Daddy ever did! That,AND He's not even fi fteen yet! Satisfied?" Mommy said with her voice filled with pride and her arms wrapped tightly around my waist.

"Well no need to get defensive,Dear. I only commented." She said,then reached out with her right hand to stroke the length of my cock and dip a fingertip into the pre-cum that bubbled up from the slit. "Actually,I'm quite impressed! With All of these Fine Young Men! I know many a full grown man that would be envious of a dick the size of Ralphie's let alone T's! And since I'm being honest...If I were You,I don't think I'd ever get anything done, let alone off of my back! I'd just lay around all day long letting them fuck Me whenever they pleased!" This time Gramma laughed so loud and long that she had to sit down to catch her breath.

When She had regained her composure,Gramma inquired about our Dad. "He never has liked Me very much,You know." She told us. "He thinks I'm too snooty! Imagine! Me! Too Snooty?! It's just because I'm Rich!" she said,and flipped her wrist like she was shooing something odious away. "He's such The Socialist! If He only knew! Someday,I may just have to change His mind and show him How much Fun I Really Am!"

"The day You do That,Mother,is the day You make Me a widow!" Mommy laughed. "I can see it now. We're all together for dinner at the Four Seasons, when You quite matter-of-factly say; 'Darren? Would You mind coming over here for a moment? There's a Good Boy. Darren,I want to jerk You off until You Blow Your Load all over my salad. I'm certain Your Cum would be So Much Tastier than this Caeser dressing is!' Or, how about this, We're all at a Broadway Show when You lean over to Him and whisper in his ear; 'Darren? Gladys,The Boys and Myself were wondering which one of us is the Better Cocksucker. Be a Dear and Whip It Out for Me,would You please?'" We All fell out laughing at that!

While Mommy was talking,Gramma had sat on the sofa,spread her legs and began rubbing her clean shaven pussy,making it glisten with her juices. I was always amazed at the size of Gramma's cunt! Not only did she have long,low hanging pussy lips,she had a clit that stuck out from under the hood like a fat thumb! Thank God it ran in the Fa mily,because Mommy's pussy was almost identical! Oh, how I love eating Mommy's pussy! Her asshole too! It took almost everything I had not to run right over there and bury my throbbing cock deep inside Gramma's hot,wanton depths!

"Be a Sweetie,Ralphie,and open Gramma's blue bag,would You? That's right. Now bring me that package wrapped with the red paper. Oh,and the tube next to it." She instructed.
"A little something to start the party with." Gramma said and tossed Mommy the tube. "Go on! Open it!"

"Oh,Mother! You shouldn't have! This shit turns My Little Men into Sexual Maniacs!" Mommy had unscrewed the top of the tube and shook out about a dozen joints. She used the stand lighter from the table and lit two of them,passing one to Me and taking the other over to Gramma,so they could blow each other shotguns,while fingering one another's pussy. Taking the lead from Mommy,I lined the Boys up and did the same,blowing each one shotguns till My head was swimming and the roach was just too short to continue.

I also took the initiative and sat on the floor,with my little br others standing in a semi-circle around me,and began sucking, in turn, on their dicks.

"He's such a fine young lad." Gramma said between moans,as Mommy knelt between Gramma's legs,sucking on the lips of her pussy while rubbing Gramma's giant sized clit with her nose. "Look at how well He...oh! Yes Honey! Right There! Now use Your fingers! God,Yes!...At how well treats his little br others! Damn,Honey! I think I just came all over Your face!" She laughed.

Mommy pulled her wet,shiny face away from Gramma's dripping snatch long enough to do a backward somersault,which put her right into the middle of my br others and myself. She sc attering us aside,like so many bowling pins,then laid there with her head in my lap,laughing until she got the hiccoughs.

Gramma looked over at my mother smiling,and shook her head,then motioned for the boys to come over to her.
"Look what You did,Gladys. You interrupted Your Sons! That'll Never do!"

All four of my br others stumbled over to her,took a hold of Gramma's arms and legs,then together,they pulled her off of the sofa and onto the floor. I could hear the breath get knocked out her when her ass hit the carpet.

"Gently! Gently,Boys!" Mommy,chided.

Mommy crawled around me,laid down on her belly,and stuffed the head of my cock into her mouth as she watched her sons swarming all over her own mother,like ants on a cookie crumb!

