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Missed Trains Pt 1

Pt 1

I didn’t respond right away because it’s rare to have a female stranger approach you out of no where.
“Sorry, where you talking to me?” I asked removing one of my earbuds.
“You might miss a golden opportunity if you’re walking around plugged in all the time” She took a step towards me and on the platform as the train entered the station. A gust of air simultaneously moved our hair as I noticed how pleasant she smelled. The sent was not heavy and suggested vanilla but I couldn’t place it.
Asking myself where this was all going, her impish smirk after she spoke leaked me a clue.

There was a brief pause as I mistimed my response. Just as I opened my mouth we where parted abruptly by a mass of people rushing off the train. She smirked looking towards the door and walked on after my “after you” gesture. We situated ourselves under the “Do Not Lean Against Doors” sticker sticking our backs against the door.

Feeling like I missed my window, I moved my ear bud back toward my ear as she panned the subway car, almost as if to check if eyes where on her. It was the slowest I’d ever repeated this action as I’d hoped she would say something else... Not that I’m shy but in my mid 30’s I’ve learned a few things and since I’d blown my chance by hesitating, I knew if there was a next move, it had to come off naturally.

I noticed her head turn towards me as I kept her in my peripheral, she spoke softer this time...
“You know where I can pick up some green?”
Looking the way I do, I’ve been asked this many times before. I always wondered if it was because of that, or if the same people would honestly just ask anyone?
Holding back smiling I responded, “Why are you asking me, because I’m black?
She started stammering at record pace and I quickly interrupted,
“I’m just fucking with ya. I just picked up, if you wanna get off at my stop I can give you a bud.” I said smiling warmly but not creepily.
“No, you don’t have to do that”
“It’s cool. I’ve been there.”
I hate to see people go without bud. I really do.

As we stepped off the train, I told her we could walk to the exit and I’d dig it out of my back pack. She told me this was her stop but that the exit was a good idea. As I gave her the bud I noticed just how attractive she really was. Curvy, not too much make up, olive skin, wavy hair and glasses??! Fuck! She looked good!
She said thanks and I replied, “Looks like you’re the one that almost missed the opportunity ... enjoy and take care”
I turned around and walked away as I heard, “Hey thanks, man!”
“No worries” came out next as I raised my right arm to say good bye not turning back around. As I said before, I’ve learned a few things... In this case, not seeming desperate even though you know you aren’t.

I took a few steps towards home as I turned around and shouted
“Hey, hold up!”
A quarter block away, she turned around instantly which boosted my ego.
As a got within a few steps of her I said,
“Give me your number and I’ll ask my guy if it’s OK for you to reach him. If he says yes, I’ll call you with his info.”
As I pulled out my phone she looked at my hand and told me to put it away.
I thought to myself, wow, as she explained, “I’m old school, let me see your hand”
I extended my other hand as she pulled out a sharpie and scripted her number in my palm.
“Call me either way” she commanded looking up at me over the top of her glasses.
“No pen huh?”, I asked staring at the permanent marker. She wrote her number the whole length of my hand from my wrist up to and across my middle fingers, “555-6575” I separated my middle fingers a few times watching 575 become unrecognizable characters when they where apart.
She smiled as I started walking backwards after she finished graffitiing my hand.
“I’ll call you later ... either way.”
She turned around relieving the back of her quarter length coat that hugged her waist highlighting her round ass that spread out to her hips. Her jeans where fitted such that you could see that sexy little see through space just above where her thighs met showing off a cute little bulge. I patted myself on the back as I enjoyed the view a few seconds more visualizing her to have juicy outer pussy lips.…

Hours later I gave her a call. She asked me if I’d smoked yet. I responded to her sarcastically, as I told her I was about to give her the info.
“Wait and come tell me in person while we smoke again”
I told her I’d see her in a half hour after I got her address.

I asked her if she always invited strangers over as I smiled through the door.
“Only ugly ones, the cute ones are usually assholes” she said winking.

I packed the bowl she handed me, and told her I was glad I’d missed the train earlier. She gave the classic response that everything happens for a reason. I gave her the freshly packed bowl and told her to spark it. After she did she looked in my eyes and gave me another command. “Shotgun”
Without hesitation, our lips formed a seal, tongues recoiled, as I took in her smoke.
I held my breath, then started to exhale the smoke through my nose as my tongue found it’s way into her mouth.
We kissed for about a minute and she told me in surprise that I was a good kisser.
As I rested my hands on the top side of her hips I told her she tasted good.
“The smoke or my lips?” she asked.
“It’s close, but your lips win” I said as I got another whiff of the vanilla scent.

I pulled her in and we went started kissing again this time slower and just with our lips. My hands moved down as I gripped the bottom of her ass with enough strength to get liquid out of an unripe citrus fruit. She seemed to melt as her tongue found its way to the back of my mouth. Her knees buckled forward then straightened as she abruptly pulled away.
“You found my spot, guess it’s an easy one to find. I usually don’t let guys grab my ass the first time around cuz I can get out of control, but you kiss so damn well...fuck” she huffed. She walked across the room to a stereo and turned it on while pressing the space bar on her computer.
“Old school?” I asked
“Records run out too fast, she replied as she strutted towards me unbuttoning her shirt and motioning with her head for me to pick up the bowl and smoke.
“The cute guys get the records” I heard as I exhaled and thought to myself,‘I’m so fucking happy I missed that train’
...To Be Continued...

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