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Helping out

I love sucking pussy, then one day I met a guy and after a few months of hanging out, we went 4 wheeling, while driving he told he wife quit putting out and how friggin horny he is. He told me he is getting tired of jacking off to porn and needs a fucking blow job. We laughed about it but i noticed he was hard. He pulled over to pee and we got out
and i saw his cock. mine is about 5-6 inches and kinda skinny. his was 6-7 and fat,, even soft. I became hypnotized by it I got that urge you get in the pit of your stomach when your getting excited
anyway, he saw me staring and said you gay dude? I was taken back and said no way, he then said "it's" ok if you are, I could use a gay or anyone about now. the bad part was is that he didnt put it away, he actually started pulling on it slowly looking right at me, I never felt so helpless in my life. I never wanted to do this before, now i felt like it was going to happen and i actually wanted it.
he turned toward me and asked if i had ever sucked on a guy before, and i shouldn't be embarrassed about it if i had, I said no way. He walked toward me his cock almost full hard now and told me
"I could sure use a blow job man, no body has to know", i was frozen when he got a foot away and he said "come on bud, help a guy out" and put his hand on my shoulder pulling me downward, I melted in fear and anticipation as i went to me knees and took him in my hands, for being so hard the skin was really soft. I looked up and him and he said "please??" I looked back at his magnificent hard on and opened my mouth, I still remember how soft it felt in my mouth as i closed my mouth around it, I felt hi hands move to my head and pull me close and his cock went balls deep making me gag, he pulled back and pushed again and i felt this pressure in my mouth and felt something warm sliding down my throat. It had been so long he came really quickly. we didnt speak about it but every saturday morning i would meet up and he would let me "help him out". he moved to idaho in july
sorry, i got off on that, but thats how i started and since i have always loved making girls cum with my mouth, that fetish happened with a man too. I absolutely love feeling a cock in my mouth
and am looking for a new friend, One time only unless you want me to do it again. I am clean married and very discrete. Nobody would ever guess i love cock,
so your answer to why? some guys like me just love sucking cock, Your the winner here, but i win too if you let me because i get your cock in my mouth. I can give you a long slow suck or when your ready, you can grab my head and fuck my mouth and throat however you like it. I would love to be your secret cock whore guy.
btw, I STILL LOVE PUSSY as well, and I date two married women right now who let me suck their pussies

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