After blowing me for a few moments,Mommy popped the pulsing head of my cock out of her mouth and shouted "That's right Ralphie! Eat that Bitches Pussy Out! Stick Your dick in her mouth Brad! Go On Stevie! You too Willie! Get in there! Somewhere! Anywhere! Make the old slut jerk You off! Cum on Her face Boys,She Loves that! Or, You can Roll Her over and Fuck Her Up That broad old Ass of her! Fuck! Do Whatever You Want to,to Her!" Stopping long enough to take a breath,Mommy grinned at me and said "Light Me another joint,will You T? That shit makes Me So Horny! But stick one end in my pussy first! Make sure it's all nice and wet,too! Let's Smoke Your Mommy's pussy,Sweetie! Come on,Let's Smoke it!"

Ralphie, Was like a Mad Man, eating out Gramma's snatch. I could tell that she was getting ready to have another orgasm too,by her grunts and how hard she was breathing. Well,that and the fact that her eyes kept rolling back in her head!


Ralphie may be the youngest,but he is no stranger to sex. Not at all!
I know this because two years prior,I had gone down the block to see if I could borrow Mr.Jennings' snow blower,and after getting no answer when I knocked on the front door,I looked through the garage door's window to see if maybe he was there instead. Boy! Was He ever! So was Ralphie! And Ralphie was naked!
I watched as Old Mr.Jennings,with his pants down around his ankles,had a hold of my little br other's hair pumping his cock in and out of Ralphie's mouth! At first I thought He was ra ping Ralphie,but then Ralphie stood up,turned around,bent over,used his hands to spread his butthole open wide,and said "Mr.Jennings it's almost time for Me to go Home! Hurry Up! You better Fuck Me fast! Before I gotta go and Your Wife gets back!"

When I questioned him about it later that night,Ralphie told me that Mr.and Mrs.Jennings had been using Him as a sex toy for over a year! He made me promise not to tell. Anyone! And I didn't. No wonder He was so good at eating pussy and sucking horse cocks!

As for The Triplets? Hell,they're just a bunch of little perverts! They not only suck each other's dicks any time they can,morning,noon and night,they were begging Mommy to let them stay for a week or two at Uncle Dennis' farm,so they could play with the pony's! Like they said,since they had been fucking each other for such a long time,they wanted something New and Exciting! "It's called 'Gettin' a Little Strange!'" Uncle Dennis said. "Guess they're just looking for Bigger and Better things!" He laughed

I wasn't really too surprised when Ralphie came into my room late one night a couple of months ago,and told me that He had just cum in Willie's mouth for the very first time,while Brad and Steve took turns fucking him up the ass! I told him that he should be proud of what he had accomplished and that if He ever wanted to do it again,He should just let Me know.
Later that night,after Ralphie left,to teach them a lesson,I had all three of them,Brad,Willie and Steve,in bed with Me! I made them stay there too until I watched each one cum in the other's mouth,and I got to give them all a group facial!

As for Me? Well,I really can't remember a time when Mommy Wasn't either sucking my dick,jerking me off or making me fuck her! I still remember the first time Dad went away for the weekend on a business trip. Ralphie was in his crib,in the corner of their bedroom,and while the triplets sl ept on the floor,Mommy sucked on my little dick till She got it as hard as it could be,then she made me stick it between her slimy,wet pussy lips. She squeezed me tightly with her thighs and started grinding her pussy against me,with my stiff little dick trapped inside it, until She came!

From then on,each morning, as soon as Dad left for work,Mommy would suck on my dick to get it hard and we would play our "special game". And it only got better after that glorious day,four years ago, when I flooded Mommy's womb for the first time with my cum! She said she hadn't been fucked that good by a Man,or so full of his nut-butter,since the last time Her Father fucked her,and that was the night before her wedding!

Fortunately,Mommy says that "Stud Sauce" doesn't count. Which is a good thing for me,because I may cum a lot,but even I don't cum that much!


I rolled my head to the side and watched as My Br others savaged our grandmother. There was no other word that I could think of,for what They were doing to Her! For their actions were ani malistically brutal!

Gramma was on her hands and knees,locked in a position somewhere between a crouch and a squat. Her floppy udders swaying uncontrollably about,occasionally grazing Ralphie's stomach,or slapping against his face, while He fucked her loose,sloppy pussy as hard and as fast as he could,and all the while,Stevie had taken Mommy's advice,and mercilessly rammed Her wrinkly,dark brown asshole full of his long,stiff,young prick!

At first I thought Gramma may be Talking in Tongues,but I doubt spirituality had much to do with it,because Willie and Brad stood in front of her,each one trying to cram his cock,deep into her throat. Both at the same time! I was surprised that the poor old Gal didn't choke to death or pop with all the Dick she had stuffed into her!

My b*****rs may be young,but what Gramma had said earlier,about how many a Grown Man would be envious to have a dick the size of Ralphie's? Well,that held sway for the rest of my br others too! Hell,I wasn't even fi fteen yet,and even My Dad said that I had one of the biggest dicks he had ever seen,and He had spent 20 years as a the Army!

My attention was yanked away from watching Gramma being ab used and degraded,by my br others,because Mommy began attacking my cock with a vengeance!

Lithe as a cat,Mommy swiveled her hips and straddled my face,shoving the inferno that was her pussy down,sealing it over my mouth and nose,fo rcing me to sup upon that which I desired most! With delight,I tongue fucked Her wholeheartedly,and continued to do so,even after her juices flooded my mouth, twice.

Unfortunately,it was then that I began to experience the tell tale feeling between my balls and asshole that informed Me that I was about to cum!

From beneath the long,swollen lips of her pussy, her jutting clit and the moist folds of her snatch,I tried to plead with Mommy to Stop! I begged her incoherently,but to no avail. She just wouldn't stop the maniacal jerking and sucking of my dick!

Mommy may have been fine gulping down the copious amounts of sperm I knew that I was about to issue forth,but not Me! When I came,I wanted it to be deep in My Mother's pussy,not in her mouth! I longed to fill Mommy's womb so full of my seed,that it would run unashamedly at first,and then slowly ooze from her satiated vagina with every move she made for the rest of the day!

Like a miracle,I got what I wished for!

At the very last moment,when I thought that I couldn't hold out any longer,my mother lifted her hips,crawled about and planted my cock so hard and deeply into her,I could hear the slap of the cheeks of her ass as they slammed down upon my thighs!

I'm unsure of who cried out the loudest,Mommy or Myself! All I know is that my head swam,my stomach and ass muscles clenched,and never before had I experienced such a violent orgasm! I lost count of the times I felt my ejaculate explode into Mommy's innermost self and I was sure that I had just got her pregnant!

I found myself being unable breath,because Mommy was laying full length on top of me. Gently,I rolled her over to the side of me,making sure that I kept my rock hard cock deep within Her. After repositioning myself and lifting her thighs so they were once again around my waist,I pistoned my cock into her for what seemed like hours,until another explosive orgasm rocked the two of us!

"Bravo! Dear Boy!" I heard Gramma whisper into my ear. "Well Done and Bravo!"

I opened my eyes and almost didn't recognise her. Gramma's short,curly grey hair was matted with my br others smegma,and it coated every inch of her face in thick,off-white globs. She fell over onto her back and I noticed that it wasn't only her face. Her entire torso and huge saggy tits were covered in the stuff!

"You're all such Good Boys! Gramma will have be sure and visit more often! Come Here Gladys. No. That's o.k. Honey,don't stand up!"

I glanced past Gramma and watched my br others, as they too, crawled over to where Gramma and I lay next to each other. Much to my surprise Gramma sounded like a little girl giggling when being given a piece of candy as she helped Mommy to her knees and then stuck her face,mouth open,between our mother's legs as a steady stream of my cum was fo rced out from Mommy's pussy!

Later,when nothing more of my cum dripped out from Mommy's gaping snatch,Gramma helped Mommy scootch down,until they were face to face,and that's when they locked together in a loud,squelching kiss.

"My,My,Gladys! Would You just look at the two of Us?! It's been Many a Year since I've seen such a couple of Nasty,Fucking Sluts,such as We Two! Why,For Goodness Sakes! We're nothing but a Big Gooey Mess!" Gramma laughed!

I looked at my triumphant br others,gave them a wink and thought to myself,"I couldn't agree more!"

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